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Buccigross: Bruins are expected to win Game 7

Apr 23, 2012|

ESPN's John Buccigross joined D & C to breakdown the Bruins thrilling OT win in Game 6. Buccigross touched on the Bruins experience going into yet another Game 7, who will shine in Game 7, and who the NHL is rooting for to move on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Grass is a lot of our favorite all time personality that ESPN and I Texan yes it's a Kamal what Gerry -- make a seamless. About things National Hockey League he's agreed to do that job which -- joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T orgy LT TE good morning JB how are you. Know your exact text it was my exact text or journalist has not -- -- -- -- -- we are looking. At eight nuclear spring here in the National Hockey League with Detroit out the Rangers may be out and gone the next gone. Blackhawks may be gone and maybe the Bruins as well what must -- -- right now. Yes that does the second murder robbery and they're gonna suffer Serbs are not going to be a good we're losing great hockey markets -- that the ridiculous format that has these 45 matchup anyway. All of you know our hearts are so they'll make you do it in. You know by total point -- amount of commuter division. As a result -- -- -- Pittsburgh or Philly Pittsburgh and in the west either and that's from the Detroit news Detroit and yet it's. The department master plan to put these are not you know these nontraditional warm weather. Population growing market and you know over time may -- the playoff performer to buy these people hoped that long term and hopefully we'll see. Is -- is that the lead things because ratings aside is this something they want. This new blood out. Walt -- that was original plan was to put you in Raleigh and Tampa and Phoenix and then get a big TV national TV deal and but I would bet that quite work out a -- media wasn't terrible obesity in the Comcast which says that -- you know ten year deal and think a lot more money than they did before and maybe ten years. Get these -- as these other traditions they go to nontraditional market population growing markets at the time so not so much anymore. You get a bigger key being the bigger. -- -- wonder John -- you do a lot of talk and lot of tweeting lot of writing blogging about the NHL do you ever wonder if it's all just pointless that. Analysis is is this futile. Because weird bounces and weird things happen and as we see now in upsets of the order of the day and nothing seems to stay true to form. Yet there are some numbers will play out over time. And the little black and try to find in the one but pay attention to. You know. Q with the score goals usually win the Stanley Cup very rarely been on top ten goal scoring teams win the cup. And that -- on top typical great team you're chancellor very -- occasionally people do that that two of the three doubles teams. We're not a goal scoring is one -- to want a perspective that's the only people got to look at the doubles court. For that team gimmicky or not. We are a couple team pitcher in the post season don't grow lot of goals and we some teams like the Bruins are now the highest remaining goal scoring keeping score goals -- you do belt state and I. Higher goal scoring PP -- responses and of the seven you're the salary cap that's certainly -- everybody get now in the margin for error is is never been. Less so there's now -- lead why. Craig good now give us your analysis. Of the Bruins. Caps game seven. At. Boston at at the garden. Are you with Melrose do you believe everything points to another Bruin game seven victory. Well age you know about it I mean the Bruins. Aren't excellent routine -- one more game away from the -- in the garden this year that's for example and I like that that the group that the planet character that you looked terrible road record but you do the -- The don't have much spikes and sorting out the other third that ought to a character like that sit there with a high of bolt Greinke left in the playoffs. Armed input as a they're also unlike a lot of articles Greinke is like the -- -- them flyer the team like that that are critical prevention team duke big. We know about their game seven experience last year that won three of them one on the road and then. Of course it's -- It there at home against Montreal Tampa Bay actually been there recently. -- that come along what they're better players that -- people do so I think all the signs -- point -- to them when it. Pleasurable experience goaltender seems to rise to this occasion. Vs one it was unproven at this level in the game seven you know about cauldron. Right now I'm not gonna tell you didn't -- right here. In that one -- on the problems you know lobster was just epic performance in the post season these numbers have slipped an air. And inherited mean that one goal in the third period and late in the third period to force overtime or won in overtime so. I mean it's should be tight -- and watch -- play there every conservative. They're gonna dump and chase superior they're developing your -- to turn over you saw yesterday when -- smell blood they'll -- and experience. He does governor calm demeanor. I would venture to pick out some really low compared to Bruce Boudreau pacers really jumpy so I think he'll help them to gain seven. Being a former player on the be a very common guy behind the edge. John I'm gonna ask questions I ask you exactly a year ago and we ask every hockey analyst and expert that was on the program and the Bruins go far in the playoffs with a power play as anemic as it is I believe or two for seventeen now. Last year the it was know at some -- it's gonna bite him in the butt ended did but it really didn't because they won the cup. I'm asking the same question a year later and they get to the Stanley Cup finals this kind of power play. Always go to public it to say percent of the 940 game that took about what they do are -- he worked the reason -- they wanna cup last year. -- more than anything else. And so it is it that people are going to be they're not right now. Then eventually that should care so little. But yet again there such a great five on five team that's their strength that's what they're all about. And it now they at the other so what speed now they have side to their tenacious and at their nasty. On the -- got so many. You know of the hockey attribute you want your players right across the -- heart and character toughness. Speed and skill. They have so much there ought to rely on one metric like the power play and so lot of but it sure would be nice to that he's a molecular biology that don't understand. Why do you not -- Playoff performer. I don't understand why hasn't scored a goal I don't understand -- right in front of the net. And scored power play goal and never understood what you got in the dominant power play performer. You know like about bella that you don't like in the league with that -- reach. Well but because I have a release of -- don't read the article never have all of their -- like that but. I don't understand why he's not better. Shall he had he had a great player made a great play from the game winner sentinel Sagan. He's in good thing you're watching you know he's a great skater you -- side. And he's not completely awake he's playing well and didn't look as playoff performance you know again -- this year. And release five last year or so can you expect him I expect the pick off boxes early -- Performed -- got a good start at the at the Viet beginning in the body in the whole thing. They're really -- a guy who's out there and scored you know. So orient -- net production is this policy debate site going to be a big ninety brakes on that by plucked a lot of guys are due to break out for them. As wondered as -- -- blowout game seven like old school days in Europe birds and direct wired get. It couldn't give us your expert opinion job on Ovechkin I mean I think. And I don't know what to make me obviously brings a lot of energy when he wants to. The I mean he he just seems like he should be better he should do more might take -- Of the two Alexander's on the caps salmon is better than I thought Ovechkin is not as good as I thought. Since qualities. What might -- what the game has changed to keep the lead quote lock out when you're allowed -- touch anybody. And so he skated around everybody in the NHL with Leo but this size and speed when you're competent is 65 hole and their people and the Eagles rookie and for the last few years yet you've got forty because the league has allowed more to go on old sport has gone down every year since the lockout. And that's why -- after the lockout. Stanley Cup playoff team the want to the score goals. I'm now this year -- kept -- company at a similar really because we -- those -- we don't -- -- top ten -- fourteen win the -- and -- people blues team. Where she came the second -- and sport that would never happened before -- bolt tore it down approximately but. He's always brought a postseason that. Why -- -- what you like of every postseason he scores it is true that accurate but it does that too intricate to. Wednesday and suddenly -- four for the said the -- -- -- some talk about those guys to kind of go back Dellucci to Dellucci -- -- can -- but he. Sylvester brings it every postseason. I think the problem with this team hasn't been him in the postseason has been everybody else look at Steve. He's 37 he was 37 in the league with -- five points this year trailing -- Sagan by the way is that is that. That the -- not productive enough for -- of this with his skills with his talent level. Well -- did that vehicle fuels yarmulke forty I'll meet you back though for most of the years we didn't have a guy that didn't score off his little passes or pulpit to create its own goals so. On I just you know like in the -- and still the score goals in the playoff to score goals when it -- that the QB do it on Wednesday I don't think you got to land it. On seventh place for contract he signed a one year deal because that one note the dog and so these are the one year deal they're just hoping to get -- about this year. They'll be you know don't be I don't think you'll be back -- -- -- -- -- when this you're going to go on maybe -- back -- -- -- short term so. I would expect -- so that in the played very well being so. And John to the flyers just beat Crosby into submission I believe I may be wrong all of this eight points came in the first four games and none in the last two and they just Wear him out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- Their defense is terrible the Bruins -- you know on the Bruins got a -- -- big -- match up there would have just crushed that defense. That you felt that burst a goalie is way up and down at the race towards. But I think they looked it looked in the mirror and and -- weren't Smart as we thought we were may be -- -- -- we thought -- -- Not -- have ourselves here did did do you like the Bruins Ottawa match up if it comes to that. That's it got a good matchup with the growing up because Ottawa -- not a good defensive team the Rangers are -- cooperative team that's what they're in the case are. But the best matchup for the Bruins the play is the culmination of ought to look. On the scoreboard a lot of leg up a whole lot less about -- So you like it sounds like you like the Bruins to come out of the east. The best team left for shirt that it's that the that the one pima all of brought but I hope the Rangers lose. That's the best competition for the Bruins but -- -- competition. For the Bruins left of the rain to get knocked out. I think it's from Salem back for the cup all of those flyers series with the Bruins -- -- strange or a couple years and there are very formal immigration wrote him as well. I think arranged at the top just test it broke left beached. I'd be curious to hear your take on this we talked about the -- last week do you think the league. Was happy with happier with -- game three of the Philadelphia Pittsburgh series or game 43 was the violent crazy made them -- made -- game. And four was. Different it was then than the three and four whatever was. Do these violent games I'm not talk about you know. Roughly Torres land -- -- and kill -- but a pocket just. Seek and destroy a the way they play -- lot of teams play. Is that good that did this Batman like that to Shanahan like that nobody's land on the eyes bleed note to they think that is in the best. They're the product can be in and and is that what they want. Almost yeah -- -- like to think most of the Canadian. Doubt they'd like that in like everything. He's just a total isn't at all he cares what all he knows that we haven't heard from him during this entire policy like that what that he announces suspension -- -- what you -- an inch and and do it. I mean you know Roger Goodell announces dispatched Roger Goodell -- while. All -- -- as a business we know that he's a great job early in the league in terms of revenue so he just cares where that it -- electric most ratings and revenue. Some obviously some guy on the image that -- corporate sponsors that will deal with such that the whales the big real sponsors that we try to secure year. So they they like a lot of the fighting with Crosby injury list that's the best they could have. Rebecca potential met at the rating in Canada and in the US where the bachelor the penguins and flyers but let's talk a -- looking to dump garbage computer. On the should be second or third round match but first round match -- the -- on the point this year so a lot of the likes it it ought to get a lot of attention to casual sports detention. What you say it without that would put up. Upset the soccer moms and -- bigotry and violence and Sparky brought into the largest economic via. Obsolete it's a fine line they have that they all they've always walked that fine line how violent do we go. But not to life. -- I do I use it at the news desk right now can you tell us is Vancouver burning. -- -- cricket player or corporal will want guilders twenty Sharma today and -- -- It'll play. Actually heard from somebody in Vancouver this morning she Texas district greeted us and said that note nobody is right riding we're just too sad this year to -- it. If they didn't planet at about baseball game seventh on the for what systemic health auto Begin -- -- -- than they plan Weld County weren't ready to write it. He's our hockey forever ESPN John which rough job thanks for taking the time always appreciate our conversation with talked down the road. Boy god which roster doesn't tell him on -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up the ten times after the three GAT and T. -- --

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