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Sean Grande, Celts PBP, on Ray Allen's status and game 3

May 3, 2012|

Sean Grande joins Mut and Kirk to talk about Ray Allen's status for game 3, what to expect from Rajon Rondo, and Paul Pierce's game 2.

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332 to go. -- bullet point three. And you can't do it all now. I think -- anything please and well it is but nobody. That enabled doctors didn't do it. -- -- I've been really good place so that confidence and -- than those that stores but. I am optimistic about practice baseless. Definitely agree certain forward. Heard -- grandy Cedric Maxwell that Ray Allen not a practicing get Bakken play your game three Celtics and hawks. All right but elude 937 WEEI Lou -- couple days -- many hands here in the voice. The Celtics on the radio 937 WEEI Sean -- joins this year on the AT&T hot line. Paul Pierce pull up three. Yeah addict and let a little bit the back your mind -- when he pulled up in transition them to make it a seven point game a little bit wonderment on that the shot selection before when -- cracked. A little bit but at that point became the -- so dramatically. Paul Pierce's DNA. Knock. You know with the -- that -- -- that -- -- what you have momentum you have the four point lead. Atlanta had gotten back in transition on that -- which is the usual sequence in the back. Though there wasn't an option you know for -- -- -- because that drive but you've been sealed it. Had more shot. Burton fourth quarter -- in the first quarter of there pretty much. Line there was a good shot legally. In terms of the game itself for Paul Pierce the degree difficulty after having a game like that putting up that many points -- when the opposition. -- know you're trying to do it when the head coach Georgia trying to do I actually raised the the overall Specter Pierce's game given that nobody in the building didn't think he was gonna try to score and he was able to put up thirty sort. Yep that pretty early in the first quarter ever and that's different between you all the appropriate players in the is the best players in the world but to be able to quote well. Against the -- the world. What you do is rarely. Pretty but you know the thing about. -- we got out of odd years. All of you know Paul Pierce. And Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and Rondo in this stretch all shown that they can carry on a given night you know gonna win playoff series. For longer on these guys belt but they actually all here. And the only Kevin Garnett Ray Allen have the experience of being with supporting cast our early championship caliber and winning game they. It that it you know their whole lives because they changed their game -- -- currently together that means they can't do it went -- It was a great performance by appear shot really was that continue to be nice they've had injuries -- their big guys them so unimpressed with the anti despite their teams and Ohio to win. You don't know when you look at the two teams down the stretch -- In the way the hawks played it sick contrasts that really the way -- teams plays down the stretch of games. I think it I think they're ready to Atlanta will be very frustrating the root for because they don't have that. Note that they don't have swagger that public in the you know in the fourth quarter sort championship having been there you look at the leadership. You know it's not. Important really unfair spot in the beginning it was back. Players that higher ranked guys up in the air role. He Elkins on the -- -- -- that they made quality Max contract player or not. And you're forcing him. Beat a guy you -- -- -- air -- -- that the personality he has not. It is miscast in that. Exactly and that you know that the way that you they're Max contract players they expect -- I -- -- -- life. Just let I think you know bought that they had the worst adjustment because -- struggled in open up with what and have a strong game one. And there's there's two schools of thought adjustment the court that he. Bill could be. That guy. Still young enough you know gently on there's certain people that after 67 years that now this is what he's he's going to be. That's got election. You know leader we don't really military. -- that was around you know if you like Kevin Garnett. Locker room with him what kind of player he might you all but. They're they're frustrating not bought the one thing that softened them. In situations in the path in this group that they don't think punch her -- which is like but don't pedigree can't make this short series if they've won the first game. There're -- there bring him to reform can't take away from you know forty win. Without Al Horford who he was the best player really impressed to hear the good team they -- -- the Celtics shot -- is joining us Matt asked us on Twitter and ask you about the chemistry this team I understand chemistry is. It's a very vague thing Andy you're around and you travel I understand it but. It can be compared -- 2008 we talked to Jackie McMullen John earlier this week and she said some of the players work comparing. This chemistry this year to what they had during the championship -- is that fair based on what you see. But he's now part of work on Twitter the answer everybody's question ethical -- -- company. Is that you know I have my hands full that time canceled but the question is literally going to use if you doubt me. I will I'll be I'll be the -- circumvent around to get to you yes. And what footer or so don't -- it can have a little I think that chemistry. -- their band. Pick up with it over the last few years but -- it is really right now without a single year. And we -- going to -- like like that would. Is eliminating you know. Elements from the locker room at -- Is there. Four of the early cities with what is the very unique situation that means very strong leadership. And all -- that group yet that certain kind of veteran players that really understand how to play and complicity in the locker room and no Marquis Daniels a quiet guy yet -- that it called for on. A petition. Doesn't get a lot but even beyond. Because you'll league yet and most people believe they. I was cranky you -- let alone now legal. I. You know you really. -- affection for professionals. Got to come to work every day so I immediately thought -- they'll put it in the locker room he'll outperform what their job is. -- are numbered and you are doing really exemplified that and you know it hasn't been the key thing in the world bind he. Chemistry match older leader you'll probably never had that. Unfortunately had all the got sick about image and became part here he was competing with a lot they west -- -- It got -- that a lot of older veteran players on our very it was your first month and it could go here for you -- -- really hasn't been that guy for all these. -- really had the respect or. The place where he's at all the point guard currently -- a really good influence on excessive. It. What is your expectation level if if if -- place Friday shot what are you looking at what will her fans what should be looking. Fifteen minutes appointments and why did you look at. I'm I'm beginning. -- to do start to describe this area of let's not. That -- -- -- -- now well it's certainly possible and it's hopeful that you want that extra weapon because goodness well aware that a better at what property. -- -- -- Reality also report to champion had his best year shooting spree at 45% this year for best series ever had. The best ever thought so two that the weapons need. I'm beginning to think it was really to meet the eye opening thing was it really practiced on Monday and then couldn't play on Tuesday. So start to wonder just compete but with all the work that he's going to have to do. Not you know if you get practice maybe he can play if he can play a few minutes and won't be back to back games pop up. Crammed schedule but you know given that and you sweep of human to me. That he had the ability to Ray Allen are if you run around Green and not cry -- these very difficult. Our Bud Black radio here we're gonna get up and play different kind of I -- argue and they play on rails. -- -- -- -- That but he got to be able to run around greens and get -- can he do that because you perhaps I mean -- that in the NBA. In the majors at least two mile an hour fastball. Everything changed you're half particularly to goaltender to reflect our with the war and -- at this level the playoff opening completely. Drop off he's got to be able to get that -- so. In the matter of pain or injury for a -- can prevent him from being the guys that they'll be in the. Give me head on Rondo cut back for game three I get the feeling that this might won those games three tries to do. Too much you doc told the story today on DNC about he's there at the bus that thank you every guy. I just hope product goes back and is is distributor and defends Jeff Teague and -- recognizes he doesn't have to do it all in game three or any point the rest of the series. I thought I Bangkok but but -- sort of predicted what was happening -- the question about. You feel like you know you're. You made mistakes that you or your team and he quickly turned around and whoever questioned why he's the guy you think because that's the difference between the the Rondo public persona. Is the guy who couldn't convince. Sure that he didn't ball Mark Davis. With -- answer. After game more because it that. -- you know he is who we all watch the tape. We all saw what he is we all know that people mark Davis and he looked -- after the game you like while he -- that be the ballpark. -- so you know -- got -- at the different public persona from what you really added that I think it. He can't wait on or or night and he knows that it -- 19 game program and I would expect that in the public yet and that. Gotta go have been Henry Fonda that -- that shot because he was -- -- ever convince me that he did he did. -- the strong minded. But it there was it was really helping you -- again I have -- -- they -- you watch him for six years you. You understand. What you when he goes to the media and is -- the difference between -- first in front of the public. Public perception of your -- Butler -- you know what I briefly contemplated. He -- -- he was born. Where first repeat. In October -- the way to know the different yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Islamabad and here he's it was the entire month to sit down. There you have it. But yeah I know would have been funny briefly -- -- there that they count like he would be I'd hit it what is my dad watching or game. There. All hungry over here that. I would follow just make sure you tweet that out because set up we'll be listening god tomorrow night which are playing tonight Peter -- a Max tomorrow. On the call Celtics and hawks throughout the series shop thank you so much we'll talk Q a throughout the playoffs. -- -- am glad that -- level security in the Red Sox and. That's not I wish there was kind of had -- does. A man rotation -- the Red Sox they went and deep in that game shot of course joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T four GL TE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Wanna find out it's a -- I'll see talking. How old is cube I was gonna say AP's Wimbledon just talk prompt from the TV for its bodies that young that. I can test. I've kept my -- and easily an all time. And he's been. Required of the -- I'd like an -- and just hanging out here that he's he's sorry there's no David Jacobson you know we do the best we can you least like many scheme now to our effort. It's treatment rubber -- dale he's better third man in the most people around here you prettier.

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