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ESPN's Todd McShay: Chandler Jones will make big impact for Patriots

May 2, 2012|

ESPN and Scouts Inc. NFL Draft Expert Todd McShay joined D & C to breakdown how the Patriots focused on needs in the draft. He touches on the theme of the draft, which Patriots first round pick will be the more impactful player, and if Alfonzo Dennard was a steal in the 7th round.

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Trace Celtic ESPN one of the bona fide experts on a college draft joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT eat. According to how are you calm down a little sleep a little rest -- the draft has done. Little bit little radio world. Partly partly tongue logo oh look -- in three -- and -- -- I'm glad beyond their dollars them. I haven't -- you -- your supplemental mock draft yet and if so where does Montel Harris ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think about it or upload images and everything else and destroy probably the last couple broke my desperate and it checks at all. It is impression. Gloom -- -- -- the table so it drop back and look under our backs. It. You know all desert dirt the dirt -- usually serve broken knee injury. And affect our coach got -- toward her award -- a friend -- implement. Oh I'm sure that's a -- I don't NFL teams have to find out why get kicked off BC. Before they -- Exactly yeah the -- I don't know Zuckerberg we're. Or something. You know good that you have to dig deep deeper than that this is something going on there and gender ability and -- -- than from some baggage beamer burden and very likely did you go to the sixth seventh or restored under. And -- -- as an overview of what just happened knowledge about a couple of days to sort of look at the at the big picture. Is there a theme mr. kind of a connecting thread in this drafting theme what you what to witnessed in the NFL draft this year. I think seeing more so than ever focusing on on -- And in attacking. Certain positions. You know I thought the -- some a lot of playoff contending -- -- Moving up and going after the got a bit. You know in the power order order fighters. That really can help them and a lot of it a lot of arguments defense decided specifically. -- -- -- and that hatred toward the -- over the -- in the first round obviously. Edward Jones and and -- solid and Alice Cooper a -- corner. All worked on six although Eagles Mourinho response go to the tackle for truth the book outsourcing will. And here I've been in this -- Those mortar promoting his overall won't -- -- -- going spot -- not going got an -- player and the other thing is. There are more or -- Let's say group report and Kirk -- Green Bay Packers who don't you decrypt climate or -- or -- you know early. Guys guys took her to death optical states that are blocker and you don't space. Toyota and getting players that -- should have kept it. -- created basically signaling. And at first and second down and and bringing some packets. It's totally worth your first down and then for an initial -- -- all put emphasis right now. We'll find out and get the quarterback order for a look inside outside linebacker. And may -- kitchen copper. And specifically got that call for picker -- hurt in kite and the source a lot of those. Quarterback safety hybrid you're trapped in the little round -- good friend and -- out of Morgan State wouldn't play in 2000. -- the general consensus seems to be that Donta hightower will have an immediate impact -- Jones might be a year or two down the road as sort of a a developing player. It's five or six years from now Chandler Jones or Donta hightower who will be the more impact full player in the National Football League. Chandler don't. Are I think -- -- look at this store and I really do it -- my favorite players in the street and the the versatility he brings. And what he can become -- connect twelve I think he's just starting to scratch the surface. All but 266. Are all on he can he can. To adapt and Lego block. You athletic they're not quite pretty neutral for step athletic. And change direction. Can NBA. Can. Can transfer speed the power and we'll look -- Russell building -- also you know. Dropping into coverage. But he had a little bit of experience and athletic enough to do social. You know in my -- fairly new positions. I -- a different position for him while -- -- -- -- -- report -- that left ventricle and right and then report -- Our third or right at right outside -- bird -- outside linebacker and so you think oh great. For this. -- does -- give it to the NFL today where you need to be multiple. In order to create confusion in order to stipulate that took all the to look in from off. Offices you know we we -- think becoming Jason Pierre Paul. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is just overall athletic Wear these are not recently -- Paul is with the explosive. First up close look at four explosive first step closer. You had a goal on twelve Todd why do you think he slipped a little bit here and why is -- available. That was -- -- in -- -- projected to cut -- a lot of information that CO2 moved back negated editorial moved back. That chlorinated and they wanna go the probably the surprise pick of the first crumbled server. So I I expect I had a boomerang. The -- fifteenth overall 1516 best player in the draft. What do oh in the early. Oh well I just got to go where -- you should've gone. -- the big question is I have your whole seven round marked draft and boy -- -- some right some wrong and you know that's the way it works but. I can't find table on will will Wilson on here. I can find some Wilson's I can't find Dave on. -- -- -- -- Seventh round Greg can you explain a -- I know you were surprised there was surprised what Bill Belichick was thinking and how lol he could how long he could have waited and still got him on -- That part impossible. The second part of possible they are simply choose. You just. You're in -- symmetric spoken to ergo the third one other loans it shall but. I do know that -- that spoke with three other. You'll be discussing through other. One of the players are small. And and fighting over the -- -- General concern is the confide -- you know that in that range. What -- you see -- the funny thing that sort of try to like I like them you know I've got archipelago a little bit higher on them. There's some other people most of which sediment. You know for these. I didn't learn this 67 program it -- good omen. I saw it I saw some versatility at -- I saw a guy who. And crude however duke it -- of the -- six foot 200. The site you re still in you know I think. I took away what do you have great ball not you know quarter reception each of the last three years but. Good overall and thanks and recognition. Good cover skills are -- -- minnesotans. There and in the district government out. They turned the whole government -- cover bigger numbers. I think one of the ways to use and very aggressive and -- -- run support all. It took so it goes well. They -- like a minute or so feet and so packaged and -- matchup you can Google earth and also contribute on special tool. It is curtains is good good normal. It's odd setting aside the teams that got the big name players Indy with -- Washington with -- RG three in Cleveland with Richardson. Who in your estimation knocked it out of the ballpark on draft day. I loaded the Philadelphia Eagles got we did a great job you know they've really address -- -- -- a -- seven. And there were able to find guys that entered the impact players. You know what to -- I mentioned earlier from the city. The Michael Kendrick who does open your door right where people are maybe a little earlier corrupt -- or six -- -- It's hard motor reporter coming on -- more people to learn. -- -- can get nick foal the backup quarterback brand employed later in the draft but. I don't think they're really stop the Buccaneers a look at the great job include. You know more. The move back in and pick up 201. Overall pick. -- -- -- -- -- The New -- gotta order or straight to move back in short strangle it don't more likely to be an upgrade to running back position -- state. Nobody gave the government a -- -- -- the best player draft but got on the sideline. Weak side linebacker types. Don't you know quite as higher angle truck -- that -- people you know or lose their mind they are. They -- that -- would -- great strapped history mean trick -- character come. Got a typical targeted electrical current Joker good -- -- -- a -- every single day job and I are configured guard Devin Goer or incorporated currency defense tackle on a separate. The principal got in you know well in terms and you'll often put. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- agility can go out got a good chip block narrow very small. The UI bill -- -- adaptors for days so there's mission there well. Well speaking of issues did the patriots get a steal with 224 Alfonzo -- to quarterback out of Nebraska falling that far arrest decides setting a but the rest thing aside. You know I didn't. Here's the thing you -- -- Coming into the year and you know to work there or maybe usually first second round I think -- let her -- corner can contribute and so when -- when they got to. So when you -- your problem and I hope it is going to be at all. Don't yet and yet -- issue but I. Can't simulate that you'll go. Got in line and it won't surprise you say that he makes a lot or contribute to get a guy that lately dropped. He contributes than it is it to you'll go over to -- Thought we know Belichick said he looked in the Clinton news okay with a his arrest in his off field issues you do that I mean you have denied Golan in the fourth round and go on you like -- Ahmed honey go but look and and to his off field issues and and and. I give every single thing. They're they're players ever had an argument you can. I don't want to -- back against whoever you'll. And -- and watch -- every single papers out there I don't have a medical -- I don't have a -- on and day and I I don't have to rely on contract mood or Google's -- secure her. In the -- all those -- you can -- that I don't. Then you know they're poking through it and and really expect that probably the majority of the morning. In central scouting or in that regard there's got to. I don't sit there are folks out -- their their health private about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the assistant coaches but are also ordered talk civil war -- this guys you know -- -- he ordered the sale. You know an all -- don't go. It's true talking to our community about who is a little bit of background -- everything else not the medical portion. You know they spent sorts sort strong money on that in the Indianapolis become bilingual so that solid basically. The -- -- -- A valuation process that sure 8090%. Of mine comes from -- moved out. But you're because Belichick drafted and should we be satisfied that that denial bonds and announces. And I'm not really. What what for a tournament so what are you -- -- sort of make it but that's always when you get that -- There's absolutely no written a group of you that you just don't count on him to make it can better editing what you're doing. If you like to get 34 starters out of every draft those those if you get -- -- -- -- continually total over Iraq still. I would wish the draft in this kind of the way you want to do it. This year drafters probably you know is going to be did exception to -- rule for the patriots to choose. There were able to move up and they -- harder to couples got the impact player -- they have been there done that while. -- -- Where you're with a veteran -- nominee -- spot opened -- on this -- that we're we're seeing so I don't think those are the holes you're the trap. As the mother you know a mother or local communities that are there regroup. -- -- -- a question for me most people believe that RG three will have more initial success just because his team is better than Andrew -- team. Which what do these two guys gets to the whole thing. At the end of the day at the end of their career. It -- available -- read about don't wanna look into what you would. Local get. It is distribute their armor and I'm fascinated to watch him go convict Cameron out in Indianapolis Colts and even light up like all right right. Or how quickly he you know. How you can impact will be you have and how Long Will it take for them them early and got the Troy -- picture is held right. In the rookie season without going to have alternate career and -- -- -- -- the same way at Indianapolis earlier in his current -- on the list read so you can be heard from Morgan bought but. It will be -- as those -- Michael order it doesn't hurdle that you Turco and throughout the -- very important. I won one of many that you hit right on the noses Ryan -- held to Miami will he start. For the dolphins this year. I hope not heard -- say it. Dario I'd I'd look if you get a year earlier. You know attendant and commitment for the final six I think you need a little bit of cardboard and what that is. There and it's going to be on the war in Miami they're auto run ninety plays the game they wanna bring Norton duck fast pace. You know -- the NFL nobody else is gonna. So what you did -- scandal hasn't she knows the brokerage. He knows the communication. You know he knows everything -- -- cut -- occurred Kemal got -- Carter. The work. And it didn't you know are seeking out past the focus on the do specifically. With his decision making no where to go to football I I think that's why you aren't. It is going to be a really good fit with my -- in Google had -- are saying no I mean they're Gupta coordinator -- children. He's got -- you know quarterback guru but he's had that he's had a great feel for play calling it actually knows it did -- tremendous job their routers and putting him in a position succeed. They brought it's weapon at Lamar Miller running back to this certain like I don't either. They're just trying to get the in that and they're trying to spread the -- it. -- in most most all you know out all or Ford or circuit got there on the clock and where you're trailed down coat on and don't make it work are completely explode but it is certainly it can be open to stay. He has topics. ESPN talk temperature on hold to -- towards -- information for you appreciate the time -- gonna -- my friend. Our road record products stay with us and tell -- AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE was speeds up the ten times after the three GAT and T rethink possible.

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