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Marquis Daniels with Grande & Max after the win over the Heat

Apr 24, 2012|

Grande & Max talked to the Celtics veteran, who scored 13 points off the bench in the win.

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My job vacuum in the final night of the season with her home court advantage of the Boston Atlanta for drop series 7866 the final Celtics. Beat the Miami Heat and Marquis Daniels best games of the season have been the last two he joins us from the celtics' locker room. The fact that he unduly about this topic in those fascinates me because -- -- writes about it. It's not necessarily sexy but being a professional being ready to play how hard is it not known numbers -- We call. And so we -- plans to -- like yourself have mentioned radio me. They are for you this would come in working harder today stand -- you have to come here and especially grateful when every time like this come engine. What they do look at this team right now just on the ballot through all the injuries what -- we've always known you've always known that the pro. When you are ready yet known for his voice to be called so are you ready right now the playoff Marlon. Very. With this which I think I with great. And have no way it -- come. Of course -- for whatever reason maybe. I'll watch with the fact the point sometimes you have you become like the teachers to some of these younger players I mean you'd you'd get all the ball these the different ways you like you're the mayor in the back of that though playing -- top of the bugle players what we've talked about life. You know just tell me what to do what not to do you know thrown into it so by profession. Thank you so you gotta come in making its extra work you about that you planned an idea of making X rated. You know knowing them confidently up well with what they give me a sandwich road. Not all out -- hard on my -- dedicates the at all. Maria let him under an educated on music that -- why don't we go right to market access the first place to go your -- team. Two years ago they had terrible finish the season and as a result. You really know expectations going into the playoffs and everyone knows how it works out going to game seven of the finals you feel better about this team the way they're playing now. The team two years ago and ended up almost went in the hole when I was -- -- -- right our nose at the right you know this record one. It to strike going to a nothing -- It's our way into it and hope you know keep it going team room. I -- we enjoy I know would have been funny you know sergeant up on TNT tonight you got stuck with us food and a chance we you know we appreciated and that's -- -- that -- we got. That's a button are Markey thanks there.

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