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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the Red Sox and Carl Crawford's injury

Apr 25, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss who is to blame for the Red Sox struggles so far this season and Carl Crawford's injury with Buster Olney. Buster says Crawford is not close to coming back.

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Game seven -- its capital -- will continue the conversation but makes sense of baseball to Red Sox eleven to file a Minnesota based -- right the ship is the schedule gets easier. I wrote the schedule get easier way back for the season started Austral devious piano weekly -- give baseball -- he joins us. On the AT&T hot while we start buster with your. You're blame pie -- posted today your column because I think a lot of Red Sox fan myself included were surprised you're only gave 3% of the blame to the start for the Red Sox. The Valentine. 3% to -- cherry -- Pretty clear that you think that the previous regime and the ownership has a lot more to do with the six -- start the those guys. No question about it and -- and and keep this in mind too that they were cannon six and Dennis Dixon and I I still feel the same way that. But you know and the way that I don't that was 35% per ownership let Larry Lucchino 30% of the players. Point 9% for Theo Epstein and you mentioned 3% from -- 3% about it. Mean here's the thing on that he basically has made to. Significant move disorder he unit and one was on Andrew Bailey who got hurt and the other was on mark -- and you look at which. It said that to me would be that on the right say man when he did it I think there were concerned because. The -- history with the Yankees since. Whether or not he's going to be good that would that came. And with Bobby. NI I. -- -- over the weekend when he Likud you can see the fans are really reacting badly to that. And he certainly made mistakes I think in the waiting in the Kevin Youkilis situation I think what Dustin Pedroia said really hard and but ultimately they're probably 45 pitcher short. And that's not really on him and he was gone out there are input and guys -- relief situations and they are getting hammered. And I don't think that's necessarily on the manager that they're just -- lot of it is much quality is I think people thought there might they. Yeah I would agree with you you mean all those than the blame by agree on a percent you know -- You know you sit there one and a few things at the thought that the U coolest thing was a mistake because it's questionable moves and a bullpen that. That I brought out when you do that you of course it's everybody says are you put everything on him and you're not it's on the -- players but here's the one thing if if they were like you said. Ten in six I think people be given -- a lot more credit for turning -- surrounding getting these guys to play the right way. Totally agree with -- -- and it they do come back let's say they go on base this. In the beginning of an incredible run and they don't want to win the division -- going to be. -- the narrative is going to be the Bobby Valentine completely turned it around. That I would disagree with that in the same -- that it wouldn't give -- all the blame now I guiding it really comes down to. Let's face it what we talked about the wintertime wanted -- to this year what do sparkled through this year what did you unless you do this year. Daniel Bard at the back into the rotation I can ultimately think is the -- believe that the Red Sox for eight. Probably is in those guys he would oppose the body. The players are big part of this and of Carl -- not around maybe he won't give blame but the story today these go to see doctor James Sanders forgive me but I don't think anything good has ever come from a standards that started. And athletes don't wanna see doctor James Andrews buster. Now headed our resources this morning to basically say that it's eats eat any kind of a throw beyond flipped the ball. It is it really -- double it doesn't hurt him when he hit. It doesn't hurt him when he does other stuff but he can't throw a baseball and -- detained and that didn't at all a -- or second -- but the bottom line is that the team is constructed around David Ortiz and their line up. Financially and with the structure of the line up but he's been terrific so far this year. -- other -- you might think about putting Crawford DH but that's not an option on this team and so. It'll be interesting to see exactly what what Anderson. I know -- felt a little better. About it elbow in recent days but the bottom line -- -- he's supposed to be ready to play. And and I will have to wait and CIA certainly dominated. You know when you go and see a doctor -- but when you have pain when you can and it's hard to make any attempt to throw a baseball you know over fifteen feet. Giving it worries me easy but it to a people come off from seeing doctor -- it just goes away that's my biggest concern but. If you yeah surgery and you left wrist deny you left elbow was bothering you now are imagines throw shut down from throwing because of the wrist I'm just trying to figure out. I mean how can he possibly amp it up to the point where he does hurt his elbows this up and it was existing injury from last year. I know what I don't spring training he was throwing the when I was down in Fort Myers I don't know exactly the last day that he threw open. But who knows I mean that's one of those then two weeks remember hearing his story about Adam Wainwright last spring -- literally on one throw it -- and it's over and who knows what Carl. You know when exactly this took place in any if you add those questions I'd -- -- we wonder about the physical dominoes. We have a real problem is Iranian look at are you doing something a little different do you account for that invisibly to the double entry. Yeah -- Daniel -- here we Hugo's a notable then skip a start. He's gonna use and high leverage but he does and he's sort of been torrent the boss here I think the last couple of days woody came off as I'm not pitching back to back this is temporary and going back but. Of the Red Sox ever gone to the sky and that we want you in the bullpen and he said no. Now at this point. Now I do think in Daniel's comment this week we're kind of a shot across the -- out of this whole situation because. And let's face it he's done everything that the Red Sox invested basically since he joined the organization. And he was told. Last fall after he talked to about making the transition into the rotation. OK this do what you gotta do and he did it and he won a spot in the general manager of the team came out ten days ago. And basically indicated. Look. IE you know he's gonna remain in the rotation they lose a couple of games that he's going to manager and all of a sudden there's talk about him being moved back to the bullpen. I I do think that this is potentially problem area. And I wonder if in fact they don't on the -- and we want to do that what he's gonna say in his nearly -- say about it. He -- history they got to be careful about jerking the guy around. Ballot. Not allowing him to do. To get in a routine do -- preparation because in 2007. He was on the Burge the Red Sox thought at that time of being Rick Ankiel. -- having this thing that's going to issue a 113. Walks. The Batman and wild pitches in that hundred innings. They did extensive work with him on his delivery but they -- -- extensive work -- them. On either developing his pitching psyche that that he's talked with talked about referred to. And is a gentleman you sent me with another team a couple of days ago when you have and -- you know this is what they call it the thing. Which is that that the wildest thing that people can't explain why Rick Ankiel had a wide and he -- career. When you have it and you had it it doesn't go away it's dormant. And that's part of the reason why I think is the Red Sox look about what to do with Daniel -- They have to keep that in mind they have to have him have a peace of mind about what's going on here. It personally I think he's earned the right to start. And he's not -- moving him to the bullpen isn't gonna solve their tires fixed the problem that they need another three or 45 other pitchers. Now it three or four by -- buster only joining us but just the rolls back their -- -- you I'm sure you've seen this before when guys -- shore. What their roles going to be that's what Bob Barton the eight -- was so refreshing came in runner on third and you -- okay. You're not gonna happen close to a set -- coming clean -- appeal to do this that ankle roles are so screwed up other anyone out there early names and April. That they might yield a target to help solidified his thing in the trade market. Graham bell for the Oakland Athletics you could call them now and trade -- guide he ought to really good start he's 34 years old he pitched he -- the American League east. So he knows the division and here's something else and make some attractive he's got a four and a half million dollar option for next year. Beyond they -- four million dollars -- -- this year so that's the very affordable option right line with what relievers are being paid. And he's a guy could close which is what he's doing broken right now. You know they're probably a couple other lesser guys. But I think in terms of being able to make a deal right now to get a guy that could help you in that division and feeling really good about about forced probably the best guys. Now what does it take because you know -- Lars Anderson last year when there are going to have to Harden night. People talk about Kevin Youkilis Billy -- always like Greek god of walks will matter Brooks is to pair it up down and AAA. What what is what would it take it and would -- that we think the futures of you close your tip. Well first up I think it would take dead beat what they minded guy in other words. If your Billy Beane and that you talk about a 34 year old reliever you're not gonna be in a position to ask for someone like middle -- do. When you talk to executives without thinking about them they love them and maybe he's going to be terrific and they think you ready to be in the big leagues right now. -- -- You know after what happened last week I don't use any question in the Red Sox if they feel like they if they need to make changes because he of course his contract situation. That is clearly an upgrade option if Kevin doesn't start hitting. But I can't see Mel Brooks being the guy that the Red Sox could even consider giving up. For basically temporary -- the ball everyone here wants out now. That are to catch up that's the other week ago. And we've seen teams like Arizona rebuild their bullpen into one year -- so it can be done. Its interest eggs everyone hear the calls our show once middle Brooks up and you coolest somewhere else I don't again got rained out Sunday guys had it. You are in town for the weekend for a couple days or day busters -- -- -- credit for the opener so very general a general question then because you around the Stephens spring training you -- -- heard some things then. What you think at this club house -- this clubhouse right now in terms of weather had is that. If that's the great question the thing that really surprised me was after Saturday's debacle that basically everybody got out of dodge. Everybody -- Nolan stayed answer questions. And and I didn't think about his assessment that you know they've hit rock bottom was right on. And I I think going -- they're still going to be in the process of sorting out. What exactly -- applying for the playing for each other. In May -- just getting out of Boston was the best -- -- happen when I didn't sports and report a percent in morning died that they're probably work. Thinking back to the movie bull Durham what we need is a -- out. And that's exactly what happened but. I I'm still I still think that within that -- -- this is kind of a work in progress and. I covered body in 97 and I remember he used the beginning of that season. Basically to break on the roster to get guys out there that he didn't want on the team and to go to guy that he did want on the team and I think that's right in the middle of right. A -- Terry Francona spurt they happen to boot I think it was it was a good idea Sunday night. Real quick tonight and ultimately -- three starts but Clay Buchholz -- the keys at that point now -- at the start and maybe the next start. -- starts to be some questions to be continues to pitch the way he has. And the questions started last Saturday night doctors -- out to where that came in their big thing was. Hey how come he can't get the ball down we know that in 2010 when John Ferrell -- made him. We -- that keep the ball down pitching to contact getting to -- ground ball in the other day he could not get the ball down in the first thing that scouts wonder was. He is back Kurt is that a problem that he would -- type of physical issue. That prevent him from getting the ball down in the strike -- I know he would ask that question in Minnesota yesterday. He steady decline but that's gonna be the barometer tonight can he get the ball down in the strike down and get a few -- Buster get John as the Red Sox have got out to a bad start and I think the same thing can be said about beat the LA angels of what Mike social -- -- -- two in the big issue there. Is -- still looking for that first home run their 611. What's going all of him and how biggest concern with that team. Anxiety in this swing that's what's -- you seeing that's when they saw him with a cardinal the times when. Either the team is struggling at the guy behind him was struggling he wasn't getting pitches to hit. They thought they expanded the strike zone and that's what they think is going on right now at 69 a bad start here. Without a home run sixteen consecutive it was the -- and my question is tonight I'd look I think eventually we'll hit. But the question is what's gonna compel opposing pitchers to pitch to one. More than they have early on in the year because the guys who were batting behind him in the angels' lineup ranked 23 at a thirty came to know PS. And have only one home run to Albert eventually is gonna stop -- these that you have to strike down the question is did he ever really gonna get much. He's buster only -- on Twitter at ES buster underscore ESP NL -- work espn.com. Boston thank you so much support talking exactly what. 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