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Bobby Valentine on the Yankees coming back and much more

Apr 21, 2012|

Bobby Valentine spoke to the media after the Red Sox lost in stunning fashion to the Yankees at Fenway Park, 15-9.

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Please lot of good things have happened out there today they will not be lost this stuff. Not a very good three innings and yet. Look at -- Beginning. You know feel this is terrific. And David was terrific Oregon's trip today so I don't think it. The outcome is going to. Destroy you look at -- Outcome wasn't very good. Maybe even -- But they can call period. Pretty quickly. They're my guys. It was seem to be an over and over a hundred pitches in six innings young. Young pitchers. You know my mind these sites and and to editing and gave up his run. He definitely is going to complete game. And -- -- the -- and all that good stuff -- it. Much. Well you know he made some quality pitches second -- they wrote the curve balls seem to. And -- to implement that meant so much. It's cuts and also think it is. Well I'm pretty quickly and so. It's -- and confuse. Me. You know for -- it came in any. He made really good Princeton as a blueprint than and other real good pitch -- -- and feel traveler and and he -- a remarkable four pitches. That makes a particular market so. Which it. -- among the role at least make him good pitches and and just. Circuits are two. Define it. Okay. Just talk to you. He's got a pretty good bruise on his -- Sent them. Instead it says in all stiffened up on them. -- Not right here now. Though you'd. Do everything. These days it -- considerations and I consider everything. Well I bet they bounce back before it bounced back today. You know came grade nine runs and kept adding on. And got a lot of pros you know. And -- we've hit bottom until it's until after the game and yet it sometimes it this isn't bottom and we'll find some -- and spirit I guess -- them. Nicest guys. Seems like individuals. -- -- team meetings. And in -- and in a couple countries. Through different two different stadiums. That and they're growing in I don't wanna be good. But the good decisions. Loses their work. Mean this is a psychological situation and it's less of that revenue told us. Losing those period until this has got to be tough I think we're going to be -- sacred cup team. We'll find out. I believe there. I don't know. Or four games certain in the loss column you know that's small. Colors pretty -- -- I don't know overwhelming this. Happen quickly and it was hard to believe you -- it's hard to believe it's overwhelming. Yeah. Personally. This is all the talent. That's photos my job yeah. If they said it was only going to be for the good days and you know it wouldn't. Pro who have come challenges decree.

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