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Lenny Clarke touches on the Boston sports scene

Apr 27, 2012|

Comedian Lenny Clarke joined D & C to give his thoughts on how great it is to be a Boston sports fan. He comments on the attractiveness of Dolphins first round pick Ryan Tannehill's wife and his upcoming appearance at Giggles this weekend.

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Yes so now you look fantastic to -- -- -- thank you thank you up but it was a good gently but. It is like my bottom review of back and -- -- inspired him what I'd tell you what I'm just keep opened that the delegate but colleagues yes we want the old. Fat white guy to -- I spoke to them. The the only downside you lose all your -- is that money your funniest lines your opening line -- -- for a long period of time has no longer applicable that's for battle that's -- about saying that the -- it was simply I don't think it probably infected let me get guys out. A bit what I did the job our -- of years ago I think it's televised now so long ago I gained -- 200 pounds during that period of time to craft services kill me. -- that came Russian people used to tune in to see just -- fact you'd get because if you're gonna explode and everybody that I should TV ads Tony project came home with me. All of the -- I -- know the action this what's gotten into our Bill -- your bill nor Bill Belichick every year for the past legislature five or six years at least they need wide receivers to help but Tom Brady in this office wouldn't go get them. Finally did they need. Tight ends to help Tom Brady because everybody has a great idea wouldn't do it for two or three years by the Witten got they need defensive help wouldn't want to get a pass pressure yesterday he gave -- they wore down -- -- -- -- soft landing yeah well. He's an evil genius just just think that it is what he -- does as well he wins he would do it I can't speak for bill football allies but. -- -- -- It has elected me to that -- this is awesome but it's the first time in nine years he's trying to well you know what what once again maybe he's putting himself at the race and back. -- yeah I gotta say if he'd -- offense a lot of people be very trusted if -- traded out of bowl -- well people would be -- even though they got us off guard yeah yeah don't you think even though everyone loves -- -- -- -- trust bill that have been like enough UBU defense -- 31 defense of the best candidate you're gonna win it all and in on the time is now you can't. -- off that you can't ignore the problems the weakness of the holes on defense and I think you'll -- to -- today I think he's on board he's only and a Mike recess and taken a corner. In round two with one -- in something so I think. And it Hayward from Vanderbilt still sink hasn't taken over Ben -- -- cases aren't yet you -- Jim Norris Jenkins from CSI Gainesville -- Who has three arrests on his record in four kids by three and it for women but you don't you know people around for the patriots yes three kids by five Whitman -- Senator Obama is still the record if -- -- and -- -- sitting through doesn't go to Saint Louis as efficient as the mine troubled. You guys and the three picks later at the pictures taken. Brandon Boykin Georgia. Corner they have to it was the second second rounder. If these 62 -- on to them he hasn't taken defensive lineman Brandon Thompson Clemson so -- and Kris and Allison. You already decided that we traded up you know -- that a -- -- -- like you say it and I mean it did show up that difference I mean. It's a damp at the two or autism item coming -- that trophy by one patch most it. There -- damn good game and he always tries to coach and -- -- you know get better and am I a it will gonna have a great is scheduled looks great. Right and get did you think Miami and drafted a what is meant panhandle and have you seen his war illness the tennis no so I have when you hear about a -- a college -- Married yeah I think he's a Mormon you'd think he's an idea that -- and -- and -- right and we Mets find he's married or she got a great -- and -- half of -- -- -- but that doesn't matter engine or stick with the Dickey gives a Damian -- and it was baby -- but. The here this is married. Securities America -- -- the -- twenties who you think he's a -- right we'd like it's a it's a picture of his wife hope on this around here and you'll say. A hole now I understand Taliban. Up on the produces blog within. She is she'll Bob Casey. To call -- good to -- that -- where is it just so my -- about it. And I think that things and what you -- to let it was W. You know what I'm a bit to -- giggles. Tonight and tomorrow night and send -- -- of the dual of the benefits -- -- -- Coptic had shot. Six weeks ago in a lot of up in Manchester yeah you know -- -- -- raise money for his family Leo how you know I mean all of the cops a month and a drive as but I don't ultimately it's. I I I'm really upset. And I'm so glad you -- -- resolution -- in him. A boat you know people think in Boston traits of cover the -- yet all right -- Some white may have had trouble in this dom what. But blacks and whites have never hated each other more -- to understand English -- think about what I'm saying if I I was at the game yet and I've fortunately I was. Bob -- brought -- did that game and it all matters at that board room at unbelievable. And and even realize the guy who scored the goal was like I was looking at night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But at. 99.9. Percent. Of the Bruins fans. That that ever crush them -- what customize and all over it it's look at. Thank you Bruins were great season that's labs and what was the energy level like from the second before the turn over and the goal and the -- he just went like the latest witness fade to black right. Let's turn off the beset. At -- she's gone completely. You know it did the stadium dangerous and the it was -- get on well yeah -- we do now is we have another I. -- -- odds on it -- I don't feel. Like last season -- -- blended right into the season so feels like this little markets have been on has been a year yeah yeah yeah oh man -- -- and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Schedule for so many questions I wanted to get to this do I want to ask -- like I ask one more -- have a Mulligan do you think you used your your physical strength Europe Bure. -- you would be dominant over the physically did you. Play physically enough with them and and -- weight advantage by not doing it I think that. Is the case well you know what we -- John the first two periods like this she almost total up the third period it -- John has 21 and that it was still had but I thought that we hit product not everything that we're playing great. It's just went off met with. Seven games one golf out what its east and and like she did was that really wasn't it okay well. Pay a virtue but man he sees something else to watch them I'm I was unimpressed with them though I got this yeah trick or treat yet. And he wins and loses some for you and I think -- want to settle even on the bench in key times. He didn't want to veterans of that can could never beat in this Secret Service because my friends. He praised the whole bit and -- -- very. Just it what. It's Secret Service don't pay this. This judge does NASA have this picture it as a shield in Poland in the latest rated comic as I gotta get some kind of Playboy model modeled -- -- -- -- it looks like she she looks like you know this. I am sure looks like Cameron Diaz in something about -- like any -- doesn't -- -- should looks like like a mannequin that. Which is not a bad thing. And look at -- -- Sosa -- of those met at -- looks like -- a lot of paint chipped up childhood buddies that little on the slow side. Away I didn't deal I didn't dive in meters and we're gonna start. Matt -- stuff that -- and -- I'll let -- watch him and a wife is this I used to have enough what do they think -- Miami is this the QB if you yes I think in my -- was his college coach and he knows what to do and I think the other teams in the in the division haven't done -- of Mario Williams and and they mark Anderson but do you think that the rest of the division is -- Same story right exploring every year yet the division title is in -- Jets in the -- and it don't look that way out of the U I yeah well this enigma. You know some allies you wonderful we only added to deepen its gonna be bad. Got to operate and Super Bowl yet. AFC east they have missiles their bills of the sort of missed him division -- goal oriented. Yet are details about the jets -- yes you remember hub had Ryan Fitzpatrick was music rather Mark Sanchez. It is now you know blog they're exactly it's been an asset says it's got problems with the -- Complete disaster or some other pull this thing off with the economy politically may -- seven not the playoffs that -- exactly that's the most likely net. Would you say that's the mean he's right but one exits are still sucks but those private -- By the way the second best quarterback of the division is either Matt Moore O'Brien -- I would do more yes. Just an off color your Tamils like. That is one of the -- little little public. -- I fish who's out all right. You know it's going to be for Josh we. -- it just -- -- -- -- -- beautiful. He's such an insider. You Linda human knowledge she tweets a lot to the gentleman I don't call now and only golf I talked I talked -- -- a lot of what I was a dubbed -- the Belichick's aboard the body you did that was pretty crazy that he get drunk. Well he not a owned. That I can not that I -- All. -- accurate -- and I gave I gave the business but. There was that it was that the Boston how volatile and a -- and it would did you pop out of the cake now nobody. I I did have a -- -- -- and it was a progress what what policies let's make him comfortable -- that you where the wells was the celebs there. The millennium guy and this is upon the job by job it was -- wasn't made him -- I'll close itself sacred to his -- I face to -- does -- -- -- fake right and it looks he looks great and everybody. Was all bill's friend followed him to autograph. No he was the girl who -- the bodies boyfriend. And the ages I I you know positions such a moratorium that's not mpeg why that's job your security is that I know jumps -- years ago. I'm John when I was bundled with Afghanistan. And -- -- -- what could go wrong with that and and I I don't Bon Jovi who he was one of the fuel. That didn't again John -- he was really use it in which haven't fun. But he wasn't you know -- and -- at this party oil we use the headline. Open at that and I'm his payment you with the entertainment I mean I I had it and who else was there to -- Vince Wilfork Wednesday and the cup a couple of coaches Robert Kraft. -- -- blob blob was in that Bob sent a a beautiful thing and you thing. I don't like. I like -- -- But it and a lot of those friends that grapple -- -- school to get emotional that he may well. That it was very funny very funny -- a second time you said that he's a funny guy Belichick he's like knock knock jokes out no he is really funny cat mean in that. That they hit was sliced and -- people right from there won't get it to like two days -- was supposed to into the desert and but I -- he's very funny he killed he's he did like -- hot man I can't we can't picture this one eye on the prize is -- you know I -- He is one of the funniest guys -- that they would have. Combination Steve -- That is what we don't throw and I think those -- this area where -- Bill Belichick heavy dose of sarcasm right yes yes yes yes and believes it's not jokes and stories just. And a quick I mean he's really where is he as funny as he is with Clinton Michael on this planet and some -- it's funny. If -- I would sit on the planet we do you know just stuff and not -- at the suck up I get tickets and all of it a -- But. I'm at the -- grown up. With this it is down and it's known as fat it's nice to have you -- coach Belichick it's a nice view this coach Parcells and tighten -- a lot about -- did you have a bit of Belichick just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lap and to work some people. I don't know breaks I -- a -- do -- by two rexrodt. Rex Ryan habit he got fatter and -- Robertson I'll get them to. The senate snowing and ineffective. I mean that -- got big feet millennia we have somebody on outline for a block it's it's Robert out of -- good morning Robert. A long -- but you know my life who you love and other that you have. -- love how you Joseph good job in the draft last night Bob. But -- all all of my absolute brute beautiful legs felt. -- blog replies guy I appreciate that. Until let's assume mostly go about triggered -- open Largo. What you know Bob I'd like you to get up the door a few minutes of fuel it. Then the problem -- -- with a drastically -- children aren't powerful look at the tick more character from the police. I didn't. -- -- -- -- Cuomo poultry possibly. A high power or huckleberry extra. He's funny to forget that it's -- -- -- just bring it out of -- ultimate chuckles down well thorough knowledge of road again answerable -- Robert in heels go out what it is after. Today's draft still defense. We all got to go up but it looks good so the government show opened sort of a ultimately. -- -- -- I don't look like to put our analyst put it there you go. Good ideas and thank all -- Well thanks Robert thanks Bob daycare. Ha ha I was on the -- and big Joseph. Merck -- I you know I don't know I regularly you just show up -- -- I think what you know what if you call -- club 781239950. Wow that just -- -- -- 12339950. I boy you know I I came here from. Use kit spring gas for the national socialist that foresees an outrage over a million dollars autistic kids while. We gotta go was the money bags guy who. Kicked in little deal was agreed to an auction yes they did it give us tonight in the went for like more than I thought. One item that went that I do I should I touch it went for much more -- you know the economies at the of these people very very generous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because almost as much as you do for -- -- you know what he I gotta tell you what you know regardless how you feel about you know he's. He does so much and he doesn't want people don't know about you know he's not one of those a look at you know I do this you know -- You know it's give Jimmy -- but I don't want him and on and I I we might result and I liked what I -- million people -- -- it anyway. Says silicon the one thing he does more than anything else is CA's LS -- -- anything harder than committing to a charity like -- ask is should the people you meet they're all time they're all gonna and it's not going to be pretty he does have a family member he just decided no that was I don't. And you people who needed help he's been with them like twenty years. That way you know what I mean I did this thing -- and that obviously can -- the autistic kids they were fabulous. I mean my god he's hiring them to use them. And his business and I think indicates that these kids are exceptional just wonderful. It may be -- -- -- with I was artistic -- -- You know my problem my second and and in my system like that that it's at every dime they have. Trying to help the job depicting his money if if you if you -- -- legitimate got the you know she's before -- just. -- peerage and she's an artistic it and the kids don't fantastic because she's got the money. To get the private tutoring and help right but a lot of people don't have it and you know. -- actually giving up time but don't generally determines what would would you grimace. Well when you don't want to help people. I mean and people really need help now and if I can do that you know add plus I -- this at the four seasons which of studying a class action lawsuit against. Because they have spoiled me I can't you know much like a -- -- -- great guys and touch as a wake up Amy would. Most. -- we. I don't tonight and giggles is not charity note. That I got to try to look at -- That engaged in a garage I. One tonight to tomorrow night. -- hopefully we'll get Chris squads and -- yeah yeah yeah invited them but you know the -- it worked at. Every once option you know like Steve -- Sweeney and don't be even if they're not working to stop and there was it's -- It's it's again a -- that select a -- -- -- a cast of thousands of giggles tonight and who shows on Saturday called -- -- the number again if you wanna go 781233995. Well Clark always a pleasure that you guys great decision -- -- you take care will be right back.

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