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The Red Sox have hit "Rock Bottom"

Apr 23, 2012|

We talk Sox, as the worst possible weekend occurred and September 2011 still continues into April 2012. We wonder if the Sox have the horses to come out of it, and whether or not Bobby V deserves as much blame as he's been receiving.

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-- -- but you've you missed an awful lot during your vacation week. So believable you -- and of course I don't think -- the term estimates of oil has not. Not on the Red Sox were doing very well against the Tampa Bay Rays mariners in the background check things and the Bruins were haven't fairly easy series with the Washington Capitals -- -- currently. That's what happened. They want they remain the same Jose Canseco still on steroids. That action should it. That's the story. Count on for a white guy -- -- was beautiful I get my and you to what's your opinion on everything you distillate are not that guy who want to pick -- -- those big guys that's ridiculous thank god. And come back from vacation sometimes you know if it's an ordinary vacation come back after two weeks to -- I don't think two weeks and they want a public as I don't want to they won't let me yeah become back when it. You there acorn and it's already Monday Hezbollah -- go to Tuesday and they go to Wednesday so what we do this. -- because -- -- nine now because you know around now because neither one of us have been here. Since fright and -- I don't know that -- -- a couple of brightly lit only twenty minute show on Friday the good show to wanted to. We did twenty that's that was. We had a game we had the -- ceremonial works on Friday yeah we are we really want to waste treatment when he minutes. Solid one in the bottom by the like Mike he's right that's a killer. The honest when he shows that -- Like that there's no question about it tossed with -- And it will go to the entire weekend -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bruins an old Red Sox today and I can guarantee that makes a lot of sense of pride -- after we get any -- to get teary -- at all during the all -- hundred no I didn't get -- -- I didn't I I I would say that the you know Bobby -- Johnny Pesky thing -- Was touching. I thought they did a terrific job it was it was a we know that now we know we knew it if you're a betting man you'd say it's gonna come off pretty. Pretty pretty well. But apparently better in a ballpark. Then on both Nelson and of course it's difficult thing to pick up line on race. But because. A NASA they didn't they started identifying the players that apparently got too complicated they were too many players make too many people in Canada for its people. Got this Alan every look like a totally different guy. He's still hampering totally different about show shall show on why doesn't -- haircut since he left here. But it was it was direct it really was to see all those guys compact little lot of the guys. Is -- who. And but the Francona thing was phenomenal got a great got a great little. Moved it was great. Surprising no. Prank gone it was all right caught -- -- to Franco also. It was crazy that's the one thing I will say. The best thing that happened to the Red Sox over the similarly Friday it was last it was great out. If they had shown up last night after Saturday's to block I don't think you ever seen anything that below what the best and happen to the Red Sox are one of -- also the best and happen Tito. Because. I don't Tito at least in the last couple weeks has been a little reticent to criticize the Red Sox. He gets very comfortable in the situation this. This situation if they had played a game he would you as an analyst he would have to come out and say something -- to be critical. In the way the Red Sox started this season. In his. Inside knowledge of everything that is happening here from top to bottom take it tells stories what people he can tell stories about ownership. Did you tell stories about general manager and tell stories about the pitching staff the line. Or whatever whatever wherever he needs to go so I think ESP and really would have pushed him. Go out of -- Guatemala and a little bit now until some sort. Well I think if the Red Sox got off to a slow start in that game you would have heard the chant of we want to you know it would not have been good for bodies don't. This could have gotten really really ugly. As of Saturday didn't -- darkly. Where he tipped his cap as they were blowing him as he was making yet another pitching change -- it was for. So Friday was switched terrific. Arm great event. And the -- state game. They they lose -- OK that's fine. Saturday's take them back and you take a nine zip lead and and you got to believe that point that the players are feeling pretty good about themselves. They sit there saying you know screw these people who you -- up to understands. -- all over our case here for the first couple weeks were pretty damn good team is due brought -- number four. Where you're number five pitcher actually for rotation but he's probably the last in the in the group. -- pitched another pretty good game. Bobby pulls -- -- and it's weird but I've heard a lot of people call up and say Bobby made that mistake I wonder how many have you. We're saying it that at the time it's 92 enough. Okay well yeah 1921 because it makes you kind of walk -- hit the home run around mocked juniors right. Or some marchers and it is your home run -- you finally outline for you guys. Where's that gonna win this game it's funny I don't throughout three innings later they won't watch it -- when they finally got an out. But the Michael I -- -- pitches. Why don't the kids get total confidence why keep him -- there. This a tough hitting line up to what the Yankees scored three or four runs or maybe -- well some of the the confident that he just go right we're here to answer its questions pretty simple white people in their because he got this open. That's why even better I think -- -- nine -- -- leader knows no it's scary it's awful terrible and you know you when I discussed this pitching before the season and as bad as the pitching. Has been its worst of what I thought it would -- I thought it was gonna be very shaky. It's worse than what I thought it would pay dirt guys that I thought would be a little bit better than what they've been to this point I guess that's right you gotta be decent yet. He's -- hasn't been an awful wanting Melissa would be in the mine not to be close -- in the mine right I question. But he's been he's been awful but just the opposite I think at that point I wanna get my guys in the pan little bit of confidence out there. In a game right now that -- party want. Again not pressing so I'm gonna get guys a little little time out here and it's all I and failure. I just don't know if you can take that approach. It and look I didn't think they would they would. Give up fifteen unanswered runs and I think that was gonna happen. At that stage of the game but they were when it -- -- -- was going to be nine to 19496. But I thought the Red Sox got a winning -- or ten in a good score a couple more runs and win it. But you can't. Take that approach verses a lineup like the Yankees. I'm gonna get my guys some work I'm gonna build some confidence. If you felt like -- brought had something left. Then you got to leave -- out. I gotta tell -- it's the least of my gripes about Bobby V over the weekend I really believed it. -- you wanna take the kid out when he's got company -- don't want him to suddenly get shelled out there confidence on. We are confident with catcher he's got tremendous confidence at that point in the game and you've gone through that's why take mama. I -- for the next time I wanted feeling good. -- I'm going out to the mound the next start feeling as good as he felt when he walked off the mound here. As opposed to giving up a 34 right now I really did have a proper sorry here's the flip side of that argument. I do think he feels right now. I think he feels OK it's not his fault. He walked off there was nine to want he probably he probably has tons of confidence in himself saying you know what. If I stayed in that we wouldn't bet on this there are part of -- -- right -- -- me and hear what -- stay out but it could edit them now but if he if he got because it was the Yankee lineup if you get beaten up a little. Listen I don't think anybody. Believe. That the bullpen was going to give up eight runs to from fourteen more. Tell I don't know that that is not an issue I other issues with would -- -- I think that you know he told us last week on the on the program that it's been ten years since he's been in the big leagues and he talked a lot about communication. And it's been an adjustment for a I think the whole. Managing ten years after the fact has been an adjustment form and I think he's having some difficulty doing. I got say this. 1000 vacation. I'll admit it more than once at the out of Curt Schilling towns we. They get a Curt Schilling when your vacation but we should have -- -- -- Yes I think -- a bill was wedged it it bears yep their respective -- like this skimpy little played hard and it went well I thought it hurts a little better a lot of -- in the right. He had he lead off homer I'd like Rickey Henderson used to -- you know if refers -- involves the first thing and all of a sudden it. And got to homer lead -- look at this. He crushed it I thought he was way off -- thought it was totally unfair. But he is absolutely right on right -- obviously was talking to -- was talking to people I think the mistake he made in Providence they get the misstatement. What he didn't do was tell. And I wasn't asking for names and I asked him to reveal his sources he didn't say everything that he knew. He had he knew he knows a lot more than he's willing to share with the public adulterer so what he's doing is he's getting a lot of information. From his sources in and he's coming on the air and saying it -- he's got a synthesizing it but. When you -- when you do that has come from you know get some more information at that only mistake is that he didn't give more specific examples but in terms of his. Final analysis that. This is gonna go badly in this is not what this is not the fit. That he thought could be -- -- being. Could argue with tea I'd argue I thought based on an even to small sample size he's right right so far he's a hundred. Percent well I thought it was on a -- -- obviously he's got some credibility stolen sources. Within that clubhouse and guys that don't talk to my regular basis a -- Pedroia made his comments that day. Toward Bobby today. Com that this is the way we do think it goes around -- -- -- that to me to me that. Told me that everything Schilling's been saying is men right. Brian has is a direct shot at it published -- I had never do that. It is now never heard of and I know what he's right in but at the right approach on Wednesday last Wednesday show. Where I asked them about that and he said he applauded. Detroit -- for for for backing his team that he wants his teammates to back -- it was a sport -- to you know -- I'll take the shot. But he backing is teammate I want these guys to know that you know you gotta support your your team so the whole thing on Saturday. And I don't know. How they could gain any comfort from anything that happened. In that game on Saturday last but the greatest thing that happened was arena with CC sabathia on the mound last night could have been real ugly -- -- It could have been extremely ugly last night while law. Maybe this scene could be ugly but here's here's the company's game that could score. Did anybody yeah Obama treated the same thing for CC sabathia -- day job as they've done well against them. In the past the other democratic to mostly it will -- from last they have done better than most teams there's no question about it. But Freddy Garcia was coached in the first inning government the second -- -- didn't get past the second enough he was -- a plastic feel when you get to was starter like that. And then you put everybody runs on the board to get it you go through it all my god almighty dollar Joker and just the opposite she just the opposite. It was just absolutely utterance -- looks like Bruins. Com this is a form or competitive series. Then I thought it was going to be and probably most of I didn't see many people picked seven that a lot of people that makes it. I think five. On their -- many reasons. For it like that. To this point we want. Tim Thomas still very very good. Is not the Tim Thomas that we saw last year and point that fair to -- right now that affect you could argue. Hope he has been better. And Tim Thomas in the series now promises made some terrific saves but he's also lets them up its appearance. The Tim Thomas that I saw a year ago and has died down and all down it tell me. A huge talent difference I thought I would. In this series kind of a big talent difference -- -- tires Stanley Cup like parachuted Nashville which are -- the Bruins and the capitals. I really don't know. So. I mean that's that's the scary thing and other scary thing is that you just didn't think. I'm going to series. At the capitals will be able to play the way they have against the Bruins. This is supposed to this is supposed to be a team -- -- About half of -- DNA. Okay and and don't I don't play that and any subsequent don't think that's their DNA bill hunters chipped it get in the play certainly. And and -- he thought there's no way though they're gonna be able pull this up that this is not who they are no punter well arranged them around there has done an incredible job with this when it comes down to game seven. You -- intent on -- two questions here. Is that content Thomas. Recapture. What he had this season last year what he had this season can he bring that out game seven has been pretty good deciding games over the last two years and does coaching matter of you have to take cut -- Julian vs -- -- -- clone has a huge advantage in game seven -- home ice about it. Three big questions here just -- Thomas going to be himself. The coaching matchup Obama. Close them a good job shaken up the lines the other day got something on -- marsh on the last night the flop was so yesterday the flop woods and that's that's amateur. You know we get into that as well during the course of the afternoon a Jack Edwards will join us a little bit later on. And we'll get into the Bruins will get into the to the Red Sox. You feeling good about that team over Fenway park Minnesota tonight. And probably good going to Minnesota don't Chicago so it's easier opponent. Get a team tonight in the the twins that are right now looking at with the pitching staff looks as as -- as as Boston does. But I don't know how anybody can be encouraged with what you're seeing the rights to this point will get it all back on today's big -- Right -- say it is deal. Not antenna they -- a deep senate will go back on the track at the home. -- -- -- They won't -- that. Mix wizard and the Yankees about the numbers one of the greatest comebacks you'll ever see in baseball down nine nothing in the six. They haven't and not in the lead in the cake I don't know my 82 run double play sweatshirt off the son of real role. In the -- Killing a fly -- center fielder Ross says it lined up he's there he makes the catch. Simple and source -- just that's what it was I don't think I've ever seen anything as. As devastating as that one run on Saturday at a funny thing is that probably you people pride in the same thing. Love did they ever would not let this. -- you -- care much at that time and then next thing you know all. Kind of so. But nothing as bad as what I saw. They have major major problems over the years that I'm not sure they're gonna be able to get -- well who's who's gonna take the fall for. Well it'll play for me with the players if you if you believe that the players are trying to stand back I'm not sure that's the case revolved they may have been you know they -- -- Don't like -- -- -- just doesn't -- not their kind of guy. Does doesn't management. Trade off a player to do this in the message war. As the guy wearing number twenty fighters -- he take the fall out. Listen I'm not sure of that. This is Bobby he's -- right now. -- they're pitching. Is is worse than what they had over the last couple years worth of their their -- what are they doing all -- -- -- that -- what do they do in the offseason to address. They went out badly overweight person okay so they got one guy. Who was damaged goods who had injury problems that hasn't been able to throw more than forty innings right. They -- gitmo -- and who was a closer. For aid Houston team that was the worst team in baseball but it's got to get to can't hold that against you can't hold sure -- can -- it's been saving it. Bad teams have good players they can't say. The closer for the Astros except we don't want him. Now it turns out that he -- and but there are players on bad teams that Philadelphia -- it would get Hunter -- if it. Hundred that you play and the Astros or don't watch later on a bad team. No what I'm sure they did they are due diligence. And found out whether he can play under the under the the bright lights. One of the Yankees get rid of them did and mowing it and the -- he so promised what they get credible -- he -- handle New York. Couldn't handle the criticism. So you could see -- now. It is you read all of the the scouting reports on on what more Blanton ones in new York and why they -- the bottom. You can see what -- -- here. This -- just you know. Just curled into all wanna I don't know if that's the story and stories. Is the most important -- because mark Lance was never comfortable. Go back to spring training didn't have a good spring training first game of the season on the road by the way -- that's not part fans all over in Detroit. Get the job done in Detroit but this still a lot more attention with the Boston Red Sox even on the road. There -- and -- there is with the Houston Astros and almost lost he has no control was because I don't I don't advocates of the sentencing on the same token dropped but Michael did a terrible job in the off season. As for all all of the people that was a big deal apple bonds -- Sox he's he's a step or whatever. If you make the argument. That there's no way you go and spend fifty million dollars for a closer because he might not survive the five years of paying a -- I get that. That's a legitimate argument. Just want don't sit here because he's got to say he's trash he's awful he -- -- -- trying to -- I wish. An automatic to edit your mix and match and I think a lot of fans of the snatching at a New York because. I know Mike Adams said that. About Papelbon said he was overrated and he's not alone but that's Mike Adams he's not don't think do you think -- -- and that there's that. Well he wasn't that good anyway. We don't have to do a lot of work to replace. A guy who was steady. For multiple seasons weren't. I don't think -- and had the fan view of the incident and not all fans ultimately some fans felt OK now upon -- beg that you -- simulator. I don't think anybody with the red so. You'd be in anybody with with influence of the Red Sox had. Was not a big deal replacing -- No I think they probably thought it was a big deal and they thought Bailey was the best that they could get. -- in the open market out there they also had limitations on as to how much money they wanted to span in all of this terrible offseason. They really did not -- better than I think what we've seen over the last two or three weeks I'm not sure they're good enough to be a playoff team. But they're better than what was seen over the last two or three weeks now some of that. Maybe the backlash toward the manager because the players don't want the management can be part of -- aren't there could be some of the decisions he's making. -- the -- on him for. They're better than what. They're better than right what we're seeing right -- but so what what's gonna get better right now their last place team like record did not going to be last what you do you pick their -- I don't I thought they would not get 8990 games and in the the play so much they like to play -- -- -- -- you know -- -- -- then -- I was base -- on. Two things that have happened. And that is better production and you're number four number five stars you have you have had better production MP LeBron Daniel Bard. That you got last year from -- take your pick John Lackey and pick a name Andrew Miller I'll wild and Tim Wakefield. I was basically on that and I thought the bullpen would be better but the bullpen is a lot worse. Worse W Starr -- our starters have been little bit of the bullpen that the open is going to be this bad Glenn. 8990 S apparently started going to be allowed that it would -- -- to this point. -- buckles has been nothing I mean at least at least I have I have some history. And that I can say no the starters are going to be better based on who would like a database and Julio. It's happened. Two to the teams twice in the course of an entire season. The entire history -- that. Doesn't happen a third time of the Red Sox to a third time it will bring in major public wreck. The -- not good not that hollers nice record here if you shouldn't. The bullpen it's been so called renders you'll start Wednesday. The starters have been given bad. The big the bullpen has been horrendous which all of them and chaos isn't that terrible offseason. I really believed looking at that team win or did they improve themselves in the off season and -- again. In some measure be out and some areas but -- reasonable. Hughes we. A bigger problem as what you do now what do you do now if you take bored out of that starting rotate out wanting they might. I. Aaron Cook don't. Talk much about -- -- -- -- skipping him. In the rotation was supposed to go to -- -- skipping him why do you think there's giving. Not gonna pick this kind of permanent open. Are these don't have. They're too many holes of real. And can't move Daniel but don't panic mode right now they're candidate bunch of mini this season falling apart on that they are in panic mode right now. I agree with you I think if they do that. It's shortsighted. It will it will it will probably put a band aid on -- on the problem in the bullpen but long term. I. You'd still still don't have enough starters. You don't have -- starts. -- let's get to the phone calls and what you do some talking about this and about the brewers while Rollins and Red Sox on the agenda for the Monday a picture here's Mike -- Somerville and Mike. Gentlemen and like I do. Well of course always we don't Schilling was on you adamantly disagree with them bulky about our subsequently on -- confrontational. And today you're saying you know. I was robbed Mike I was wrong I didn't quite you say you're wrong but I guess. I never said sure I said he didn't say hi to Mike Mike I sent it off the top of the show us realistic about the guy during vacation with my little creepy. And then it was an eight hit a leadoff homer and now he was he was right it was wrong. Thank you all wanted to on Mike maker palm micro allotment talk. Trying to accomplish here. Come on -- that's that's all I wanted to hear some -- Encourage your kids and just as critical bits. And I don't know if that's -- -- -- to -- it. I have said I've been wrong before if not it's not -- knows flag I was gonna say when you sit here and you do four hours five days I don't want to hear the hazard pay better now yeah you gotta gotta Davis Square now have a drink and because you've heard me say I was wrong about Curt Schilling a big deal -- you gotta be -- did you do for college today five days a week you're gonna be run about a bunch of stuff. I'm sure your track record the percentages to it to the caller. It's probably know better than ours only -- from Quincy is never ever said anything that he had to correct or -- Clarify -- He's the only -- that I know. Does that wreck the car they -- This -- what's gone on. Yeah. We're gonna stop with the whole -- that Bobby what part of a management admit this -- what other players. A -- -- -- -- couldn't stand up and say you know what it -- we're gonna awful right now and that completely on out because your mind your copy the year ago. Whenever you -- where they go I think and they went over it they use that I don't different excuse for over two months. Longer buying it I mean key to making billions and they can't beat up their game and go on but it pure apple thinks that this is Mubarak. I was shocked less than watching sports final Q4. And -- she throws out a poll out there -- -- effort she was voting in the thing by who was at who's at fault who's responsible. They -- possibility. That the ownership you have the did the manager. You have the general manager bench -- a player or the players the players finished. At 9%. Yes -- -- -- -- how many people respond to -- Well it was -- And I don't -- I don't put that up on the screen but. The the owners were number one and it was by far. She you know not even close at 40% or something like 9%. For the players so there are a lot of people out there apparently want what players off -- -- -- here. -- a lot of pros you know. I think we've hit bottom that's until after the game you have to sometimes hit bottom and this isn't -- out of and then we'll find some -- -- -- -- yes. Including. And a couple countries. Two different two different stadiums. The market. I'm surprised people had trouble with so Bobby -- tipping his cap to the Boeing fans and he's -- -- at that point you try to you can and cannot ignore. Our. Temperament your -- our chartered try to make a joke out of it nobody's gonna find it funny so just ignored a couple of Texas -- you're missing the point. Probably on the fans blamed the owners because they've given us players that can't play. The fans are Smart enough to know you can't blame players that can play -- Saltalamacchia. -- that the players everyone knows they -- Ownership can maybe do something about it it's an indictment on every one when people are mad at the -- I would agree with that I can argue that point if I'm looking at the offseason. And looking what this team did I remember when Larry Lucchino was being pressed in numerous interviews he did it. How we gonna change the culture of the clubhouse how are you going to bury what happened in September. What we're gonna move our biggest mistake Larry Lucchino commitment. You can't marry and move all you have to let the thing blow up. You have to come to a conclusion. And you have to move on to an extra money so they never they never were willing. Who would trust that they're for they brought back all of the woods and co. -- that's why that's why the answer is simple -- the question who's gonna take the blame the players and managers going to be a manager because they had your opportunity. To move on. From players that they that they felt were responsible. For the meltdown -- of the time to do that. Is after the season Josh Beckett straight -- is picked him for example Josh Beckett trade value. Couldn't have been high here I agree after last year I -- -- -- Aussie dollar there about a movie I am sure it would be. Or 85 cents and -- or ninety cents an -- but you really felt that strongly about a -- felt like. It was a pitching decision but also. The eight clubhouse decision you felt like something wasn't right here it was time to do it was it is now you. You get into the season you can't I I agree with you Michael and in the off season I thought they should -- had changed the culture of the clubhouse. Larry Lucchino and this ownership felt to date they could do it by bringing in Bobby fi. The disciplinary you can't have a disciplinarian. In a modern day baseball guys have too much control of the situation. But can you bring in a Bobby -- and then. Blow up the club house and take a couple of the guys out that you feel may be order productive. To what you're trying to perceptive there absolutely. And I went there are also wondered as Glenn because there's so many aspects of this this problem now with the Red Sox put the checks and balances are now. With the Red Sox John Henry has come out and says. Larry Lucchino runs the -- There he said that on the record Larry runs a Red Sox okay if that's the case. Don't you need to have account -- don't you need to have strong. Semi neutral voice when Larry's doing certain things for example two guys were moved out. Theo Epstein and and -- Think he had a bad relationship with the with -- and bad relationship with video quoted Larry. Get a bad relationship with the only did not -- bad relationship with a -- may be bad now after the Bob -- story but when they were working together it was not an acrimonious relationship. My point is. Are -- so consumed with getting. -- out that you -- making the right decisions. For the franchise and this goes back to compensation goes back to a lot of things. When there's so much passion involved you know two people they hate each of us just be real about hate each other -- so this guy is going. Something you become an -- Has come down here. What I know you want him out of here what's best for the rest what are we gonna do here would have led to a compensation what do I do with the next general manager. What to -- with the next manager. You're you're running the Red Sox but are you making decisions that are best for the Red Sox are just happy that deals gone. And I wonder what their challenges among. Well today he would it's it's an actual point but in this case I'm not sure you want a co. President doing political pro -- -- -- -- quite weren't sure on average Joe. -- shot in Russia and every should be -- -- -- pulled off. Why we have and a battle with compensation one and we -- go up front -- agree with. I think the reason they let -- go up front is they wanted him out of that there was a rift between Larry in between deal yet I'm not here. You didn't want is a lame duck showing up every day remember he was doing it for a while showing company obstacle and absolutely not just right you don't want it because it's creating. A split within the organization with the personnel that that -- repeal over the last few years many of those guys you've written so none of this has made any sense. I truly believe. That they never buried. September. And so September continues on in April of this year. It does it continues on because Larry never buried it and buried at the players that -- they never got. Should lead to the -- or never were able to address the ball which Josh Beckett told -- was a real problem for Antoine -- out again. I agree not I'm not an excuse him. You know have an a game in Detroit because he's worried about the mole is Psycho crazy here what I do agree that you got -- You gotta have that blow out and Arnold they I don't know if they had -- you -- come out and say you know Josh Beckett has. As a guest on who it is. He's going to the clubhouse you closed door being. And you say. It was you. When you and if and people speak dish it out screaming out whatever it leaves you hit it out there you January. You get to it they can move they pushed it to the side it said it is just move on as well. People like to do that they don't like to necessarily of that confrontation. Get to some type of closure. And move on and so what they end up doing is they allow it to just -- linger on and when it does that. When bleep happens. Then the stuff that's lingering. Boils over and and and spills over into the team. Now I think that's part of the problem they never came to any type of closure closed out what happened in September the other part was they had an awful. Offseason personnel -- Awful. Ross in New Hampshire Iran's. Yeah -- -- -- and I was a hundred no I'm not -- -- that we acquired. Marlon -- from Michael Bolton. I know. If you're having all ten issues why would you glow and -- -- were a reliever for no we need I -- I know we need another guy in the outfield -- rep. There's a little slug it -- give birth to it as well as Ross also it was your disappointment for their disappointment. Now they're disappointments a lot more expensive than this than the one you gave up so well. That's Michael Bolton it is what's gonna happen what's gonna happen here warm all. What you think that they might have more prospects down in Tripoli -- the record. Potentially help the -- that's. Maybe it'd be maybe you could but -- to be clear he was designated for assignment so right if if they hadn't gotten Marlon Byrd. Michael Bolton was is going to be a free agent he had gone through waivers can be a free agent and somebody is gonna pick them up so they got something warm. And I'm not sure really what they got. They needed a body in the outfield with all the injuries but Marlon -- Is having haven't all horrible season so far. Post -- oh -- these -- never it never been the same since Alfredo asset base threw at them and the two of them are now teammates that should be lovely. For a majority having some some issues. Kind of working things together it'll be interesting to see how those too greedy just what's your port -- master Michael -- is the answer to their problems they got. It's not budget doesn't make sense also on -- Bart is going to default and which I think that the great move. And I do like Erik folk who will I think have a bounce -- -- like Erica would you -- -- -- I I think he's a great ground ball pitching great -- -- and I know that's likely -- I know what we're desperate. Come on we only rarely -- unannounced feature AAA. Look is great I don't ever get -- I have never heard was that we have we are really desperate to we will. I think I don't doubt all right okay now are they it might work out for short period of time I'm not sure it. Works a long term but they have no other choice they need cook right now I would say the other one about -- Is it might tell you more about what they think of where Pillsbury Crawford are right now. That they're that desperate to make sure they go and get themselves another outfield especially got to complacent if you make sense. There. They may be a little bit concerned. That sells three things going to take a little bit too much time gives Jim a Dorchester a jam. April and Michael allies. Let's -- Michael welcome back but Clinton. Clearly some underlying issues from last year. That need to be addressed. And you know I saw that hole that you talk about land on what final night in the -- the I have bought and sport and and it works well in the most -- sport into the country. Walk right in the morning. Instead the players I mean it's clearly the players' fault in. These underlying issues from actually. -- but I'm sure Bobby's the right guy in this situation. But and I think he's made some some blunders already that you look at and say should be managerial. One on one keeping a lefty in there. Against the three right hitters coming up to the like he's doing some stuff that I'm on the little puzzled -- But overall. If you add Tito Francona still in as the manager right now based on the personnel you went out. And the fact that you have not been able to close out what happened September I'm sure you better than two -- three games above where you are right I might be -- but two or three games is significant right now he talked outages still not you still -- A great team had a great team but I think he's a better manager I don't quite I think another issue that we have here is that Bobby Valentine. Doesn't yet know this market and he doesn't know this team I agree. Only we're only looking -- liner that -- prevent people. Aren't you guys. What do you think they -- ago what do you think they charge him I met up before the season started but they'd be like 89 and idea because. As so much respect for the -- that thought that would be good enough for the playoffs what do you think this team has not be now because. I think I -- -- they all get off to a slow start in April and I just think right now obviously got -- open I think. It's a bad idea to put -- backing -- I think in -- work it out you know I think he I think they are exactly. Not exactly but a little bit below where it should be because I agree I agree they're not mean they don't give -- -- start it. They have for the last three years there's no doubt about it but they've got our great production out of the summer when the bats heated up. They date last summer they went on for three and a half months -- the best team in baseball. I don't see that happening I I -- them being better than what was seen the first few weeks but I gotta tell you Michael go back and look at last summer. They were getting it from Beckett they were getting it from -- they got with -- colts until he got hurt. And at the end of the game they had seven stated barred bad apple while they were automatic every single night. You see that happening again I don't. I don't see those three guys. Any three guys -- -- -- duplicate what a seven is part of -- bunt bit at the end of games last summer that's going to be tough and that's where they got back into this thing. We can talk all you -- about September. But they had phenomenal three month period of of time where they were the best team in baseball I don't see that happening this summer.

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