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Doc Rivers: Rondo waited by bus to thank teammates after win

May 3, 2012|

Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers joined D & C to break down the C's Game 2 win and what to expect back in Boston for Game 3. He touches on the health of Ray Allen, if he and his team enjoy the extra day of rest, and what Rondo has learned from his suspension.

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Our conversation -- Doc Rivers is sponsored by ARS restoration specialist at your property -- facilities manager or an insurance -- make sure you have a disaster game plan in place. At ARS serve. Dot com. And myself pizza if you're going to carry out one topic of the biggest freshest tastiest pizza around -- pizza now that's the -- good morning Doc Rivers how are -- -- Europe where you -- over -- well -- ever saying this morning I wish the Celtics play anti my what does -- game three and might not Friday night are you on board with that or like this extra day arrest for your team. Well more and more redundant as far as me but it sort Mikey bought tickets today. You're right I -- it did it through like an eternity confessed but port he might -- -- for Kevin and Paul wrong especially. You know what else we're -- and -- And -- -- tell me if you agree with us that you won the whole series when you won game two that's all you can you beat him on their court without -- it's -- Every -- But it was a big win for -- obviously are coming back home and we'll have the chance but the third difficulty religious debate that creativity. Matchup problems for a are athletically and you know. It's a may ultimately when you start making shots you know in game one -- have made attempts. It really started to do. How does that conversation go between you and Paul Pierce at shootaround when you make it clear to him but this is on his shoulders tonight for game number two how does that dynamic work every player coach. I don't always just about Syria and you know Paul knew it because we ran now we played about four cents. Old course let's roll call that in -- round. And ended the practice you know we went to a skeleton Altman. What you can place and are all Paul. -- -- obviously a lot you know when you do bet -- it's clear where the ball was going you know what I -- whatever I do something like that. I think it's more important that of other fort. What approach starters -- sure Paula noted you you know he's he's -- well. This place for me that place for me this -- yes you know. Exactly. I just started really important that we worked all the basic so. And everyone else Hewitt declared part of what Avery. If -- Stearns like who you spent and what he does for a team. And you know he doesn't really want to -- the ball too much. Oh you know what can and can't do right so you he would bring. Wholeheartedly and so -- do. -- not the one place sets the tone and tenor of a game but if that were the case that opening tap were -- -- Paul grabbed it took it as fast he could willed himself to get that first bucket almost missed sent a message to his teammates we're not gonna start slowly like we did in game number one. If you didn't have -- to a team attempted to -- yes ago because. It's funny part rarely talked about having a bad -- but -- W addressing in between game one and two. He basic and I have to play -- you know and there'll I didn't yell but I still on our staff I wasn't sure what that we've given translate -- convert members of that deliver. You know what you're used to talk would document it has talked about hero shots and it usually that means. You know you lost and it took some dumb shots in this case she took hero shots they went in and you needed them. It's. Let me -- -- and I really want him to be that when everybody got more to pull their best score. And that better but you always struggle when you have so many other scores -- replayed and Rondo and Kevin. You still got to play your best score and I think we do that well at times and I think we struggle with -- captivity. You know we just talked to Tim leg learned he hit -- obviously he was singing the praises. A Pawlenty talked about is you know ability that he covered him back in the banks you know like it's slashing and shooting. And at that they got a -- tried to. But. But he he said the one the last thing set of -- the last attribute B -- it was he likes pressure. And it seems to me you've got a few of those guys dock which makes which gives Celtics fans. You know -- but this time of year is that kernel like the way that when the hole -- level intensity it's ramp up in the pressures on I'm not sure the hawks do what you guys do. There and I don't you are I don't know we'd like little bit audited -- you know it doesn't -- market may be another way. You know they paid you know and you may be right in some ways it looks like they enjoyed -- cards just. This team army and you know look and I don't know how group we are or what we're gonna do but they do. You know they we do something good times and different in trouble and then we took the play well when that happens is just an interest group does. The -- a widely held belief around here is that Rajon Rondo is gonna play his butt off tonight if for no other reason to pay his teammates back report -- but out of the fire when he didn't play in game number two what do you expect got -- Rondo tonight. Well I hope so you know I don't want on the truck that you can march you know and try to force and -- on -- -- just let it come to remotely happen. You know I think oh the -- more and we we basically stayed through we're gonna -- to back and you know that's accurate to say that the Euro which Stewart and it happened. But I was really happy going to about it on the stand outside the bus door wait for every teammate in the sit there and -- thank. -- where did you watch the game from. Little dog ever asked to. But he had a car take moreover he's stupid governor reasonably -- outside -- button. And but it was really cool seeing him -- that. He waited their preacher deserved that thank you. And you can tell he really emotional by the so it was really really nice opening year old adversity sometimes -- and and and -- can continue to grow. And I think we've got a lot of that -- secret the quote it's been. You're out of all you share this with us but. After a game number one and Rondo got -- -- -- probably there'd be a suspension -- your head where where were you know and his teammates upset with him disappointed with him did anybody say anything to him how to how does that work in the locker when you know. Your point guard plane game number two problem. -- you projector. Number two YouTube you've talked to just let it didn't understand you know. Can't do -- number one and we'll talk about you know players. You know more missed this day and time and not the one that can open things up in bad. And I try to always give my guys do the exact Dobson who -- going to -- digital work. And failures are analysts were born and learn more prominent -- haven't got the big victory. Are you convinced that that is. Has been a teaching moment for Rondo a part of his growth and development. I think anything like that has to be you know that didn't mean to teach them the point. Where he'll never do what did you need an emotional -- Imbruglia. But I think each time you do it it it helps the next time that you may not do. You call them -- us this season on the smartest player in the MBA dark. Does he do some -- done. Get emotional. You know the met -- fact you know it's. It you know you can be smarter -- when you lose your composure and you get emotional. But he is the overflow its it took over and and that happens and you know it's athletic -- to different breed I was so people -- I'm a lot smarter. When I'm walking around than what I'm actively involved in in the sport -- I just didn't happen. Do you worry about Rondo when you know Kevin's gone -- gone Paul's gone and he's the man he's the in the -- leader of this team. Is will he be able to handle that emotionally. Well I hope so I don't know honestly I don't worry about it right now to do that but that is something. And a fugitive -- those growth will be important. And it's mostly because you know it is emotional orbit it and it is great. Broke when you're the best player in the game when when and may in a targeted -- holy war. If he had -- that understanding that no matter what happens the one guy that we can't you. And so yeah you know that is something dead you have to understand further and better well as usual. It -- to simply walk around your loss marked the -- actively involved do you feel Smart today having rested your players and not really gone -- pedal to the metal to get home court advantage and now we have the home court advantage and the -- -- players. Yeah but I didn't do would deter the Smart. I didn't because I didn't care or you know I was -- -- -- on -- -- -- -- -- talked -- after the Damon. You know we're talking about and been edited. You have to be regarded as you know we just a multiple of an entity. Like I had no choice but what of the upset by. That our schedule forced the action. And I don't think that it ever happened. But it did in and that action cost maybe I don't know we would've won the game and obviously would -- to win that game right. But it cost as little court I just thought it your schedule should never cause of action at a -- it got. And I thought this season it didn't ought to does it give it to that the worst. -- what really Smart it was me we had no choice when you looked at which government. All running the last day. Did an injury and I'm not -- and -- could have. Is speaking of injury do we do you expect to see Ray Allen in uniform on the court tomorrow night. Well I'm gonna say yes because that's it maybe it hasn't worked as. A reason for saying yeah. Road bike yesterday. Or two ago. But I it's frustrating story a little that. He's doing everything he can't a year reported -- game debate before. You weren't really part of a great -- we ought to put -- -- -- apartment could do in the next speaker walk. Throw. You know don't right now I do think he wants to play. I have included wondering and doing just do different things more what tomorrow upfront. This this is certainly no news bulletin but -- I guess you'd like to get this over with as quickly as possible -- -- -- Chicago and Philadelphia how the heck out of each other. William and probably both traditionalists say where we just when the series sort of this where it would be great. Argued that the game would be great that -- keep advancing obviously with. We're currently does anything. And there's risk involved right. To our advantage this is the one team in the player also will probably all problem. Maybe that's been -- exactly young -- Africa. This -- is the one team that rest is clearly. Got a benefit in and no -- Curtis there's no doubt our recovery that you wanted and had strong with this group there with page. If not -- -- -- the recovery time we don't recover very well aware -- and so. That's where days off -- -- we've seen Flip Saunders in the crown taken notes and and and doing his job I guess for you if -- done that before in seasons past. Every year a lot of times. Most of the time the guys. Don't travel would have -- -- that would active coaches who were friends of mine and and they just -- notes. A lot of coaches do a slip you know obviously network Greg announced a big it's strictly -- Orangeburg for a tournament another voice and another. And in this case is great because you Mexico together. And off for a long time in you'll -- have him around his cabinet trust the government. No well that's where you have to be careful Britain and people -- because of these players like Kevin. That's so so he rides on the plane with the guys you just have to buy his meals I mean on its network. There are coming in you put forth hotel rooms and you by as you know. And you know what's funny is if the coach flip is just the coaches like he had the opportunity that fitness studio and he just you and -- I call them these are armed or. I wanted didn't date in trouble it's great so. It's been far. What is Larry -- mind. Does Larry Drew mine does he mean about that our -- to look over it's -- I studio in Hawaii you know you know echoed by helping him. The real world. -- carrier. Got an old. But I'm sure Larry gets -- -- do you know. Most coaches Stewart. A lot of -- behind the scenes -- -- most coaches can't trouble with that. We just said the largely attributed to do. When you brought him in what did you tell you wanted him to provide for you just yeah go. You know write notes. You know if you see some Tellme. I didn't like the Tories gave a give certain assignment to watch -- -- You know in game one right I don't watch how they're gonna help off bravery here and Rondo and then in and that's about what -- -- -- an amateur world. You know you know so it is like. -- outside of the Mercedes-Benz question for the coach our question today is brought you by your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer and the complete lineup of Mercedes-Benz for medic. All wheel drive vehicles visit MB USA dot com to scheduled to test drive today. -- all the talk in the National Football League about concussions passing -- junior -- many think that might be linked to to what happened to him are in discussions a concern in the NBA Doc Rivers. It is. You know we have the -- -- -- amount that you remember -- it would impede a futurist. And you know we don't have a committee. But we do have. And you know -- Digg like yes it does not mean you you guys aren't sports fans and that was is that they're yeah it did really well -- to watch junior serial mom. I could watch him to that was that's the best friends again. Which can cost -- the player I -- contests you Olajuwon. And the government wanted to -- a true story quickly. I got knocked out by Olajuwon. And my grandmother. Are who mister brewer's mother. Are actually called -- -- -- and she wanted to come support. But I'd never hear -- what a lot of fun awarded. What -- what -- about a out of the country. Out of the country the criminal that it is that it could go -- doc thanks for the conversation good luck tomorrow night I -- Dennis and Callahan sponsored by ARS restoration specialist if your property or facilities manager or insurance pro. Make sure you have a disaster game plan in place are essar dot com and myself pizza if you're going to carry out one -- up the biggest freshest. Hasty its pizza around itself pizza now that's a -- take away from that conversation the most important thing you thought or interesting thing you. -- -- waiting at the box shaken every ounce cans Sam thank you very much he could not watch the game in the hotel -- was close I mean my problems -- it is that the thought of it it is mostly about the real close to walk global. If the run ameliorated there and by the time admitted to the bus I guess he could watch on the -- secret watched it you know anywhere -- it took a car to the to the -- they don't like call waiting and clearly motivated clearly yet determined. To make it up to the more sure -- the players -- yes yes Taylor Mark Johnson you know among -- our night that's tonight just wishful thinking. Johnson former patriot linebacker joins us next.

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