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Kevin Garnett with Grande & Max after Game 2 in Atlanta

May 1, 2012|

Grande & Max talked to The Big Ticket after the Celtics' dramatic come-from-behind win.

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Twenty minutes ago -- all right John thank you. Game two. Goes to the Celtics 8780 is the final but it was there ever story of the game within the game Kevin Garnett joining us outside the celtics' locker room. And among the many feelings go to the locker room right now he's too. Yet one for the guy you called the head of the snake in -- Com slash. Com slash personal reasons only that this is the sway AK AM on -- create. Black line they can. Pick the wrong and -- -- -- you've gotten so we'll we'll include notes themselves and -- Well Kevin you know what an emotional game his words that you guys did it -- you buckle down the -- but could you definitive futures. You just the fifth that the way you defend that -- you're all lake again. But you know you know we all -- defensive team to score the ball -- We had to have a defense -- -- Which the ball. What we want to put you know is -- the -- he was very aggressive early got a couple of them you kept going it's always a good son. Go to the Gaza bubble for the most former McCain on defense improved defense Paul's defense saw. Ortiz coming into the business to you know come and be good news slavery. Could solitude second you know he discovered him a lot of penetration. Don't sort that don't look good and because development and road you know you know we dog the dog river holds great. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's America back at what you what we all mouth when you played a thousand plus games with those -- and the other aforementioned things. There must come and experience thought in your mind about managing. The -- both you and Paul throughout this -- expending a lot of energy early but knowing exactly how much he would leave for the. Finish you don't coast every play if there's -- -- play music Tom Austin -- to deep depression. Decompress and don't take a lot of Tom and and none come suit yourself thought so first came out to do a good job -- these first flow. -- snow's first serve who don't want to do mom noticed there was enough but there are very very nor a lot diplomats of -- to -- the playoffs. No warm warm warm -- up over the so so world. For the most are married you know like -- -- you know use Thomas -- a lot on TV Thomas and longer so you learn how to fusion due to. Whether it's that you did before remember in this in this series we've laid off late in this series thoughts out of message was that deal with -- hit that day I'm young I've been. Johnson nick talk you love the most about you -- on the last play the blocked shot of the room. Frustration or just give it out and say hey you -- respect -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fellows you know you don't know who was left from right. You know at this. Or even bottlers dressed there was still Johnson's move different you know not -- -- -- -- blogs. After personal blogs. Big win big you -- for the city's. And as we -- I don't know you blasting -- amid a political over a mile to go quick word from you to the fans coming you know Friday Elvis mobile map Houseman. A suit to block in my house -- A massive by the dog without played probably about mad -- -- the fifth vote on -- -- Friday night please speed here it is everybody's got Norton is. Let's get this they've locker room. This happens they Roderick thought they had a crowd and publishing of chrome you home why did just breast. -- -- --

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