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Chris Price Joins Jon Meterparel and Brian St. Pierre to Discuss the NFL Draft

Apr 22, 2012|

Chris Price joins the guys to talk some NFL Draft and what the Pats are thinking of doing with their 2 first round picks. He also delves into free agency and who may not be making the cut for the Pats next year.

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Man thrown around out expert term got that's Dicey loosely loosely very loosely. In the I had the bit older and noted draft experts -- Job to -- Bryant says prayer okay we'll take that I will take that up -- that draft coming up on Thursday night. Patriots you always got medi tech Tuesday 5850 ask is please give us the patriot trap next. Where they will select before get to Chris -- price from W yeah -- dot com. Pagelets with the first round of the 27 pick from the woman's purse route 31 that's the round second round to get the 48 pick overall from Oakland. While optical draft again until 2016. -- -- -- Second round number 62 that's assigned. Third round number 93 overall that's -- patriot pick fourth round number 126 overall. It depicts ago. What you need to know is five through seven pages dominance elections. And there's some dot page to trade down the -- next. 5%. Well it's well documented bill -- draft picks coming. During their outs in -- happened. This is the year though you have five picks in the top 93 picks in the draft and you have glaring needs. Yes or somebody knocks the socks off of it with the trade you you'd consider everything. And I think bill loves I think you've loves the draft -- he loves the gamesmanship in the chess game and all of it. Five picks in the top nine to three chance to get some really talented young guys on this team and I love the seniors all five. But like I said. -- situations arise and -- it can happen that might benefit him as well and you don't know the details still happens but it. I'd like to -- and take those five picks in what has been universally acclaimed as a loaded draft is one of the deepest drafts in NFL history. You kind of feast -- take those five out of your first 93 to six overall. And feast I mean teams are honored to be in a position I mean and that's. Well done by the patriots and kudos to them -- Bill Belichick for accumulate and picks -- moves through now have a second second round and second first round pick you know that's. Part of the genius of again. The use of policy -- I would agree let's go to the phone lines enjoy -- price of W -- dot com -- -- -- job covering the patriots on a daily basis hey Chris how are. Order a chorus we're doing great now I know is Brian and I started the show they should call this the crapshoot NFL draft because no one really knows what the heck is going to happen. We -- take educated guesses Crist. And in your time and a patriot -- From what best you can tell at this moment where they don't in this draft. I think you're gonna use at least three of those first four XBO four picks in the first two round and he wanted to and getting dealt away. I don't think there could be as anxious to deal will exit the year. Because a lot of those rookie those those. Spots are now because the PC gear Watergate and so I don't think you're gonna -- them. Everyone's kind of -- six financial late so you know what you're what you're paying for when it comes to those draft pick. I think people -- beginning. Probably one of those first rounder I think probably -- you wanna look for travelers. But I think -- order priorities and I think Brian says that you get the very well. This is interrupted set up lately or have to address some of those weaknesses there are simply -- out archery soccer. There are very good interior offensive -- out there they're two decent quarterback it's not a -- -- receive these but. You like get the effect that burglars who could have to direct the voters to -- -- -- -- Kristen do you seek cornerback being a huge need for this team. You know it all depends in -- it's a great question because. I think so what to what you wanna do in the second period depends on what you want to do with their record gold port of -- forty. Lead free -- beat Ian carruthers so these fences toward unity year. And sleep pretty well I think in in in my opinion -- you wanna move there through the regular -- to completely correct quarterback spot. Or you wanna move him back Porter -- simply more qualities here. I think it's the -- school part after quarterback I think you -- scenario where there and accordion playing more -- mixture between a little while cardinal as. The -- going for reduced seem to rock right now apparently took the 32 overall -- last year. Was banged up really didn't get much chance. The -- you sure wouldn't work so I think they're very heavily invested in immigrate to -- bill but I would be surprised if billions -- replicates that. Don't you go up structure you go that your -- the -- and been in -- -- so form of defense -- back those at least in my mind for the priorities for the -- Fort Stewart -- -- -- guy who has been kicked around a lot -- builders are all sorts of character questions about it but in that regard -- -- -- the -- throughout this particular process circle -- the -- up there as well written about it would. For the public site. A few times but I do think that they're gonna go after a quarter Ortiz hit the back but again I think a lot of the typical what they're gonna do with their critical for. And according deception is such a perplexing situation news how many times have we said during the year Chris how does a guy lose it that quickly is it just the competence issue was -- a physical issue for him. Do they even know what the heck happened to him. You don't -- I think it was a combination of those two things that think when you look beaten body of work pictured you looked at those first two game. In the growth single Herbert on Brandon Marshall Vincent Jackson back to back games to go live at the boat -- I think there was a problem we're confident that the port. I also think you would not healthy toward the middle of the candidates. It into Bangkok -- -- hurting them more than he would but it and they think those two things really got it up to what was essentially lost speed and former quarterback. Don't think your idea simply. Going for records that are really intriguing -- because. At least in my opinion he looked pretty comparable arguably it look like a Pro -- work but I think he looked pretty comparable back here and I think that's the scenario. You have to think about go forth with him but yeah I I think with a combination of -- -- I think. He could go off on a bad track and got worse as -- well. Chris bill and has a history of picking a lot of Floridians lately with his connection with the Urban Meyer and 1 guy I am I'm interested in knowing about it is not really shown up the last two years Jermaine Cunningham. Where's -- written all this group with within the pitchers structure is sick guy that they think that can still grow into a role are they pretty much given up on this guy. -- idea about that particular wrote a piece yesterday saying you know these five guys -- on the hot -- going into the 2000 -- people the first -- -- One Jermaine cutting him Belichick really talked Urban Meyer double check so what what. Where I'm cutting your political leader really zeroed in on it it was clear at least Urban Meyer earlier in the process. That it Belichick will be able to put up in he would be able to draft have been. It went after me he bit a bit -- -- well in the last few years I think -- that the guys who he would -- camp -- I don't know -- ago. And you look at me you got hurt and would have. Banged up a little bit in and out in the globe are believed an imprint problem toward the end of the year he just wasn't so -- -- either guy really needs us. Strong well see what you -- -- I mean he's a guy needs to be here first thing in the morning and you'll need to be forgotten won't know the passivity he needs to do worker Politico teeny bit of dispute because. You don't even though to talk about it I believe putting it recorded for your goal there guys coming up behind you know the secret to that spot. Don't have a whole lot of options but but I I think. Going forward you're looking guy who's gonna need to put an extra -- of this policy facility. We're need to give it can't -- good negated by the right. If you want to get hurt you looked at really solidify his spot on the roster going Portland we didn't hear from him much if at all Lester and eat it I think it would mostly at the it was definitely -- feel special -- but yet Utica and people are very key policy rate notes are really important -- the curtain go where and other. You wrote about WEEI dot com yesterday how the patriots brought in Ryan Grant Tim Hightower. And Joel died this week does it may be addressed their running back concerns you think Ryan Grant former packer is the best at what you feel though it. He's a veteran presence through who -- really high character guy. From everywhere in an effort from Utica who. Really in -- talk to chat about that and he's the guy who chat -- remote is reminded of important bit reluctant to run. They think that the verdict with being -- -- fair. I'll bet that there really intriguing thing about -- -- is not really sure he completely -- the Packers the Packers are very clear that look we want you back. When you part of the team going forward but Google we can afford who really does seem to look out pork. It is the Packers go out with one of their twelve drastic in glut in get a running back. Because they are running backs and -- they're pretty cope with a -- -- -- -- we eat picnic big battleground in going with the group think happened to collect right there walks so. The Packers go out and get you running back are two of the trip. I think they're gonna be -- -- feeling great walk but it -- of the patriot can make it work. Probably shortly -- two years here in New England. I think it is good fit for the patriots go for. -- you mentioned interior offensive line as in the pretty high priority. Is that an indication that Brian Waters. In your opinion is probably leaning towards retiring. You know I think you pick -- Brian Waters back problem. Relatively cheaply I think enjoy his experience here in New England so what's so that you could coax him. Backward -- one more year. But I think you need to look at that spot an angle that they have the option very note Inco at the delusional versatility. And they're -- -- brought back a three year contract and frankly they're paying electric starter -- back up. We have Roy -- in Dover -- but I think it would be really bolstered that he would speak up until. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stood guard to go up -- at Logan Mankins the other thing. You can you talk about cart so that English really sure what the future -- for provoking link in the least -- -- and -- -- equally heel surgery. We don't look it could be ready for the start if you cook so there is a little variable -- -- liberal Robert Gallery the going to be picked up. Does have the little versatility as well. Looking regular option or those dark spots. But -- -- -- -- bright waters of the question market the -- and whether it will bring back -- in the center position but you know people are considered the league that -- because so you don't need to start bringing in the next generation of a trigger library I think they're fairly well said that the the apple but. Oracle the venture would have been big got a bit of what we're being watered between reporters cover. I just can't get excited about the drafting cigars on -- just not sexy enough for like -- out. Who is which I do think -- -- not the first or not the first couple rounds but I think the old. They'll get one down the road -- the -- diaper has the wideout as the third biggest need for the page it's one guy you wrote about. Is Tommy Streeter telling us satellite radio yesterday that he's worked up for two teams the -- -- the dolphins he's out of Miami Brian -- boasts on play. -- Thanksgiving weekend a noted under achiever. But arcades but -- 65 and 212. Is he just a one year wonder. Yet that the question and did a lot of these guys that they're looking at wide receiver position. Our law -- -- they're not these finely you know there's that they're not the finished product you know they're not -- look at -- guys click black and you know guys -- going to be able to step in and contribute right away. Another Alex Streeter a delegate who I believe that hatred the very -- and in all the last few days the second or third -- It -- -- -- beat me Brian quick who is. Very big very raw but people look it's miserable. In -- they're just being ordered it below the -- you're having tremendously well and sort of looking for sleeper. At the wide receiver position -- quickly you're gonna give it an apple and speak. He's the got to look -- it -- treat her like quick they're not looking union beat guys that finished product political being passed it they're looking to beat guys. -- kind of these -- developmental guys completely might. Take a richer you're your New England you know for lack of better term disaster to really gonna get through you know what -- according to really get into the system and kind of start to make a real contribution because quite frankly not a biblical ark he positioned -- -- the New England -- we got -- you bring in you're the draft. Probably not going to -- -- to be a big contribution at least in his first good look at it guys. Prefer -- -- wrote that I think they're look at a lot of these these raw and so the product I'd like Streeter. But along the same lines I want to ask -- -- are there enough reps for young receiver on this offense with the personnel. As it is currently on the roster. I worry about. Are there enough reps for young guy and they have hit the swung and missed on receivers. Is seemingly throw bills aren't. -- as the coach Jim -- pioli. Is this offense through complex for a young player to -- -- grounds. That's -- at the request and it I think when you look at -- history of you don't like receivers in this and the last suddenly you don't -- -- -- Archuleta -- they're gonna talk about that -- wide receiver. With ten years ago -- we currently given to bridge. They haven't been able to. A large receivers I think what this in need and what it would only god can bring -- -- Is a guy who is not a tight end who can get to fifty happens -- not -- what Welker. You'll be need another option. You look at wide receiver not talked -- because they have -- that there clearly set here. Letting -- talk about a guy that certainly restricts the field but you need another dependable option that passing duke because frankly you know -- it's not the workers -- -- what was he Covert support. He knows how to work it you know. Little bit up and be a progress report with Brady. But he doesn't have -- we'll be used to I think what they're looking for. In a lawyer and music are you step in kind of feel that role copies stalwart that look at the possibility it could directly entry -- big picture. I think the wide receiver but I think you're you're really -- in this team has not been able to develop a lakers' -- Whether that's. Bill bringing in the wrong -- -- whether that's on the quarterback without being able to work with them and develop them whether that's -- -- up and being -- -- you know that trip talked -- -- Played on the team who played on other teams late -- happy ending. It's complicated you would think that doctor Christian Fauria who who is for frank in saying look Washington with -- port complex off. And look out here into England import -- look you can lean on that as much as we have the past but yet -- the brick. Political like receiver these guys have been able to develop wide receivers. I think like he used to. It appears that you -- Pittsburgh was very complicated to I had progressed a lot there. Hey Chris before -- let you go 2731. Yards. Said the patriots you think they're gonna trade 27 right. I think the credit a lecture which way you think -- one of the but but I Olympic right now. You know apparently the -- USC -- well that would be. -- we Merck slipped out of Illinois any one of those guys are available at that position you know that they've been a very specific -- the bare for all they look for a deposition. But -- -- -- those guys are real I think the BP to go after them in that we took at 31 in conflict you but there. All right Chris prized -- forty coverage all week leading up to the draft on Thursday great job on W yeah I'd like John thanks a lot man. Thanks Chris that's Chris price -- this from WTI don't come very good piece today. -- the guys -- matches today are actually yesterday. Alonso Denard. From a Nebraska corner. A top five corners in the draft he has not been connected to the patriots but. -- do himself any favors over the weekend when he was arrested and accused of punching a police officer. Days before the NFL draft. What is going on you work your entire life. You get to this moment as a football player and you're set goals for yourself and then you do something like -- just. It's it's unfortunate it's stupid but it's it's it's even more than and it's just unfortunate I mean he's just cost himself. Potentially a shot. Playing in the greatest lead in the world and justice. As a sick planet that's a fitness it's rising and back out when I hear -- it's ridiculous.

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