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Ference: We didn't deserve to win with how we played

Apr 27, 2012|

Bruins Defensman Andrew Ference wraps up the Bruins Game 7 loss. He touches on just how the Capitals beat them, what his thought were on Ovechkin's performance, and how Tim Thomas' decision not to attend the White House visit affected the team.

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Our final Friday conversation with Andrew Ference is brought to you by Verizon files a network ahead and by -- credit union looking to refinance -- Sharon see you dot com. Andrew joins us some AT&T hot like AT&T. Ford GL TV good morning Andrew how are you. -- have been better. -- Too much time yeah I heard Dale Arnold said that yesterday as soon as the game was over they went to him in the -- and broadcast facility there at the garden and -- his first comment was. The suddenness. Of what just happened is overwhelming it must feel like you're 190 miles an hour and -- car shuts off the you're down to zero. Although -- earning your duties during the holier perfect -- -- discussion about secret you know so much effort that you. You know just mentally getting getting ready -- means bill -- the one thing that. He never you know it really -- -- their -- alliances -- we lose and so that I think that's where the kind of yet that. Has stunned look especially overturned so. Because or you know -- at least for yourself. Literally. Ethically Timmy Timmy so that as well. A little pressure I didn't losing so they did I think that's a kind of look at that. To -- the -- -- that are. So I guess you woke up yesterday morning and you woke up this morning and don't really know what to do it yourself right. Or I get younger also they keep encrypted in the with -- bigger. But it's not. Getting into the hearing in getting prepared writer you know now sort of -- just. It's stuff. Andrew did the better team win the series ordered the team that played better. When the series. While the same thing. And over certain -- Nobody gets lucky. Busting -- -- the team that's playing rest of this team and I actually believe that'll certainly has always deserves and is never. Lucky bounces never. In a state that. There's always Carol just look at the last school over the last game -- about all that's the first game. And start from there aren't. I think we're really look at it. He kept that we -- in all our guys play as good music and and and therefore -- -- I don't think we've maximized. In our potential so. You know they stated they played well this place. A great system shut this down on. You know it. Kudos to them and the Wasilla and Anchorage in deserves it. It was a game. You know and I think more than any other sport people analysts the Monday morning quarterbacks laps in two. These cliches about effort and you lost the one on one battles you didn't -- enough you can -- you weren't intense enough. There's not applied does do you buy that do you think that that they wanted it more than you do as. No not every walk every every want to remain. It's it's and yet I think with a broad brush here I mean I think that's. You know certain guys handle pressure -- our guys. Certain teens you know handle. A situations. You know -- insurer. You know did little each other. You know it's the little turnovers and Lola. Actually -- Weren't necessary. You know our little play that up destruction grocers where. You know so so I -- scoring. You know it's more mistakes -- -- collapses. There -- battle here -- Larry you know it is is -- Not photos. You know lawyers are just you know poor decision her. Position as so it's it's. It's not that are emerging super whether it wants to win wars that I think concentration level Lenovo group. In the final veto. Over the course unions is -- mr. Today it did they out worked Q. It's impossible to. You know impossible in -- measurements. And since they haven't that there are certain ships -- in -- city. You know I think you're left one more from. -- -- and there. You know that. I think that you and -- The consistency that -- forward yet Polanco. Drew Altman. -- and that. 12 punch that's all that's you know really. Can attack aren't kept the pressure on him and really started reeling like -- agree expects. Experts. -- can we all agree that the bruins' previous. Game seven positive experiences. Vs the caps poor record in previous game sevens had nothing to do with how the series went in the end. Altogether different history the culture that doesn't count for much cooler. -- in the locker -- -- -- get ready for certain acute. It's nice to draw on the experience. If you can if you lose their way. She can remember. Uh oh but it set almost all the little find Ito if you remember how important they are. In getting those -- and if you can help -- You know. Or support struck you -- the Europe and what leader remember. -- a lot of that. It is -- since I think that's the important thing ministers so. I think we addressed the rosters that are services. This is what chances -- chance Yorkshire that are it was a an article in Montreal it. -- -- -- You know -- So close and -- on the troubles on the same discussion last year you know -- -- Overtly. Felt -- he's you know -- Jumping around couldn't put -- culture. Let's choose Jiaka lesser -- chancellor. I'm Thomas in culture in particular and -- you contrary and so that's -- I think that's that's. Like this the beginning of the wanting to. Just concentrate on the last four of the last game but you really have to go back although it servicers. And -- it was seen as. You know I think it was -- You know. That we consider. There more chances earlier on -- well -- Oslo. If we go back to the beginning of the series before game one was played and someone told you the Bruins would lose three times on their own home ice US at what. Not gonna happen and I mean it. You know much is. You know it's as much is placed the player home I think that our record over the last few years and been fairly well. Fairly even all of the way. Also I think. Our chances of winning her purchases garrido is their own. So. That it is it's a huge effect. Our team and I think -- sure it'll quit quite a big sampling period where you know by now Arnold the numbers are but it is in order. Andrew do you think go -- -- Timmy and Tuukka will be teammates have viewers on this team next year. My heart. Idea. I really. -- single thought. A Jeter's job Pitt still. Are -- legacy without somehow I don't honestly don't know I have an opinion no. -- -- starts articulate that. What if there are other -- Too good to be a number two goalie on the ball too good to be a backup. While it looked really great I mean I think it's. Is this you know. Stripper seemed to have two great goal is cause you know. You even. And you know. Fantastic uniquely integrates. You know got the chances -- also are. I'd rather I think it's this or -- the look at our problem. -- don't personally. Don't don't be able stop -- so you know whatever it. Whatever the solution -- moved to reduce pollution and mr. and I agree we we. As for the probably get missile critical time. -- -- -- you sauber Joseph Hagerty on CSN. And he takes Tim Thomas to task for referring to you guys his teammates as day instead of -- Says these. Too much of individual. Soloist soloist is that just the goalie be in a goalie or do you think that was a problem do you do you agree that he's not. Enough of a team guy. Well -- instant news and -- in your Christopher approach her first her whole Lotta comment. After this here in Orleans. And that's. There's probably. You know some. You know so people outside of the locker room that's. Or are still going a little older you know I don't stop but it really. Play different a modest amount. It's -- doesn't bother them so walker who is the future news. -- -- -- Don't I -- For careers -- not spyware so he he he does this thing stopped before he battles. Like crazy and he wants so badly you'll and that. That's what more could we -- work certain sort. Our team -- I mean that's the definition of human visitor. You can look at. And trust that -- -- -- -- -- it will have to do his job well -- so I -- city -- team. -- recycle. Not you know spectators were attracted. To them believe in global warming. Education bottom did that limit that Lou because that -- I mean this is the difference group in concert and respect. Completely. We we tried to bait you into the Sawyer he just won't buy. You know those of us who don't -- It and I'm pleased to you are sufficient heard Eric the great. And uncertainties and -- them giving new or are taken and that's. That's so maybe other people have different opinions of what it's in Petersburg affirming. They actually impressed me as a -- -- you can you contrast you know words come from. He is not over in the corner you know being negative and drag other guys down from. You know he used short upper right you know you're gonna get everything out of that's great image I thought that -- image. You know would smile and say they're saying what you couldn't interest that the dithering and that's not as good its enrichment. About some names on the second. Her parents so you can -- gonna say once and for all the the White House thing. Did not affect this team and did not have the not to drag his team down hurt this team in the long run. -- opener. At all I think it was a nuclear destruction or that answer questions are treated. And we definitely didn't agree with I think it. It obviously left to a you know people scratching our heads. Well haven't shaken and -- You know why I use my future coach approach a situation currently you know without playing. It'll have a disagreement with the situation on its. Emergency he he's the he showed up. To stop the -- Where -- -- Professional vote and then everybody's in front of them at their consciences. Just -- hard and they would otherwise. So. Offers destruction that. By -- pretty much everybody knows that the ninetieth red wings the last team to repeat -- -- pretty much everybody knows why that is because everything has to break your way to win all those series and win the yet. When the sixteen games but I wonder if you have a theory on this. As of now with the Bruins getting bounce out of the first round nine of the last eleven Stanley Cup champion winners did not even get out of the first round. -- theory about that a group. I mean beauty answers parity I don't know that's the correct answer. Analysts -- it's. It's almost cliche to say that can you hear so often. But. Well I think there's some truth I mean. -- the difference between you and me in the playoffs and go -- orders are. It's so small there it is there earlier and Kyrgyzstan is it to settle a lot but. Mean is sultry look at. You don't like Carolina. Out of our number all year and certain teams played on in great. It's. It's just -- -- -- tight sports. I don't know it doesn't does anybody ever made money betting on our users such an unpredictable sport so. I mean it's it's I don't know how to split I think that's sort of what it is is just. The different string. Of preaching and then. And there are scrambling. Even -- out for the leaders are that is. -- how about this for a theory does last season's -- a potential 28 extra games that stretches you know months beyond where you are now. Having a longer lasting effect and maybe some people would realize when you get back to the playoffs. It's still taking some effect from a year ago because you've gone so long and gonzo heart. You know if I never. I never played well I would city only enough for sure but. But having last year during. Even personally speaking absolutely helped this year's -- -- an error and -- games. You know -- and actually you know talk with a friend yesterday public -- Tokyo apparently it's pretty ironic after the short summer and healthiest years and -- On -- aside our original buy into I don't think that you know physically. You know it's displaced. In -- All the work coach somewhere in the some but didn't they were occupiers. And that hole -- under -- -- we're playing our technical and and then you're in great shape. We did that kind of -- -- last year let -- recently on the sister -- its intellectual. We didn't have guidelines -- surgery. Archer and -- is so he. I don't think physically to point that you know mentally or what is in charge of their own their own good looks there isn't an -- to get themselves. For the -- ready for the playoffs ready to early take on that challenge so. I guess that that becomes more personal question uses. Where were guys. Mentally ready to wrap their heads around you know culture that. Going through that grind and culture that now. That battle and remembering. Just how much output and and I think that's. -- losses and it in the eastern origin and maybe that's. Maybe something that would rapture over order the sisters is that. That really. Go -- well although this first question. Real attention to each cell and all those little tiny fine points of the game. During you know I think you better attention to. Last year on the shift to shift basis I mean that's really great -- yeah I think that's. I think. Mean I think that's probably -- more. More than an. -- text dressing good question are we sure Janet Jones didn't make any money bit non market that there are we sure but that. -- -- little but it locks and out of -- meeting here. I think talk it lost money I don't know Malia and eight but last question for me Andrew -- to find out the next couple days. How hurt guys or is it gonna be reply he's in for surgery is that how this is gonna work a week say in Milan Lucic was hurt we gonna find that out. Bergeron. -- -- China traffic up some and I'm sure you'll -- notebook book picture and thereby. -- here are guys that were hurt. You know it was in creating or note poser in -- overlook those -- -- he was was definitely sucked in and out. I'm sure you'll pregnancies so say about it. I know that you are well -- Guys -- pretty healthy you know so it's not. -- you know because since novels or this that will join the join the club and everybody's very sore you know. You know isn't. In I think it's. It's one thing on which several -- lineup surgeries and you know birdie I don't know for sure -- really fought through. Muscle gains -- Who's extremely sore. I mean that other and that's. I don't think. The quarter. Point to being called -- Hard and we we we have we have this with the most pressing most important question over the seven games who was the most annoying capital. On the -- Had a. And -- the should merit or cute oh you shouldn't beard. The and his little line look are you impressed by -- Mets could 'cause I wasn't. You know what I think. Just this -- the players. You know if you if you look at this -- -- is to -- -- five times more than you do and. -- look at what he was you know what it would be. -- -- You know it'll have put a few years ago. You know you look at just the player are doing a charter and the -- dvds flies around he caused some disturbance. Street -- news is good player but this is not a you know he -- angering agree it is not. You as -- years -- where it was scarier personal items on its. Who is horrible. Will use this last interview to point out that Andrew has had the opportunity to see Spalding -- adaptive sports program in action program he begins the season on May first. More information about programming in Boston please contact -- Delaney the coordinator at Boston's balding adaptive sports -- here's the -- number 617573. 7104. Or are online at BES Delaney at partners dot org anyone tell you we really appreciate and our conversations with you this year your forthcoming this and your ability to engage them over idiotic questions and to get up an early and -- with just a we appreciate the time and hope we can do it again next a different. No weapon against an assortment and for sure -- -- -- human number. Enjoy your offseason. Andrew Ference and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TER conversations all -- along with Andrew. Brought to by Verizon files a network ahead. And by -- credit union looking to refinance is the chair and CU dot com.

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