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Which Bruins players did not step up in the Capitals series?

Apr 26, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss which players are to blame for the Bruins losing to the Capitals. Milan Lucic, Tim Thomas and David Krejci are all brought up in the conversation.

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-- it was real tough I mean. You know don't wanna make excuses but you know it was it was real tough. You know -- yourself mentally prepared. Two at the start that season get ready for the growth of the season and even you know play dogs and -- especially and in the way that we did with twenty games in in the last forty days of the season ago. You definitely you know feel it to but -- so it. You know you don't wanna make excuses. You know now -- this time off. More out of excuses for next here and we will do whatever we can and together Watson and come and healthy and ready to put. They don't make -- Don't want excuses. Of that. What do you make excuses that -- and say afterwards well you don't wanna make excuses when you just made him. That's one of the Red Sox bullpen was -- Milan Lucic itself. Actually saying to he knew they played 22 games the last forty days you'll know that -- if you're upset about you only know that if you're gonna use that as a crutch. And look I I I know we're getting a lot of tech game six -- as always metadata your bag which you had to date I get ready for games -- could not agree more. We're gonna get a lot of that today and I've already heard it from some people -- that the Bruins -- pulpit just fine. That dollars in what's gonna happen they'd have enough time last year is why don't repeat. That's not the excuse to -- it is part of the equation. But Dellucci to quote 22 games their last forty days. That's disappointing yet a full two days off you were back at home you're building -- out of their mind Reggie -- as the honorary captain last night at that place -- and was notes used a modest flat as she did it affect anything -- -- -- or -- that. You know point two games in forty days even make their comments. To says it was talked about -- whether it was him or somebody else I mean. The player knows how many games they played new technologies. -- going back looking at him being part of -- discussion don't think that they can use that excuse of it was again via but he is only excuses. Up so awful will get to your phone calls on the game and game seven. You look at a series of rule anyone standout to you or get these phone of the individual player. It didn't live up expectations that you disappointed in on the -- anyone. Anyone of particular standout do you model -- individually. Leave on the roster Milan Lucic David preachy. Not CNN and earlier expectations are. Bret marsh shot. You know what Marshall was better last night. Feisty. Feisty the -- -- important part of this team musical score. I need everybody to contribute and it's a more flop in the us are shoot and so I mean uniting opened down I think there's a lot of guys Bergeron was banged up huge it was hurt. I think if -- -- find out of the week so this guy price played with I don't know what it's like fractured wrist how much -- what it is. But I guarantee you it's a serious injury we prob would put that puck away last night you know weapon on that that yet they open net you'll see that from him. He gave him a pass Seidenberg thought was the one guy that stepped up -- blip I was very good at times -- so and of the -- you know -- was good but still -- the paired together times. That positioning. A couple of goals lost lost their right a couple of guys -- pay too much national -- and overall you look at a note there was a there was a few guys disappointed no. Let me -- all the trees to meet the two games six break given go preaching senate that's dating game winner. Got to get more out of him actually got to get more out of him I mean if you if you not the most skilled guy in the world he lumbered around there you slow and everybody else. Gotta use got to be a very physical right out of a fiscal everybody to get position didn't see enough from him -- haven't seen enough from him a couple of years now. In a post season yet 25 games a year ago twelve points three points and seven games this year. I think he's on the top of that list and he's physicals all get up he looked at a player like that but it's gotta be some production with the can't just be about their protected -- -- and work in the corner and I got to be able produce -- he's up there but to me right with him is David critique. David -- she last night in a game or face off for going to be so important. Bergeron was gonna take a sell -- -- -- -- born guy better when a good percent of his face offs according to the NHL's -- Five of fifteen. 33%. On the face offs yesterday for David creature. And over the course of the series a guy who's been basically. They go back last year it was about a point per game during that run 23 point 223 games for the Bruins. This year in the playoffs three point seven games. He's got to be better -- had a goal on the power play people pointed out as a turnaround but. Where was David -- -- in the series Laporte you're still guys -- I was there. I don't knock -- secret Beverly step up he was not great faceoff but he did a lot of work for this team. How is David Craig -- There's 515 new contract five of fifteen last night the big stuff dominate the hell was -- the teams with dominate up faceoff think you know more guys five up fifteen. Is brutal. At the guy get here for a couple years you lock them up long term. You better hope this a little blip on the radar because emotional standpoint from a factor. The hell was this guy. It a bad start last year and a first round against Montreal and really picked it up and but the legal the Stanley Cup Playoffs in points he did struggle in the first round against Montreal at the -- We start again Lucic against same -- struggled again early in the playoffs. They just didn't have enough. And at a -- guys stepping up. You know you didn't have that Nathan Horton type the G stepped up in that this team to the next round. It would -- to happen in -- front that's the frustrating thing. What do auto boosted -- Rangers beat the Rangers. It happened I in you sit near -- okay Bruins -- Ottawa the team that they've dominated the regular season play much better than get then and washing capitalist -- It would it would you face in the flyers need to conference finals -- back there again instead. You get out and worked. Out worked. By a wash and capitol team that's the most disappointing. 6177790. Late fifties the phone number Michaels of -- lines Begin to all your phone calls very early here are Bruins game seven and Michael. Doing -- good might have a few things yet there's so hopefully the time. I think. The bottom line at what cost in this series was that they were not physical at all. Last year during the run. What would you say that you would have said they hit everything that moved. Everybody Prejean was not a physical -- hit everything that move and that we've loved about the history. Was just a fact of how they played. OK and they showed none of that this year. Second I would say that I wouldn't. Through the whole year alone earlier this earlier in this series no -- what will they played a lot and his pace throughout Michael which is an unbelievable. In this series and that's what the playoff to rub our vote is just being more physical and more I don't want resort dedicated to -- it would dedicated. But they they weren't willing -- Or evil or whatever. To play that same style and that's one of the Stanley Cup last year was the way that they played it wasn't talent. Because they have the same talent this year they did last. It's what they how they use the talent. And that then does a couple of things. I think that if you look at that is isn't the most talented team I think everyone would say -- Okay I have a -- Patrice Bergeron I think he's a phenomenal hockey player but he as a third line center. All you are Michael Michael you are out of your mind Patrice Bergeron is a self key finalist he gets back on defense he is a top two guy and it's not even a question. And what is -- -- -- -- -- -- player but you you get offensive people. He's got to people who win this LT OK you don't get. Fifty goal -- I'm not blaming Patrice Bergeron. I mean he is what he has he's a phenomenal player I want him on my team if I'm gonna started seeing him I needed trees Bergeron on it. But he is not a second line center. That's I disc I just -- know ideally we want that. Really dull and I don't understand he's always the best Colorado -- best all around player and a team. Absolutely best all around player yet you don't these good offensive player at all nobody in -- Wasilla -- what he's so what does a second like senator. You think he's a good offensive player the best all around player but you don't think he's second line center. Good decent offensive player he just phenomenal. To -- player -- played very well in all three zones. But he's not someone that scare you offensively. When he's healthy kills -- -- face offs likely decided not he's a second life. What you saves a third line guy to me that sounds like you don't think he's a very good players -- only -- things we retain the Chris Kelly IP's much better player the -- aliens. I think he's better than Chris Kelly I'll but I also think Chris Kelly the third line type Blair. Okay I'm not blaming between Bergeron. They're -- airliners. I. I'm sorry Patrice Bergeron as a third line center period next call in he takes any heat from this game and this series I got a plane severely hurt and he was very emotional after the game. I put very little this series up Patrice Bergeron -- guy you wanna build around. John as you Rhode Island this morning hey John. They guy depressing day. But politically content that guy. Coincidence says he lost the series consumer physical enough. -- -- lost 41 goal games and the power play was -- for 23. 23. -- last year. It was probably the components and molecular. You couldn't execute it and again. I think he went back -- -- proposition -- is going to just -- to that one on Africa and every night. You need to address the population in the postseason and he did nothing yeah we passed. An actual scores Michael Ryder and replace them. You -- looking back on -- John what they do they had a core hole for a year and and a core -- -- -- -- cab early 2.0 and it went out upright and Brian Rolston and I know is Brian Rolston is loved here locally because you played and everything else but at on the on the ice. With the results -- even Michael Ryder ask probably not unless we get to you for -- lost Nathan Horton yep that's very good lawyer. Michael -- I mean any any access to Patrice Bergeron okay he's not. Pavel got to keep out of getting Malkin but he's he's an -- I love -- I loved Bergeron and right. But he is live in the first Hamlet. I just it's depressing and I don't know maybe Monday Morning Quarterback that -- the Bruins are gonna win. But you know without power play. You can't say we can actually be good again about -- works you need to -- a productive power play to win consistently. Couldn't find it is not gonna save money out of hundred shots every single game you can eat in it I -- in hockey you've gotta you gotta have good special teams. The capital's. Top six forwards about a knock out the Redskins. Had time to people scorer Nicholas spectrum hundred point. Hit a 740 goals you don't ever want to say Mike Green side of the -- -- five point a couple of years ago he's defense and 75 points. That it comes down to big victory. OK guys got to come down -- it. And a power play solidly in nearly two to got a great call until a mythic dimension. You know look at things in hindsight. I never thought that this Bruins team was gonna -- with the energy level solo. I never thought they would come out flat. After watching that game. And I agree with the call I think Iran should have played with -- but -- could have been a different that I. I never thought that that he would come out flat and he's the type of guy the energy kind of picks it up I think it was the right call. So it's he can't come back -- he should've played but after watching that game. It could've used and is no question 6177790850. Still free 8885250. -- you wanna continue. To get your phone call your reaction game seven in this series. We'll do that next -- and Lou nanny threesome.

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