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Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine with the Big Show

Apr 25, 2012|

Bobby V joins Michael and Glenn for his weekly appearance. Bobby spoke on the 2 recent wins, Josh Beckett, Daniel Bard's role, Clay Bucholz' pitching, and Carl Crawford's health.

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I can't dole Wednesday edition of the big show blood -- white Michael holly -- as we do every Wednesday we talk with a manager of the Red Sox Bobby don't have brought you buy or build insurance. Here for your car home and business here for new englanders and here for good and by Verizon five -- a network and it. Bobby I would say after the last couple nights it's a little bit more like it is -- That's the only guy played Dillon's pretty well they have a good couple of nine. Love to see the offensive. That this is smile on the guys faces after the game hopefully we can. You know keep -- -- coming. Were you a little concerned with Josh Beckett in the first inning not necessarily the when he was pitching. But the way he seemed to be having difficulty with the idea the home plate umpire. I was more that he was gonna get tossed were you concerned. I was really concerned it'd be. Because. And I didn't really mine mine the emotion. You know judges. You know the pros pro in. People -- couple pitches to close enough to be strikes -- one -- two. Definitely wanted to. Let the umpire know that I didn't think he is going to get to us though and I'm glad that he's settled down because that was one of the best. Performances that we could have. At this time of the year. I wanna ask you about the the big news of the last couple days and that's been Daniel Bard rarely has he put it going to the bullpen first of all whose suggestion was it how temporary as it. Well the collective. Suggestion. And it's very temporary he might be. Get another inning tonight but he'll be starting on Friday and you know what we had the -- now be in the off they combined. I thought it was best to try to keep. You know the other four guys on is. As a regular rotation has well not moved to and character expect seven days. In between starts in talked to. The -- about that he was view as well received did. You know since it has been awhile since he -- -- that we wanted to do. People feel of the mound and Saturday what do you think about that. In that situation in the bullpen up and arises and he says so right -- I can do that as long as it's not back to back days so. The offense allowed it not to be back bad days last night in. You know I think he you know he he should be available -- I -- I haven't. Seen him yet today to confirm that. You know that situation but today would be is they'd throw it between. Our scholarship he starts on Friday how long could you use them here tonight. Well probably that same that same amount of pitches you know something team where he -- he warms up throwing fifteen. Its audience that he throws. That's similar about a pitches sit in the game and that would. Beat the same as what he would throw in his bullpen session in between starts. He he certainly looked good on Monday night out of wondering TT goes back to being a starter. Do you feel like you go back to you as you were in the bullpen in other words the service to the closer you still going with your your set up rotation or has. The injection of a Bard into the bullpen changed to where you think about the roles for some of those guys there. Well I admit I -- -- how -- you know him not being there could possibly change. Situations. With him there. It's it's a little added structure but it I you know they take the guys we have -- the guys we have been. As long as I'm in the same uniforms there is there I'm gonna believe. Whole heartedly and then doing the job. What do what do you think that though the problem has been with with some of these guys and obviously my -- is not here he really -- struggled with his control he's in triple -- -- It has been surprising to see them blow up in certain situations and obviously the big one is you know fourteen innings or fourteen runs in two innings. Vs the Yankees what's been that was the problem with these guys and did you anticipated. This problem happening out of spring training. No really good pitchers. You know making pitches better or less than that are you know then then they're. -- making him. Getting throwing against them pretty hot hitters that. Lofted the ball -- him. You know hit them off the wall over the fence and had a real hard but I think these guys and they're very capable of being outstanding pitchers -- as I'm looking around the league I can't believe or I can't believe how many closers how many bullpen have. Really struggled this year that it is not unique to our situation that's that's this year in and hopefully will. Correct the situation and and be better than the rest as the year goes on. A Bobby buster only was on the radio station here in the last couple of hours and he said that Carl Crawford is. Off to see doctor James Andrews or has already. And that right now he can not throw more than fifteen feet without feeling pain in the elbow can count on them. I haven't talked to -- on how far he could throw I think. Though he is going to that's not really used to -- is going to get another opinion. What is causing this discomfort in his elbow and you know until. We figure out what it is than it it'll be in the doctor's hand and and it. -- had a hand the good news -- he's swinging the bat really well least. He feels really good about playing and he just wants to make sure he knows what the story is Clinton. You know when it comes kind of stroke of the -- He hasn't been throwing -- the last five days he he took a ball from what I gather and and slipped it in. You know without warming up in during batting practice any. You know felt a little wind it is -- he really wanted to get that checked I don't blame them. Do you think this double thing could be just compensating for the wrist injury a lot of times guys have one injury and you start doing things a little bit differently and then -- put pressure on another area. Let that serious do that often happens and you know whatever he's thrown the ball. We've had tried to have the medical staff with them and to make sure that he's not over compensating for the wrist too. Put strain and another's part of his body and you know that could be the situation. Again I haven't they would curl. Regretfully he. As much as I would love to do that so I could tell you exactly what's going on but. Reports are that he's he's feeling great -- other edited everything other than that. Little twinge in his elbow. You've probably already discovered this in your time here in Boston sometimes. Stories get a little taken out of context. Sometimes. They get they get blown out Ol or or Bobby or Bobby invented invented by -- -- has been this kind of a feeling back here in Boston. This. And some resentment towards Daniel Bard. On in some type of disconnect here because a lot of people think the ball hard is resisting. Beat the team player and going into what ever role. The manager in the organization wants him to go but the what you're talking in the the stuff that I've read the quotes that you made. You really haven't asked him to do too. Anything other than to help out this week and skip the a turn in the rotation which -- five guys do. In April my misreading this. No yeah I think you're hitting it right on as usual for -- you'll discover that very quickly -- this post situations a little unusual for everywhere and it's hard to you know wrap your head around it. You know before I retired -- you know at the end of the season there is a decision made to give Daniel -- an opportunity to start when I was tired Peppers conversation I had with them. That in that conversation continued. You know we came this spring training. Wanting to have the opportunity he did well enough to get the opportunity when the season started. Started and he's pitched well. In that starting roles so to. You don't shift gears dramatically. After you had you know ten or fifteen games of the season I think is. It is Raptors. You know something other than -- nothing other than rational. And maybe even which showed signs of panic in them that's the last thing we ever wanted to do so. Daniels. Understanding what his situation is that is very. Receptive to do what's right police feel he really can. Dude contribute as best right now at this time is as a starter. As a base -- you just said their Bobby. For the rest of the season. Now let you know that's like saying that. You know my you might. And it might government is going to be aired their lead off hitter and shortstop -- -- You know -- is no way of looking into the future everyone's. In their place right now we're trying to get comfortable in this early stage of the season. In what everybody's job is what everyone's role is here and I think most guys are comfortable of course you know you mentioned the you know the bullpen situation which is still. You know he had a little luck and they wish they could just -- wave a magic wand and say. Mrs. Now exactly the way it's going to be through September but I just try to remind people that. You know the -- it close -- for the world championship Cardinals at this time last year. Was the guy who was not on the team in the middle of the seasons so you know things do have a way of work himself so. Our party lost in translation he did not dictate that he could not pitch in back to back games was that an agreement. -- all of you cause it's getting -- back here like Daniel Bard came to you and basically said. I can't go back to back games I noticed in the post game. Our interview Allen on television the other night you talked about the possibility that he could come back and pitch the next night. And yet he said he couldn't do back to back games. We discuss that that guys the end. Thought it was proper for him not to do back to back days. You know initially I thought he could -- two of the three games in hand. You know bite they'll let you know five pitches in the game and then come back and this team that would be okay but it. -- -- Obama quarter and in the coaching staff as well as Daniel. You don't pitch in that that back to back probably wasn't. Is that the prudent thing to do right now because he hasn't put it all yearlong he has not. Tried to do that in any shape form or fashion. This entire season including spring training. You mentioned your starting shortstop shortstop a few minutes ago Bobby couple stories going on with him one he's absolutely crushing the ball -- Big -- -- yesterday home run. Another look like it was a big home run got stuck to wall there. -- that's one and the thing is if bill Madden has been writing for a long time in the New York Daily News. He's written several books. Respected baseball writer in the country. What happened with the story where he comes out and says it UN and Mike had a disagreement and both of you have said. I don't know what he's talking about -- disconnect there. Why do you just can't figure that one out at me we have some pretty good writers. In the book that there had two guys who written books that are around every day and they are around every day of spring training and you know for a where they have not to have this story is and there's some guy that -- even come for the Yankees series and the story of this leave it at that. You're making some -- the other day when you said the use spilled the sodas something on -- was out of jail. But it OK because I thought maybe you were. You know yeah I thought it maybe clarify. Actually I think I did but I don't think it was a big deal. For me and I think it might -- that we had a wonderful team party. We rented out at bats pro who bill B I heard that we all game lights and all that. And I think they reached across the table once Minnesota did Villa. I'm always does it might have been -- -- -- I've but there was no team meeting after that or any in -- -- I your reaction to your reaction. Was priceless the other night and a -- gives up the long. Long fly ball to the field. I can read lips you've got to be kidding me was your reaction and as you were saying -- you already had taken three steps toward the mound. Give us a little exchange at the mount -- you certainly got Pedroia laughing. Well I just thought it was time for a little levity you know things are getting miscarried these types seem a little island. I just wanted to see if I can. You know get a smile on the faces of some of the concern. And participants and I and I guess they succeeded at that. Smile is really is nothing wrong with smiling you know and it it takes a lot of effort to let let separatist violence doesn't frown. Especially with some of these games like separatists and -- -- -- -- they're good does that in Saturday's game and there was a closed door meeting afterwards you band. I think I don't know if Larry was there or John or are both. -- what what would you say that tangible take away from that meeting was on how to turn things around. Well that we were in it to win it we're in it together in. You know when you have and when you have situations that seem to be spinning out of control you want to get to the real critical what we do root problem and then figure out. Had a corrected so we took some kind of figure out. Its impact there was. Something that needed correction and it did it did how we're going to go about. -- impacting about. I Clay Buchholz going tonight missed a good portion of last season as he heaven a trouble out here. Getting a feel for a given up a lot of home runs a lot of long balls what do you think's going on here. I think it's just the idea of not being out there and and the value and importance of every pitch that's thrown and making you know this pitched the best -- -- -- there and you know he's made some very good pitches and I think he's just let a couple get away from moment when they get away from -- They hitters have to admit things so. You know concentrated effort. One bit when that clay is ready to do tonight Hampshire. -- by the good luck tonight will look at your back at Fenway next Wednesday. Thank god has done about that I just wanted to do we sat out the clutter in the Bruins you know it's a big game seven tonight. We're all here root for -- -- get a double victory tonight. Look at it before before we let you go we should ask an obvious question what's the lineup today for the -- starts. I have not put that out yet but it will be very similar. To last night but -- Ryan Sweeney Bradley getting. The rest with the a travel day and they continue to schedule. I've Bobby see you next week -- have done -- it. Bobby Valentine right here on the big show.

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