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Apr 26, 2012|

We speak with Danny Ainge and get his take on the end of the regular season, and their first round match-up vs. the Atlanta Hawks.

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I bet here to -- shall. Orlando -- right back to the phone calls here's a course in Halifax with Sampras. I'm -- pushed around by your Chris Chris Chris what's up. Press and my sister present at the raiders turn your radio down -- the relates got a -- you Rhode Island -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's suitable a little bit com. Can it is on some pictures -- you know while he rental -- All I I honestly think they -- and so all night with the strike would actually trapped in the depth on the run back. On line positions. You know and then sold -- are running backs I really would like to see them. -- against Belichick's. On them you know system are -- you really links to imply that anyone is higher than eighteen so I think that maybe. Trading is something that would shall -- that they want to go out and do but I think debt. On to get a thing done I don't think so either I've done it they've done it before -- I don't think he cares what the other guys think about what he -- draft and -- up they traded back and traded up double -- they traded up one slot so I don't think it has anything to do I think he moves up on the player that he's about now Michael I think he moves out. Is if he feels that there's one player out there. It can be a probable player for the next eight to nine years he looks at that player and he -- I tell you what that's a can't miss guy. My guess is that he thought about that would -- -- and that's why he moved to the you know made that move -- for Jerod. It if he sees a player upped its gonna be that type of impact player -- -- if not. When he got to take the value right worried. And it moved up forward for Daniel Graham eleven spots and they did miss because today that -- have never became. What they thought it would it was a good productive player on championship game one blogger right hand but he never became the receivers -- Odd time for our weekly get together -- Danny is brought to you by heiress restoration specialists call 877461. 1111. Or -- serve dot com. And by SP allied dependable no nonsense life insurance. And priced that you can live -- call 888 get SP ally or visit SB allied dot com. By your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers complete lineup of Mercedes-Benz for manic all wheel drive vehicles. Visit MB USA. Dot com. To schedule a test drive your day. This is our final get together of the regular season with mr. -- next week it'll actually be the playoffs how did you enjoy the regular season mr. range. Little short and it is a template. But ending but in the end based on what you would dealing with at the beginning. How do you feel now at the end of. You know -- very impressed. With my coach. And -- players who you know they've really stepped you know there was a lot of questions. And everybody's mind there in the first part of the season and we got up so miserable start with a favorable schedule. We've ended on with a great finish with. Very difficult schedules so. I've been happy with our guys have responded that is all that we can get healthier and given a real shot. As funny -- save of the season went fast I know would never happen because David Starr and wouldn't let it happen. But how do you feel about. A shortened schedule with the regular training camp for -- this year were 66 that's too short. How about shortening shortening the regular season the seven games or five games to be a proponent of that. That's a waste of time to talk about it not happening. Don't think he's taken except for all the teams and you don't think I don't know about the we're gonna be with 82 game schedule in probably for a long time. I think it's I don't I don't have any problems with the schedule it's been gone a long time -- you abuse it it's prosperous it's you know while we have announced. -- to rest processes in. -- I like the world it is fine. Know a lot of people -- that -- and you mentioned them that he he's done a good job some people assess the maybe he deserves. Coach of the year consideration. What do you say go with -- I think he has that a good job. You ended up. Where people projected -- to end up just you just took a different route to get there you know -- fifteen and seventeen after 32 games roughly half the season. And now you come back and win the division. And and still are in contention for home court advantage is this pretty much what you expected at the beginning of the season. You know I think that that we -- -- cost of corporate -- you whirlwind for you after the start it was that looked like that there could be disastrous season. And now we finished very strong and the winner winner division was a great accomplishment based -- you know the -- -- -- -- is so. Not to denigrate joblessness. -- out of the -- coach of the year. You know I always think -- has a great job so well. That's nothing you know but -- -- me Gregg Popovich -- that an amazing job with all the injuries that they've added. Two it went fifty gains in the schedule is as pretty remarkable. In the onetime that we talked to -- this year. Because of a scheduling switch he said as one of the big reasons he came back was you in that. You know he knows he's got to Boston dad that he trusts and he can argue with and it still fine. In the next day things don't linger if things don't cover. When did you guys develop that kind of relationship was it a work in progress as as he's a coach in Yuri. An executive or is that something that you guys had when you're playing together or not even knowing that one day you'll work together. Well you know you have to earn respect. That the coach yesterday their behavior as gentlemen as you heard -- from -- coaches and -- players and every day you know you're being evaluated. And probably more in the kind of challenge and trouble that you are when you're winning. And how you responded. -- has definitely earned my respect. And regardless of the respect they have for dock before. He took the job obviously we have great respect for him by ambulances. To continue in the times of challenge. And how he can now he has a mean stamina. Can't fight in you know. And that's. I think that that's simulator and our players follow that example. Have been very impressed with that's how. Coaching out it is not just about a note -- coaches and it's really. And the people mentioned it is a players' respect. You don't want I thought he did a tremendous job and that he was willing to admit the guys were out of shape early on but he didn't seem to publicly. Beat up on the guys early on not a fact and everybody else was ready to -- team off. I thought he did a great job of kind of expecting them to come around almost as if he had. Some type of guarantees from them that they were gonna get it together and you're right it it takes account of a psychologist Dr. Phil to be able. To be able to manipulate sometimes. Your players to be able to do that again. Well I think that that's the beauty of this. You know in that when we got up to the bad start this year we will really struggle. He maintains company's privacy. Not just publicly like you sort of have to do to future players police for privately to me he was. You know I'd like these guys I'd like this -- you know we're gonna get there physical work of -- We're just you know we're not in great shape we're not a student you know that you guys or struggle a little bit with their stuff Paul was hurt. And I think that was I think he was he was convinced and he convinced me like this he likes this group of guys with regard. Tell me how rare this is put this in perspective for me as a as a former coach yourself. I was reading in Sports Illustrated that he they have -- player polls and I'm addicted to those things -- read them all the time every week no matter what sport it is and so they had one. They're asking NBA players which coach would you least like to play for which coach would you most like to play for. The coach that most players wanted to play before was Doc Rivers and then there in the small print it said doc didn't get a single vote for. Least. Like to play for this -- so in other words everybody loves doc how rare is you know at the least tomorrow -- it was Stan Van Gundy but Dwight Howard voted twelve can say. How rare is that for everybody to elect again. I think it's I think it's rare I think probably more than the you know the most votes of guys who wanted to -- -- fact they got zero votes because. -- is not an enabler. Not a not a guy that is. Tell them what they want -- here I mean he is coaching them. And I think it's -- good. It's that the take notice of players walked coaches you know Gregg Popovich. Is a popular coach and he's the -- that coaches. There's he's he's not a -- he's not making it easier country club on the -- there's wanna be coached and I think that's what they appreciate. All right Atlanta first round opponent you don't know whether you're gonna get home court or not you've got to win Dallas has got to win and they don't have much. The play for here but it is Atlanta. Atlanta looks like they're having some health problems right now. At the center spot with Horford out and Pachulia now injured as well not necessarily a great. Rebounding team but what issues did they present you -- Well you know -- they have size they have a lot of different Joseph Johnson of course is the first thing. And my and so is the guy that could cause trouble with he's. Strong repeat or shoot the ball well from the three lately and securities have a system that gave chuck Smith. As. Excuse this year with or without you could carry more loaded and had -- this year as a pro. He is coming into his own. Little bit like you know our Avery Bradley Hughes he's got about a year earlier had started in this production he's. He's a great speed about weather system. And there's a weapon that they haven't had passed that was our position so. They're thirteen. They put it all year without Horford. And done a magnificent job. I think every they're probably -- the surprise a lot of people with that they've been able to not only. Hold down or make the playoffs but Al Horford but to really -- Horford has already come -- that not available in the first round which makes me think. He believes they're gonna play in the second round but let's talk about what are your guys who has been off and on injury wise this year. Ray Allen are you confident that not just -- but this group entirely. Is healthy going into the playoffs because that's one of the things that you and doctor mentioned when have a healthy team much more so than. Having home court advantage too where where you're -- in the conference. Well say this you know there's a lot of -- but there's resting you're sitting out and we really haven't done. -- With the rest of producing and banged up from the record doesn't even know he's he played. All the treatment he doesn't work that he reminds me a lot of weary. And cabinet their later years just how. I admired how hard they've worked just to get on the court -- to produce witnesses. Haven't gotten that this year we see is the warriors in most of play we sort impressed but it's not like she's now. But he's -- percent. So the rest as. -- -- Important for me it's me then. You know wrong -- think as he may play and I am not sure yet. He's getting better I'm confident he'll be good for Sunday and -- is the only question mark in. I think this race. Is not a 100% yeah it's been awhile now so we do have some concern there but I'm still hopeful. -- -- -- time now for the no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SP ally. And no nonsense life insurance company this week's question comes from Adam for -- day of and over. Adam wants to know there seems to be a mindset in sports America that an order for young athlete to achieve great success. They need to specialize in one sport and concentrate all their time and effort. As a former two sport pro athlete what do you think of that says that. Okay Mike you're gonna have this. Summarize a question from one what. -- So Adam basically. Today a lot of kids were talented athletes are told to play one sport and specialize in that he's saying. You were cut through sport professional athlete what do you think about this mentality to specialize in one sport. Well you know so it's it's tough call I think that depending on what your goals are -- goal is to make it. It was as high as you can make it once -- and specializing is probably the right thing to do it. I loved playing this all the sports playing baseball did not help me become a better basketball player. Playing football could not help me become a better baseball player. But I loved I loved my high school football and my baseball professional experience in. Those forces -- play in the NBA by. I I encourage kids play sports I like how little prep schools around in the private schools fortunately to treat seasonal sports and and I think for most yet they should play well -- -- selected Adam with they wondered dollar gift certificate to sports authority probably should give have to means that the had to rephrase the question. And no nonsense question of the week presented by ESP -- -- no nonsense like insurance companies submit your question for Danny Ainge. And that's the allied dot com slash basketball weekly winners will receive a 100 dollar to stick to sports authority. Enter SP -- dot com slash basketball for your chance to win the -- Sunday is that right. Yeah I don't know which I'm yet that we opened Sunday whether world war on the road but I have a question for Uga -- In the football draft yet. Yes so in the new collective bargaining agreement has a rookie salary structure right here. So does that change. So that it you know put in in the tradition. Seems like to trade down here so called value because this news salary structure of the -- for the rookie scale. Change that approach in the draft. That. Now you don't have to worry about change -- -- exorbitant amount of money for the number two of the trees -- this. More scaled it's it's more reasonable than. Yeah I -- effect that -- even addressed that last year that. Yeah you you this it's a safer pick right now if you are drafting in the in the first ten because it is under the old deal. You'd pay quarterback forty some odd million dollars and if he's a boxed. Then you're in serious trouble that's that your your organization bag now which changed dramatically on the other hand any. Those -- become more valuable source you're moving up to the top ten you're gonna have to give up more to get one of those next 'cause -- they present more value -- Right that's sort of sense but it's still all -- retreating down to get more value was not that predicates in the NBA you know always valuable. -- right in the draft because that would scale you how to negotiate. Great contracts exit in the and felt so that may change a -- might. England and by the way remember this question because we may be asking you this question when we get to the NBA draft those multiple aren't gonna straight -- right when -- get -- into something straight as well some -- straight down for more picks do they think it's to try to take a player and what those expert. Future drafts of the current draft I'd listen I. Above all a part of that was always because of that you know salary -- -- on top of that you know everybody wants the better players but I understand the -- -- -- multiple. That's less of a value to trade down now because you have the structure. Correct absolutely absolutely absolutely and if you try to move up it just the opposite those. Pick suddenly have more value are gonna -- you have to give more than you what's in tonight Danny you know what to me of this draft. You know what I don't I probably won't watch it who will be watching our game and watched and Atlanta average gain but I will definitely follow -- and the Olympics fortunately all of the draft of of the interest in Watson's -- there everybody take. I get a good luck with the upcoming playoffs and we'll talk to next week about those playoffs have a good one. I thanked her -- Danny Danny dread your affliction.

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