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The Patriots select Ohio State DB Nate Ebner with the 197th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft

Apr 28, 2012|

Dale and Chris Price talk about the Patriots most recent pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Ohio State DB Nate Ebner. Ebner is a former rugby player and will most likely try to make the team as a special teams player.

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Well I say this eye popping play elect I don't know if he's ever gonna make this team. But the more you read about Nate -- the more interest thing he becomes. The story the back story. Play. Both college football at Ohio State and college rugby at Ohio State this is you know. In Stephen Neal comes to mind a former college wrestling star in the -- -- pretty good offensive lineman. This is a fascinating back story with -- guy the more we find out about it is that. He. He was one of the best rugby players for his age in the world in fact he was the MVP at the world the rugby world. A couple of years in a -- He was the youngest player ever to play on the national sevens when he played at the age of seventeen. He is. Is and was considered. One of the best rugby players in the entire world -- you can see where. Where Belichick in his coaching staff and go back to your point about. You know that they're bringing in of guys with a wrestling backgrounds and converting them you can see where this guy would be rather intriguing he would say. And real special teams star at Ohio State made the team as a walk on earned a scholarship as a senior. -- he kind of worked his way up through the system. And that's the -- that the patriots have not taken with their pick in the sixth round. Interesting guy you really see actually did an entire feature on him. Back in 2010. And then it's on YouTube it's it's called an eight opener rugby feature. And there's a whole thing about. The inspiration that he provided I think this had to do with the death of his father. In his Ohio State biography. It says that you know he is the son of Nancy -- and the late Jeff Abner. And I can't listen to the feature now but looking it at via. At that them words in in YouTube thing here evidently he he'd. Inspired the Ohio State football program overcoming the death of his father and I don't know what happened there but that was part of this -- the back story. There's there's an entire NBC feature on him. So he's been he's been kind of up a bigger deal at least in the rugby world and any of us that would've known about I'm looking at. The scouting report the pro football weekly put together on him and be put him under the category of intriguing safety talent he's a guy who. But here's here's here's one bottom line races down the field like about it of Helen hunt's returners slick heat seeking missile. Has been a dedicated workout enthusiast his whole life and it showed it was pro day Reid bench -- 225 pounds when it three times. -- read the sixty yard shuttle and ten point 99 seconds. Also recorded surprising athletic numbers including a 39 inch vertical leap which is pretty good. Broad jump of ten feet eight inches short shuttle title four point 04 seconds in three cold time of six point 59 seconds. That we talked before the break about the patriots in their affinity for guys who do a great job. With the three cone drill over the years the patriots -- really sought out those guys who showed a great sense of agility that great footwork Julian gentlemen. At a great three called real time musically to Wes Welker decision way to recording Deion Branch. Jake back -- actually interestingly enough the defense of -- he took last -- in the third round also had a very good recalled real time. -- nursery called real time with six point 59 seconds element just by way of comparison Julian element pretty fast guy six point 62. So you're looking at is guy is not what's good or portrait yet I mean you're looking at a guy with the with some real -- For lack of a better term so again like we said before a really interesting pick up by the patriots this is a guy who was completely off the radar screen. Just about anyone in anyone and everyone. Fought to be. Probably a seventh round guys or an undrafted free -- the patriots take him -- is the 27 overall pick. In the sixth round -- Abner. The strong safety slash special -- -- out of Ohio State. By the way the jets have just taken their first of two compensatory picks at the bottom of the sixth round they just took a running back Terrence -- away from Baylor. Not enough and the ones not an offensive linemen and you know what Rex is saying I don't need to stink in offensive lineman Kenny said Rhode Island -- -- I -- Okay high ceiling guys they're really and you finish -- dale we don't hear -- viewing them on anytime you on the show beyond the -- radio. I really enjoy it so kudos to you need to -- of them. It. I'd like to ask you what you think the as far as comparing these up players we've been hearing about these players for so long now. Since they -- and I power. Earlier in the year considered to be a top ten player in many cell but it he would -- -- -- all along I can't believe we took him. There are few guys on that Alabama defense who've gone up and down draft boards throughout the pre draft process. 01 of the guys who's really gone up and down is Upshaw the and he was taken to an and its. He was taken relatively late I think a lot of people had him babies in mid round that are a mid first round guy but he he felons of going to Baltimore abused it can yesterday. If memory serves but you know is some of those Alabama guys have gone that was Alabama defense of players not so much -- parent but Upshaw. Particularly option -- can -- up and down some some draft boards throughout the pre draft process. -- -- -- considered the ads have run stopper and an option more of a pass rusher well. If it's great player I don't know if you didn't necessarily. You know qualify them with -- you know disguise this guy you know disguise this disguise this. Especially when it comes to heights are because hightower is a pretty personal guy we mentioned earlier in the show. Did he he's really moved around the fueled an awful lot and Alabama -- an awful lot of things with them. -- wrote to me for the website that one of the things that the teachers really really look for through the first two rounds has been versatility. In having high -- fits that role very nicely. Well he had a pretty impressive press conference. Most of advances will -- -- pretty first class seeking to get savvy individual. I have one other thing and I can't do now would be do you think that by McClellan being picked when he did. Kind of sped up the process and when they went after Jones. Compare the two and I know it compared McClellan -- -- able and I don't know that was a bunch of crap -- You know that attitude seems to me like they were looking for McLaren when he left the Tivoli that -- go get counted up and thanking -- eighty. A lot of people had both McClellan Ian Jones. Excuse me as -- first round guys. Pass -- I I don't know if the Petri twirled and interest in McClellan excuse me. He's either Dallas or look at. Get worked up to speed everything I understand it's very exciting -- probably will never play game patriots uniform but. -- I don't know how interest in the world to believe McClellan by the but I noted both McClellan Ian Jones were projected as a late first round guys who could do some damage on the defensive side of the ball. I think there is I think it's not too far removed I think it does make sense. -- they might have been in the market for McClellan because he's a personal god because he does. Have you in his game they're certain earmarks you can compare to Mike Vrabel and what he was able to do but I think in the end. They went for Jones he went for a guy you can play more than -- -- you know set the edge rush the passer drop the coverage to some of the same things that Vrabel did. But you know the available -- Jones at McClellan. One quick note that a club away from football for a moment we told you earlier that in their first round playoff game the Chicago Bulls. And the Philadelphia 76ers that Derrick Rose got hurt and had to be helped from the court. According to NBC sports in Miami. Derrick Rose has torn ACL and MC else. And will miss at least the remainder of the playoffs. And I say at least because who knows how long the rehab period will be. But according to the reports now come from Chicago Derrick Rose has torn ACL and MC -- Out for the rest of the playoffs and probably for a little while beyond that but the reason. All my. Is that what what a year from hell. It has been for Derrick Rose we said he's only played 39 of the 66 games to sit -- litany of of injury issues. And and now -- both his ACL and MCL. In the let me. Out for the remainder of the playoffs -- anymore. Quick break we'll get right back to the calls that you just compliment at 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Dale Arnold Chris -- here to let Sports Radio W media.

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