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Remembering the great Junior Seau

May 2, 2012|

Big O and Michael talk about the life and career of former Patriots and NFL great, Junior Seau.

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Half of do everything. You know a number of -- step -- tonight and only not only myself. Totally terrific defense throughout. We -- the ball we got off to a great start which was important. And you know as a good team win anybody who played tonight really contributed from Ryan Hollins Sasha Pavlovic devoted to be really good job. Here's brilliant last night Paul Pierce talking about game -- win down there and Atlanta and they move the series to Boston for game three on Friday night before we get back to the phone calls. A breaking news story from TMC. Former New England patriot linebacker and NFL legend Junior Seau. Found dead in his home in Oceanside California. Cops are investigating a shooting. Multiple law enforcement source is telling TMC. Police suspect suicide. -- cops are currently at junior sales home just outside of San Diego. He was 43 years of age she leaves behind three kids at an ex wife beast obviously in the NFL playing with the chargers and dolphins and patriots. USC standout first round of the 1990 draft played in the league for twenty years. Came back here because Bill Belichick gets so much faith in him. As not only player but as a leader to the point where he dressed in my belief for four -- five games Michael. Didn't even play and -- on the sidelines just amateur right he could he could keep those young linebackers together. You may also remember he was involved in a mysterious car accident. Back in 2010. He drove his SUV off of a cliff in Carlsbad California. Hours after he was arrested for allegedly attacking his growth for. A junior sale late edition he was not trying to kill himself he insisted that he had fallen asleep we'll put -- that -- They were suspicious that he was attempting and to take his own life and now in this case a shooting. Where police suspect. That he may have committed suicide. I mean we shouldn't be shocked by anything but this is shocking -- shocking story. As you alluded to -- the patriots really. He's really respected. Juniors say now they thought he was one of the more positive guys. To have around he -- he made he made friends very fast. He made friends so fast everybody like junior. That you know Teddy used to tease him he called everybody bloody because everybody liked him so -- he can possibly remember all of their names. So instead of just saying and what your name again you're just call everybody but you're people love junior -- he would even get to the facility before everybody else no matter how. How early you got their junior was there before you. He talked offered to guys to -- defensive guys coaches special team guys. Excellent and an outstanding teammate. But that's that's the world of the NFL that is the structured world of football. Outside of football obviously had some things going on. That weren't so structured that we're real life things that people deal with all the times and all the time and I think obviously was a struggle form. So it's a reconciled postings especially. His his reputation was everything in San Diego has businesses there editing dressed head media. Media eating out of the palm of his head -- you if San Diego so when his name came up for this. Alleged attack on his girlfriend. I think that really. I think that really deeply affected them and and we don't know what was going on before that time I mean maybe at some other issues. But his reputation meant a lot to him and I think. Hearing this story today and knowing that possibly suicide maybe he was trying to do that two years ago and and he couldn't recover from some of the issues that he was going through really -- Other revenue shocking -- it was an investigation at the time then he mania. Kind of a plea that said I don't know I was not trying to do that all over the interview. -- I was not trying to do that at all like you know simply. Fell asleep and lost control the car obviously and and went off as Clinton. Because it was like it was one of those weird things it was like really early and boy it was exactly exactly. You know you just didn't it didn't seem to fit the the details didn't seem to it. At the time but people kind of you know wrote it off the time OK and I I I don't leave anything ever happened in the investigation police investigation of the then they took its work -- And in -- say -- as a player and uses one of those guys. He did he and you know some people are like this. It especially in today's society -- -- -- We're scrutinizing every comment that somebody makes is -- be it sweeten its. Is going to be a news flash if you see anything mildly controversial. For most people. But there -- guys like Charles Barkley. Who can say some things and escaped from -- okay it's just Charles saying it Junior Seau was like that you remember his -- admit he made many controversial statements throughout his career. Things that could get other guys in the trouble. His teammates liked him so much current teammates former teammates like him so much they say well he didn't mean anything by it every talked about LaDainian Tomlinson. He was no longer a member of the chargers he -- token thing to do is that. The load them up with some fried chicken and get him some watermelon and all kind of stuff before prejudge it or if you really -- right now. They -- to LaDainian Tomlinson and empowerment and that pastors doing here not a big deal. He sets of -- every much affiliate rivers would get away with -- correct he what he said some things with the Miami Dolphins. Controversial. He was a well today he was able to get by because everybody liked him -- just like active. Opposing players like opposing coaches like -- so. It it really I'm -- that a year. A ton of statements today. Kind of testimonials. From those coaches and from those players when this news get -- them. Well let's shed. Extremely bright guy you talked about business and he was involved in business and had other things outside of football but. You know who knows you know we never know about these guys and you never know even though. Of people think they know a lot about these individual celebrity's life. Other than the cardiac issues I'm not sure we really know. Inside what happens to their personal life. And this is a -- at all like don't form but it probably at a whole other darkened troubles side that just became a little too difficult for to deal. He he played in the league for twenty years I don't know how they're on our approach this to me this is the least of his family's worries right now he has an ex wife leaves three children. But he's going to be a hall of Famer now know they're gonna wait. Of the five years. Like they do for for most players who have stopped playing or they just say. He's eligible next year because he's gone to the hall of fame he's a hall of fame players wanted to best linebackers can -- can they do that -- me. Even assembly passes awakening. Can they do can they can I don't think the timeframe. I I don't I'm just trying to think if it and it didn't happen Reggie right now that you have -- -- right in the hall of fame but I think it was. I think their way to five years but obviously they can do whatever they wanted to make him make exceptions maybe it would open up. A whole new a whole new thing whole new set of things for them to worry about issues from the worry about but they wanted to. I'm sure they can make a hall of Famer before before the five year waiting period. I don't know whether they can do that matter I I wish they would do it sometimes with guys who have some health issues story your concern because of their age they're going to be around. And they have a tendency not to do that either so the NHL the NHL hockey. Often does do. They do you make exceptions they move around me changed things around. And I actually appreciate what they do because sometimes. Is it more important to try to do it when somebody is around and alive and they can actually appreciate. Whatever you bestowing. As opposed to you know. Like he played for played posthumously you know -- -- -- a tool that's just the me -- he played for twenty years. And I would say he was a game changing player -- for about thirteen I recruited by thirteen fourteen years out acres who's pretty incredible I would agree and I think the one thing about. Junior that he carried on as a -- debt. That was part of his game that I think is a legitimate criticism. Is that if you wanna go with all of the tackles the assist half tackles he picked up a lot of homework because he was just checking on December deals that are and aren't done. On the other hand because of that high motor company -- tackles was able to make. It was that high motor that got him to the scene of of the accident wherever it was happening. In the in the defense of sizable sell it goes hand in hand so but I do think that some of the numbers a little bit inflated. With him over the years as he was it was all intimacy. Always it's always good. Everything does somebody else yeah maybe initial. And this juniors and juniors and he had an obviously in the celebration was in there right exactly so you would come out of it thinking. It was Junior -- that you'd watched the replay anything and wants L payment after the fact he didn't make but -- But it just tells you that it we we say this all the time and and sometimes we forget we still ahead. That -- what you see on the screen what you see in this stadium is not necessary necessarily reality if you looked at junior stay out you've just. Took what you saw from this guy on the field and and interviews. You would say this is a surfer you always talked about -- always talked about Southern California this guy doesn't have a care in the world just by any plays football -- get along with everybody position we really don't know yet what what what a great guy but he was obviously troubled because there is speculation at least at this time and I'm -- more information about the right now the speculation that. And that there's speculation that -- suicide.

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