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Bobby Valentine on a possible sweep of the Twins and Carl Crawford

Apr 25, 2012|

Bobby Valentine talks to Joe Castiglione on today's pregame show, topics include a possible sweep of the Twins and Carl Crawford

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But a couple of days have made a big difference tonight to go for a sweep in Minnesota something Red Sox haven't done in twelve years. All I wasn't aware of that says so I guess via answered either with his against -- it and that's suited. But the guys played a great game last playing you know after. Just. First inning and you know we gave him a cushion in the first inning it was clean sailing in and use. Every team needs games ago it was nice confidence Goldberg. Settling down emotionally was a big thing for gas last night. You know I just think that in the second and he came out and -- had a better directions fastball and you know that's what life's all about in the minors miss and a few times early in. In the first innings got a little frustrated and that happen. David Ortiz -- continues. To stroke hits to the opposite field when he got a pitch that turn it happened while I was rushed. Yeah the bat -- says a friend so morning he's ever seen here and he's been here since the beginning of the stadium. It was. Sight for sore eyes you know David. Has been a mainstay in Carolina. You know getting on base taking whatever the pitcher gives them and being a complete ball player. I can really certainly is filled in the admirably in their lead -- role in giving you some extra base power. Yet he you know he can hit. At this level and could do damage in that split them. We said at the beginning of the season when you know he came he came with us we weren't sure how. Consistent is defense would be it has been fabulously consistent and his says his at bats -- there day in India. What did you see from Marlon -- so far in two games. Well he he's run some balls down in the outfield he looks really really good track -- the blow and he's starting to feel confident areas many hits here. In our league as he had in the other league in in double digit games so. Confidence is an amazing. Thing to bring on the field every day in and his is building. Well Carl Crawford still rising elbow issue it's a concern now. He -- getting a second opinion. He's gonna get a second opinion I guess if we if we get it scheduled. You know I guess doctor Andrews is the guy of choice for second opinions and if we get a date there week you go in and haven't checked it out. He's going to do any idea how he sustained the elbow problem no my. It it must have been throwing heat. He said -- today I heard from the training. Staff that he said he had a little feeling when he got to spring training. I never heard heard about that don't -- -- -- really did either but you know I don't think this is a major. Situation but again. I'm not close to the situation. How are Rich Hill last night he had -- scoreless inning and goes back to back and getting closer. Yeah he's getting closer you know into Miller Hennessey. The other night we had. Mark Lance and strike out three footers for saves so things are going well down below and you know they're they're part of the foundation of of the team and it's good to have a good foundation. Bobby what is. Clay Buchholz have to do to be more consistent he's had a tough a couple of innings it's to start -- -- he's picked it up a little bit as it does strictly locating. I think so. Without simplifying things anymore than that you know keeping the ball down in the zone in moving the ball out of the zone when down. You know when he -- It's into those situations week you get guys swing. And what about Daniel -- is a possible use him tonight and still start on Friday. I'm not gonna pressed that issue he he had an early bullpen today. Got it out of the way. He he was and feeling that day it was the proper thing to do so. I agree totally with -- I'm not far Mercedes-Benz question of the day yet. -- years you know all the bike trails around baseball how's the one and then Minneapolis. That's gonna -- you've been out -- -- like two it was fabulous stated a university of Minnesota is hopping and everything's going well I would say that the only additives. Features that were -- for the Bruins tonight let's win that game seven. Ar right they've had good success there a question with a manager brought you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers the Mercedes-Benz certified prix on sales event is back for a limited time. Is it MB USA dot com slash EPO today to searched through thousands of vehicle listings like tonight Bobby. -- -- Let's go back to Jan.

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