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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the Hawks game

Apr 20, 2012|

Doc talked to Sean about clinching the division, and about the importance of home-court advantage.

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So what's represented by Lexus continues with wonderful acoustics and Doc Rivers officer Philips Arena in Atlanta our conversation with -- head -- brought you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. -- -- health care work better let's talk health care. Dot org let's not talk a skill at sawgrass for second. Suit Celtic fans. Who understand the mathematics of home court advantage because that's tangible but can't understand the intangibles of the value priced. Well the rest more important Armenian argument to to a game seven if you are healthy or Perot or rested so you can just leave -- there. Then we're really talking about one -- of -- today from one game the whole series in the hole playoff rail because this would be the only series we would have home court so. Through the eleven and fifteen stretch. It was pretty easy decision America. After going through this gauntlet that you just said this is twelve and seventeen nights. The only break you got a schedule your comes now with a couple spaced out games for the playoffs so this isn't shutting guys down from the Unisys to sort of play each game and almost takes each individual guy separately. Yeah this is. A scheduled break -- because the way you do schedule. Played out teams -- have a lot more than some -- for some of the three we only have to rest of this. Are we don't play again until Tuesday so when you -- spectrum we played on Wednesday and Thursday off you get Friday off Saturday Sunday Monday. That's a lot of arrest -- -- of the season that and a season that you probably gonna start on Saturday. Or Sunday so it is to secure rest force. And you have guys that they can take a week off maybe find you over the Gaza moment any names KG that need a certain. Residents almost everybody's different. Yeah that is not -- but again is scheduled. You know. We didn't anticipate great being out tonight we do anticipate future is being out or -- they actually would have played tonight had they've been healthy. Publicly and that health and Paul and Kevin were this of their scheduled break for us. So unfortunately that takes it looks like everybody's being set out -- what you guys are -- While -- gradually to a winning the Atlantic Division title I posed the following question. Our division is becoming irrelevant in the NBA should speak to conferences well. Always thought that you know I guess it's nice I don't I don't make a big deal about it is at a much earlier. But I just think it should. You know just line them up guys eight teams and just go play it. Well you've got a player here -- what you -- -- -- excitement of player joins roster because of how much play back of quarterback theory however. Young player with upside we talked about before that -- -- really -- this draft night and -- -- in case it's. Tell me about what he could be what you see of him -- he hit a rookie year in New Jersey you looked at him -- what this guy he's gonna accept. Though he has I agree with you or whoever -- is that -- yes. Ton of talent potential. You know I don't know now Marty has awarded to give us but we wanted to but it looked -- and -- he was the best guy. Potentially helping us right away and and that's what we're looking -- you never know. Our government did it and that's okay with him that. His challenges whether it's. You'll more than likely percentage -- be back here next week faced -- -- -- even as bizarre as this game is tonight not see. A team -- bound plane playoffs right before yeah I would I actually -- This but now it happens and that's just the way it is I'm sure both coaches through the same way you don't want about the secret but there's no secret -- in January. In today's gonna come now running your stuff an excuse to stuff. US your phone will go low relative against Celtics and hawks next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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