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Andy Brickley talks Game 7 Bruins and Capitals

Apr 25, 2012|

NESN's Andy Brickley joined Dennis and Callahan to discuss the NHL playoffs and preview game 7 of the Bruins and Captials.

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Our conversation -- -- Berkeley is sponsored by -- Chevrolet in rain on the first place and the last place shall ever need to shop for a new or used Chevrolet and by precision fitness equipment. -- a -- do visit precision fitness equipment dot com. -- store near you and he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT eat the morning patty how are you. -- -- in oil acuity agent that's not that big sky conference but I 200 mr. Ralph. That it can -- I wanna meet her and she's an attractive young lady Breck I'll say that and she seems to have a very good attitude which is always important -- -- Always attitude is very high on everyone's -- as far as we're concerned right. What number did you go in the draft. Our children and that would what you went into center. Did you what was it better to get drafted to attend -- B freeagent if if that someone else have gone to them. Which you've been better off. -- not drafted because I was a late -- From a walk on my freshman year what I was drafted to an all American by junior year I -- been better I was at a -- where he was never drafted him. The -- in bidding wars between he needed to -- -- for you right back a lot more money. They you have brick as as for tonight do TV analyst get butterflies. And a little more amp up for game sevens. I think that there recently retired they do that because I'd been out first on the side I don't I thoroughly enjoyed every game seven of the last 34 years with the Bruins have been involved is. I do have a slight change in my routine running game day gain seminary. It's a little bit more serious and you all the that we such that will be truly all about I see there. No no golf today. No golf. At what matters most tonight of the three following things the bruins' recent success in seven game situations -- of the -- recent failures in the same situations. Thomas of experience -- hoping he's inexperienced. Or home ice advantage of those three factors. Well. Medalist -- all that idol finalist -- honest with -- I think that in August. Issue -- -- -- -- -- because well he's an experienced the second hole he's getting most of the attention. That he's been the pinnacle. Theories are they might work to publish data quality games -- it. You know with his battalion is approach generally don't try to prove people on even though he's been. A decorated goalies in the NHL and three -- to prove it. I think is a little -- uncommitted tonight and I think that might -- bought what is high on your to do list them. Well. -- sometimes it's been over used term in the playoffs but it will to win you know you can look at all the -- -- matchup he tried again. The first broad concern elevated play of their top six especially gained six Kuwait preaching Lucci I shall in this series. -- -- are concerned. But it's all about the control your emotions you know here and you'll great -- the fear of losing your goalie hole. You have to be able to channel that fear something positive -- -- that was the experience I think that's the -- -- That little round for game seven losses three years ago two years ago and then that's regained evidently a year ago I experienced all sides. I think they have a better handle on other it'll be ocean side -- get ready for game seven and again I put that check mark the side. -- what what's on the news given what edge do you give Washington Andy what doesn't favor the Bruins tonight. The fact that they have the underdog mentality. I think there's less pressure on -- the fact that they've won twice he barked and in this series. And the expectation that this game will be no different than the first six -- low scoring one goal gave both teams play. The way they've played Washington obviously believes they have every opportunity to win -- game this -- like this series could very well be over. It would effect of the hospital with a whole bunch of I engaged. Hey we we've been discussing the officials that goes without saying in this time of year there -- always a factor do you. A couple things you think Marchand flop and do you think the call that the the hawk article was called a slash on polio and with three minutes left was that a legit call or should that should they let that slide because of the time in the game in the and it in the moment and and in the importance of that those final few moments of the game. Well first of all mark structure he embellished at times -- -- -- -- in this league doesn't make him unique atmosphere. A Washington who has leadership -- -- they're -- to that's because while. That being said what the -- -- more -- up humidity -- -- -- -- -- -- that whole lot of but now. -- party appreciating. Haven't like -- I don't think it's consistent and open its high quality. I think it's been a disadvantage football games on it and it anyway. I thought it was a bad -- call on who we -- that we built a whole lot of force on Nat slash. I guess if you technically look at it from you know by a horrible -- rules maybe slash by look you know you have to have a feel for the game and that's my biggest. Argument with the officiating today that. Not every black and white senior officials are to have an understanding of the scheme that what you really tell -- what constitutes apparently. Given the time gore the importance that. Well what about what if that if that call made on -- in the first three minutes of the game of the first three minutes of the second period. We use of the same -- -- and yeah I honestly feel that still wouldn't call it but I wouldn't on the first street there's a period anyway -- -- it expects to be that's not a area. Any are there are books on officials in the National Hockey League in other words does jewel again do -- and hunter. Have a preference as to who will officiate tonight's game what you do in the NBA. Yeah a little book it's not the literate don't black and white -- you get to know the officials you know -- tendencies you know their personalities. You know it in you know as coach -- he gave it what do you think it's gonna hurt or help or be indifferent to and that they would start game seven last year. -- Boston I don't think it was a totally in the game right. The Bruins and of one country and because you. Proletariat -- the winning side. You know one of the greatest game ever but we just look at. What you are not rooting interest in either direction -- what degree in the officials. Org where we're at nothing to do -- that they do the right things they let them play nothing get out of here. So much at stake in bachelor or accidentally. Are you aware of any official that would be really really good for the Bruins tonight or really really really bad for them. We go now though it. -- and at it and -- the Baghdad aspect question they're really tried not to pay any particular -- they're like that what that would be it good six defensemen where if I don't notice them it. And then. You talked about. Washington's may be slight edges that underdog mentality the flip side of that point in being favored. Can be expected to win out on Paper being the better team be a bit of a -- I'm guessing the penguins on the connects might tell you can work against you. You Pittsburgh Philly was almost a -- burn -- -- points during the regular season parallel on all sides by. You know the LA over Vancouver tonight opener for the Boston Bruins players because you know that this can happen in fact look at east you can. By two -- -- all leading theory right. To move on but shore. Sure the the fact that you're expected to win and I think that's the expectation -- all NHL hockey community at the -- will wait to -- it should win tonight I can be dangerous saying and know the watching that I didn't like about this or group. I'm -- back a year and a half now as they -- -- front runners when they were expected to win big in Italy very well but I think their experience a year ago. Because they're champions and what they went through it trying this year should help. Do you think gosh are important placed -- -- do you think do you think he should brick. I would like to see him in the lineup. I understand the difficulty of that decision. When you look at short or would you watch it on your knee and -- much of versatility that he give you. I think will be the ultimate deciding factor meeting if you have a couple players say Patrice Bergeron and not a 100% -- If you get situation or get little banged up at the assumption that you need to have players you can slot in the slide is. Well make up different combinations with some versatility that allowed you to keep the rhythm of the game keep the momentum where -- -- it. And I actually leave -- wrought in the arise as a coaching staff gives them a little bit more versatility and four. Because what what -- sharp four straight to our -- we won't see that kind of a hockey game. I hate to say that because I like for the like his leadership can be so much to this team and emotional. Element of you know what it takes to litigate. Are hoping to -- lineup but I would be surprised -- -- I and -- Alexander Ovechkin makes ten million bucks a year he's the captain he's the star on that team do you give hunter credit for not. Playing them as much as some vets can would like to play for taken them off the ice when they have a -- and -- guys out there were little more. Committed to defense even though collections unhappy about it is that a gutsy move on -- -- I don't know what her future is in Washington. You know I've read stories and talk to people where he just wanted birdies and finished your school's code execute -- If that's the case he has nothing to lose aspires to in public placed right -- and -- -- -- -- but I appreciate -- admire any coach. In any professional sports that has the ability. And fortitude because of it and not allow the tail to wag the dog. Sure I -- -- Can look at -- -- -- that makes. Wait -- money and I do you have the ability to use sit down and on that dictate how much. You would you do that -- would you agree with that does it make sense does I mean obviously obviously he's nasty skill these tough -- strong. If he's not out there is that in an indictment on his effort. He turned the puck overeat takes chances -- he's the ultimate game breaker is these fifty goal there is right near the wire. What -- need my best chance to beat the Boston Bruins. They've proven you have to play at a certain way in order to beat them. And it doesn't play all that straight you try to put it in situations. -- the talks going in the -- directional faceoff in the offensive so. Or you're down by apple -- Europe vocal in the third period. And you don't want him on the ice because people liability absolutely he's got to have limited expert Rick. We all expected to be yet again a grinder and a one goal game I suppose discipline and penalties on special teams play a large role in the comes out with a win tonight. Absolutely and effect of the -- to score I'll play goal the last two games so at least take some of -- negative focus off the broad Powell play. You can still get onto what you go to the up its own but the fact that they got. I'll play lord gave five despite a lot bigger I'll play -- game six that I felt so weird. I think that. It's a big bonus for the players that played in the prepared for the Bruins the -- recruitment. Has urged Iran's. Injury whatever it may be limit options and limit their ability to be what they need to be out there. Are there hurt a little bit but again the balance in the depth at they have the percent of positions. You know he's going to put heavily in that slide up is is. You know. Winning streaks -- one more than he lost in game six we get Kelly you -- -- quote any kind of the potential faceoff is at least two sentiment on the ice and they don't make -- change what they were the the adults in the neutral zone so -- -- huge value on that. I think it's really. The only area that -- to Bergeron has not taken drugs are watched minute one on one battles you get into as many. Because of what's going on with it physically right he probably would. In game six already pretty stored in leverage and body position and what you share that also what he says he's ready to go out completely open it to him. Approach you have options because of their depth and versatility. Ever prior to a game seven how players and coaches balanced the need to be intense and as you said you know of the 5050 plays an end and work harder and move your feet vs being relaxed and loose enough to play the game you're able to play it in a natural kind of way. -- players scared them look at their coats and see their coach's confidence level and their relaxed. Attitude. Spirit tent city. You know -- that based panelists. On the confidence. If you have all that -- -- -- he coached. Now you leadership group. Eight they take back in the middle of the road so look -- you know the captain Chara and Bergeron and you guys that that you look at these leaders like Kelly. Like -- Plus the group that's been through it been together they've been through retention and splash here in in an -- the coaching staff that relaxed confidence. I don't -- salt on the team be routine. -- -- all business we expect to win what -- but it's such a -- works its way through for the leisure group and it works its way it'll walk around. And you go through you to do Indy reaching you don't deviate. Its totally prepared for what's gonna happen -- -- I I know you like and the bruins' chances I mean why would you and all signs point to the Bruins advancing here do you think we'll see the seventh. One goal game of the series -- Gary ghetto and you know maybe there's an open that are you know. To make an actual look different to the end but yeah I expect very much what we sought through the first six games. It's the same feeling go to the Montreal in last year saints are terrible at the epic in last year. I have a different feel to go to the vehicle we gave -- but the road to win by at least two maybe three units in -- vehicle because what I saw from the Vancouver Canucks. I'm not seeing live from Washington where there is any kind of quickness they have a lot of believability. And it's alphabetical -- in the game -- all expect -- Very much what we sought to the first. But a question brick and it's our crystal ball time goaltenders aside who do you predict will be the number one star of the game. A model put you on the spot here are right. Wow great note this Seidenberg. Will that particular -- can out of -- out of commission here is that. You know we will get it over aggregate fixed you know everybody in the media that's a scramble around get ready for a capital which I went. You know we had that full load free game winners and I was a little disappointed some of the Boston media will pick watching capital. And. It happens it'll it'll be fun to watch it would it be fun to watch play out the hybrid will be paying attention thanks for the title talk -- down the road. Every record -- Santelli -- on AT&T not like AT&T four GL TD's Roxio. By McGee Chevrolet in rate in the first place the last -- ever need. Shop for a new or used Chevrolet and by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do this that precision fitness equipment dot com for store near you.

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