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Mikey is worried about all three Boston teams

Apr 24, 2012|

The Red Sox have had a lurching start in the early season, the Bruins are going into a do-or-die game 7 against the Capitals tomorrow and the NBA playoffs are looming, Mikey gives his Celtics playoff prediction also.

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I hope this text design is inaccurate John -- -- -- sets it. It says -- -- world peace will be on Conan. Tonight for what nutter must be repeat. Has to be repeated -- what area unless he's gonna walk in apologize. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Starting notes at all you'd just say you know what you'd done -- a thug and who would who would argue with that he does anyone in the NBA by the way have more. On the court. And off the court issues especially on the court will then Ron Dennis does anyone know -- ago I mean I hear -- it's hard to imagine it and it just nevermind the memorable. Nature both of his. Most important moments. You know -- of the brawl and the and the noble and those two things like that the sandwich him between his -- stupid stuff he's done over the years and millions. Pulling Paul here's pants down he's not very but it is just complete piece of crap and I don't know why -- the in the league -- who would purge ourselves of the lakers monitor -- be great he was he was evident tremendous the last say month and a half really played well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Europe. Or somewhere where they fall you will want is that gonna. I got to look at his contract situation but eventually he'll be playing overseas he's got a lot of nerve to go up -- -- guys on peace crap out. Okay now we're here finally it's taken why we're finally here congregated together as Red Sox fans most of those. Not so much writer and what they really talking about now Hekerob but -- are. I had I Jack how we used to be a yankees been I've been a reds and I was surprised when I was sixteen all I thought was -- -- -- when I was six. You estimates Mars picture of me well or you know I grew up right away when I was six Mickey Mantle Roger Maris no don't look. This is makes sense if I was I grew up in Connecticut and the -- I mean his possibility but I grew up in Massachusetts -- like three months to get rid of that and it's only because at some other people moved the united to neighborhood told me that the that the Red Sox despite the fact they suspect in a better -- -- Make sure you know there are no but there's no I think summits -- this is known in the literary community. Who would be -- -- compared to respect for not showing shown his right off the -- yankees -- first place in my knock it. -- have a tremendous stars. His season. And guys are good for them but guess what how many times the Red Sox beat in first place this early in the season in the Yankee fans always said the exact same thing. Doctor mid September. -- to judge anything by what's going on right now. And now you can't you know what protection three games up on last year's pace. OK I was last year's pay toilet at last year's pace that's the most recent body of work we have to go by. They also were what five -- The five -- -- question that too intent of the three games and that is if they keep up that they do exactly what he did last year starting now. They'll be the play house. Only problem is better teams the American League this year. Yeah the American League has some power there's no question about it the tigers are good things any doubt about that the angels haven't shown me much and avid. I'm not yet but there and the and the Yankees are always going to be some of the content with him that we know it's assembled players but I'm just. I'm boy he did. Not oil can not BO YD -- the UOYEIG. Lehman I'm boy wade did. I avoid I I was I was bullied but we'd with a -- or so police you know it is David Bowie and -- that David Bolling Jim Bowie devoid it. -- talk about some Red Sox baseball tonight also Europe your thoughts on what I've made a prediction boldly last night at the not only would the Boston Bruins win game seven but that they would go want to win Stanley Cup -- People make fun recent times it's -- when you make bold predictions John. And I'm talking balls people are not just like you know this could happen is -- not a eagle on Libby said this is going to happen. That you're gonna be wrong sometimes like me with a bowl prediction last year when the Bruins were in the second round of the playoffs and I said to win the that's not that -- -- and a -- because everyone at thirty Nat what was it 39 that is that's not as bald as what I'm saying right now. They're gonna win this year. No I think it's more bold thing last year in the second round no I don't think so because last year -- team -- destiny this year they're gonna have the right for every square originally -- that they play. Yeah now okay -- -- do you think it was -- I think I do mobile. Because this year's team clearly it's not to Thomas is not playing the same level question to rest and as a back up. In case anything does go on they're missing there's some players. You know who were part of the attack last year I'd just -- I do get an extremely positive feeling of news team and I towards a wide -- on. The playoff experience that they had last year and -- everybody shall the world -- topic can be in any situation and this year. If right now he's tough close games they're tough they're just appointed. Square ramblin' rams shackled and there's other team built -- the -- their physical but I don't think they make it to the Stanley Cup this year and I also have the bowl prediction I've made this on the -- and I'll make it again. Anybody wants to differentiate these opinions are welcome to excellence of -- haven't have a 950 that's that goes for any planet -- But the Celtics will definitely make the finals. The NBA eastern finals. That's and I'm not gonna go any further than that -- -- -- people think I'm nuts so are you gonna have winning the Easter when they're gonna go to the east 5 eastern -- yes and the Red Sox are going to the at least the world's whales are at least. But the revolution. Don't have any idea. But either way though it is setting up some -- -- -- birds depending aren't yet Philadelphia has its issues especially in that you get the Rangers plan to game seven. Right which know what they don't have that yet. Ottawa ball pit area but -- -- -- out -- -- I was gonna try to be open throttle which are based on the way -- -- handled him of late night while the Rangers are better team of the way the Rangers have been of the burlesque artist would Lundqvist and that's right double -- 617779588852. Fives you rate fifty it was last year more boldly to predict a 103 wins it. -- -- back to 98. I use your -- should -- you know I tweeted last -- to you John Ryan I notice you're always going after me until now that I -- -- and asked -- just mentioning some stuff we've talked -- -- said Cody -- 120 -- this year you -- down. That I don't I remember you did say that he's got how many are ready. How many he has not so easily needs nineteen more home -- it as a kid just like. Avenue -- you also told me timbers resorts were argued -- news service would save forty hepatitis -- -- that response I sticks are Betsy curricula that can't happen come out the red sex or winning -- 103 disservice forty plus first ball I don't think -- -- us -- 98 not a 103 well that's going to be ninety ran a mom always keep -- at our own age 93 to go. I hope you're right on both those accounts and hope you're right on both those but I I don't think -- seven is gonna last the season as the -- -- nothing's gonna happen well I think he will. And I think that what we've seen from himself party out of a couple of bad moment but guess what they're -- a dozen bad moments and his team would every pitcher on the -- to which pitcher you picked. When you pick Lester or Beckett given up the five home runs or or you know won the it would happen the other day with Buchholz going out there and get net you know I think -- respite the best pitcher. I personally -- You could say that no that's you could argue that -- you want to just -- has been the hitter -- I'd say Beckett maybe had a terrible for a -- -- judges last two starts bulls who have -- but what they did last -- was they got back to a little bit of the basic stuff you know the you've missed the start by party move them back -- -- back rotation which -- pointed making -- readily accessible in the bullpen. April -- last night he does kind of what you thought who's gonna do we go. Situation on very few pitches and then here comes -- service for the sake just like that nice tight little package all wrapped. And I am beginning to pull back. On this whole Bobby Valentine trashing thing until I really get a better feel. For how much of it is really his fault I mean we asked that to the radio listening audience. And only that the popular thing to -- the easy thing to do. Is to say I blew that decision -- reboot that decision book and -- you say that running manager of the decisions don't work properly. Francona had decisions he made it work out properly also. Is it a little bit early to just. Flat out constantly and consecutive league crap on Valentine's blame and point the finger at him when he doesn't have. His center fielder he doesn't have his left fielder is closer. Got injured I mean you've got injuries -- would have. Although over the ballpark -- God's honest look at I've. And set -- I don't know how much -- percentage went 15% maybe for Bobby Valentine. Put it somewhere on the maybe -- -- an analog number about I'd say like twelve and a half percent. So. I I I put it somewhere around there. -- to get some drama in the clubhouse and some other things yeah I much of it as part that's new manager new general manager some new players it's all about losing and all that stuff that'll happen naturally that's when the -- come to the surface the -- this team was set up. This problem that does not and it it was him and the way the players are performing. Especially the pitchers that hasn't you know. Been completely is from the store and I could do it out of the bullpen. Well last year the guy techsters reminding me the recession not threes and last year there were five intent after fifteen games they're on pace but. They were to win ten and so they won three in a row since and I guess -- did the -- -- right to be honest with you washed all the members. Your way. All right 885250. Defeated Texas -- time you want to on this shortened planet Mikey show it to about seven same as last -- -- have a Sony seven point five. 745. Will go to pregame on Minnesota added that the yeah. It's called target field there you know my two year old whose -- Already affected by advertising logos used much in the game last night in little will walks in the room two years ago. Just turn to. Because look points TV target yet. Like fruit cup from my wife taken to this right yeah all that's a recognizable logo right -- -- I mean two years -- I know well in -- one. Those ad agencies while the midst -- yet well that is if they're listening that's what happened. Let's take a call before we take a break -- flash and all that let's go to gym and a car and your calls welcome here on the planet my Easter as per usual Jim. Mike what -- our John -- who else would you figure was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Red Sox. Are in or. By -- he fired. And I. Thought normally agree at all at all are great but. Part of it at. -- And that sort of error. All -- are correct act will. -- -- -- -- -- Buyer and managers. Are -- -- literally kissed awkward just before dinner -- I called mr. Annan. Over Japan but. Okay but -- think he realized the difference between Japanese Baseball American. Proffer or bad girls. Billion dollar air -- Chips that. I never want to serve that up or wait out a few Digg is Bobby Valentine's -- Yeah absolutely. I accommodation. You've got a buyer for specials or. Special tools are your number four -- you're all okay. So so and ask your question is so if Derek -- off to the hottest start of his career for eleven batting average second the American League. And David Ortiz sitting for 41. What what's Bobby Valentine's motivational problem -- David Ortiz. While they are our immigration yet our contract next year. Roll them wise Youkilis struggling. He has club option on his contract. I just that they pitcher I mean. I thought I'd. It's not our -- I don't I would simply use sound like you want though June. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I support that April 13 I was epic game or at eight in court. And Beckett pitched by -- water today. -- happening. Back it is. I think all eight. 88. -- aren't -- you know right. Seven million dollars. For sure next year's the barrel -- oh rob Bartlett. Well you're right I mean there are people that are effective that way once they get they get a little complacent you don't get fat -- immediately contradicted there are people like that there's no question about that. But you know maybe there's other things that can motivate Beckett you know he's got a little kid maybe wants it. You know make too -- router or -- -- you know I mean I'm Laura what's inside his head and I -- Green there of people like the ones you described but I can't Begin to fake. That that people like Pedroia yeah. Or or Ortiz are not gonna be motivated by just the -- date thing that they go out there and do and you think that. That dead Ellsbury coming back is -- gonna help the team you don't think that -- -- what's gonna -- more better than he is now oh well let's hope -- CL is when I think you belong with the writer in the negative Nancy category Jim. All right but I believe I believe that topic I brought this little. Braveheart and now operate I really you -- right. -- They could wind up finals. Altogether is keep the refs out of the final score decision making process and each of these games I think the that's Jim of the car everybody and that you know what. People say oh well and I get this over time to get it on Twitter account and Mikey -- victory EI people sent. Your homer this. When -- when I talk to you about the Celtics being able to win and I'm looking at the personnel involved coached it's on the team. One of the top three point guards in the NBA. Three hall of famers on the court at any given time the development of Avery Bradley. Even steam smoke blocking shots and thrown his body around. I'll look at a team that I think has the personnel. To go to the wire with anyone of these teams. And that's what I basing it on it's not a home -- it's just common sense. Now -- I want the way dallas' -- a true fan yes of course. But I might just throw this crap out there are no matter who's out there now I'm seen some good things this team. A peek at the right time they rest these players are going to playoffs they kicked a -- and takes him names and go at least to the Eastern Conference finals maybe via. I will guarantee this. If they win the championship this year. I will not only dye my hair Green. But I will -- my eyebrows. Everybody here the whole bar have a heck of a lot of happiness on the come. Yeah it's real hairy dude -- -- from wearing a sweater -- like Robin Williams. We -- take a break here -- he's so here receives the bottom of -- feed my kid him about it.

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