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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before Game 1 in Atlanta

Apr 29, 2012|

Grande talked with Doc about the playoffs, and the great second half that got them there.

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The Celtics that I presented by Lexus the game one edition continues from Philips Arena our final piece of business is our conversation with head coach Doc Rivers brought to you. I harper of healthcare making health care. Work better for people that may not know in going back two months you played well in the second half of the game in Oklahoma City. But still lost that game what was your message to this team that night. There were gonna change our team we're gonna shorter rotation. That was going to be the center cigarette today and -- civil we're gonna make changes. Did you then in the second half that followed really the bigger picture in the 66 games that everyone made a big deal about we also schedule when it came out. With the exception of you not having -- did you navigate this 66 games the way you wanted to do Dupree seizing your plan of attack of getting through it succeed. Well I don't know seceded. You know because you can't that you can have a plan going into -- season -- injuries throughout all those plans we had a lot of so a lot of you guys. You know so I don't even know the answer yes and over. One thing you've had in the last couple days you have had all year is practice time you -- full practices you can have another one tomorrow. This must seem like. Old reference though there are like a white or color and it was a lot. Is good it's things like the way it should be you know let's way to do this game should be played and then. You know you don't really have our whole our big proxy in between games tomorrow but we should get to go on the floor of our guys get to do shots and you can walk through some stuff but it's just nice it's a good rhythm. You know I think all the teams have been waiting for the playoffs and they didn't back into rhythm which is releasing it. Single biggest thing that changes when you have that time when you have a practice when you have a shootaround that you had not -- -- the last month. -- just the -- -- -- defensively and offensively you -- doing the season there's tons of slippage. And you get the chance to clean it up the probe is obviously. Would you -- don't have enough time to put it all out. Normally with injury talk about we can hear from atlas are but in this case with race. Is more of this on him legacy you know players are going to be self aware and know their bodies what they can do -- -- us. Do but I think -- -- is that in the period in doctor which in. I think -- three you know because break noses bloodied Kevin Paul probably Rondo you allow them to be involved in the decision making process. We've seen the hawks three times in three very different -- to three very different times of the season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- that you'd like to do it loose and comfortable. The -- they're going to be. Everyone in the NBA stock -- -- Derrick Rose yesterday the reaction has been just universal and for. -- -- talks routine to benefit don't benefit is just simply heartbreaking moment forever. You have a decent stuff denounced. The electorate -- Because what it represents for at least. And you just don't want them anything -- you just go and so that was hard to watch. You excited this -- is finally here I think all of our guys are you know every player coach. In game one is looking forward to game one of the -- and won't play at its next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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