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Apr 26, 2012|

We catch up with Big Vince on the Big Show for the first time since the Superbowl loss and get his take on the team, the draft, and his draft party for charity.

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-- -- Lot of good good. I'm here to show -- Jordan why is Pollyanna are regular every Monday during football season. Is visible sport it is a draft day get a big draft party is joining us live right -- DNC. Hotline what's up mister -- for. And won't have much out of -- things over there with -- arthritic. Get bond. They do you remember draft day feel what was it like what we are we were you nervous what was going on. You know what it was it was one of those days where. You know that they were -- your life and in a big big way around a lot of matters a lot of and the on the news yes there have been in the one what do you wanna call you think about it the thing. Mean think about stranger I didn't think about what you've been through as a person. One of here alt assumed and I just -- a political humor on and well -- -- that would have dreamed -- there for a long long time and they come true but so. Law when you forget that that this doesn't come on -- where America actually change. It changed my whole life. And it gets his second win. I don't know do you get that call because of the dream young young Q is finally came true in nine years later. In the studio going to steal dormant crappy apartment stuff like that you look back bright and -- -- -- -- -- with some kind of don't seem like it was long local but. Nine years issues have -- a long time what and when you know. -- events -- want to tell people about the story. About I think it was a month before the draft you got a call from the patriots. -- Vegas. They wanted you to work out what happened. There oil motivate you can demand. Problem and bears Colin. And reporters -- -- clear from the -- Com and no little love have a burka which. And I'm not come down and we'll come home -- -- get better and it's very. It's like well we. We want to look come back so we know we're working out of their -- one it's just -- -- well. I'll -- -- come so might have never drafting an urgent political ways of at least that's it's. And you know that would basically they got -- -- -- Norton being scrambled back I'm working for you you shoot it and not just went home my day not knowing. That this was the good people going to be an organization that you know I I you know Mercury so. It was kind of -- mission. You wouldn't suggest that in the other hurricanes that are currently out. Right you know that. The -- baby how are you in the draft immediate when he wanted to you know about them happier since so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On what you'd want to talk a lot the next two days about specific types of players. People have talked an awful lot of what about the wave Belichick drafts. If you -- doing the draft and you were looking for specific player. Whether the guys get a checkered past whether the guy is. Really is up a real bright football guy. For a guy is a just a tremendous. Not a -- athlete. What type -- guy would you look at that fits into the patriot system on defense. -- -- -- -- at the government have a passion for the game. Adorable. Can have a -- at it you know. King king can hold up and Leo you know sixty sometime democracies -- and sixteen game season or even longer times so all of our was in the -- direction of the game character actually. Playing with a chip on actually reduce scenes you know how powerful -- What football means to you know and that's what are going and I always picked a tough tough tough player and it's. Those mark to the borrowers and the commitment like in the -- out of Tokyo Abdul. And he he got to have a -- and got to have a little litigate if you have their lucrative deals sometimes you have people would it. You know some baggage -- loans off field issues bestow but yet to realize the that you did not accuse these Q you know -- on -- here that you -- Off even if it's that you can graphic. In -- it takes for mature and actually understand. -- not content would -- -- one more you know this is a professional decision job. They're cute England and in Canada likely -- you have problems with split. I'll always search for that it is -- they loved the game well. The locals don't -- any time that -- please. Please perfectly stove. And about it that then those of us -- that would be my main full. You DC DC doesn't have got the checkered past trouble whether it's with the wall whether it's -- -- marijuana or whatever you've seen him go to certain teams since. And they seemed to struggle and yet I see other guys who have had some issues in the past they go to more. Veteran teams teams that seemed to be winning that have more of their act together and they seemed to floors is this the type the team that. You could take all one of those guys and as a stronger enough. Character within that that locker room to be able to -- that guy. Weapons in the evening when you take care a lot of good. The deal which is so I mean when you play the big big part of you know individuals. Just -- -- windows or paying. You computer -- would it would history if you surround -- with -- regard I think you know. If he didn't pay a decent person he would change he was he would tend to be a professional. He was you wouldn't think would be. I'm not -- -- -- there wouldn't good person you know. Well what if you just around our communal and of course is almost we're used to have a not could be a bunch of so. I mean that's that's what you have bodies of two individuals known as you know there's not a fan of his religion. One thing that is minister would do it in it is not born where I mean they have it's an amateur draft every year so guess what of this world war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You get these. Exactly approach world. Like like you should last one like someone's after your job without and so if you approach it like it. You would do what it takes to be able good professional. You give it all you can result. If you don't take it seriously and you apparently so quick will you be that different you've been described Clinton and sat there for years so. I think he's always up to individual or in the today which was dead in their -- You know they can make right decisions we're making it but some guys get away with some kind of summed don't put it into the catcher which you can never know. -- and the yourself as a profession. -- -- -- -- ask you about what are your former teammates what are your current teammates they're gonna -- it as Wes -- one side there's Willie McGinest on the other and -- Has some problems with the way Wes Welker is is hinting that he may skip some mandatory camps. Have you been aware of this battle and in if so what do you think of. I'm not and I haven't earned I'm not talking with us and he -- -- -- -- them and do what they think is right. It -- in the days there's no room in the right between. -- either side -- organization have to protect themselves. They have the proper steps to. Make sure they make in the right decision and at the same kind of player got a little props there so if there's. You know missing camp what mrs. Kennedy's. Call to make -- his stuff is in order. You got -- it was no wrong right then you can sit back important thing. Wanna know what you want but everybody's. Both sees it differently you know and most that would do what they think is best for afford them so you can say you wanted you know give their right or you know where is where it'll be wrong. You have to -- -- respect -- But no would mean I've been to Hussein almost assume the situation has Schuettler in Q would you sit back and actually try to. Look at it from a business and try to look you're from their point you're counting your understanding. You know how widely have to do certain ways he -- that sort of -- But there you can get so caught up in northern and emotional because the first and you think about. They haven't done on this stuff up and done everything right on your dear government do it that these are companies are probable obvious some suitable. You get caught up so much in net debt stuff. You can overlook you know the business -- was so. Did got to be able to see if rumble and applicable that the organization and and that's -- -- but -- and what is no wrong right. In and he's. So you've got the big base was that if things play out in both who do what they think is right. Are you -- where are you weren't shy last year and talking about players that used to be in your locker room that were all over television. In being critical of what was going on within the locker room about Willie now Willie McGinest is the worst job as an analyst and NFL network being very critical. Pretty much calling Wes Welker diva he should be back at camp and nobody would ever do that. Special when you look at Willie I have no problem with the way Willie dealt with his business when he was a player -- and dealt with it. You know protecting himself but now taken the opposite point of view. Yeah I mean they're by the wanna have their opinion and may have -- and you don't have people stand. Undertones of the content stores will be a bunch of stuff blown out of proportion. Well for me I'd like actors everybody and their business. Different you know. Windy was it this organization was a great player in the lead -- -- and it at some point. He had to make a decision to he could -- that he either. -- place for less money would know he chose to go somewhere else and play you know given you get what you felt was fair play and so. Everybody is going always say you know what -- You -- do this where you should do lose weight but everybody is different you can't say what an expansion -- do solutions to. No -- you know that's that's where business. I live with one -- he's gonna and it just led without the page on and they don't have an opposite bank says you know what bill. There's organization to do justice -- -- this in case you know we might look at them -- when the market considerations to know. But they wanna come on the way to keep things they need to have it so. You can't you can't criticize the gap for him in their beer at a certain way because they've -- -- hooligans anyway so. That's where are met with apple I don't think it's really a big deal I mean I don't think whereas you know really -- -- -- given -- output. Everybody's gonna have an opinion about this whole thing every year you have so titles. Some article with the situation here -- if you scored so. I mean. If that is not new but there is no. Is that I love it does not -- but it is new quarterback -- but it is. They give us and they would be -- and all day who the patriots are gonna draft when usually we usually are way off. You're closer to what -- we -- give -- the name. -- thoughts on and his long term will not sit there and it. We traded we traded we traded here -- -- I don't know if we go so you're. The guest on. I think. One right I think Malacca one right with -- meriwether -- probably was going their direction and we view it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I won't draft and they are opt out there was going to allow bad about it you know -- Who. Knows right there too so I mean. Let me get my address this fundraiser we with my wife you know people the chance we always have a lot of little. The game play who you -- monetary if so let him and everybody sometimes people be right at some we all look -- so. So I just to sit back in depth. He's still a bit into it that they enjoy it actually will. In my apartment -- -- what I'm doing enjoy it that morning at an occasional lone threat because normally I'm always -- Amazing how bill connector so look stupid again this isn't just completely your fund raiser is in association with Jocelyn -- York palace about. Yeah you know nine years I mean this is not accurate when. Great run for diabetes sort of control. House holders who doubt that it must father and now nine years we started it was one of our people -- In particular gathering in the -- mean you're drafted him you know from -- -- twenty -- people to 80900 people now so. Just when we -- yesterday you know war. -- and actually to believe in -- -- -- also and that's that there are handled me. Grown up as a key is in now you know even with people criminal. -- now slows in the now even we can you name it I am always have someone in the country that wouldn't stand. -- that disease that affected them and in their life in -- overweight so there's no it is. It away our goal and it is is there you know and over the years you know growing up it was always -- African American obese people you know -- IDs but now you have everything you Caucasian Hispanic. -- have -- you have small you have all you have you know it didn't have awareness and helping you know. What can I want to do is to try to bring more awareness to this cost because. Did there's this disease is right up there camps I mean if it is it is up it could do if six. I'm not a lot of people would happen. If you we've been doing that we you'd want more information out. Because we get more more people coming out supporting the calls and -- is just one days it is just one day stay in Iraq and you bet because of a personal relationship I it would be. -- -- very powerful story to tell and and some people are aware of it and some. Who were newer to the patriots in in. -- to football in general aren't put it. You're dead you're very close your dad used to he's he was sick for awhile used to -- used to -- your father you when your brother. -- him around -- -- and once that if your if your father said run through the wall what you say when do you want me to start. We're glad you -- that was my my father was my big Korean army he was there -- -- and that's. Even when he was you know when I got older. High schools -- to suit -- -- is. He never let it you know -- -- point. It was duties he's killed and it was very easy it is for the worst but that they -- -- good -- you have these in these feel -- You know try to find a way to come -- football presidency practice or old football games he's played football. So Norton well you know. What my father based Obama started everything that is. You know and now you've because you know offers you would their content -- it was so we students -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com all you like you can fight you know you can get fight you fight and you bring you this program fight you know -- So it was used car in our our term who you know -- I really wanna. Believe it was comfortable and I kind of knew -- was coming in soldiers' aggressive being so close my fault of the common sense that we. Well that that system to some level of commitment we at one another kind of felt like you know current form and I got a chance to ask you -- since you -- -- before you know. Our captains so I was kind of spirit of reform but. Oman like my father was always there wars and no -- you know I don't wanna be a burden -- Which is April I want you Google one little -- out affluent. Which you know we we deepened when I was there applauded them above that we would have applauded Pete Salinas. You that we over -- dollars please feel anything you know if we go out we have goldfish and you know my brother. Do you have a my father was best out there without going out you know we would. We look -- the keys where. Com and come home from school capital authorizes him not front -- right -- -- to go out Paula that we look at that Google's recent comments this week. Because that was what my family and know that -- we enjoyed it has kept so. I've looked a group. Great -- looked out delusional and and that's -- we don't do what you know and that. Even metals openings and I suspect number not me you know just want them being in the goal. On the banking -- principal amount and sit out their final years. Did you do a Q and agrees you know just -- and and know what it was fun it -- -- -- -- console. A long way you have to remember my father used to say every year every year do you do they come up and now suspect and nine years and -- -- statement he -- you know so. More more that we can you bet no with myself. Government ought to me BB BB. You know. I'm white and also my whole team of people who put his -- together. It console also -- -- and also in our own thing -- do -- -- but. Everybody just enjoyed to date and I think the last thing I wanna do. Before people leave it Ortiz get a chance to know why and that person practiced football player. After I got -- It's -- it's an emotional subject which you're doing great work in your help and other people. Have a great party. Annika her much talked -- down the road I gave instant chairman of Hewlett. Vince Wilfork. Right here on election.

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