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It Is What It Is Cast: Looking at the quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft

Apr 24, 2012|

In the latest edition of the "It Is What It Is" podcast, Christopher Price and former NFL quarterback Brian St. Pierre take a look at the quarterbacks who will be drafted this week, with a specific eye on Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Price and St. Pierre also examine the other quarterbacks in the draft, including Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden. St. Pierre also gives his take on the Patriots quarterbacks, including whether or not Brian Hoyer is a better prospect than Matt Cassel and what the endgame might be for Ryan Mallett.

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-- are you ready for some football football. Is what it means yeah. -- -- -- He is what you need is -- Christopher price. WB. Feel. Hello again everyone welcome to another edition of the it is what it is podcast. This week we are talking to former NFL quarterback Brian seen here about quarterbacking play. In the NFL draft with a specific focus. On RG three and he -- Brian I really appreciate you joining us thanks for joining us. -- tell -- out -- really excited do it. All right let's let's get after this your first of all obviously the big names in this year's draft. RG three Andrew Luck these the most compelling story lines do we have in this year's draft what you see. A guy who's played the game the highest level both or what do you see from these guys did really stands out for you. Well get a real I like them both an awful lot. Is -- a lot of comparisons of this being but I rise in crime we -- -- -- Per cup the popular well I don't see it that way I think these policies and play at a higher level in the NFL. I think Andrew -- number one overall because -- is that it protects. As you know prayers or you're done. Kind of felt coaches Jim they've put a lot of stock in what they know what they see on film and the last question marks you have been a prospect the better they feel approach. I just don't see a lot of holes and Andrew Luck and RG treat them perfect you know a lot of problem or just don't think she's. Quite as -- a particular Andrew. One of the scarcity talked to in this pre draft process told needed Andrew Luck is probably be most pro already quarterback he has seen since Pete meeting is that a fair assessment. Yeah I think that's one of the biggest -- that it. The coroner Andrew look he's done everything that you adaptor that NFL quarterback to do is done not coach global. Doesn't mean that. You know it can translate that to Vienna -- -- level you know what for gently you can call it the hope is that there. That you've seen everything on film and you adapt from -- kind of folk or repair. -- operator in the pro off granted that you know Harlow -- under center and Dunn struck down on two minute drill is done no huddle but it also. No operator in the traditional side. And and the biggest thing with Andrew Luck -- you are surrounded with all world talent. And I think back to a guy like Matt Leinart or put our own Jack coming out here than it -- top ten quarterback. He had match up. Com advantages all over the field consisting which has so much better than can't that they report -- reluctant have -- -- was very good if you -- promote it how out. I think as you see that in the GM -- coach Rick penises and I think throughout that makes you feel that much better about acute. When you look at Andrew Luck you can clearly see a guy who's going to be a really good quarterback of the National Football League level like we said he's. One of the more pro rated quarterbacks we've seen in the last twenty years. He come from me you know that dubbed the bloodline it is you know an independent if a port America's problems -- a folk Cordoba key group and the culture of the game -- you look at a guy like RG three. You look at his background and you look at his talent level. -- restricts music guy who would be very special player could be a transcendent player. If he gets in the right situation because the -- coaches around and defeated the retailer of. I agree accurate -- -- extremely unique talent. How many quarterbacks you see weather widget. Possess would it tracks the mean it's it's all about Erdogan have. Is arm is special news -- to -- delivery. Very tight accurately as he has great strike that I think yeah. -- Iran and Angela and I think it's upside potentially is great and Angela. That a few more old and his game -- aren't maybe not all but unknown but you don't outlook. You talked about luck being a guy who is not surrounded by rolled class talent. You look at both of their college careers in their strikingly similar in that they would be we're not. Surrounded by a world class guys but they were able to lift their team up. They were able put their team on their back in me today -- team better than probably -- -- -- it really was a tell and we -- -- reported a position. But but both of those guys possess that you need to know where they -- to lift their own team up and make their own team better. And -- and what are you really want under -- you wanna -- -- -- the people around him better and netware and both these guys off the charts. Partly through prepare on the map when -- -- herbal Baylor. And now it's in our air about it they're very successful and so I think both these guys have huge future and a -- local -- There's very few negatives to you don't wanna do you know other people in the colts are very happy. It's so hard to value we quarterback play at the college level in trying to figure out whether or not it's going to translate. To the next level to the National Football League. Why is that -- -- teams struggle with that because for every Tom Brady for every sixth round pick who goes on to be an NFL MVP. You know you you get guys who you know who flame out its first round guys you know who. Who who can't figure out the game who can understand the game who can't make their transition to the next level why is it's so hard. For teams to evaluate quarterback play. You're right it is hard for this and drew loud and there's some order I don't have concrete answers for and all of us. The NFL player is exponentially faster on the coach here. Windows. What books open too close to a lot quicker and you know -- It's a mental aspect what you deal where. It's from the media visits Moore -- Bartlett -- some guys just can't handle over. The pressure of walking into an NFL Ottawa doctrine that you met have been growing up watching are looking at you. Where you were called -- yet another guy and on the same that it is that the law. But a lot of pressure -- stress on the position. And it's it's -- man's game at a level you have to put the time and I don't know about it. College quarterback you that they think they study. You don't you know -- in college story need to but he had a failure not put any amount of time and -- you have due to be such as well I think that's where people. Missed a lot of that talk great help promise -- the first cannot go in Alaska believe nobody works -- -- active. It is a vote just spoke houses so we will work that. Statement saying where all the great. That work and I just don't think. It's coming out called to realize that much position it. What's going to be the biggest surprise that these guys face at the next levels are going to be the speed of the game is going to be to study you mentioned is a going to be engines just the general transition. From from playing their game to really being in the being part of -- business. I think it's it's all the above. You know your door ministry elaborate but now. And it -- our scholarship now you can get cut our current number one pick number two pick overall and grab a rock and southern at times last year really really. -- JaMarcus Russell but you know. These guys are gonna do well but -- it's your livelihood now that's -- have to be your primarily primary focus on and on there are other things that. There's stuff that are important like that have to -- topped analysts'. And I think both because recognize. People are correct -- counselor to completely asleep at. It is a faster and has played by -- there all you know playing for jobs and wives their livelihood so it's. Not a winner take all high stakes and that's competitors such that you love about it and if you are compatible options if you shied away from that you can't succeed. What was the biggest surprise for you win in your part of the transition from a college team with a pro game. Just it's just for spewed into being around the established veteran player drafted by Pittsburgh and there were very. Very veteran group Jerome you know my first handoff and -- -- Jerome -- -- direct reports and before -- was high school. So there's a little bit -- off after the epic over. And you're watching now are how it worked out and apply themselves for the task at hand and in an apartment so so -- crap but this is what they knew this is what they chose to do what they're like it's extremely important. Going back to evaluation process there is a theory out there than ever written about a couple of times it's called the rule of 262760. And it says that a college quarterback is going to be able to succeed in the National Football League if -- get at least a 26 on the one -- Have 27 at least 27 college starred two under their belt. -- have completed at least 60% of their passes in college do you subscribe to that there at all. And I've never heard the theory but I would probably. Put him stalking of that I don't know I would. Put a 100% actually think that there -- but I think that's a good start. I'm not a huge wonder what -- even record it's not. Not a huge part of what I believe should be part of the evaluation process. Inaccuracies. I can just being number or sometime political these guys the top guards are accurate. I don't albeit proliferation of spread offenses in college football and -- come -- up some artificial heart so I guess that probably wouldn't. Subscribe to that series. -- -- rule but it there's a good start. No we're not looking at just locked him Griffin here in this draft there's a third -- is there's a bunch and into the budget college quarterbacks out there. But there's a third name that has drawn the attention of some other guys in the top level of the first round that trying to you know. Out of Texas -- them is he the kind of guy who might be able to be a bit of a sleeper here in kind of ball into a really good situation at least for me on the surface the place that would seem to feed him the best. Is Miami because Miami has his old college coach Mike Sherman. As their new offensive coordinator do you see an ideal landing spot for Valentino first of all what you think of him. In the second of all do you see an ideal leaning spot for him is he first round got. Well it certainly think pioneer spirit it's far from seeing it is -- -- -- -- and throw it out via a front court and not being and so that's it's going to be over drafted I don't think he's the first round. And part of it's not so much power related. It's been lately that there is this -- unity yet so to push a third guy into the restaurant and it's kind of -- over draft like a Christian Ponder that last year. He's only started in Europe are where we already know -- vehicles and starts seventeenth start but you. Mentioned in your -- that would. There's just not a lot to look at it. Not a big enough ample natural immunity discussion be top ten pick -- top -- -- that doesn't Mitterrand for picking up. I think maybe further down -- around Miami -- around particularly that would -- -- Better for air less pressure you protected without shifting your surrounding your Rancho Mirage and opening round up a lot of pressure. It's not. -- sure fire power and somebody you feel very very strongly with some American suspects here during the original you know quite a bit. So. I have my question marks about -- -- a good player he is not up sixteen I only know first round. And I just. -- in the album I think what Miami does that they will tell you a lot you know my chairman after the bottom. And it and I think a lot of people in the past it all. Into the twenties you know back into the virtual. One of my most intriguing story -- what -- my -- guys wanna -- do really. For me a story that did grabs me. Going into this draft is bringing in Sweden the quarterback of Oklahoma State an older guy. Where do you see him fitting he's cutting you know kind of unique situation played Minor League Baseball then came back to the college game. It is a guy in his late twenties now looking to start a career in the NFL. It's urgent situation. You know very reminiscent -- within a couple of years ago. I like them in the Werner Mueller didn't -- an Oklahoma State Newton did a lot of good -- on the recruiting are really into an echo structural so and luck in the bowl games so it's got a pretty good of them. Come wary of draft in them too hard when you're gonna turn 29 in the fault in the city. Third fourth round -- work around them but I wouldn't drop -- before that just based on a page. It's going to be and an adjustment no matter how old are young you are common in the NFL I don't think you and I felt ready that's going to be successful they want. And I are talking about 3031 neural chip or really ready to play and a well. I just couldn't. You don't hire high draft pick articulate that I like it talent like to make up just the ages in the fact. When it comes to the patriots they are obviously very well sets at the quarterback position Tom rated have a backup and Brian or it was restricted free agent. That -- ending -- bringing back here but also the third string quarterback Tim Ryan mallet a young guys who I think is an intriguing guy and a lot of levels. What do you see the ultimate in game being for Ryan -- here in New England do you see him. As an eventual heir to Tom Brady or do you see him as a guide that they could use as. -- beat down the road -- where do you see him ending up really in his at a poker. Actually it's still an open book -- Patrick New England dropped it and what the idea that it was pretty good value and third round army did some decent thing that preceded and -- and another great job the development have backups aren't taught and that you know that's been document -- -- now Brian -- when he played in pursuit of the itemized. What do you think about an -- I mean is is is -- guy yeah Hoya I mean -- what because -- -- there's there's been a lot of debate at least amongst us in the press that that Hoyer right now. Might be better than Cassel was at the same stage of his development. Brian in order to much more polished player. I would develop of course. Thank. -- council candidates really. A tough situation better have the same time it came in this situation very very talented team. But you know he deserves credit for what he -- that you're I don't think he's booted that he was you're I think that's kind of pointed out city right now. Brian Hoyer. And its critical with a bit more polished player -- America -- put it much more collagen. A lot more starts under -- belt and that capsule that so. I don't prediction this product. They're gonna a lot of people that look the actor Russell. And that the government report with Bryant or didn't see much either way -- -- -- the pitchers the court that this system that. He's not a -- currently. Not certain you religion but I think that's how some people might fuel but it. He just is to keep doing what he's done which is no limit opportunities -- he put it well almost that retired. He continue to do that somebody's got to watch this week whether the patriots are some real treated so did you get it to keep on the track or. Over the years the patriots have like we said have been pretty well settled the last decade or so the quarterback position with Tom -- but they do one thing I think that. A front really intriguing me bring in a quarterback every year whether to an undrafted free agent whether to wait rendered even amid -- guy. Like Ryan -- last year what do you think about that process of bringing in a young guy even just for a reps during training -- to kind of keep. You'll have two of them you know the guys higher up on the bid the depth chart fresh. They're not thrown as many balls and what do you think about the idea of bringing in a quarterback every single I'm a subscriber to the idea that did you need to bring in. Someone every single year at the very least just to kick the tires up. Are absolutely agree or does that not kind of Iran wolf what it is currently in although backups. I'm Brooke army and end up becoming starters and players roughly. There's no reason not to it and you can get a quality players. Late in the draft -- -- -- -- treated it that position because the position is so hard to evaluate. You see that so many current and a starter knowing what a perfect example of that they elect so. And I think they -- admit. -- -- pick them up a 190 ninth pick in the draft. It's -- higher. No. Do you find guys if you feel strongly am not about to kind no matter where it is in the draft bring America. There's no harm there's no real risk incurring and then -- -- -- and develop. And work from the work even if you did you know you can trade him for something or are written developed into our and our long term back -- your that's valuables so. I agree if you completely -- percent that should all agree on an -- Brian last question from me what's this army your light. For a college prospect I imagine it's nerve racking -- exciting all at the same time there's a bunch of emotions especially the week before the draft. Upper crust while Myers Susan -- -- clear couple they're not the person's Motor City Bowl. It was the longest. Four months of my life. I went right from there are true or false start there are trying to. And Telecom bar and -- -- I mean if you want to my training in Louisiana for the Carmine once -- mine came home. And I have my personal workout with a couple in the Boston College. And it just seemed like every day you. To try not to read this stuff and trying vocalists on the but to do and anyone -- absolutely -- -- line -- reading about you wanna know people learn about sugar one current. There's a lot of questions and not a lot of energy and elect and you're just so anxious to know. We're maybe going with the next move in life and he works so hard to get to this point just what happened it. It was a snail's pace and those four months so up and even. Now onto our weather going to be. You know person -- I was typing a third round area and once the third round started to interpret them for a round by Pittsburgh you lose. Someone or hurt -- in my life just so nervous and this. So caught up can Wear my -- -- mud on January in my and it throughout the it's a tough process. It's so exciting. It was country come true when it happened and if you are fortunate to be able. Draft about it currently it you wouldn't you know well. It's a greatly yeah it's been a leader in the world my anger out fortunate. Brian I really appreciate you -- time to join us take care. -- -- --

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