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Monday April 30th Whiner Line

Apr 30, 2012|

The Whiners had a lot to talk about after this weekend, Rondo, the Red Sox and even the flash boy are all targeted.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying these teen TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- -- -- And now those weren't your line. And I will tell you this full walkman. Whisenhunt. And now we'll. Ridiculous. This is ridiculous. And you could sense this from the very big deal. The ball game. I didn't win the program tonight but WEEI. Whiner line. Yeah dial 779353. Plus it. Why in your lives they're gonna it's. And now. Mike Adams at a studio himself a brand new Smart -- and I -- -- first Smart guy with a new -- all right the very confused it's making me -- -- I don't get it and yet he you know what you need one but comfortable. Smartphone dump my issue that's what my last phone wasn't a golf guides to dial a number of total -- -- -- Virginia. Send them hog I need -- to teach me about this and he did tutorial. Boy you're looking -- -- -- -- supposedly smarter and remotely get a lot of free to ambulatory militia movement you can play them maybe it will be only twenty -- -- -- it's a way it is the way of the schedule like get him. Kind of moved around a lot because it. Is a ballgame tonight and of you know that -- appointment -- technically expert puck drops seventy. We're playing a Baltimore. We now welcome the -- It's -- it for three games right away it right here my Smartphone. -- patio that's an idea once every afternoon on his Smartphone. What did you like text demo whatever with a Red Sox -- playing that night and help level yet. To -- game last night the idea -- zero wide a lot of sparked by AT&T WEEI vibe it's available -- -- I've followed your aunt Droid or your Blackberry device. Brought to you by AT&T should strike -- -- -- AT&T -- LTE speeds up to ten times faster. Then three GAT and T. Rethink possible idea and he's off today that it was in the other room. -- events that have spoken up. Ali a soldier they should've traded. -- do little. When they had a chance now we've bump and -- police -- help help. Ray Allen devise some duct tape tape the ankle employee. So be aware. And this message -- -- checking on the get out of here just supporting -- is not partners. They had -- can -- and -- never won anything. Balloon and every right after it first round victory. Thank cap -- And neck and dragged its its amateur time it really wants to fireworks at Chicago right well they do that every night every night -- -- -- This hour and a failure which we have but it felt -- -- it is who have built on human spirit. Rondo he tripped over his wallet and it won't happen -- -- -- back to. Back into the left back. Into the -- And a message. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those guys don't understand why no problem with this guy was like an accident. Just the same way that Motorola and it's -- -- idea it was that guy not making this fellow at night but I've. And this message that's an accident. Anyway so you know because and value of this you know have facts come out. In the 2000 -- 2005 feet and one helped plan the pacers game to that series -- -- reveal who it but I would think Indiana. Can look behind the grip grip design and spun him around. No technical. Quick reaction of the expansion the way it would David Stern and all his cronies then where -- the media back from India and then differently now. Would you like to know what -- On that -- is that the NBA they'll -- it -- for the Celtics they always have they always will admit it. And that was seven years. Companies especially that guy Davis he's he you know he now killer from I hate to tell -- -- -- it's in the rule book right there are locked in light. You cannot bump into an official -- -- what about the bad economy not foreign ministries he added -- that's what really -- then you -- we don't know what's gonna -- -- Mark -- they -- say -- do they may -- -- last playoff game for -- this season -- Because your horrible -- that's all. Always. -- -- to negotiate fair whenever you mentioned like David Stern. Or the word NBA official brand name of an NBA. And you play like that from a three stooges like why I don't. -- As the quote our good friend on the site -- These guys are really -- And the message I agree. That you background. Sure absolutely. -- your -- patio not a big fan problems similar yeah. I haven't seen you sought already you know I did it was just imitation of -- of the original -- stooge as they are my kids laughed our -- it already is probably beltway. Weeks -- 22 or three weeks my kids I get that yet I don't get the movie -- after an awful it's The Three Stooges. Did you when you watch all three stooges episode is now do you laugh out Larry. Just ice I don't lastly the garage sales for talented therein lies the difference ask the question to -- seen a movie yes you can yes with my son Andy and what did you think of it we left. -- like you'll have. I laughed when he left this isn't much to me up my kids that -- -- it's good it's. -- personally -- don't know I'm just him. Everybody part of -- -- officials have -- on bombs and being a beneficial. But because -- NBA is -- VW EB. If Dick can't prove the head of the NBA officials will happen retired from the WW we -- -- David Stern wants to be inspect man. The NBA they have sick. You haven't figured out yet it's not bad. And message. Whatever. I can this thing can happen and that's the only -- it's they're very quick thing and it -- to a peak. And it I don't have been going on out there. It's got to have the opinion on the fact that and I come you know they're probably about it didn't happen. And this message ya gonna whisper now more whispered you -- recognized southern actually from analysts Washington. Hey Mikey you know the real reason why the Rapp -- have -- last night. They wanted to make the -- of -- And that message. Yet -- don't think for a second that is not out of the realm of possibility that these guys are looking at that line before every game. -- tonight we we know better. I -- -- what we we know better there's been proven guys and everyone got -- yet he was darkened duties he was alone. He's the only one I don't know so Mikey and definitely just the rest make the Celtics miss all the shots last -- -- But when the game got to the point where the with the Celtics could actually win the game they made the worst call -- -- -- on that loose ball is usually pretty -- -- Rondo. That's the way ladies who will not let him. -- And -- message. And. You know it's not everyday that I take offense to something minute set up a -- line but on Friday. Parties starter mention his -- gave rock. You open up then -- you realize that I that you want to see these. They obviously cannot open -- up and listen to it. And then Matt Forte is something -- Michael's nail file as a bypass. But seven -- all right now and I I got it got it we get it the other -- listen to listen I got -- Kevin Durant cut out it's right now about the same height -- your mail while they don't tell people that I don't who has seen the new year. Talent in the escalation what is this information. Seven foot -- seven foot -- -- I've opened up the guys' -- you did in that respect that he has some kind of breakdown and yet some kind of treat this on. What hip hop is and what it was and what it should be you know crimes and guys -- you know it's a business off last thing it was an eight track video from sixty has joke email. I don't know -- the again let's talk about a bunch of candy. Playing with -- -- And ski mask I think crop is or that these guys that I have been worth the French Poodle. Hole it could pull a little bit of a cold well not well rail then like -- a father. And you are -- -- the way. I'm -- what -- cannot. And that -- I disagree with this guy why because they won I don't know what they do not -- Jake Peavy was out -- -- -- so on yeah the short sleeves no under. You know shirt or whatever. He's going from a dugout within their ball in the heat you know you're going out among freezing your stuff much that was a good for projects he he lost. Not a good ranking one I I think you're better off doing what -- Cody -- that congress could even tell who was and they do a human being made those things looks doesn't mask on ridiculous -- part. Want to -- golf tournament yet and they showed it. Hardy had what. Southern -- I'm -- the graphic that comes up and says hey and up and daughter and the graphic comes up that says it up as fiance. -- got. Or that done he Riley lookalike or what have Madigan is part of. And I just a message here that. -- Hey pick up its -- day. Good ordered John quite as permanent hathead bank. Now maybe that Obama would say they didn't way Rick Taylor -- special. A lot of power out. And -- album out. What do you tell them view of the barber I don't go to the Barbara gonna stylist whatever you go to go to Joseph my god sister lives on the Carlo you indicating oral -- was just using communicating. Now he knows. That he's and it's clean up the topic a little off the guys. The way this Tom Green handles. Like that they -- this. It it was just as a note that this kind of off topic here today but on this one period and I know a big sister company to wonder how come no one talk about. Why -- they're in the fifth inning. He brought while standing on the mound -- the baseball and pound themselves on -- Five or six times. What kind of people that. Concentration technique -- what I think. And just message. I'd see it -- learn from Beltre. -- Let me get this strikes. Going -- yesterday's game Ryan wheat and second in the American League with a 391 batting yup and would probably that was eleven yeah top of the game. We've with a nine game hitting streak on the line it with the -- 147. Hitting Darnell McDonald. McDonald strike I know it right against left sir -- what am I missing here. And just let us ready just all about -- -- help but -- no not absolutely mine aren't symmetric she -- -- gonna say sometimes it's got to look at it guys say he's hit the ball pretty well right now. Let's leave me here. They got cut back -- that the critical lack. -- export at a rally. A truck got a battle when it hit it up outrage about it chart. Apparently -- and it -- edge on. My. And this message. I heard another mistake in the flash today some recent all the Red Sox if they win tonight we'll get to 500 for the first time this year that's not true. They've already been a five under once right. They have tended to have better -- correct. Our guru I'm -- on the opportunity that we're flat -- And just message. Of course Oscar -- -- by the way for those -- those who were more requesting it. Ryan Sweeney against right handed pitching is spending 414 against lefties this series spending 111. But that's only like point 19 how many one for nine right. And 111. Stop discussing this would you guys strategy trying to get doubled and another hit too much of Bobbie for once is going with the the odds here you guys are all he says you set the 400 hitter Bobby strike. Did you body. So what's the march couldn't get up for the game and then DuPont can also help relieve some of the players not to be playing anymore. But I chump violent torture every game here at home that mistake again. And that it you know I'd have to figure you're. Doing a lot of love to Bobby be here and what this is about. About this Bobbie from. Bob just giving effect here Michael -- from last week for fourteen vs 100 unit doing until I substantial doubt. -- -- -- -- given you the numbers policies do if you are yours I think you're you're spot on on this you hit in his Rodham they had given you numbers. Sliding -- -- you'll just love these. At bats. -- would have won but. I'd I'd put my head I can't you know -- -- thought -- think it's people. The fans -- doubt about it -- when it. At that moment man. Now what power plant when -- hit the battle event the old. And -- it's. And Sergio whiner line powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LCD speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T Rory thing impossible.

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