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First Round Pick Dont'a Hightower with the Big Show

Apr 27, 2012|

The Patriots picked Alabama linebacker Dont'a Hightower in the first round last night, and the Big Show sat down with him for a very candid interview about his college career and joining the New England Patriots.

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I've still live at Gillette Stadium it is the big show blood or by Michael Holley joining us right now Donta hightower one of the 21 round draft picks. By the New England Patriots last night first -- -- great to meet you welcome to fox. And I skipped championship belt demonstrating it on her career and where in the nice blowing its for issue there pretty -- What was it like few -- that was the moment like when you. Heard your name. Our own you know it it was -- anonymity -- strict government. In June when we first save that -- that Taylor. A home you know I felt that you know we it was effective thirtieth 31 -- him so not thumb in Baltimore is going to do with a mission of the game. They'll play OK and maybe you know if my thoughts on the go you know just having as much -- also. A home knows who it was great you know alone -- a mom really proud you know more. A system of best friend of -- for was there so. You know Lou it was great experience. We'll get to experience and I you play for coach Saban and Alabama Saban and and Bill Belichick are extremely close have you ever ever had a chance to talk -- -- -- And what was that like if you did. Home you know actually part two before you know before the draft them for the -- We go out of met him before but you know I'm never actually sit down and I had a conversation with a but you know cause let's say -- say the word or two because it. And the others did the exact same in the funeral for both these incidences so you know whether down. Got to go to to a defense and Alabama were. No they would exploit Obama stood in a different Clinton didn't do that to do is what we it would. What -- Nick Saban he's the guy who will challenge you defensively and who challenge you and colorful ways if you're not doing what you want to do what was it like what did you think. Of save them before you got to Alabama and what was -- like what you got there and had a chance to play for. -- -- In did -- Europe Europe Europe pro now you can go ahead of the delta during the Obama -- -- -- -- -- -- I signed the contract -- If it was it was definitely something that you know I didn't -- -- too much about Pacific coast is you know for. Actually being -- Alabama so. You know being done it's not some that I was used to before because it came from my coach and -- done tells -- just as well it goes -- but. You know play -- -- was great dollars by the Allied Nevada a decent -- lucky no one ever got that but then they'll have to be in the four years coast more. A million dollar device and move by them because those cigars but the thing you know. As far as coach in different polite my -- got a gold poster who knows alone definitely eager to get toward it's more. He talked about the versatility -- -- to play outside played strong played a weak side or whatever. This league we see a lot of nickel and dime defenses was important extra DBs and how does your versatility. Help on this pro level with this football team. Home you know -- that I can do little bit of you know whether it's via the Gordon Beckham you know in the coma updated so. Showing them a quote garden with a backlog with a blitz in the home -- -- -- covers. So on and does it all Alabama enough to let this one of the reasons look those votes -- -- -- good news. Well versed you know -- silicon -- inside doubts that a congress so god of the film like this on this a little help me you know get on the field and help this team so -- -- do whatever it takes to Utica and if you. As you know from the pre draft process some coaches and scouts breakdown every aspect of your game the strengths the weaknesses. And Palestinian before he came on. One of the knocks on -- was inconsistency at times that according to discuss how do you feel about that you think that was. Think that a fair criticism or that there's something people do before the draft is dissecting game. Own an off election -- -- some points I got Arkin I'm staying in a lot of say that. But in my face -- a lot of time of the citadel nowhere comedy but where -- -- and they don't know -- we're doing it. On the -- comes just got to sit there and -- -- some teams that I would go visit. You know there was like when your local writers who posted this twit. You know in -- either decide manipulate my responsibility is different from what -- see what they're seized so a home -- My guess is you know what what they see what's actually going all it is two different days and I've definitely folate. A home -- -- -- kind of seen that he got to realize you know what was going all which is why you know I was able to get drafted between thoughts are in the first. When patriots first moved up you were just talking about -- there was a possibility get drafted there. And they might have thought about that maybe they will looking at we're -- Jones that other teams might offend some interest and so they figured they would wait on you. But why did you think the patriots what contact did you have more communication that you over the -- did you think about your work out and do. -- of the stalled that are home you know just c'mon you know my agent talk talk to a total -- people a period. A home you know they say that they had some interest in some -- back off played in the system at college in -- under for use. I don't because I guess because coach -- -- puts it close and know they used the same defense they exact same players. You know -- in districts are now and he played there the system so. Home you know in the in the -- they traded Oakland there was some a couple of teams come out of the could possibly use -- bankers. So you know that was definitely definitely just have you know a lot of thought that it can be -- -- -- do. Or a switch gears and your love it -- armor for last year Sports Illustrated. On the cover there was just. Photo of the destruction that it that hit Alabama because of the hurricanes and -- a hurricane I'm wondering. If he is that had any impact on you at all and if so what was it. -- -- notes on new assault and some big a tornado excuse there was some very devastating. I don't know it was you know we were in the amount Myanmar friends were home will not even a -- ball full -- away from so -- definitely blessed to get away from and those so much teammates -- -- me in my tumors were close to. 010 our team is go from -- got caught the tornado passed away which he did so big you know you go well right now we're blessed for that so. A home you know some big but he did this coach had to respectable lap and you never know. Know when they're gonna go in effect you know so many people lost so much that we did well we could try to give back to the communities into everything which is -- Colorado. You know and in the civil suits in mind messing Michael. But I know up to dislike a period on their football is with a big in that every Saturday it was discovered something that they that was. In the -- that -- -- full blog there and have a home you know the mother any food -- -- they know they were gonna do but it. Whenever Alabama was playing you know they were gonna watch they're gonna do they're gonna be there. And -- you know we really would slide that we want to dedicate this season -- -- -- -- you know we we did exist today it went on when that. Tips -- I was gonna say from from afar here you guys did a terrific job done there. Of dealing with you know real life you guys to sit there and you go to school and trying to play football but the Israel life and you guys embraced that I -- that -- a tremendous job and obviously rewarded the end of the season winning the championship is coming here. -- is your first few at the stadium ticket -- done you look out when that would put in charge of that is soccer field that has that disorder -- -- order -- those circles or not but they -- say the game for boys together filtered and unexpected -- striker and I like that right evidently put the championship banners and a magnificently thing for sixty you know but that's okay. -- -- but but I would ask you use this in that you're going from a championship level. To a football team it's a tremendous success here over the last ten years. How different is that the use it for you to -- kinda Bridget as opposed to if you got drafted by a team that might be looking at. A three wins -- a credit you'd be excited. But does this change it a little bit that you know you're coming in you've been in a winning a situation. You're going to one of a situation that is a pretty good chance that once football games. So -- wouldn't have been no way and though no electricity no Alabama's it. It is the next thing you know we we say drug areas and you know when was -- so so great he's fest W the visit ever once seen. Who's gonna make the playoffs and have a rule book for those who believe seriously over the pages solo -- -- well -- and opportunity come here. -- go -- the best of. You you mentioned that Dedrick as wanted to guys you know anybody else you know on this roster that you coasted. A row gnome -- number that is close to do it because you play but you know grown out. Quote while crude. -- looked a lot to a -- a lot of Jerod Mayo played Tennessee in the course of but it is Brandon Spikes though. You -- home home and those who got probably the best out of him when you tweeting with Brandon Spikes now have a -- likes it. Actually do the. Very very crowded today and provide entertainment threes we're talking about this before had we we mention your your national championship ring. And we all hear heard about some incidents in Alabama. Where that -- the crystals and but the the respect of the crystal national championship trophy with smacked 30000 bucks come on how was this -- this trophies mash -- Who spoke about -- -- -- crude oil there are massive roaming gnome but some some group says something about. A cruise turns out that and then somebody else. -- of the lives of its objective but it. Unless I was there with a twelve that follow the script to -- those troops -- pocket so -- -- -- ask you this digital album than we do if it was the recruits parents do you think he can get in. He'll probably be -- so the soul that day. People -- let's go to Letterman did that day and quote. Beth -- Because signifies problem all. He's probably about Dunham made it well so when you're making Alabama -- this is not even a pressure situation in general and outdoor champions appropriate. Are you dying to get into this thing now that do you go through this day and everything will be celebratory and whatever. You -- you -- get to the playbook to find out exactly. What they call everything how it works what happens and what you need to go oh yeah. C go home you know that's the big thing about me you know -- in bella bella was on a precedent adamant that they -- pretty fashion out this year much and no -- Obama ago most of the game now. -- on different look forward to it to get into it and entry and how much different it is. From from what I did that would bump between here a home shopping can be that big of restricts. But do you know different terminology going to be different. But in our our thing to be that could be that different solo -- on -- for the -- -- you know got to get the public in my and they get to work. I'd say Dante your defense certainly took the fun of the national championship game particularly. Goodness can you give it to its give up my check out yourself and you kind of get real girl you first now feel Golisano is that. That had to be. -- the best defensive performance you've been a part of in your career I mean considering the competition in the states. You know it definitely was in though you know we've got a phone that we we had a game one in the first -- play those guys -- -- which -- when -- -- to put -- -- enough points on the board. Which is which is why you know this this -- the second time was more about our visit by the outcome and -- play the way that we simply have been able to help profits out. No -- up fiddled third you know I only that they would that cost of fifty are allowed to. -- the fourth quarter. And dome but to me that's something that we took pride in this of the rule and do. And we learned and we had a game plan down types you know everybody you know even discounting new. Know what we're gonna do and how do so they'll move very well prepared and go home field when our next -- Thought it was great meeting you congratulations on being in New England Patriots. And but by the way when you we knew if he's still here Nick Saban voice around here practice or whatever. It's just Bill Belichick OK -- -- the soundtrack is it similar human units since I don't know if you don't you might RP at the head. Coach -- actually does -- slap on the -- so. Well but I mean you know analysis though I'm I'm really get toward is can be Islam is complete the out of the pleasant to -- the local boots on the fourth great meeting you have a breaker that you pursued it thank you. -- -- hour right here on election.

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