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Aaron Cook, Paw Sox P, on his future with the Red Sox

Apr 24, 2012|

Cook discusses his May 1st opt out clause and his future with Red Sox with Mut and Lou. He also talks about if he would like to come out of the bullpen or remain a starter.

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But it'll oh not 37 WE yeah I Red Sox winning last night they had a lot of interest at Red Sox fans -- Pataki double header. Eric cook -- complete game 93 pitches. While Agassi -- at a 133 and a three you know start. Over Colorado Rockies -- up but the talk -- cup joining us on the ATP hotline Aaron -- -- Lou here in Boston -- you. -- good target appreciate taken a few minutes he got out to a great start with. -- how is your health I wondered is -- The last couple years for you how important is that try to keep that that's sinker ball about how your arm feels this time year. Very important and not multitude of really good start and help this latest huge key in -- It would go out there are concerned and external worry more -- -- -- and sinker down. And growth -- can speak for themselves are now. Right Navarro said last night that you're velocity was even up is that just something at this time of year and I got a few starts and you -- you feel strong. Yet that was so strong you know -- silica. I'm not battling and it -- nagging injuries -- could not abruptly come not broken finger. And that's selector to come out -- the stronger start to see a lot he picked up I think. And that 92 couples -- last night so that's really urgent Farina for the fact that act or. But for the fact that I can -- sustained throughout the game veritable war war because they are perhaps some extra velocity. -- DC united -- is encouraging when you're really going well and you feel like your your best is that. About the top of that philosophy. Velocity excuse me is that where you want to be at this point. It its its work feel like -- should be right now you know well as I get stronger and not -- -- -- -- Baseball season behind two years -- don't know what that toppled the for this year but it is longer -- -- grumble well. I -- sitting go deep into games. Pretty much what a goal of not as much or earlier. Well aren't that whether got to stop that ball to the ground that currently in the bought into the wall that. That's something -- to go back and look at it closer. Big league staff is not off to a good start here have been somewhat inconsistent to say the least. You have that -- may first opt out date -- have there been any discussions in your frame of mind is that something that that you're looking toward to be thought about that yet. It's always in the back of your mind that that's just something -- You know I'm you know keep control until comes down to my first so as of -- -- -- -- -- here important do what I can do it -- Turkey won my next start. Or their first conquered it might have a discussion about what score on the I haven't got -- Gloria. Now last year. They've Millwood down to -- away and you actually extended that deadline a little bit is that something that you consider -- look at pitching in the major leagues you feel -- been a big leagues. And I'm I'm you know I have the may first opt out than -- plastic rattled or gravity and first. -- a little extra bonus so armed you know there there's and there's another buyout Boehner. Armed billion there so I don't know how much discussion there'd be you know I just I feel like and helping us sort out but what I need to do. And hopefully it will get Obama first. At this stage what you've done already this year and come back and feeling strong as it. You view yourself as a starter is there any chance he could see yourself in a bullpen. -- -- -- -- -- -- starter but it it's doubled in the past. Product 4050 -- its improbable and so. It that was something that on the non interest being put saint. Teens have expert in the unique. More valuable as a starter but for me the way targets for critical -- -- -- Aired aside here and what beginning of the year January ninth is a freeagent what was the process like me -- your tire career of Colorado in that National League. It terms ending up here with the Red Sox was there a lot of competition what's wager one way or the other Tenet to go all the Red Sox. Lose the opportunity that they were. -- that was up there and any this'll couple struggles. He didn't know it so what they're gonna do with you guys. Are. -- have a long history with the pitching coach important security appliance in your group who elsewhere. -- got -- and went -- the and so. Per mile mr. Rangel combine that led to my final decision to sign here and it's been great the organization also. Urgent that. Basically partly -- -- -- -- you know what -- my decision forget right now. In terms of the timetable and you see what's going on with this starting pitching staff in your may first you're June 1 out you. It constantly watching what's going all of the Red Sox starters watching what's going on there how much do you monitor that -- How much are keeping track of just focusing on yourself -- what you do with the boss sucks. Oh -- -- your food you eat pay attention local commentator you know -- created to prefer to those guys we will Christians that put golf that's so. More than anything you're just wondered antibodies -- different you wanna keep track of other than that I've just been trying to focus on more computer here Gardner for their intent on your chance -- debate -- Meeting -- Los -- reported thrown a guy and run in the -- -- -- some questions whether eating cats defensively and always worked on real hard the last couple of years -- do you see him as far as a guy a receiver somebody like prone to. All I've learned from every start preparing our restarts and -- and so I didn't get -- -- he's working harder today he doesn't just sit back and you know thank you. Gonna make you just because he's gonna make it the news busters but they didn't they that's what you like to see -- -- work hard to improve every case. -- like he doesn't think they have all the answers and he think it's in her seem pretty pretty -- here so it's a watch. You at that Rockies in the face the Red Sox in the World Series in 07 we hear I guess it's a story -- an old wives' tale about Pedroia. In that series there and it's somebody there that they -- facility for Colorado. I'm Pedroia didn't have his it named tiger is pass. And they say you're you're you're too small to be a baseball player. Say go last Jeff Francis who I am after -- deep that actually happened is that's -- that went on at doubt Paul part did you hear that story about Pedroia and Francis. I heard the story -- and I didn't witness it first -- and so. -- -- there's a lot of creek nickel on what they in the those seventy for us after wondering what you want Tony to. Making it to play out so. I'm sure -- security guards were on it a little bit and work hard -- and look at more than usual but it did it. What makes for great story that's not true. You know at the end of spring training -- some talk -- -- you know -- Eric cook -- -- rip this thing up you know what the injured Andrew Bailey last second will Barbie closer. Did you feel at the end of spring training you you're ready to go out there in and pitched the big league level did you need some more starts. Political purity on I think it debate so they want me to get a pitch count -- to give any count a little bit higher. On the with a bit the -- and start off slow burning so. You know the basic system based on what that felt right. This one out can he do what they've got in to do it. I think it's -- court longer. -- bolster cleared -- starter so I -- you Daniel -- going through this thing where the going to be starters gonna pitch out of the bullpen how tough would that be. For you preparing to be a star and then you -- -- midstream being told hey you gonna pitch out of the bullpen how difficult this effort pitcher. -- I think I can imagine be pricked up -- -- never been told that strain of been told Blake I'm really didn't start season and it's certainly true as a starter out. It hurt and come -- being treated like -- report durable goods. -- also. You know I imagine -- -- a little bit so part of right now that you seem like it's very mentally tough -- and -- like it it'll just stunning thing but that up either. It. It's gonna be interesting here this Red Sox fan base looking for pitching and watching your starts a game by game they are we appreciate taken a few minutes and our best to -- a little -- talking down the road. Eric cook by joining us here on the ATP hotline eighteen T four GL TE with speeds of the ten times faster than three GAT and T.

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