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Clay Buchholz inconsistent again

May 1, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk about Clay Buchholz's outing last night against the A's and his meltdown in the 7th inning. They also discuss Aaron Cook's May 1 opt out clause and what the Sox should do.

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Always -- buckles didn't. Try to brick and glass last night after that star who could blame them melting down like that. He was in its seventh inning after six middleweight hand the ball -- the Bobby Valentine to anger. Play buckled show leave them out a bit surprised if we had a little post game of something broken their of the Red Sox clubhouse and move. What happy was he let her symptoms anybody -- -- Bobby V was all mad at Bobby V for -- and -- he was mad because. The first time all year long to -- -- and a 71 run. Feel pretty good about himself he turned around and gave up. -- back to -- up 56 run again so. That was the frustration that was Bobby be taken the ball. Is it to develop them on that yeah I gotta tell I was open to come out of the start with something. Or definitive combine and be say I feel better RI AA Sox. Wasn't bolt bolt buckles last -- did we get for six innings. The clay buckled you wanna sees wanna mix in knack for bull mix and that chipped in thirteen changeup last night boasts he's thrown all year. The -- we saw at times last year certainly the year before. And then he's walked in some guy's name -- you know and Barton and all these other guys in the seventh inning. We got pulled the apocalypse last night we didn't -- the other we got ball -- it's still left me frustrated. With this guy I've brawls immense talent. For all the good things that we say about -- buckles. That was a meltdown in the seventh inning and I I still don't feel great. About the Red Sox starting at number three starting pitcher after what I saw a patent from the first inning. Into the seventh inning last night job I would agree with you and that may be dating -- definitively one way or the other because. No less than as a Comcast to get there early looked a lot about the lot of film buckles the last couple of years and had it one game left a couple years back in April against Texas. And he went out there and he's music 02 weeks -- and an interest with a 95 -- foresee overweight and he blew it 02 fastball 97. By Josh Hamilton 97 miles an hour that was the guy that we came up to -- guys put it altogether right now. Good night to monarch two seamer at 974 seamer. The off speed pitches are outstanding curveball -- The following year when you look at it it's down in 94 miles an hour as we find out in a post another start in Baltimore that there was another one week later in New York. In the velocity was right around that 94. This year early on forcing -- 919091. -- -- beats up isn't as effective. And that's -- city to get the answer because last night I saw in 94 -- -- -- 95 last year won it last night rather. He looked at it okay well the velocity is coming back is to pitch at 94950. Start to -- 97 what's the blue moon but still. The velocity coming back the change -- is there the curve ball as good the cutter is good. Over six innings. At it was a positive about it to be going to a game last night and said don't look at the final line. You know because this line up. -- not very good. Don't look at it let's look put it mildly look at his stuff the rest of you don't throw yeah seven innings one run historic ball 8990 miles an hour is leaving balls up and take advantage of it. Even though it's a good line you can sit there -- that you didn't look good. Last night blew up in the seventh -- six innings I thought it was a step in the right direction. Now a silver lining here with a way to start is gone but at the same point -- appear up eleven to one. It come out in and walk guys and not challenge guys in a week's walked him at the end that two Q what I struck them out in happened in -- -- -- -- amount. It happens but. The end of that game was very frustrating a -- for him because he starts decent size that he felt better and it just didn't end up -- we said he -- weeks yeah how about walking Daric Barton earlier matters that's at him he's -- hitter but the -- hit 181 I know I mean you've got to be able to attack guys like that that's why I liked about the beginning of that game but he's always walked his whole career -- the type of hitter he is. That's why Oakland loves a little -- 180 in a note to hundreds playing first base but he walks. I I am with you there but that's estimate put the kid AAA. Pitchers is approach. And it with that lead you to say screw it humbled to give local budget at that no question I'm not gonna need to get -- we have Eric Barton doubled leading. What we don't -- Go after the guy. Go after the guy. And Josh Redick he hits it a good car ball location down by his ankles. I personally didn't like it's election shook off three times -- sought to go down. Before the pitchers Eva Peron was like last ship that released the ball down the line behind you know past Gonzales. You -- and a double play ball a change what's -- them all day long but he just a totally new curve ball pretty good previously about haven't set up I thought. You know just blow some way by and yell at all outside. Went to -- avoid a burned by. It was that seventh inning right yeah you've got. It's 72 pitches I'll tell you what a half block going to the game OK attic we could take this off the table now in my opinion. There was a thought that in my mind may be Clay Buchholz is hurt you've talked about the velocity I've talked about location every once talked about this does not like the guy. We've talked about the Ralston and maybe it was -- but there was enough there we said maybe just maybe the back bothered him. If the back was bothering him last night or the back -- even remotely an issue forget that he's hurt the pace and some sort of pain and east fighting is compensating. He comes out after six innings last night. The lead is secure I know easily at 72 pitches. But that would have been assigned for me -- Bobby Valentine's sits him down after six with a comfortable game. And goes to Padilla and Albers at all that Motley crew back there in the Red Sox bullpen. That would have been an okay we're gonna take advantage this thing we're gonna get in not rest -- a force the issue he's pitched well six innings move on. To go back to seventh inning. That that tells me he's not hurt. And he's just -- through some major struggles right now because I don't think Bobby -- putt put to back out there in the seventh -- injuries even remotely possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certainly no me. Me that your bank you're -- -- some happens and -- -- cardinal and then. Thank you throw strike and it was and there aren't very good very very didn't. My Johnson -- a promotional doesn't block. Failure there. Like it was almost positive -- aside from. The line so. We talked about like the Stucco wall behind you. And kind of losing it. And what he's talking about there when he has to figure out of -- -- -- -- a -- first up to the double play ball you know Pedroia to abuse. In my Kabila's and it's not what they're Barton breaking that up Barton didn't touch and he knows probably in fear she was close the bag -- -- and -- abuse -- trip. In a spike -- is not any sort of fell -- did make their pro so. You might think you're out of the inning there. You don't get it in weeks ago and two to -- paint with a fastball and you know amicus says it's just -- the play -- by obvious dots that's why aren't there hours in the because there resonate pitcher in baseball that can be low enough for a -- -- opposite the result of this check that out next time. There's -- ball down at the ankles. To go to -- I guarantee it's about two to three inches. Above the strikes out. So I don't buy that -- by the way they're getting that the best sponsorship deal in the country the fact we even called the unique appeared solemn and they're get a pretty good deal whatever the collision moisture Hollywood call Annika. Plus I'm a -- RS on Mars like a year ago there thought for. What he thought he had him struck out two in the Coco Crisp got Alex ground ball it's -- dives. Then the other -- coma kind of ruined his night it's -- three left yet but I did I did see some positives from the guy but not. Like you said I would be concerned this guy's injured -- -- off the table dubbed. That's -- artists not for me on a lot of well why would you say not so sure what what are you gonna say guys healthy ready to go last night was the perfect opportunity if he was hurt. You sit out after six innings and 72 pitching and all that coming up after that whining games in twenty days this Red Sox team without a rain out there and have a break. So either he's not hurt or the Red Sox as a staff are stupid. Okay one of the posting things because if there's any sort of injury issue there any any sort of sort of snapped back he -- after six that goes back out there. Body belt and even had that the the golf the phrase to use the phrase complete game in the post game right talking about what may -- -- banking. That's the table he doesn't come back out for the seventh there's no way. You wanna do that you forget a certain element of the athlete himself. The -- missed all of last year and disappointed because he hurt his back in maybe there's some in there and he's not ready to come with the yet because I'm when I'm seen from him is not the same stuff. We've seen -- play -- when he's healthy now -- Motorola 27 year old kid you know when -- talking about. It would Josh Beckett from from 2000 from 2007 to 2012 as he vaulted to a different type of pitcher losing four miles an hour. Tuchman at 27 year old kid should be in his prime who in less than two years has lost 45 miles an hour on a fastball. So you know is he -- is he telling the truth and call Crawford house arrest field feels fine article -- -- two -- Keep throwing too by the -- sure you'll find feels fine. At some point the athlete himself. Has to sit back and say you know it is a little bit tight or I'm not letting it all or I'm afraid I'm gonna miss the entire year political early early year. -- weather's kind of -- I'm not loosened up I mean. Yet navy admitted Bobby V thinks he's finally McCourt thinks he's fond of saying when you watch a kid. You know last night was the one positive to see the glossy piggy backed up here. His previous settlements ninety anyone on our fastball that's you don't lose five or six miles an hour and everything's fine. -- Rula I just think that the Red Sox would know about that it was such an issue last year. And they were so close and a what's a new medical staff but they are not people. That were around Clay Buchholz and it seems kind of silly now he can about a Munich by the they try to get to come back brits last year -- jobless we did. Shows abhors it shows. On what is play buckled gonna go back to pitch in 2011 on it he can pitch out of the bullpen able get a back we will get him in there. My whole point is that I made him give nor talked medical staff too much credit. As that was the 1 -- right watched that game last night's OK he's back -- for the seventh injury can't be an issue. You say that guys hold -- back they don't tell the coach -- I totally agree with I'm sure it happens all the time. -- -- it was pre existing it -- last year I kept him out after June 18 the rest of the way. It was like a fifteen day DL -- it was three and a half months. -- come back and pitch for this team I would hope. Be extra cautious with that and may be -- given the Red Sox medical staff. Shocking here too much credit. I would think they would be extra cautious with clay buckle and amenities that the -- for the seventh. I said that's it the injury thing no longer an issue he's fine there's no way would this. Happy whether we got last night at Fenway Park. A cold and economy it's three brutally the next couple nights. They wouldn't put him back out there unless they were -- percent confident in his ability to pitch -- and his abilities that that is -- the health issue and he had right now. They put him back out of their resentment for him. -- he'd try to spin it as a positive and you're talking about the good six innings. Talked about an -- team that when you go down a list of their rankings in baseball. Thirtieth in batting average thirtieth in on base twenty ninth and slugging 28 -- scores. Are awful and he had a chance that you'll start to get out of it. But he's up -- that bad taste is not that seventh inning and the Red Sox left I think kind of try to figure out here today. Yeah what happened a buckles. In that seventh inning what we do have a roster -- got we got a big decision to make here tonight with Aaron Cook correct. We got to make a decision here because it is made for so we had that question on the table for you what you do today would buckle and Aaron Cook. And -- if an -- this roster at 6177790. -- fifty told 38885250850. And I had questions about Bobby Valentine at the outing for clay buckles last night. -- we all had questions. Bobby Valentine was left a little bit. The club does that war Lotto explain what happened there in the seventh inning with -- buckled you do that we come back now and sects. And it nobody. He needed to do for those first six shirt you know -- -- it change of stamps curve ball was playing its best close working. It's another wanna build on these 31 now so to those look at their records they and three and one. Coming off -- good outing from her next I mean is out there. Six innings went pretty well for clay buckle that's seventh inning got him in trouble and that was all -- Josh tracked the bad. Rehash some of those conversations about what to -- right field -- went down. Got that picture and it'll throughout home run chase that buckles last night. -- still hate non IQQ atletico. Still eight non -- on -- ground got a good picture as a player it -- is a very good player. Mean you know largest. Last year immediately ghost Oakland makes a decree from so technical support -- -- a closed. -- All by the way it right suite 302 that was throwing Sweeney's worked out pretty well -- -- via bill plug amend their number two spot he's done. A good job and it improve their team now granted -- her. As of -- to stop running into a runner but of the net I think it was pretty good deal so here -- a spot today where the Red Sox got to make some sort decision I believe before midnight tonight they have. What is now may first unbelievably 2012. And what to do with -- cook and I give him on the roster committee. I'm finding a way to get Eric cook on this team today. And -- eight. I think he can help this team and we saw last night with a bull -- are still issues. With this team and some of the guys that are being asked to get outs they've done it but as a not it's the it's not that is consistent that way. All buckled and apple and made way too close last night. And Eric cook we talked to last week on the show. I get a -- roster today and and I get him at least for now it has to be in the bullpen to start. And get an out of his bullpen and that means opting out my guide you need to do is ala. It is the best and the Boston Red Sox today he can help in the short term out of the bullpen. He can help long term we get it to twenty games in twenty days protecting. Some you're starting pitcher so you gotta find a way to get Eric cook. On this roster today for the Boston writes yes out -- degree. You know Kevin Millwood. Last year -- kind of extended him I think it is their different circumstances because Millwood. -- he was in my league freeagent nobody really jumped on moderates -- scheme and opportunities pitching good Tripoli was doing when -- cook is doing. You -- late in the year lot of teams would need pitching edge that is a big a market for -- special at least throw down their early years the team to sit there and say you know maybe it. 45 starts maybe his injuries the Mets before you Mets and the Yankees stupid you somebody there by some time maybe to get the -- who knows what he's going to agree comes back. -- I've -- fighting hard to believe that cook will just sit back and say you know what. And thrown a ball all the month of April. Yeah I'll give you guys another month what happens if he goes on does the twelfth note Daisuke Matsuzaka is what three weeks away for weeks away. What you do extend for another month and then it's gonna be Daisuke -- we know was gonna win that battle right Munich -- money invested in Daisuke. Probably gonna put him in the rotation Sophia Eric cook. You say and do something -- today and and the biggest point -- you made at the twenty games when he days you know starting days off start products aren't Friday. You you can go at that six man rotation that would be shocked one bit if they did and it got some guys here you know Beckett Lester has come off 22226. Pitches. You know -- is still a young starter -- brought you never know which you can get from him although we looked outstanding. -- -- still up there a Buchholz is the question mark. A Beagle six mania for 23 weeks and then reevaluate yourself. I yourself some time. Did you find out more maybe there's a nickname is an injury. That's what it's all about buying a limited time pushing states away because at least twenty days excused him in a rise to -- can be a week away. I think also get new position where. You never have too much starting pitching understand that but there's going to be if -- stay healthy. Some sort laundry and that's going to lead you'd have to make some decisions they might be tough decisions. Might -- -- a guy like Daniel Bard who pitched pretty well here's a starter. You also that pretty well on our bullpen we need Steve we still need help back there -- to -- do last night did not make me feel warm and Fuzzy about this Red Sox bullpen. That's why -- get Eric cook up today if and don't don't read into is he willing to pitch admirable but he has no hand in this relationship to steal signs they'll reference okay he has not opt out this deal. The Red Sox have the opt out they can call about today. They can opt out of the thing altogether. Or they can pay him some bonus money to get -- try to stick around until June 1 I don't think. You know cutting him loose or asking a -- down their makes a lot of sense given the way -- bullpen has pitched recently. Given the way he has pitched a Pataki. I get him on its roster today and even if that means doing so because -- audible for cook. -- -- -- options is to Soledad there I don't see anyone you would get rid of the only other option to me -- think it's a great option would be placing clay buckled from the DL or sending him down the minor leagues. And replacing what Aaron Cook in this rotation. And I just don't I'd. Little crazy sometimes it's it's too soon to do that yes unless he is part. There is no reason to -- -- buckles the productive there was enough positive. And not outing last night to say tiger. And in Israel it was it was a bad lineup but look at the stuff coming to velocity was back up the cutter velocity was back up -- -- more effective -- that was a good lineup -- That's the that's what I'd look at look at the lineup as much as much as when I -- incorporate it's other lineups and their better lineups but still. Fastball partner was -- power behind any Biscayne and I saw that come back a little bit last night lost in the seventh inning. Erik cook there it is -- the one guy has options on -- designate actions and sent him down maybe he's -- -- golf gets fed up with Vince is a pitched well -- here. The freeagent -- this. As -- -- you don't have that he can't do that the option him down and you keep all the arms you know that you can right now until someone steps up and shows -- way because Acheson. It is out of me the same guys. In the same guys and -- cook goes in his bullpen and I'm not so sure. Where he fits it. You know he's a sinker ball to induce a ground ball Matt Albers is that role he's this 94 on our sicker you get -- more swung and -- kind of stuff. You know the value of Aaron Cook is at the start accusing -- innings is -- ball well he's helping. He's still pretty good about himself as a bullpen guy I'm not so sure there's value there ought with a twenty games in twenty days. It will be because I think he can he sit around give him a couple of starts in OP get to these next three weeks. We heard a little bit about developed and their come back from the break he was asked the question about clay buckle to what he thought. It wasn't that simple as the cut you heard because when you hear the question Alex beard WEEI dot com and the set up to it. -- I think Bobby Valentine. Probably react the same oil lot of Red Sox fans did after seeing Clay Buchholz there in -- seven -- this was Alex beer asking that question about leaving. That being the case in the in the seventh inning what did you see from him that conflict the unraveling of the other. I can't really define it you know. -- walk in -- course. -- a pretty good curveball to read it there at the end and it's curve ball pretty well you know. At the time of the pension change yeah. -- OK next question. Give me a favor -- back to the beginning can we can we -- isolate how long that is actually kind of cell in the first place. A quick time the silence between when Alex beer and his question. When Valentine finally starts for an answer and I'll keep track of the the time the -- go head to DC from him that kind of -- the unraveling of the event. 456789. I can't really executives. -- -- Ten seconds to answer the question. That's -- -- Bobby Valentine was last night. That's another sign that these yellow wanna bring up any and bring up injury to a sort of helping balance I would. Any of these one hell's going -- be mostly a.'s opera six innings. He's walked in Daric Barton. Don't want to -- weeks in that spot. He he's got to be better I mean that when the ERA when your applauding the ER eagle from 887869. And you do something Red Sox pitchers not -- what seventy years. While allowing five earned runs in five consecutive starts many about a bad storied history -- one off. Another example of why wins are the most overrated stat in baseball when it comes to evaluating a starting pitcher. Does he look what 831 starting pitcher -- -- 869 ERA though he doesn't but those 97 based routers and 29 and the web has just -- -- -- but those those those code base runners and had a three run. Those three wins aren't going anywhere that he area hopefully is gonna go down so when it's all said and done. He can rack up some wins when he starts if he starts up on the ball a lot better -- -- is right now that he's capable of winds are going would -- virtually the -- dwindles we go you know I'd give another -- like Aaron Cook your on the roster second Brian the waiting patiently in the car. He's on 937 WEE what's up Brian. -- -- Aaron Cook well yeah I take in the one of the inaugural -- It was just so we're double that amount of respect at -- or or or others -- -- livable but. Like like it was very ill -- it looked like it should which. Well why does to me like you do that that we know. Who's -- cook would lose them easy Roy Halladay. Well -- may be about what Aaron Cook looked like last start which. It -- I I agree okay in -- cook missed on the ball very very well on a triple like. Now you take a guy that's pitched in the big leagues for a long career and put him -- AAA. And now he's gonna have some success because he's facing young hitters that are aggressive. With sinker ball seek at all break the ball for strike at any count any kind of off speed those obstacles to strike. He can be an effective guy AAA in the big leagues you gotta gotta be effective within the strike zone -- up is actually got to be good -- guys -- -- you. So there's no guarantee -- -- comes up here me wanna find a spot form -- that you buy yourself some more time you use him minister when he game stretch. You two weeks from now somebody could go down. And you put him back in May -- -- ends -- you find out there reason injury there who knows anything can happen. I don't think you Walter rotation around you gotta get Lester and that buck on Beckett rather in these guys comfortable. I don't want I don't put a put anybody in a ball in these guys starting -- this point data Bard we can have this discussion. You know as as the season goes on we'll see what happens with him. As we stand here today eat the Red Sox are better team with -- cooks some were on a Major League roster you'd agree with that. It's better than losing them. Given the alternative yes I mean it. Outlets -- solid guy goes but I got better I gonna -- and -- option I have -- cook -- -- in the bullpen and you know -- -- does put a little bit of pressure on -- -- I don't necessarily know he needs that pressure but it's in the back of his mind there's a guy -- it's not a guy in that bullpen right now look at the Savvis is the one guy he's the closer. There's not a guy a clip buckled go GAAP final pitch well I don't like this thing up he's gonna take my spot the rotation. There's a chance of that happening. With Aaron Cook at least that option is there I'll pick -- the motivation I'd likely buckle works pretty. You've got 75555. That's not well global winning lottery numbers. -- license plate now -- that the five starts he's had the earned runs given up he has been -- brutal. If his name wasn't -- buckle and eat up the no hitter attached to all this you know great background. We would -- -- be getting hammered more today. For his lack of ability here out of the game but because he's not some also Brad Pitt's daughter he is seen as a -- -- top of the rotation talent. I could be giving him a little bit more leeway in apparent cook on this roster put some sort of pressure on him and he can stop walked in guys like Barton and guys like weeks. That the better thing for the Boston Red Sox. That makes them better as a team him somewhere on -- are -- that's what's gonna happen I mean if you think -- cook honesty notable results and gonna turn this light on the Clay Buchholz. You know I'm not necessarily think that's gonna happen. At that the -- try to straighten out what you know what he's doing or not dig a competent -- good about himself -- -- the six innings and that's why you saw him blow up in the seventh. Because it was everything was gold while doing exactly what I wanted. And the couple plays didn't go my way and -- a pretty good pitch to Redick any of you know a bomb. -- you know the start just like the rest and he's trying to turn this thing around at the six since he did. Double plays and goes way -- goes way and a pretty good swing on the ball down -- X three and one with a whip of almost it's inconceivable the American League as some amazing numbers will continue. We'll talk to -- and it's Springfield it will get its a -- -- Red Sox talk about what you saw last night. At some point we talk while buckled in cook in the pitching that's decided on the other side offensively. This team to score runs and an unbelievable rate. And David Ortiz is that just had himself some sort of April. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. To -- Italy united preset.

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