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Brian St. Pierre Loves the Ability of CB Janoris Jenkins - Meter Says Check Out his Rapsheet!

Apr 22, 2012|

Former Florida CB Janoris Jenkins has a ton of ability and Brian would love to see the Pats grab him especially at a position that they really need help at. But...and that's a big BUT...Janoris is far from a model citizen. Hasn't exactly mattered a ton in the past with the Pats ...

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The NFL draft preview show on Sports Radio W yeah I would -- to brown Brian St. -- here until 4 o'clock. Now we're talking a lot of drop offs we talked a lot of Red Sox a lot of ruins it a lot of Celtics it's on the table for yeah. Until 461777. On steroids 588525. Jury fifty don't forget the text line at 850. 850 you can tweet me some draft questions any questions you have. At meets tweets Bryant -- appear yet to sign up for -- but we're gonna make him. A break. Before and -- thank you break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be some good pick up -- That's for sure all right -- these days before let's talk a blog and you know it deserves respect. I know Israel to -- it but it users aren't -- before the break there's one guy that's on your radar and you think is on the patriots radar. -- I would be I guess I would be surprised real patriots are exactly a school for good boys in Foxborough. But I'm about to write about this one Jim Norris Jenkins. Out of north Alabama started his career at CSI Gainesville. Half a couple or. Otherwise known as University of Florida. 510193. -- has a right to as the fourth best quarterback. Ability off the charts. Shut down corner -- border complain -- covers to play zone coverage. In hang with your top receiver he's what the patriots do need you would address -- need. But is he too much of a problem in May 09 arrested. On misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest without violence after his ball and fight and Lazard. Officially not a Florida -- to it is. In the fall start all thirteen games played till quarter played well. Let's go we go to arrested for marijuana possession -- eleven again April 11 dismissed. From the university of -- You know you have to be really bad if you're dismissed from the community because the arrest relent -- Urban Meyer. They're ready Columbus, Ohio you are not exactly open my case -- -- transferred to division to north Alabama. Fort tackles for loss one blocked kick return punts very well 42 yard average kicked off 44 yard average couple picks they throw away from at the division to power house -- knows north Alabama. The guy deftly is a first round talent. Is a seventh round rocket. Look. It is stated all the reasons why not tune -- moment idea. I have no knowledge of of them wanting him I just think she's like guys. The first you have Belichick's relationship with the Urban Meyer so if anyone's gonna know about this kid that's going to be the patriots and Bill Belichick. When's the last time outs and a shutdown corner. I lost Iowa. That. Well I would I would argue -- -- recorded two years ago. Shut down -- door shut down the has moments. I saw the patriots last year trying to play Mormon America. That is the off keep in front of you with what they ended -- having -- -- -- because -- couldn't play an immense numbers. And how frustrating was as fans watched the patriots fan and just keep everything in front and give up yards and yards yes yes they went to the Super Bowl not. Saying that into a great job I'm just saying if you look at the needs on this team. Outside linebacker. -- definitely right there but cornerback has got to be there in this did I think. Athletically maybe ticket from LSU. There one day one B right now athletically those -- the two top corners don't Mo Claiborne UB. Four on the wonderful but I got up. That's another issue but this guy is alleged footballer I mean he didn't -- can shut down -- -- now you read the risk our report. These sticky -- like government. The pitchers don't have one on their roster. It's the character issues absolutely he has. The pitchers have shown that they don't mind that there will take chances and yet now it's different when you're doing a free agency on a one year minimum deal. Where you give up our senate from -- and two consecutive dress for an Ochocinco. And the spent a first round draft pick and again like this. If he's if his talent is as good. Any shows as well on film then you've met the kid and you have a certain account comfort level and he has a certain amount of accountability for what he's done. You have to look at this not slamming in a draft them I think that. -- don't think long and hard about draft. I like that they will think long and -- about I I would not again I would not be surprised they take -- Norris Jenkins because. They didn't really don't turn away from character issues hasn't been minister and -- free and sign some of the free agency side. And and you do make a good case that he's extremely valuable and his type of talent is extremely valuable oh by the way they'll. -- to a bring moral -- counselor. For kids. With three different women Trojan horse Jenkins. And I know I know that that's. An issue rally burns is not the first there were some guys you -- locker room that issue. We we -- know about it Antonio Cromartie. That's fine but. These are little red flag on their around the they're not little bit not little -- big red flags I understand all of -- points of violent. And it's well documented and it's just. I'm not saying I haven't met the -- you know I don't know I haven't done all the background on I'm just saying he is the guy. If they pulled the trigger on it wouldn't shock me in the least. It's almost I almost want them to do as a wanna see. Ya I wanna see this go down the other it's great directorate drama. And I think and I think if -- patriots fan. The upside to it is potentially huge if you have wished they are not many shut down corners in the NFL period I think Champ Bailey. Think another one. True shut down maybe Revis Revis is never silent I mean whose definition but there -- a lot of those guys walking around and -- and the way you can set up their defense if you have one guy that and to shut off the receiver you can just shut down. The pass receiver every week week in week out and it's huge it's unbelievable. Advantage to have. So if they feel like this guy has that kind of ability and he's. Of all the quarterbacks you listed in this draft she's normally hear all the time he sticky he's great coverage is Brady's. Played autonomy and a man. That's what the patriots are missing in not just the pitchers a lot of teams -- and if you have a chance to draft I can't take a chance to really help. -- -- -- No and that the date they have to think long and -- about any of these top five quarters Morris their bounds off the boards and hit on number five. More liberal from LSU I believe you outscored by it was a one. There victory. 33. UB Tom bring -- Yes. TV and a lot of there if you put up this week you think that Ryan. The -- to elect at the base in Europe throughout tech. That one. Is that the most overrated aspect that is Leonardo won eighty guys who have by the thirteen militants John taken again -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- stupid -- Is that it's -- Got -- not possible blow on -- it was a -- they said no do you consider him a shutdown corner he's available Obama a scientist Samuel is again -- -- off corner he's not a shut that he's a good player. It is you prefer to be offering it in front of him and just react to the ball. -- talk about it advocates up in new rule -- the line instrument bump and run corn Deion Sanders. -- -- The best -- this guy is that kind of he's not Deion Sanders but it's not -- that. And they just don't have and you write that they do not have if and they tried to do it last year bill wanted to run some random and they were doing and presented in early in the season. It goes zone coverage Julian Edelman god love him in the slot as a corner guys hasn't played defense -- high school. Right and that's what this draft is about it's the death he can't roll -- and Julian Edelman did a nice job I mean. The position that put him and he did a pretty nice job for them but you don't wanna be in that position you shouldn't have to be in that position. I think they really like the -- I going to the draft of last year it's down the field and I'm not stale only return. Heard it was a great Georgia but they're -- they're like what he showed earlier I mean he started I believe the first dividends in the year. So you don't -- they're young their hopefully if you can stay healthy and they get another one young -- A young corner here in and then you have the -- the I think you're starting to. Build a secondary that can play more man coverage and if you complain Mormon -- it's hard of the former cornerback -- right now it is hard. -- -- five windows in man coverage. On it if you have good cars it's it's a long day at the -- -- -- corners are valued inside linebackers not so much.

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