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Brian St. Pierre Explains What Draft Day is Like and Some Stories about his NFL Experience

Apr 22, 2012|

Meter asks Brian to share what it's like to be a player awaiting their selection in the NFL Draft. Brian explains what his day was like and offers up a few stories of what it's like in the NFL.

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It's bitter in saint Pierre aren't you lucky on the W you guys -- Sports Radio network 61777908588. 5250850. So the complexity of the Pittsburgh offense BC guy coming in fifth rounder 2003 picked right before the patriots. Snagged and can open. Your good buddy I was your set or was it your roommate -- your pick right before him take us through that day for you. And what that was like in the anticipation -- it's it was two days at that point Stella. I knew I was again ago in the in the first two rounds I was pegged as a third defined. Third round -- so. Towards the end of the third round it was kind of policy pins. In the fourth round and Miami called in the fourth round. Ever think about taking evidence that you're healthy news that's what they do on the caller mixer here live and breathe in before the picnic as well as the accident him. And any -- showing. But -- it yeah well that's throughout the show it through programs so novice got -- -- side of a demand that a and and it was enough and so on them. And coming up call houses down in my basement and wander around and I. It's on my parents this that you wanna have people over party -- now are you guys can you know do whatever you want you know. And -- whenever I'm stand out here I don't wanna be around in on just wanna. Norm go on and move on in the next chapter in my life and got a call from Pittsburgh. How are asking me if I -- Play in Pittsburgh announced -- it coming into the Steelers lose it was a dream come true for -- I actually know bill went for Jacksonville the call. Gee let me think about that as the auto play but the Steelers it was it was. -- is -- only remember all that but he said because there's so Carlo open somewhat to run through him on as a member of science. I feel about you know during his first goes on -- on draft and news comes. -- what -- got a plan now you know I come right now so it was a it was a special time. As exciting. I'm very fortunate to be in the position and you and it was a dogfight every year for you to make that. Thought while I mean my rookie year when -- -- -- you know that'll really -- rookies unless you really. Out of that camp and defiant. A second unit at the bottom of the tenth and eleventh -- in the world -- -- That's a man in my legacy of Pittsburgh pretty quickly and gonna go and underwent fifteen and rose a rookie so. It's hard it was an uphill battle for me throughout my ages. Elastomer if you can -- -- vigilance and and I got -- for years and well it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped but. Lot of great memories lot of great players that play with than I was fortunate and -- -- memory in Carolina. Oh man. The past the pass to David Gaddis. So the a lot of scoring pass and Carolina Panthers history. UB -- vodka Collins. For the -- its score facet of this earth a today it's over onto it and that's the president has the story of Carolina Panthers Cordova roster that is -- allied Kerry Collins. That was my Rocky -- moment. I was economic home there and you know you know I call American yeah -- Now also bar but the champ -- I won't take any cheap shots and all -- of them I'm honored believing in the -- in the no we really want to define. Not so luckily for me for Carolina's like. No we bring you down you need to play my salary don't have under the salary is like a pack up mentor I'm his client Africa are a at some stories go on Jimmy Clausen. James in that locker -- This sees. Other -- at all and I think he thought he did but he hasn't figured it alone. Limited skill -- Is in a struggle. And he's definitely a stroke he was first was never gonna sit fields 100. To get out of there but he still is gonna struggle to have a career. That that for him now he's just not there is no quick platinum is not everything about him is to slow him this. You know he was in a system -- and Charlie Weis basically built him up could be. Can't ms. Kennedy made a good chance on him based on Tyler voices track record in the pros. Does he can't play honestly. The -- the one big guy that I saw when I was there can't play him. And he was the next -- court in the next sure thing the Clarkson -- right in the house one. It is almost deliberate of -- tree there. My minus the marijuana we have -- widget because who eyesight yesterday a sick I am just him -- around for the Bruins game watching the notre Dame's spring -- On the NBC sports network community got to get a lot that goes one of 45000. People in America losses the FBC sports they'll work. And -- the notre Dame's spring game was alive. And Jimmy Claussen. Was brought and I Brian Kelly -- it was it was 2 o'clock in a pro day. Notre Dame -- weeks ago throwing to Michael Floyd. Actually -- the one passed one without anybody and it's -- it's on there how are good. So yeah that's them on. Their kids go outside at the notre -- pretty boring to watch how sick man 61777908. For the most -- of -- EC noted a big day coming up at the heights. This fall six -- seven summit's organizer 58885250850. With -- back the lines CJ up and New Hampshire what's going on. Hey guys thanks to pick Michael. You this is a much talked about I just -- -- your take on you know it seemed that the patriots. Their very reluctant high tech. Address the abstraction like I know Belichick likes the fact you like the three or even Seymour you know I mean he wasn't necessarily at that Wilfork type it. You know he was not a guy that occupy blockers you don't sicker in the middle kinda guy when there. When players that seem to be the most disruptive along the line -- you know -- Willie McGinest type players and you never even drafted that I thought the -- troops have such a week at the guys that Belichick in the draft. Arm out is that just. Is that they eat that attached to a particular that the order these field like that valued at the Denver air or maybe more about our Ricky. Position to be rapping -- it it in the first round because to me that trying to address one of the worst Patrick is in the league. With guys like Cunningham in the second round and taking flyers on guy that. It's yet bold and according to you know operate at greatly got a couple -- left at that level one. Mandate to give the guys out structure in order to help about -- your -- your thought movement orbit the current draft selection but we out. It is very valid questions it and bring up some good points. It's a hard position. That they wanna be a 34 I mean that's bill Belichick's history with Parcells that's what he grew up in. It's a hard position we touched on earlier. To reject the guy from college -- they don't play a lot of 34. And make him into a 34. Outside linebackers last Russia and in the pro game. And those guys. They're just they're hard to evaluate because -- they don't do it in college so you really just projecting guys in here. You're try to pick a guy that athletically. And football wise looks good on for a moment and has the measurable that you want. Immediately around you think he has the character you want you just project and and Daniel hope and then you can develop moment but haven't done a great job of it Willie McGinest. As one of the most underrated. Outside -- back and I think that has played in the NFL last twenty years he was a great. It's great sidelined about what made -- Soviet. He was all of 6566. His arms about you know arms that was -- strong off could play the Ron. You couldn't block -- titans couldn't block them. It was too fast for tackles he he like a city had a link. And he was Smart any any enemies in the size all he had just had a perfect packages is not a lot of those guys. Around this is not a lot of guys on earth I can do that. From what you said is to point that wasn't ballots -- guy he inherited him I don't know it was ourselves and our Carol Lieberman amendment -- That was Carol but it's just it's a hard along with quarterback I think outside linebacker in the 34 scheme is the hardest to project into the NFL.

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