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Will Middlebrooks: I'm not looking to hit singles

May 1, 2012|

Paw Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks called in to D & C to talk about his hot hitting to begin the season. Will touches on what's been the key to his success, why he chose baseball over football, and his future as the next Red Sox third baseman.

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan 100% of the people in the Red Sox organization will tell you that will middle Brooks is a Red Sox third baseman of the future. He's putting up eye popping numbers at the docket will join us on the AT&T -- like AT&T -- LTE good morning well you're after practice good spring I'd say would you agree. Good morning guys. Well pretty well that employers -- Are you itching to get the big leagues -- think you need a lot more work to be done on your game down there before you get here. I think everyone a look here this and to boot. Amir Orwell to award them their work so off a committed very it'll work it'll Suharto. Are you ready you ready for a call up be ready for the big leagues will. Yeah you know. Personal outlook so you. You know the opposite Robert -- your marching merits or so. Notre judgment that the system doesn't know what it's cute that's so. When you see guys that you know guys like Bryce -- get called up at nineteen and a guy like -- might trial called up a guy or or when you see a guy like Josh Redick that -- third. And play for a big league team I mean not a good team -- a big league team. Are you jealous -- do you think and if I were only in some innate in -- and they were -- if I weren't such a good organization -- so adept. It's such talent at the big league level I'd already be in the big leaks. Well on the about it on the would have to notes at all also proposed also their career. For pricing you know they're ninety -- that -- -- will. Though wouldn't have also. You're -- you're batting 3489 home runs 27 RB IO BP 396 slugging seven -- OP a -- of little 41 error enough I believe 27 games. Why the -- up the numbers was that eight AP I. That's what to do with that ought quite quick start will. You know I you know I appreciate your last year at all like -- they're really put them. The steps from gonna build on this here and -- got Ali you know had a little bit to do with any of my body you know. A lot better shape than they taught me -- -- you know secure my body. So I came -- -- also divert it Phil I want to recommend America statement and all around server that I could Wear it wouldn't hurt your -- here. How much muscle did you -- at API and I believe you paid your own way to go out there but you haven't seemed to lost any outlet the system's effort sent. Yeah I'm not really haven't mattered that much muscle ma'am -- a spot found that it looked more tourists. Flexibility and that we do a lot of you Americans view word then. And our precluding -- that much muscle. So what now well I mean UB 24 in September if Youkilis hits. And stays healthy Warner what happens to you you waste all these home runs all these RBI down and AAA. -- -- any of -- words that are at all. You know like a civil or not gonna work. I don't know on I'm not all the clever rhetorical -- or third are -- -- -- part of the order in my early so you know -- deployment to better. Did you think in the offseason your name came up the rumors came up that the you might end up in Oakland I'm really instead of rhetoric against ray Andrew Bailey. Hey did you hear those rumors and B did you get excited they can. That's team you could hit the middle lineup for like graphics to a. All you know -- a part of it is so but I out bodies and everybody else who you know economy right here it's either. But you know I really don't buy into -- lesson taught here from the -- you know you know -- -- what's true what's not. It seems like he's still young. But even then on the mine is working your way up since you're eighteen correct I mean right out of high school. Eighteen years old you've been no lol and Salem and Portland in the pocket. Is is the progression then what you expected as this kind of the way it works every step of the way just get better and better and then. And eventually get that call and you imagine yourself staying in the big leagues for 1213 fourteen years. Together but but but let -- I was always told them. You know always Ottoman -- I don't know what Laporte. You're and there's no more -- -- -- better and you know learn from failure earned I think so far that it's exactly without. Will you worry very highly regarded high school quarterback notably -- had a scholarship offered a Texas say in a -- baseball over football what do you like better about baseball. Well mellow there's our local pop who worked out you know let them a a moderate mayor but I grew up around football studio apartment but it has and so look coached or who was for only 1215 years. And he's been -- Trojan. All sports were almost thirty years now so. -- for outlook also an offer love and then. Baseball really didn't start. You know -- -- and so my junior high school. They start to look like oh you know maybe maybe you -- it goes I didn't know anything about it. I opportunity and then. In order Northrop's partner in our ports are down and -- start your career breeders' early. I have in front of me a a print out from Sox prospects dot com bottom of it ever gone on that website but it did it just chapter and verse about. All the positive things you do but -- they always do in the scatter report they they nitpick and find a couple of the things. -- -- find out if you think this is accurate and this is this a party you're -- in the needs work. Aggressive hitter. But needs to learn to be a bit more selective as he progresses through the upper minors. And defensively and stand to improve ranged to his left by stabbing less at the ball and taking another step. Those accurate. -- -- I hope opener stab -- all the Lola will. Oh everywhere that roadster. Here you know depict an extra rain records are sure. Well what about -- that it looks like. Look more selectively aggressive hitter needs to be a little more selective. It out telegraph out earlier in my career I was I was almost passes you know. Saw me that's the change my game -- made it being aggressive and not ominously to missile on that happens but I'm not earners singles. Good stick with that we have enough. Passive -- yes you know enough of these guys who were trying to beat two selective go up there and -- They talk about your offense approach it's all -- power approach. Will I mean you know like go out there and a relief well in the last year well -- accurate what I do well so. Support the ball middle middle well well apartment also are all in -- now and and you know this via. -- being consistent and not so well that it's here earlier now -- Obama spoke well. You said footballs in the rear view mirror did you fall the draft and Brandon Sweden I mean it's not. In the review -- yet you're still young -- -- -- -- -- -- That was recovered a bit longer now but I mean -- of -- -- warmer clothes from -- we're proud but organizers here. Michael thanks. Output cycle will welcome so although local. And Ryan mallet share your body do you think mallet. Sees that his future in new -- one and and waiting until Brady is all the grand retired and is he expected to trade in place somewhere else. It doesn't go to be honest -- I was I don't know that he doesn't know much it is. You know that would be very -- protective -- -- any unity in in -- somewhat harder. When will says he likes to be around football has been around football is life he takes that even -- social part of life are you still dating a Dallas cowboy cheerleader. I'm lecturing page. Now of getting bitten out these -- good for you. Are you waiting for get a get -- -- she's you know. Telescope that's what that was who was the quarterback who has that smoke and -- cheerleader and -- lieutenant Santana we got it got drafted by the dolphins and -- to 23 is -- why you married he says. -- casino and -- I I have strict. Garrido but I -- -- She's not thrilled about spending a life and put pocket that we're gonna get that calls. She'll do a lot more comparable in Boston I can assure you say was yesterday justice they scheduled day off for you. Yes -- premier. Or -- or the year -- -- on the order imposed. Well you know since the fingers -- -- uses it well. Are you have you been told that when you get the call will be as a full time third baseman I mean there's no chance. You're called up as a bat off the bench or play any other position is there. Well -- have no idea I have no idea so. -- -- -- -- -- Would you would you object to that I mean would you rather. Be a pinch hitter in the big leagues are full time third base and keep doing what you do and putting up those numbers and stuck it. I mean. In -- honestly look what to do whatever they you know over the did you hear -- results in order. If you spent -- signing book inspired Moshe got what five years ago right. That that signing by just -- -- already. Did not know -- -- probably better and there are. -- put it up -- -- it's in the very. And him to must've bought something new eighteen years old to -- 925000. What is an eighteen year old do wood 900 grand. Our -- -- -- let me guess a Toyota Tundra. -- no. But an avalanche. Still haven't. Do you still haven't yet they're so do you go to all the cowboy games and cheer for the cheerleaders. At cheer or curator at the. Outlook the big one album remote. Is she is she currently active cheerleader for the cowboys are retired. -- -- And mr. last year. Today is go out there are contrary heavily so she I go about it for two years. And about. That's politics -- -- hoosiers forever you're -- what you gonna do now. The Nazis should make elect finish school she you're gonna promote justice. History right now also major error -- there are a lot. And pulled over by Moscow from my surrender at -- at bat I surrender to a it will -- Brooks thanks for the time good luck continued to test elephant -- will see a here in Boston sooner rather than later. Will it -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline AT&T four GL TE speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink -- And if he were in Oakland -- in their organization or in Washington with the national. How long ago would he have been in the basically it's obvious three years Darren and now and -- I mean it's not obviously his numbers -- -- a big jump this year but he would be easily if he stays down there and it's September call us. He'll be here. When he turns twenty. -- yet hasn't Bobby Valentine made it very very clear that when these guys come up the glee -- of the world and the middle Brooks of the world will make them up he wants them to play. He doesn't want the rotting on the under the bench right at the full timers when they get here but I also think it agrees stinks that 200 yeah a couple of and it analysis is excellent yeah it's on Apple's. Apple also body -- now it's just a moment but think about it. Every moment hits in the pocket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a groove Andy's found something and he clearly has. Why waste in Tripoli when it can be doing -- got to third baseman right now. Oh and don't know I saw him last night you go public -- little books is right right yes he could hit lefty. He -- it go up there with -- sheer off this table right here is is a bat and a hit on to. So last night the third -- you have in Boston. Was far inferior to the one yen to but the problem is it would be spot -- emotional problem is on one of these people. Who follow you know that tradition is I want to think outside the box like I do outside the book -- get middle -- appear to let it brought on the under the bench and have those skills that you're witnessing and protect a road because of -- activity that's what Bobby -- an -- -- -- -- -- every day you're taken BP everyday you work and out every day again at least one happen key spot. And with the way Youkilis go on it full time third baseman. Episode enough when you doubt that injuring goes on the DL -- middle that's what they set about Wade Boggs who sat down and -- -- the minus 2.4 yeah because all they had company transferred. Congress for one of batting title will Wade Boggs is one of the great hitters of all time yeah and they left them down. In in in the minus six years it means they handled his career collect no absolutely not here -- that when he thought we both Major League ready at eight and it holidays so what do you think if they had called them company was 23 that he wouldn't have -- not a bill. It might not -- you stick with that -- makes no sense 6777. -- 0850 to operate number 8885250850. DNC right back yet.

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