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Ian Rapoport, NFL Network, on Wes Welker's contract negotiations and the NFL Draft

Apr 24, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss Wes Welker's contract negotiations with the Patriots and the NFL Draft with Ian Rapoport.

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Home right now and this time and oh wait and see position and then kind of see you know where things are headed bit. Just feel like my in my body work over the room past five years some. And men and any sort of like one hit wonder anything else. And I think is deserving of a long term contracts. Wes Welker earlier today on the four letter. Draft just a couple of days away. Lot of NFL stuff on the table on formally of the Boston Herald now the NFL network nfl.com. Great Ian Rapoport known as rap sheet on Twitter. Now you have to get one of those men in black suits that I see you wearing her new Twitter photo we was that part of the new dignity of the NFL network. It was actually had to go shopping and manager at Arctic on YouTube and trigger had a heart I. All sorts of let us stepped up a little in the Georgia department just to -- a little awkward but hopefully and get used to it. -- sick of the Dallas Cowboys down there yet. Here on the stuff. You do hear a lot about the tablet here and it's funny like you know that that used to do in the world in. Rangers are really scared and I hear more about in -- -- and anything which is cool and it's cool to be. In an environment like -- -- The pictures are really good and Boston and -- illiterates -- all time should you know it's kind of cool that it's football here and sort of it based you know. That is all Red Sox you know for being here it that you brought up the patriots we've played some of the Wes Welker stuff from this morning Ian. -- a very good inside as to how old they go about their business and and the question I would Wes Welker is nearby. How does echoed down -- -- yes and signed a one year franchise debt tender yet not an -- million box. The eventually side and show up on time does he make them sweat a little bit does he get a multi year deal does he hold out about how how do you see this going down this year with well. Well it could go a bunch of different ways my best guess right now -- Welker. Will sit out. All -- -- TH may. Based on a super mini camp he's. Mean he's taking sort of hard stepped -- he really -- a teen guy and now even wanna. -- heart became a natural for mini camp if he does not if not fatal but. You know I think in the end into signing the franchised -- tendering. You know end up playing 2012 in the region that is. There weren't a lot of options you know and and it kind of sucks but -- true or not. Logan Mankins. 26 or 27 years old sitting out have to eat and and knowing. -- to get that -- he covets. You know it's going to be -- and others say. You know seven years and you know however many -- knowing that whatever was you know lockers 31. He's getting older he's all receiver take a look at -- He can't give about nine million dollars in the year -- darkened -- back so I think these aren't showed up. I'm letter along tribute can be worked out remains to be -- -- at best skeptical plan that franchise -- this year. You know -- talk about him just earlier and saying you know if anybody does deserve it it would be him but this -- for the NFL we don't pay for past performances and if you're the New England Patriots. Is still reserve reason why. You would extend among the fact that he's just he's earned it in the past why would they. Well you know he. What the patriots don't do is you can appearances in a subtle I don't think they would say well you know he's a great patriot he's earned it. Which reward him and -- could struggle and rewarding you know guy worked hard fact that these. No I mean obviously it published book don't get me wrong but what they will do is extend and it shouldn't make business sense. Phillips projectile further Election Day workers aren't protected this year. And -- It's franchise tag in 2013. That's right there are two years force 820 million guarantee. Okay so that the particular iron to a three year deal. Are maybe even a four year deal. And you know the only way would do it is it could make more sense of them have before your deal and to give law great two year twenty million dollar guarantee -- So maybe Welker. Tapes. You know not as much guarantee upfront and her long term deal and not make sense for the patriots -- that it hinders their own home as much. You know so I think they can make it make -- and for them. But I don't think they're gonna you know effective -- it starts -- basically true franchise that extra year between Murray and they travel difficult for the patriots -- -- they fear that they can million dollar receive. -- got a draft coming up here on Thursday and with the new slotting process here guys are gonna make X amount of dollars that does that change the way in your mind bill bella check in the front office will. We'll treat the draft with these 21 round pick was make them more likely a move up now that. Guys -- slotted into certain salary spots. Yeah. I'm not I'm not saying they're going to move up. And they wanna get a certain game changing defensive -- -- probably will need to move up somewhere in the ten to 1516 slot. You know maybe again. Feel more -- -- because or to take Michael blockers. At Enos -- fifteen. You know maybe a trade with the Eagles or something like that. You know because you're not. I think where and when your -- a top ten or top fifteen pick in past years -- the good -- as you can get a great player. But it was kind of a double whammy you're getting great player -- -- -- so much form that are really think we'll go as much more comfortable picking and twenties and thirties -- and trading out of the first round. Now species the guy who likes. You know which really a moderate wage -- -- really good player and you know one thing with the patriots they have to first and second. They could conceivably. Move up -- you know eight point seven to one knee or something every guy they like. And not give up the first -- tickets and the second that someone who now might be not so good and they have a lot of options. Honestly look at their drafting. You mentioned to the first two and a second or third -- fourth. Sixth -- just doesn't seem like enough for this team I have to -- -- I could see them actually trade when those first just acquire a couple of seconds and it started stockpiling for next year. Sand well right. Yeah I mean -- I think they trade at first thought given themselves the first for next year and lecturer there there are no. Not to see them let's say getting to that. A second second round pick which shall. The 62 I think in -- allergic to stick to New York if you can get married and don't you know what work. So it's trading up for quarterback. So we're gonna give them and Morgan chase. Actually third election for the next six or you know who knows I do see them. Trading and stockpiling picks for the back then because. You know they really love those guys. Is this the year that they they sort of pleased their fan base by thinking defense me lasted unit to create seek. But still is this the year you think that it's it's a deep draft the defense they can -- -- of malls. I think a good defense early yeah. Are you mention that they can come up preparing. Rockers -- a guy who is you know really intriguing for them is the guy reminds me the most of Richard Seymour -- asking -- As teamwork remember come out would not be considered a top notch pass rusher just wonder you know into the summer that. I'm here PC unique opulence first and that's kind of let Michael barker should know you did let out first and second down just rotated tons of guys do -- there. But he can rush the passer he's a perfect -- technique you know like -- hatred maybe jumping up. Or something to grab him. You know there there are a lot of a lot of good defense to players. That you know I think would please don't particularly. Questionnaire. Is whether he was taking a first round. Outside linebacker defensive -- Robert McClellan. Well I mean that's that's a possibility. That she's so versatile those guys are possible pardoning. Of internal and looks the part. He has played the part. And we still don't know what he has -- two years later those guys are shall define. I'm just nurturing list of first round pick trying to get one that got you really never know which can -- system. I know -- couple months away but in your best guess Ian is -- according go to -- safety or a quarterback for the patriots next season. I think he's going to be a cornerback on -- that it safety actually that a bunch. I'm not -- it's great -- safety last year it seemed more naturally because police chief to steal it because it -- get locked up and and and and coverage quite as much. The main thing wouldn't Courtney I still think he can -- -- really really good cornerback. But they need to put in the position. Where he can see you know playing press man coverage. You -- you can only -- fonts so many -- fully realize that he's not a great press and quarter. Very good in zone and -- topic I think he can be really good as -- to put him in better positions. I'm a packet you know I could see a situation where. Just like the Super Bowl where you don't -- Ricky is where nichols' defense is back he's the guy starts on the outside and and boot and other public safety on third downs. Does luck on down the wall and so obviously at the new news of Mickey Loomis wants to oval wicket here from. And the next couple of days Roger Goodell hopefully it's gonna dish out some suspensions for these players he's not buying at these guys are really doing with the coach told me he said there. Yesterday that the evidence is clear plays embraced I don't think there absolve them from responsibility. How far they go with this and what of the suspensions look like and is it to be hearing anything woman and expect to hear. A lot iPhoto -- today in now it may not be today. You know we know -- -- -- -- -- I think it's gonna be before the draft it have to be because there any depiction and they eluded catcher. You know while I'm idol I don't know but might sought ish. Some of the real bad guys shall look happier suspension which is. You know that's that's pretty harsh that's not a lot of -- pressure and -- -- -- And you know. It's gonna be a lot and -- really really is going to be a lot. It's gonna sting -- -- making. Never ever ever wanna have a -- system ever again and desolate should be. It actually should be -- get shot on this -- to have on top of that Mickey Loomis and the reports say two or denying it today Ian that he had some sort of listening device that was Marty and his pressed by -- sweep there -- the owner's suite GM suite. He switched that it was able listened to his own coaching staff to be opponents' coaching staff I was a lot of reporting to do on this but that that would seem pretty bad to me for a couple of years listening in to what the opposing coaches are talking about on a game by game basis. Yeah it it all LCW. When news. Her work at a two year I don't know enough about it to really saying in our lives and our investigation going on with the the FBI and state police. There's so much I don't know there's so much that the public doesn't know that of all the time to wait and see. You know neither one of them -- We have no idea. No clue at all the reporting is still so new on this on Thursday where he gonna be the draft site eagerly with eight team Thursday for the NFL network. I'll be would be avoided all week -- -- shut off your Twitter account because that'll that trying to control this new is getting out there and draft what's don't know what that. Well -- As someone who like to treat all kinds all they need just a little bit but you know as as a viewer. From her current -- it would make it. -- -- -- -- My my brother would my brother every year you know he he was in New York City series -- does not get it on network. We go somewhere. So watch NFL network -- watched the coverage of the draft. Because they don't get to -- -- know how it's so annoying the year Chris Berman say things like. You know. Well you know the organizer on the clock looks like he could be a running back will go to the commission. You know that -- cup. Why talked to a cab driver who told me at the last second this is going to be the pick Chris so answered apology near the damn tickets stopping -- jokes -- Or or you know he can cheat -- cards so. I'm. I'm -- happier than just a regular NFL and you're this -- should be -- -- drama. There's really no reason for -- should the media to sort of take it away for 8452. Headstart in -- It's gonna be a lot of fun -- -- -- there in Dallas new work with the NFL network guys are great so far Ian Rapoport filed on Twitter at rap sheet watch from. Every day from somewhere on the NFL network -- thank you really appreciate the time today. I'm in areas he joins us on the AT&T outlined its AT&T four GL TE with speeds. Of the ten times faster and three GA TT rethink possible final hour of the show imagine the Mickey -- thing and at the reporting is still pretty new. But if you miss the facts of this and what the saints are reported to have done. Outscored the ESPN but of -- judges does that investigation Begin in their Louisiana what they did the other party yet the details. Pretty amazing what they are alleged to have done we'll have that in all your phone calls keep it here.

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