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Dorsey Levens: NFL working hard on rules to help protect players

May 3, 2012|

Former NFL running back Dorsey Levens joined D & C to discuss the suicide of Junior Seau. He talks about his upcoming documentary "Bell Rung" that focuses on the struggles of players after their careers in the NFL, how bad head injuries are in the NFL, and what needs to be done to make players more aware.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE retired National Football League running back Dorsey -- joins -- good morning George Dorsey of John and Jerry in Boston how are you. Don very very well you -- -- an interesting perspective to this with Fay yet a documentary that you put to get a cold bell -- we'll get to that -- second -- overall your overall impression of what's going on in the National Football League here I I began the program endorse him by saying. I think the National Football League has a big. Big problem on their hands David -- rate -- to link. Junior -- and I'm not just talk about a problem a thousand guys filing a lawsuit class action lawsuit about the National Football League but the damage that this game the way it's currently being played even with the rule changes is doing to the players who play the game itself. Yeah I totally agree and you know what I -- the documentary. Start doing the research and -- got -- topic. That's an alarming it is comedy guy I've had issues. I can't get health. Quite honestly I never worry about my health until -- started doing the documentary. Talking about it. And seeing the damage that's been done on market at all got to commit suicide my initial reaction of how bad. -- have to be viewed in light. And and and I -- stomach or 21. There restart and if it's incredible like god. I talked to a couple of -- double mention who or an early forties. Or suffer from dementia now and -- all conversation -- well -- broke down cried. Just talk and told them that the press. There are alcoholic. They may need a replacement knee replacement if it is that -- the laundry list go on and on about god who need help intent here. And is there any doubt in your mind that it's the head trauma of the CTE that this Boston study is is exposing is getting a root of many of these issues. Is what's in play here Dorsey. Oh Yahoo!. We ought not talked to crystal ball. Into it and restart and all that stuff on their -- and a great out there but. I think that -- common problem with street yeah you that you can. You can't cover -- -- -- scroll up you are you upbeat spirit for that app so. You can't outside got erratic behavior usually can't cardinals. You know accordingly without permanent directors -- removed so I'm artist architect. Only god and you know my phone from -- -- the lack of the last -- there's only guys that have problems you know take that. Now because during your stereo -- what you brought the game kind of player he was it not for star Nicole. Maybe bigger problem notable from a long comical you know now just reckoned that that because I doubt like to say. Commit suicide people you know a lot of the backlash caught. But the documentary about joined the lawsuit was -- got so much money -- -- million dollars. You know and -- discriminatory I want more people last week what documentary. Our commitment to god missile site that they're. Was how much Mark -- -- Prepare the public perception that make. A certain model morning. Your new home from head injuries or -- -- -- you know you make five million -- you'd come back and you know what happened it yeah that's ridiculous. But that the perception out there that because you make X amount of dollars. Not a human being and that -- We efforts from so many people said there was shocked yesterday when they heard Junior -- and commit suicide and were you shocked Dorsey and I'm curious about the two guys should talk to. Where they players where they for a place. Oh yeah that clearly everybody -- -- great career great career arm and there spoke to look at the mark documentary black in such well because. One guy. According to his record in a row 23 dollar a dark world or not and no reading watching QB he just sits there and become -- the -- guy. I'm the world works slower and completely. In the conversation you can look at what got to write that down because. I'll wake up in the mortar record and now I predict everything. These are prominent players we would now. Absolutely no no doubt about it job applicants. Also -- -- got it up played. So you heard that so assailant committed suicide you first spoke of body is. It's it's the brain injury it's it's the concussions. They'll offer all you don't outburst which a lot of -- -- -- ought to start there are you saying Burnett wife. -- got probably a lot you don't know who play put up the political by about three years ago. I'll let it it although the little people. And people won't say anything because there don't know the -- you know let you know not -- of people -- center. You know rate -- opera now as they optical light globe and pay attention. Would it would do you know do you know for a fact why are you thinking no wide junior shot himself in the chest. It sounds exactly like what happened -- it looks. You know the leaders Bryant -- researcher and I don't know that so -- to speculate. But it it it found by pinnacle you know and you are hurt you -- talk about. You know -- out of the car accident years ago. And it it it sounds like it you know that problem go lonely but today it wasn't an accident we don't know what doesn't what we know now but it looked like. We're talking with the Dorsey -- he has -- documentary called bell bill run and speaking of bell -- is there any way to calculate the guys you talked to or even -- year old career how many and they used to be called -- -- not concussions you would have over a career that is think about this this morning Dorsey. He played junior played twenty years the national football league for years SE probably you know for years and I score three years of high school pop orders well sort talk about. Thirty years of sticking your head in there plus all the practices to get ready for all the games is there any way to calculate how many blows to the have a guy like junior sale or those two linebackers you just mentioned. Talk during the course of their football careers. -- -- -- -- because what Circuit Court but being here or we say well yeah well we got no fear that I'm turbulent. Doctor go with some over North Carolina are a leading expert -- -- -- -- an accident in a technical department misconception that you can't just. -- -- -- -- You like that that's been put on your belt or a finger. That an actual concussion that's I don't worry because we have run about. I happen to report -- okay. In the training camp and -- that -- -- and whenever they're. Out or opt out of a practice you it's about. My heart of the -- reliable. News about Obama but written eloquently walked since it has stopped what. I wish people would stop saying you got your belt or -- -- and minimize. Your start seriousness but I'll I'll pop back in yet. But don't you think they have to some extent Dorsey don't you think the NFL is trying. But to think a high school or college pop Warner are doing. Something about it now. There are built up about it now. Not what the reporter right direction you know all the routes and -- development I think that's great problem because -- players say it should be number one. And I think. Notepad or does it sound Junior -- who are gonna bring more awareness you know got that high level old goat kids are. Because it impacts and where you come back or course. Concussions has ample time in. And educate that second cut and you can do about that they don't die they come back. And that's who they are probably like. You know there it will be pretty or you know there -- the temperament different like little he -- acts like. Little treat it like a completely different part that you don't recognize. And that's -- -- at the effort you know. Hart who are -- level but. I think it will change -- a great still got a long way to go economic progress. Us the rule changes aside and treatment may meaning you can't go back -- into you pressure baseline test again may be revamped equipment. What's this game it'll look like in twenty or 25 years and is there anyway I'm I think the answer is no there's no way they can stop concussions from. From taking place in a sport as violent and as brutal as the National Football League but doesn't that mean the the the league itself the game itself might collapse under its own weight as his players are dying because of the way the game is played Dorsey. -- -- it's gonna change optical collapse but it will change. And got a play the game looked. Because they know the long term patient on the other one about. On board on the sidelines and up here he -- pick you up at his -- -- -- -- what parts of Scotland and come out and it's me. Know what I know now -- -- Right at the polls and macho and try to prove that out bigger stronger guy than a guy trying to tackle. It's got its it is gonna look a lot like flag football is more like flexible all in all we're used to seeing in an NFL. At and the state what article two right now so worked. Do you Dorsey do you have misplaced your keys do you forget someone's name and say. Oh it's it's happening to me. That preparing for -- to that documentary. I never worried about stuff like that because we're we're human beings and we forget we we've. Who are. Producing. Like he says it now but I know not not much you like -- I'll pull it out hold on to you know not portrait during an October don't come from humble cave by. Told this are you know the little things that happened -- never the popular now -- How many of the thousand guys who were with like we do so when the league. Do you worry about being possibly being the next Junior -- A lot of a lot of I don't have a number -- You know a lot of god you know my goal and join the lawsuit was to get like -- source all doesn't play. I think that right here in the when the smoke is the part in the -- but. You know we're not there and I apple because. In the documentary there are player reps and it's been a mutant with -- NFL owners and advocates say they have altered the very adamant about not. Forgot long term health care you know their mentality it's great -- logically. You make it's Katamari picture yourself. -- but. You know whatever reason a lot of dot. -- -- -- Dorsey -- a question for me what are the several meaningful conclusions coming out of the documentary bell -- It's just an awareness really what got bill through and you know from the head injuries. -- always down you know. You know -- you're laundry list of their entries and and not a partner like who earlier about how long it -- bit yeah you know surgery to broken bones torn -- You know this is really an inside look at what. Professional player also from our perspective our long interview so that's a little different they actually -- -- but I received a lot different and you'll see god. Say yes yes. I think there's comfort level at least play it would not open and honest answer or that you're interpret it. I we have tweeted out the link to the is it's not a whole documentary I believe it's about a seven minute to segment clip. And that's taser when -- how and when known and we see the whole thing is it's good I -- I just watched. 34 minutes and it's it's pretty riveting. I'm actually. We found that one minute pilot. Remarks almost more information about perhaps we thought interview toward god would send it. Look feature were aware and editing process right now I know we're gonna do just that dilemma so that would have a dual screens. In July theater here in Atlanta. I would -- -- pro college players. And broke out early former site where the default a lot of stuff. A popular and work recur pretty trying to help some -- got at a courthouse here. So that's the plan right now I'm not sure what about between now and then that one. Dorsey levens interesting conversation thanks for tickets -- -- -- with a that a good luck with the completion of a bell run that would be -- report. Dorsey levens with the -- -- element AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T. Rethink our watched couple minutes with touch and and this -- judge says. That's it my son's not playing football here and guess who will set it Takeo Spikes in the documentary said. I don't want my kid planned this game that is scary you know that is now start making a fortune. And and loves the game said I can't take the chance that can't watch my son do this as apparent why wouldn't you say that. Because the odds I'm first of all you don't think it's going to be your kid you don't think you can it's gonna play twenty years. And but it is kids it is at the highest level it is at the pop mortal but I think and secondly I think things are changing -- taken some measures there it's totally different now if there's any. Hint of any pounding your sit down you're sitting down right in and and -- there was you'll say that's the most important thing. But it's not the only thing they'll still be cautions I think most of these thousand guys yeah in this lawsuit are like. On Dorsey -- -- Byrd Junior -- or Ted Johnson and that they get concussions like almost. Every day think about I mean -- -- Junior Seau over thirty years. We're talking hundreds. Hundreds he just said he got four or five a game. And when he was a full back was getting four or five for practice of so do the math on that we're talking hundreds in in and maybe in junior's case. Owls lose that about range through the Braves cruises the old guys talk about dramatize the votes on two days were -- -- the Oklahoma -- and Ashley heads you can Mac line you do it again and again in a minute and a half later. Our warrior focal might face the rest of you'll get to you in just a second.

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