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Donaghy: NBA Ref Marc Davis blew the call causing Rondo bumping

Apr 30, 2012|

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy joined D&C to get a refs perspective on Rondo bumping NBA ref Marc Davis. Donaghy thinks Davis blew the call that causes Rondo to bump him and believes Rajon could get more than one game for his past troubles with the refs.

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Helping us to give us an NBA officials. Perspective on this. And Donna you joined us on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE good morning Tim John Jerry in Boston how are yeah. -- Com. First the ball let's go to the rules I I suppose it's it's pretty clear cut if somebody makes I believe it's intentional contact. Physical contact with an official automatically be suspended without pay for one game you suspect that's. The situation here with Rondo or do you think he has any wiggle room by saying he stumbled on the officials put. No I don't think he had any wiggle room at all think he definitely you know making comments toward him walk towards him and I think he got quite optimal purpose. Is that it does the F bomb. Automatically get to a -- Actually it's still a direct authority official in regard to alcoholic you know it's usually. You know an automatic pick out. Absent of the F bomb what can be said to have eight player get teed up to him. And it's apparent you know there's different personalities. That are out there on the Florida official so some guy -- more stuff and sometimes like that -- -- and another got a rabbit -- it out the angle you pirate -- It was you know they they they give you technical outlook basically air -- of. And what's your opinion -- Mark Davis. Is he one of those the latter. He's definitely more games is one of those guys who had throughout the -- certain people -- he's either let readers think that people pay. You know for the -- It's become that we have you know thirty. Over that you know call right here or not point -- in a canal street here. Did you see it while the other was to play before that that was out of bounds on Atlanta he gave the ball to the hawks and and that got. That's why Rondo was seething there before that but did did you see the played do you. All these plays them you almost always see the jump ball called you know when their wrestle around on the war. And I've seen about twenty times it was a jump ball would you agree. Not only probably -- that jump all that you know based on the time and scored the game you know I would see you know most time. You know even that all thirteen out of it and that situation and that's usually NBA referee bill itself I'm sure a lot people were -- out. 0000. On the referees decide. Who gets the ball but the score at that point. -- no doubt about our rep read it in Indian truck for retirement or an apple not believe it was in the fourth quarter and bought some account treat it so it's. Situation where. It would usually in that call for the benefit of the team -- I tip my I know it's probably individual on an individual basis with. Officials and players but how much does history matter history you've had with a player. -- players' reputation. Other things that happened in the past how much does that play into how short or long somebody's views might be. Why do you repair I had. I had thought that you know would play a lot in their in their. But I mean think things have changed a little bit but not. You know obviously. You know I accept mature fusion and we know -- -- recent Joseph Crawford and conflict -- itself. But in a situation with a pocket it's it's an automatic ejection. We have. A techsters reminding us that his family. Went to a game. Dressed in bulls here you know that and and he's been accused of being via a bulls fan. Are our guys are NBA refs fans of certain teams. And the annoying thing about Davis beat the bulls -- I can tell you that David is from Chicago. And I'm sure not yet it in and you know I'm sure they have old -- just like a lot of the other referees called on it. And I and I know you know it's not the first time mark -- it had problems with you know some of the ball and and wire so I'm sure again there's history here so this isn't the first time that something like that does allow them. Now we don't run though in a through ball and official custom two games now he's bumping an official is. You see it. A marked man now Tim is EO is enemies of the refs gonna have the rabbit ears when it comes to Rondo he's still young but. We look at it in on a future where he's got problems with -- a lot of officials. I think I think that's what he does today you know depending on what type -- -- on the floor at night you know there -- and seek out that you know you know. Happy guy. And -- got that you know -- -- and then you know call their bodies and experience it you know I got the -- that you were aware on the -- you'll part time now. Yet that there's no doubt about these -- from the future especially when you start -- -- -- And well liked and and like you would Doc Rivers right you guys have problems. No doubt about it you know. All of the lit it on and on which dark. I you know -- which is one of those guys I think -- bank it was from the beginning he. All just thought I would stick -- its own pop oriented narcotic I want they're -- leave me alone. -- -- -- -- track if you what are you doing these days what's using up your time as we know you're not refereeing in the NBA anymore. Right now market -- sports can actually -- dot com but actually sporting patent server turns out not to tell them the NDP but a lot of this. This client -- and placing wagers on NBA game. All on -- wasn't a condition of your parole that you had to get treated for your gambling addiction. Yeah -- -- a house are so this is the -- is the court aware of this that your. Are there where exactly what I'm doing I'm just not placing any pat myself on -- now working for an advisory services. Which of -- of a game to know Rondo Celtics at hawks know what we know Ron Donnelly and on the line you probably do. You know at this point I don't. You've got to kind of woke me up that it had. But you know I think they're all the coliseum in trouble -- on the -- beat the -- connecting -- beyond what if you experience and the way he can distribute the ball I think it all up -- -- floor speakers are being a little bit of trouble. So think about what F -- one bump as cost to sell it probably two games in the series to him. Yeah a lot of people talk about one game I I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it if it with these two teams spent. Yes I think that that if history in on the ball refereed earlier this year and at that. All comes into play but then I start the thing about. You know monarch tactically -- trying to beat back with a cardinal getting seventeen were not thought that the at least and so in market -- what happened. Tim Donnie thanks for the time this morning sports connection -- dot com major -- I appreciate the time -- we'll talk -- on the road. All part of our crack -- and -- Dennis and Callahan.

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