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Cedric Maxwell Talks Rondo Suspension

Apr 30, 2012|

Cedric Maxwell joins The Big Show to talk about the horrible play by the Celtics last night and Rondo's ejection

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Game suspension that is the word from the NBA a one game suspension. For Rondell and senator Max joins us live on the telephone right now you you pretty much called this yesterday right -- one game. It is -- in the I that would happen when Rondo -- in dilemma. It'll look investigate simply the guy and I will look bit further out front lobby though field after the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that -- didn't did not mean to go into him like that he stopped short trip though the back of his split them up bump into. Or do you think he was going to be suspended last night when you Solomon Alabi. No you didn't you didn't -- glad they keep I think you felt like he was. In its words one of those points where I think it is no automatic speech and with -- come on with. You -- coming short or not. I think because you know the marks -- stop in front of them. In just like you drop in the card you -- somebody you know it's about time because they've stopped short. -- -- to -- well I think in this case we he was pursuant to refereed I thought that it will it will make -- call. Then after some in the lobby where to go after them. We're just trying to check out nicely whether it's all legal and what to do last night Atlanta. I hope that they -- -- at that last night at eleven budget which in my room and actually I witnessed sleep because of that please you prepared that was. Drop the stroke Charlotte came maybe the Yuma sun some fairly. Her -- side trip -- or. -- the deadly shooting at okay well or militia being honest I don't know what I like about -- -- I went out here right at that image and the ability. I was a -- I apologize analog -- that I added that. The thing is that Rondo could be telling me the total truth that he had no intention of being able to ball the guy -- which chest and up pops out when he when he does it. The fact -- you can't put yourself in that position. To be able to do especially when earlier in the season you were suspended for two games for throwing a a ball away at an official. Absolutely I mean I think they're run those Smart enough that I talk to at least mentality about. In the belt like you know the call it market may. It was -- judge -- all up out of bounds play right. Any it and that was shown to be correct. It and then and that basically in the next late now. It should probably have been -- -- all. You know because of the gadgets at the ball look for minutes so. So -- dosage which is still that you know he was in the capital and speak out -- in the -- you know out of control. You feel like they Celtics even what this loss in game one and the loss of Rondo in game two. In the -- Celtics have control of this series or or do you look at it and say. This is so significant that you get the advantage to the hawks. I -- a brilliant that it bears to the hawks -- in a short period of time in the short fury. Like it's interpret that that you lose our. I think that you can continue all I'm in actually sometimes people want bad. I think they'll rally around that we have a lot depends on -- look look what happened last night. I think -- you know really -- think it's looking like it would -- these people call your site late Knick game in what this but the people -- record last. You know closure out to me I mean it may be in -- shot let's let the three point line -- -- -- -- sip from the report lap or even or just. Opt in war I mean they were in the position nick is still one that -- -- Well it's also early in the series Max it's game to being played down there and Atlanta. Big deal if you go over to what a series you're still playing the next two to home. And I think they went both of those games back here at at the garden and ended up with a three game series. It is it's want to be like -- and and I think that nobody's panicking over there with soap that they pick up experience. Like you would have liked to have won that game in taking control of -- series let my they keep you. And I always say the you know wait a series does not stored until somebody -- call. So it's obvious is built -- -- to you know win a game on a little lower. In if they want to you know Windiz when this series. And they're capable of doing. While -- you've got to love and you didn't see it last night I agreement that but you're gonna see it before the series is over is EG opposite Jason Collins now this. 28 year old rookie Ivan Johnson. He comes out today. And he said Garnett he's a dirty player. He gives me a lot of elbows and I can handle that. A dirty player a 28 year old rookie who's been playing in the deeply. Is calling KG a dirty player he's backing up Jason Collins now you tell me how do you think that's gonna play with KG in the game. KG will be upset by it but if let me call it it's wet like it might you like duke went. The black guys doing at the -- -- this spate Europe he's. I think in this situation which HE. I think this is a leader to look dirt. He can't do PCB problem. Only two out of the camp hope of -- -- Army column won't it didn't say being the other day. It in this series in a neutral Adobe. Got a little ill or in double play in -- the same thing all that's -- where there are particularly Europe Lian. You know -- -- -- related to do a lot all right it will be an advocate you know you do both things right now. Not the guy out there is what the -- point two nobody ever -- Yeah yeah hold on this is a kid who's 28. Who had his own anger issues in college I mean it's not Smart thing for this kid to say are all saying is all you do what is your plane -- indicate you. Well and and that is one -- KG like. Like the it's just did this to get tossed out of like the Korean league or something like that or cute or Q like look at some anger. In him. You know sometimes I'm like that I like the fact he was at the golden -- game like this I think it's an emotional game mayor by about you know. -- -- -- these things well you do what you have you seen the track he would you know -- their -- -- And maybe that is -- -- the look what you did he picked it last night he rebounded the ball. Mason's DOT dot audience that I like woody via the of the like. You know Max has been a lot of commentary today on Rondo should he have done it shouldn't have should he be suspended should he be suspended back and forth. But I guess the second place story here and in some cases the first place story is the officials and how bad they are a couple questions one. Do you think the officials are -- now in the league and how would you compare the officials now to when you play. I think bit -- a lot more sport. And then they have we're. One opening bit it's probably you know you're able to do that now as later because. Use it Durham optically Earl yet it was like you know that's about all -- now get pretty set. So it is deliberate you know a lot more coverage. You know they -- -- a little bit different. You know this group now to a Big Three I don't think the officiating is typically are you know I'm I'm model probably that would. There is some calls that you know to the position that you will lose the game but. Let's look at this way the Celtics should not have been an epic action if they had shot the ball a little bit but other. I think more than anything like that to me it would seem like itself it's it's too much for. You know when you look at Paul Pierce and Kevin the came out early in the game they never got -- rhythm in fuel may be inspected. And so I think some of what -- indelible label themselves with maybe just having too much. While waiting give back -- defense at all early on in Atlanta had a lot of easy baskets early on the game. I mean that transitions where they -- and -- essentially -- at what they wanted to -- I mean it rebound that they ran the ball struck the ball. They eat Joseph Johnson missed them do you open jump shot that he normally would stick in your -- Population -- double shot which he would normally speaking. Your pace so between -- -- -- -- loan that they beat the place you want to improve or sport definitely boasting. You're Doc Rivers and you know you got no Rondo for game two. Which are starting five. You know what -- Bradley would be one in I think a lot that you don't wish apple would break. If rape is want to come back some you know -- you -- people -- -- routine trying to get back hopefully you'll be able to come back. Drug -- pointed in that position that -- or what Lebanon last -- -- that you look at Ray Allen has won the race which. And it is one of these huge with a look who have ever. You really hurts in the series your right. Especially in the series it really hurts. Yep that got that -- -- if you know what. It and they essentially what that sell the war last night they wore -- want to arm either. When they needed at the read the old one that would want to shoot it essentially you've won but the other was. Maybe peaches and eloquently but it would essentially on the people all the you can. Will not -- to which it left and right he was we knew which are right in and and that is the easiest way to the -- they need. It's when they only. Because one dimensional. The series go seven games. No I think it -- six game. I like the so -- I like the Celtics seem more in the next game because that they they war I think you'll we will look a lot more anchor. I think BO come out with a morbid sense of urgency I think we have been there -- thing I really love about him was what they would do on the -- last night. But the key they were talking about basketball. India where the back in KG was it Walt. -- bit that it occupant reap about the year. -- you -- pit out of Tibet in you know look at when they out -- it -- -- -- Sunday here in the last couple weeks. They -- game they were not good on the war they didn't shoot the ball well in the field team with the importance of winning that game late with a good search. On that performance certainly got their attention and even more so with no Rondell -- and grandy will have it tomorrow night for. Back to the family enjoy your -- time off -- Mac and it about a WiMax. There's that there's a job opening in Charlotte you can work from Michael Jordan in the center there logic does contact Michael examined town -- -- -- -- -- about -- One I don't want something else like that that they were now in the club I'll make it -- I'm sure you weren't it was a it was good that Michael -- It was good that Michael Jordan found out what really happened to the podcast this year when he looked up Paul -- can he finally figured it out and found the wrong. So your body. Idiocy -- -- actual write you an eviction.

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