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Sox beat Twins 6-5 but Lester has another poor outing

Apr 24, 2012|

Red Sox win 6-5 but Jon Lester has a disappointing start. Mut and Lou also discuss Daniel Bard and the bullpen situation.

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See those pauses again. And 32 again undergoes slowing in the rubble that's an amount Philip bias Davis he puts on a person a Red Sox -- Six and five and it ended a five game losing streak. It's. His highlight really count of Royce volleys not part of the broadcast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got a son the Brice Molly dot com today -- -- assets toward its -- it -- -- it -- because you you know the guy from another city talking about your team and that that's always that's always tough -- he has no kind of what's going on the -- you know ticket Ellsbury. Jacobs Gabler here to cope with brother. Now I like I actually don't care about the highly unlikely hero Dave O'Brien called. The almost all run Kazaa all they licensed sitting in the relegated that he thought it was Trevor Plouffe upstage TV last night. I would want in that inning and I gave not a whole league deep -- holy crap I adding -- he admitted he said the same thing. Would you say when that all went up in the air I was pissed because I actually through my crown and I was out and in a catch and couldn't get it back medical -- -- I thought it was out those old run I think we -- unbelievable what did you with this right now politically and losing my mind what -- Dave O'Brien think about that last night and -- and at first pitch. -- -- We'll we'll go racing backward and runs the rule says he has a little warning track team makes the catch. -- -- That looked out of the park I don't know mattered biggest Red Sox -- you hate the red sock few watts that's wing and it's what 377. At left Sadr and a lot of parks in baseball that call me crazy things out it's not a Fenway. -- -- It's funny because I swear sitting in my house that -- -- elect pretty embrace that Velika hurt some cross street over there a place you could get out. And this is -- that sick that. Overall feeling it didn't happen but luckily -- -- when -- game because. If that ball -- it I don't know about that it would have been great you're -- on well on that call of les called games on -- way back would be given you before that was caught. At the warning track like what if you. But they -- the game they win the game they got it was Trevor will fall much -- figure handing out about the bullpen. Let's starting pitcher -- what packets -- -- tweeting during the game and appeared you may yield of frustrated with Jon Lester last night we expect a lot of this guy would you think of his start against Minnesota. Could've been more disappointed in what I saw from Jon Lester and -- -- ego seven -- it was good 123 was good 67. You know with. Seven innings six hits four walks. Out five earned runs. To kick it passed. This obscene at all over and over again the you know things aren't going my way take my ball -- go -- type of attitude that he needs to get over. And I just I I keep it beyond it it's so frustrating at times. You get out of ever ready to when he walked -- market the single they walk willing and their fourth Lewis okay this is where Jon Lester need to step up. And and -- kind of guy get out of these types of jams and then the Justin Morneau he freezes them on a heater in it was a beautiful pitch is that this is what we're talking about the need to Doumit -- went -- And you hang a curve ball and always to pitch. Which some of the numbers are pretty adjusting Brian MacPherson Ramon in Providence journal what this team is like the step is like. With two strikes boat to we've seen as too many times when he hangs a curve ball. Doumit hits a double arcade and -- scores two guys and you like. I was 32 with apple r.s one bad pitch. He got Valencia. Go look at the freeze him again in you know what the fastball and he -- again bad pitch up in a way. Completely missed location salty dive up the other way that at any is the home run to me that's a complete. Lack of focus. And that to come out in the next inning and have Trevor Plouffe and also added because of -- little. He's got all -- -- -- is the number 90 hitter he -- we saw tonight that leaning into a ball given everything he got barely made -- the left center. It's not gonna leave the yard got -- -- -- And you come on after the fourth inning he had -- you walked the leadoff guy. That it's -- Denard Span singled first and third it's just. He can't stop the bleeding to -- support or sit around waiting for and get over the over the hump here. I didn't -- across -- it would aggressive di di Monte plus. Because my expectations of this guys to be different than a lot of people people tweet me back -- facing he's not the but it tour three will that do you think okay. Did you wanna give a B minus because it or even a BB plus even because he went seven and he battled through. I think more of Jon Lester the net. Okay I am starting get the report with Jon Lester needs to prove to me again that he is one of the better pitchers in baseball but not even -- he's gonna step rude mean he's one of the best and until he shows me. That he can not lose focus and -- it just about a called it's not made in sit out there and drop the shoulders and so. About watching him pitch over their Fenway Park last Tuesday he'd -- how it's around the mound he gets flustered as the get a call he still saw some of that last night but. Did he bear down in the sixth and seventh innings on six up at six -- did we see him flight I was it was that bad fourth and fifth that you're calling -- number one type the starter. I felt like when he got to that sixth and seventh inning he just -- -- strikes. And that the twins got themselves frustrated because they knew wasn't around anymore they start swinging early and account it was ground ball after ground ball that's followed mixed in there. I thought both six and seventh innings you make the argument that that's what he did certified out of at a gives up five runs between -- five runs where we look at. That silver lining for Jon Lester only gave up five he battled back and shut down a six is that evidence like the front runner. And everything that goes bad all always me that's the attitude you kind of seen it lately from this guy. -- back to the end of last year if things don't go well for him it's it's not my day LC in four days -- but a -- I'll give them credit. We're going out and be lights out the sixth in lights out in the seventh inning. Put your because OK what if Justin Morneau led off the sixth file that the catcher what if that was it -- -- base at what basically happened in this sixty and the imploded. That's not the attitude that I want from a guy that wants to be called -- -- that everybody views as an ace of the staff that gets the ball ball big game one in the playoffs. That's not what I wanna Seattle what does -- front runner wanna -- you -- -- Yet today is not my game which you know what I'm gonna cut it out and I'm still gonna give you good -- to about my good stuff we singled every single pitch has not called the strike but I think kids. I expect more from him and if any makes one bad pitch -- -- easily he loses it -- give credit for coming back in the sixth and seventh now. Let that was not my -- there were two issues to me last night Lester one was the -- -- on the mound getting frustrated looking not and Little League it's not Paper baseball. I can get -- you got to be able to deal with that and and that was an issue for me the other one was those two strike pitches he talked about prime McPherson and Jon Lester particular right -- four starts this year at sixteen strikeouts. That's pretty down from its. Where he starts out of the year you go back the last two or three years and upwards of 20/20 225 strikeouts through those first what four starts. Out of all watched it last night is it worth that strikeout pitch for him. You know he's usually when you look at his numbers strikeouts per nine innings. -- over his career he's been about eight the last three seasons eight and a half nine point seven which which led baseball 2010. And it back in 2000 not exit ten strikeouts per nine innings pretty high number. So far this year six. And he gets set to strikes spot Louie guess -- had that pitch to get guys out does. He does wasn't thrown at last night on execute and location was off would -- well listen and write down the middle. Jacobson a point to where you know you start look at the guy behind the plate to you know are they comfortable throwing to this guy. You know are they setting pitchers up properly. Wait too many boat to hit -- way too many. All we are we are we wasting. Pitch here we setting something up or we don't for. The strike out the other frozen pitch what what do we do when he what's the game plan that's on salty so what they've listened so this goes around everybody absolutely in -- six and -- -- that -- just got the pitch to execute. He's got the strikeout pitch. He's he's all he's everything you need. It's a good curve -- the great -- the good fastball that good to see where that could change all the weapons but it does come down -- execution. He missed location so bad in the 021 Q&A -- I wrote out the time. I'm surprised Saltalamacchia is not going out to talk to my -- in the fourth and it was early this guy and you've talked about this loses focus the middle starts. Isn't that -- possibility of the catcher or Bob or somebody try to get him you know tightened up real back in a ticket all the onus off for him. I was a little bit surprised rationale for them when you look like he's gonna get out that things got 0212. All bowl but sit on leads gone see that yeah surprised it in -- talked and without them may try to settle him down that stark. Is there is some of the issues with Lester that's start right there because you lights out for the first three -- lights up for the sixth and seventh. What things start going bad Kiki you can't minimize the damage. And that's the problem. You know some of those just awful execution awful location and listen this is baseball. Guys not gonna hit it spot each and every single time and I understand that but when it starts become repetitive when it starts becoming routine. Then you gotta start looking at the guy then you gotta start looking at that it will -- mentally wears his focus -- yet. If if like three years ago he had a game like this of the gate and can you do you know you went up there had been -- there's a couple pitches the next cute that happens it's pitching. Don't make a mistake they're gonna hurt you that's a big deal but when you start to see a pattern with this guy in you start to see the stuff in what he can become. -- and you see when he's on a fourth and start their fifth. That's when the frustration part -- it -- to grow here about what this guy in in stark question. Exists in a one game thing was one -- -- so big deal. And he was. Part of the equation. For fear I odd anyway you're right and -- and amounts that the the catcher so cool well we'll talk about Lester got toward a lot of talk about. The Red Sox and Jon Lester but in ninety seconds. Of the starting pitchers like happy equation. It sucked of the new eighth inning -- urgency last that the new acquisition. In the eight inning. I think this guy's got a future -- has got a page -- last night might be a solution and ample and as the fact I think is a solution available and it what are his comments mean yesterday we'll talk about Daniel Bard in ninety seconds.

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