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Even with the loss it was still a great day at Fenway

Apr 20, 2012|

Mikey is down at Fenway with some reaction after the Red Sox and Yankees face off for the first time this season. He also talks with callers about the great 100th anniversary ceremony at Fenway today.

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Okay -- -- beautiful Fenway Park and it is beautiful tonight I gotta say that you know this park today when you when you talk about a day like this and in April you don't know here if he gets fifty degrees 48 and windy you know and on it. A day in April they -- for twenty. But he's a great date. To pick for this yankees in town and all that. Debut would have been better to have the royals in town way to recession going lately but the other Sox lose the game. At a final was 62. And most of that came on solo shots given up likely -- colts in this one -- -- them. He did as best Josh Beckett impersonation from that second Ers roses -- second start oblivion five moment. And that not a good day. A for the Red Sox offensively either as they had to deal would -- on nova. To the solo home runs by the Yankees today came off the -- of not granderson surprisingly who had three -- Alex Rodriguez. Had a home run today. As did Nick Swisher two of them by Eric Chavez and Jack Russell Martin's. With the fifth solo home run in merely that that was it I thought buckles might be going out there and do what he did last time out which -- sit. Pitched horribly the first and second inning and come you know settled itself down and get back to whatever but it didn't happen today and they -- unable to sustain any kind of rally and overall again not a good day for the -- says they've they have they've had very few of those at the three wins in a row. And now they're four and nine. On the season as the Bobby Valentine era continues and it's been tough for him I you don't he -- to I saw a couple of cut -- of him. In the dugout reacting a very emotional Leo -- more Robinson -- jumped up and spear a line drive look at the Red Sox might get a run on that. But he jumped left his feet went way up tying gravity they showed a shot of Bobby V and he was pissed. And you know these -- the cat is mounting pressures and tough situations that happen to yet. When you're under the spotlight the white hot spotlight of -- of Boston Red Sox fans and the media coverage and this team is set. Highly prominent baseball team and you know he knew he was getting into but I don't think hear anybody else expected it to be as tough as it's been Red Sox now eleven. And 29. It's since the beginning. Of September will take your phone calls on the Red Sox and and you know it's fine for you to talk about some of the nice exhibited many many did I mean it was just unbelievable to watch these guys. Like there was no corn field. But everybody was -- in the field of dreams stuff. You know you had. The Boston Pops here and you had all the great Red Sox players. And you had Caroline Kennedy thrown out the ball that -- great grandfather. Throughout the same same idea at but it but from a hundred years ago. And it was a really really nice day. From the perspective what the Red Sox did and organized for this event it was really really well done by the Red Sox and I got to give them all the kudos the world for. Putting this together in a very appropriate way and I can tell you that all the players that I talk to really felt great about being out there on the field I mean I talk to players. From -- ranging from data -- lead to work. Two Kenny Ryan you know and guys like that it was just some a magical moment for each and every one of them. And I I just wanna give congratulations as such reporting offering nicely. John rather Raymond in the car you'll be our first caller on the it shortened version of the planet Mikey show here -- from Fenway -- Mike oh wait you got a great show thanks and they in the pre game today was just phenomenal choreography of everything you could just. It was professionally it looked first player. Think things up like sort of signal where the game -- go. Our there -- a couple early signals to Wear this little mobile Menino. -- being in our own Caroline Kennedy and him making sure that your arm went first and that hurt. A populist -- that's something that's part. Now who who who who's our first mumbled and you know he's -- yes -- -- -- -- -- it. Instead of him deferring -- saying -- you broke right right. It's like to see it right. Like sitting next to somebody who -- lefty -- when you're right -- you should release what switch places on that because you're just bump elbows all night long I I saw that as a matter of fact and. Alignment that he'd just look real. Or a lavish when he did then well you. If it did it will not play it in the second thing -- when Pedroia dropped the first ball. It was sort of a planet where it was going today. Yet has Pedroia is not usually the top suspect. -- so cropping up pop fly you're right about that and it's that that was may -- of. I don't mean that was a bad omen. Mumbled -- the first bad -- Pedroia with the second and it just went down and up there. I agree with that you know I tell you what I thought the one of the sweetest moments of the date. And when you see the look on Johnny Pesky space when he was wheeled out there you know and any got very very emotional and that. You know it's kind of a thing when you get 393. Yeah honestly never know when your last rodeos going to be and I just gotta say that when it comes to Johnny Pesky we all hope and pray that he lives to be a hundred. Nobody the guys a little bit on the frills site now and he is such a beloved piece of Red Sox lore that I thought it was kind of poignant. To see him out there and you know with the tears coming out but a great moment nonetheless because we're what we're also earth would he rather -- Well you interpret it apparently came out and I thought so it's it would affect that's what it conjured up that kind of stealing from me today via -- I felt the same way that I felt here in 99. When it was the all star game that same kind of thing in the east of driver rare instances that. The chicken especially the history. Related park like this were something like that can movie that kind of feeling but it wasn't really did well handled things. Eric thanks for -- thank you -- appreciated it. Right here. That's how we do it hi Doug Doug -- give -- the old Dell laptop version a drop from the callers. Bob in Boston. Is next and it's yeah we did it thank you Doug about how are you. And like I -- to -- throughout -- copy it about the idea. I reported you have a irrespective of if not we'll probably get goosebumps everybody that anybody who's watching that's an attitude Billy discussed about frustrated. We get -- -- eighteen guys doubt that what they've -- -- and obviously it out either some of them industry about what it's like I've got up it's like bringing it to the screen. Look at hole that and you guys that are being about 863 the Saturday all probably about 3040 probable -- but we don't know that I. So you're saying that on the on the NASA broadcast you were able to see the captioning of with the players' words they came out is that Richard we give up on the big. That's operate. The then all of a sudden like that it -- our belief. They they can't backward and not a shill the corner of the school. I'll clear it won't let. So that children and it has Taylor like Avaya -- But then you'd have never yet had it a wide shot of the players he could see their faces. -- -- that we got its netcam oh yeah we have a guy who are looking liquid soap -- put up well it does it also relate. I'm confident not coordinate these people a 178 of them -- -- in my circle. Probably tell did spot they had -- real coordinated from the ballparks perspective from the Hudson from where we were here. Everything was choreographed. And and matched up pretty well. -- with the school with this the giant scoreboard in other words you see the player. And parity there these children an old picture the player when he's wearing a Red Sox uniform. They put the years that he played you you saw it was all up there or are -- other precinct -- They really did and so what you're telling me is that the TV broadcast was not it was not -- watchable. Who was completely -- circuit but what -- got to -- out. So certainly it -- still letting go at it as well guys you immediately go back and that would that would. Yeah out so well priced into the political hot political capital that it was -- everybody anywhere but here it. Now it says it regrets are the ride it was a you know all I'm. -- you know she Green was here the first black Red Sox player. I mean he's curious he's got to be eighty years alt. And then -- -- -- on the screen about what about Syria people in my office because who watched -- coming up the feeling at an active product that Green on the attack with European. Like a little key laws yeah yeah but I didn't get a say that I'm -- you're my limit to what Dan. I call up -- Saturday so they have not been thought that I talked about the great tonight it would really take it. This secretariat away if it didn't break out of the gate spurts. And that's exactly how I look at what you're dealing with 21. -- right -- other than having the troublesome part of all this and you know there's Bob as well as anybody is that there's you know -- pattern going on yours is being less of timber. Last -- beginning we saw that they shook it off they played great baseball that they fell into this quagmire in September and the problem is on the field in real act. Action we've seen nothing but that continuing here and that's the problem is most troubling to people I'm. What sort of say secretary it this year and they're not and and that they have. I'm so that most threats are they're -- -- -- -- something that's where I think we'll hear what that. -- -- -- -- You know you did did you know that what next an awful lot of hope they can try to -- it up a few guys -- they just -- -- the -- I hope you're right thank you Bob -- for a check it and appreciate it 617779085888. 525 series to -- is our toll free numbers -- live from Fenway Park I never really you don't. Yeah I gotta tell you in my lifetime dream job was to be a play by play guy for the Red Sox of course there were little look. Coupled detours along the way but -- I am. Sit here -- -- O'Brien's chair as David Joseph of course one of the great teams in broadcast history I'm just honored to be in this chair happy to be here. Jerry in Rhode Island you're next on the planet Mikey show. What Doug I mean you have to callables. Just said Jerry and they're broke and. You re I have to say is to -- did you read that nice segue into the lead up. To Michael all the political. They let us right Joseph and Dave did a great job but says -- comments what's up -- I I -- have a chance to look I you know -- leader Yukio works out tonight but. Just to -- respect I was bitching about what the but they I couldn't believe I mean they did a fabulous job that I mean I. Actually it you know on digital art walking down if you build a fabulous. Europe but you know it -- a lot of things came to mind when I was watching the ceremonies and you know obviously gave me a nice warm feeling DC. -- -- men. Of Red Sox lore. Like liked Louie -- walked out there and you know yes and almost got me that's the kind of thing that people are here for to see guys Davis in a long time c'mon get some credit for all the things they did. But I also. You know thought it was interesting to see. Some of the players who just kind of had extended couple coffee here for example I saw mark Witten get off the buzzing. Is a five tool player are only used three of -- he's accurate Fenway and it's all part of a gigantic celebration of baseball. Put out of 58 so I go back a ways that I remember rule book. Both alzheimer's you -- -- Pia and that it benefits as the peace I don't know what you guys that look at Liberia it's all positive today put. The Red Sox came back last year after that horrendous stuff because of the pitching. It you know what I mean they had some really good pitch and you know after that up -- that spent us dot. Well some get a head start at this in this here and I don't know but -- didn't going to be okay hey guess what chair by the -- they're not getting hitting either. Hi -- what do you look at your game on the line here okay in the ninth inning they bring in Mariano Rivera. To face. Point 20 and do you let -- -- just doesn't have that feel it's got the field. Honestly I'd be perfectly frank here. I know there -- injuries I know there were people who aren't here that should be here. But I think in this is -- with the -- exception of few people this is kind of like a got a feeling of a AAA ball club to be -- scare in me. Well 170 million might get it's kind of embarrassing that that's who what's what what what what's up -- up there at. Right and we all know that some of that money is spent on people would just not here. You know that their agent right now even better -- -- -- aren't belts. -- Politico. You know look Jacoby Ellsbury is on here he was the team's most valuable player last year he was the second. Player in the voting for the league wide most valuable player. We'd always short we saw what happened to his shoulder that's too bad which add debt to -- to Carl Crawford twenty million dollar guy has its swung at a single pitched this year. At least not in the major leagues and who knows if he can throw when he does come back. You talk about the you know they got Sweeney in right field for a fight. He's one of the few guys on the team. That is hitting the baseball I mean just look at look at this roster okay Ortiz had 392 let's give him a little credit but Droid 269 -- worried about him. Adrian Gonzales to radiate vote those four I'm not really worried about but Saltalamacchia. 103. Armey. 100. Repko ball 91 OK he's given a chance to get that above 100 Cody Ross to fifty. You know. Youkilis -- -- there are some serious problems on both sides of the baseball with his ballclub right now and it's gonna take some kind of special. Eight out of inspiration -- despite. By Bobby Valentine and already he's got a couple bombs and wrote in ain't easy. It's not it's not ready right now and -- After today is -- you celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the ballpark you hope for something positive to happen against the New York Yankees your hated rivals. And you lose sixty to give up five solo home runs buckles. Is going to be looking in the mirror right now and saying what the heck happened. I hate it it's not a good performance for any pitcher when he gives up five solo home runs to any team and right now -- you are rate. Is that nine and -- it.

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