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Tim Legler: Eastern Conference Finals will be Celtics-Heat

May 3, 2012|

NBA ESPN analyst Tim Legler joined D&C to discuss how the Hawks gave away Game 2. Legs touches on how well Pierce played to tie the series up, how bad the decision making was by the Hawks in Game 2, as well as the death of Junior Seau.

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Are joining -- -- AT&T hotline to make the transition back to the NBA AT&T forgy LP our friend from ESP and the NBA analyst at what worked image you can probably tell were getting this pretty heavy stuff here but can lighten up a little bit with NBA talk. I -- here and just a tragic day yesterday in new social stability without the without a -- sport he can't go launch an -- we talked to help for sure. Indeed indeed we talked about -- the NFL has a real big problem on their hands beside the 1000 plaintiffs in the lawsuit the game itself is -- this and while they're trying to legislate head hits out and safety into the into the rules and regulations I think his problem is not something that's gonna go away quickly or any time soon. Go to look like you're there and you know it's it's interesting because I've been having the chance lately and hosts on radio -- -- -- talking a lot of -- a lot of different -- just. Side the end here and value of the -- starting get out of it what game will be left in his early years now we'll leave it look like National Football League as we know. How many concussions and you have to and we got lots of friends former players and -- can play every single ex NFL player on days like this this asks themselves you know. It is my brain OK if they lose their keys are. Forget somebody's name they say is that it is the is that darkness falling -- does do is to basketball players go through anything like that. There's no question that suffer several concussions that that the differences. Out of the book called concussions most of the time it seemed like growing up. USA -- banged my head pretty hard and he kept going I think he concussion awareness poster competent play in the last few years. So that there's no doubt looking backward and I think that's a -- -- myself wrong. In our court or just at home in my personal life I know you know art and art joked once I -- in in college shell off walk -- -- locker room and it's. I am the top but had all they tortured him. And you know busted my head open and got he -- apple doesn't stages without my -- That are diagnosed with a concussion and I sit there are different faculty at about how one you know other times -- NBA games. Evernote broken you know -- -- -- -- to -- concussions and. It wasn't diagnosed as a concussion has -- -- the awareness of it is totally different now. Is as a former athlete that played most of my career basically need in ninety. -- -- backwards. I probably get software a couple of them and everything that's not diagnosed. I'm pretty sure James Harden got one to the -- with the elbow of Iran -- tell I was gonna ask you give a punch to fire extinguisher or casing and. No I typically a part stinks in my lifetime where they're frustrated or give a little bit yeah -- during that mark early on. In May before we get the Celtics the big question today -- probably agree with this one does. Amare Stoudemire or that as the -- New York now bloody -- does bloody Murray take the -- does he sit there with a swing on -- the nice suit and take the abuse in the garden. The great question when it first appetite immediately shared library was going to be there are certain that I would -- -- and stop them because to me. Here here's the dilemma for them waters. You know why put yourself through that it's completely distracting in nineteen. -- have to you know bring down basically. More than an incident guard and they already have with your presence being there on the other hand. You're gonna get vilified -- -- double murder call Mattel for not showing up in the senate -- I think -- mart stock market within the way. I'm but it wouldn't be good to me it would be aware target just not that you presidential records because they're gonna go to try to -- at least -- -- -- years ago one chance that's -- industry. So why not during an -- leukemia which were -- -- -- steadily the court. But even if people are of the opinion that they're not going to win this series if and when they do lose that won't he be the the the face of this of this failed series stamp. Well unfortunately for him yes I think people are gonna get away from the fact that they were beating that he no matter what right I should go into the series. I didn't think the next could make it competitive -- maybe to six game series but there's no way to beat four time. And I think that's what people need to understand it was certainly. Sport transcript we wanna find that -- he wants something complaint someone to -- and now Amare Stoudemire is very easy for them they can just point your finger there is not only. Only pity they take so matters here. You also what we're playing very well so -- that combination is the big contract. And are so they think this optional with this. Seen their chemistry -- terms of personnel on the court. That's really where you need to look at also the fact is supplying its far superior call him for. For more complete basketball team that's really the problems in -- -- I'm not so much more aren't opted not to disparate. We're talk with Tim -- -- I'm wondering if you share the admittedly overly simplistic idea but the winner of this game two that the Celtics just beat the hawks in. Probably is going to win this series that was pivotal either way whichever team once certainly would have -- a leg up. Yeah I think I don't feel that let listeners Atlanta at the type of payment and -- -- my nickname for that for a few years now has been Groundhog Day. Because that's where they're just the same -- same -- the same thing yeah there's like 56 years now aren't. And not just the terms of personnel even you Larry Drew a similar to -- work and this coaching style with more. Because of the decisions that they -- And I can go back to the fourth quarter and give this so what's all the credit the world Paul Pierce took over a -- that -- such patients always. But Atlanta what a mess I mean you talk about isolation basketball your wanna put an instructional video once. Well how not to move the ball. So the fourth quarter of the game the other night so they figured if she answers every chance that was their chances they controlled the series. And they didn't do it but I'm not gonna sit there says the man has no shot of going in the Boston waiting game. And make an -- to get it back to -- -- -- are so. You know Boston's certainly. You're the ticket for either side release that the knocked out artillery get Rondo back there so that play Atlanta's got -- it's a very talented younger athletic team. And how -- they make good decisions are -- in the. Are they tough enough to them what it takes the use the guts to -- the guts the hard. To come in the Boston and win one or two. Are they definitely are gonna win two games there and -- I personally believe possibly Bolton got 31 but obviously it's not for our conclusions are under thirteen. -- this is how good enough to get away and you know half without. I think they're also I think the problem is not Smart enough and that's that's that -- problem for 45 years they cannot make good decisions. Arms and they don't have a lot of discipline and a over the Josh that this at all things doesn't help you win games also got a lot of say the cost and with the decision making offensively alternately that would be there are doing in this series. It's I think Boston really need to put their sort. On the gas right now are trying to get both of these and and I had to put themselves in the position where to best of three series with two of those in Atlanta. If you're you and our play picked up Tim McGee were the first pick and we had to choose between all auction all the Celtics. Who would you take first in -- you take. In pierce pierce and Joseph Johnson what do you like better. I think Paul Pierce. I wouldn't hesitate on that -- Paul -- even at this stage of his career because Paul Pierce. It shows here in ninety cultures popular with big game player. He is a guy that. Is so personal offensively that you could literally brought your offered through a lot of might you don't have a point guard and that's. Pretty much what Boston does the other night I've always been a huge admirer of Paul Pierce had a chance to play against him right at Carolina -- career. And so I know what a -- years. Guard -- -- to move quite as quickly as you get back then but he's still very efficient with what he thought -- so Smart and most importantly. He likes pressure and those are older and equality and not every player -- so Paul Pierce I would choose. Before Joseph Johnson got my first choice overall might be run on. It. Do you consider Joseph Johnson able to fight NBA superstar is a really getting tired of hearing people say is the most underrated superstar in the NBA there's a reason for that I don't think it's a bonafide NBA superstar. Your take on that. No not at all well I don't think he's a superstar I think. I think he got superstar money and I think they've made a decision that time it was the best available free agent in the most highly coveted free agent. That year and he ended up getting. Money when that happens sometimes as a player you're fortunate. What the market -- to travel through also now air time that she was the name he was the guy people were talking. As a result he got franchise player tight money. I don't put -- on the same level as other guys that were in that category when they got their creative money and they. -- the franchise. And you -- built around them -- potentially with hopes of winning the championship. I have never really put Joseph Johnson on that level on not disregarding the things you can do it is very very good player. But I don't think it's key here is that -- in -- of course don't write your killer out there and he's not on the same level some of the other got a lot. Richard this year a fast forty in the -- are quite a bit does LeBron win his ring this year. Right now I don't think so in my opinion I I think this is the team and I actually I'm I'm getting two point now I'll talk look at their first -- There -- on election that's sort of the lakers -- -- -- -- I'm more convinced that every three of those is to live picture well and you know senatorial might be good. Best team in the NBA. Live with how deep they are how well we're playing. And the fact that they're winning games without either taxing. They're veteran players with terms of minutes and it's very impressed with what popular vote thirteen this year rotation is and so he. Laborers -- size -- are so unique. I look at that sometimes I go how how would my daily deal with if they got in the final if lakers can control the pace of the game and get back to transition. Out of Miami get a deal -- outside the truck electronic evidence Oklahoma City its Kmart I'd really like all year how to play their best out over the course of the months. But I still say that's team that's very very complete with their half court defense that fought one defense and they've got three different guys. That can take over offensively so. I would not be shocked if any one of those three things with a championship and in the course Miami. Right now it looks like perhaps include them pretty well to the final bullet based on what I saw a year ago in the NBA final is very -- -- give them. The benefit of the doubt that's gonna be different. For the project is going to back to that stage. Are where we are worth and we know this so we think the Celtics and get past the -- play the winner of Philadelphia Chicago. Do you think the bulls we know the bulls did fine without rose in the regular season but they always kind of felt in the back of their mind he's coming back which -- hold the fort here. He's not coming back anymore Tim is it different now and you see them and did they look. Tough enough to overcome the loss of their best player. It's completely different now and I've been through this situation would -- Chris Webber was in Prague and Washington and your shoulder issues. And you know you can appear in a rehab and it was going to be coming back does that change and the symptoms of depression so the that the players that -- replacing him in the role players in general the way we played offense is a little different -- free -- strategic what does this is. It was kind of nice you're out here we get more shot -- color back I'll start play a pretty good basketball once she got his surgery he knew he was not coming back. It is reality of that enormity of what you have struggle -- -- is completely different ethnic that's what happens struggled the other night. They recruited first played real well at five point which is a lot for them without -- gets -- the -- if the recorder started would still do it on their word. You could just kind of seeing the building not just the players it's our -- -- -- little city Chicago story sort of distinct get a little bit. That you don't have now that can stop the logical that god. That's the sixers can't account for because of his speed you know you can plant that's where -- multiple -- -- Brazil. Speed negate that and explosives that negates that because they think they get out of areas. And it breaks your defense down and it creates plays out -- nothing. And I wouldn't have anybody -- that it that it started shaking and absolutely a keynote later. But at the same time I -- -- such a great coach he was so highly motivated. I thought that there's any question orderly one of the two games in Philadelphia. And this is probably going to be a seven game series now to Philadelphia for the go away -- a -- But Chicago ultimately ethical and a certificate all the way through with the hopes before -- also got a. A speaker -- and the way the Celtics could be through with the Atlanta. Quickly may be five games. And Philadelphia could beat up Chicago for seven games and then you -- to be looking at Philadelphia Anne de Derrick Rose lists. Tired Chicago team. Yes that's exactly right -- I think I think. Ball again no not because people think it's -- you know they've got to be looking at doesn't and you know. In the year I didn't expect to see it. Of Boston Miami Eastern Conference final going into the playoffs but I I think there's a real very real chance that we can in the same. For your mouth the -- here and that's is that we will look at port Tim thanks for the time always a pleasure talking -- will be we'll talk did on the road. Tim lightly over -- and -- element AT&T outline AT&T four GL TE with speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T rethink possible.

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