WEEI>On Demand>>Former Red Sox SS Nomar Garciaparra talks about playing baseball in Boston and how special it is to put on the Red Sox uniform

Former Red Sox SS Nomar Garciaparra talks about playing baseball in Boston and how special it is to put on the Red Sox uniform

Apr 20, 2012|

Nomar chats with Mut and Lou live from Fenway about his favorite Fenway Park moment, highlighted by the 1999 All Star Game. Nomar also talks about Terry Francona coming back to celebrate Fenway’s 100th birthday and how he handled the pressure that comes with playing baseball in Boston.

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Live here at Fenway Sports Radio W yeah I got it. What -- not mullet Nomar Garciaparra melodious that your talk -- and over here you guys are Woody you know that kind of sit at Edmonton it's a movement Nomar I -- You know I don't get your rhythm -- and let out -- -- earlier this I don't know anything about it talking -- on here for a little bit what's right what's that likes it -- back here for the man. And we are in a room and it's on its. Can't describe what it is it's of that -- thank you -- you you can -- -- once I hit it OK I thought. You can't describe it -- There's so many smiling faces in this room and you -- red Red Sox jerseys to the white ones you see yellow ones but because they had old school elementary yellow in -- In the traditional in his room is so incredible. In -- it's a brotherhood is really what it is it's a fraternity it's a brotherhood it is. We know how lucky we are actually put his uniform and everybody giving each other hugs seen high introduced each other for the first time. I mean it is us special time now this is great now Romo admitted it is his best moment here Fenway Park is my first at bat. Our men and I was wondering your view at the moment this year what they've been asking me that you're right I was thinking of so many and I was like you know what that was slipped my mind you're exactly right every special -- some for you but it was there and -- was and a birthday and hit -- -- is. You know they asked me that on ESPN and Irish on some video we you know and some of it was one. One side of the game here on Wednesday we show the video when I had three home runs and hit the two grand slams in Seattle. And you know that was special moment and and then the other another time was when. You know 99 all star game Ted Williams coming out been out there in a part of that. And then that my -- my birthday I mean there are so many -- you know I think about my return even when my return when I was in Oakland. Mean it's really these people and and you know. And I and I and I think people don't relate. -- the curtain calls is unbelievable I mean you did something. Right and it got but. -- Let me -- -- and after that after your first it -- first hear it hit at Fenway Park I was with the over there Framingham and -- that was better than an -- toddlers -- that was incredible so. You you know what it's like Pressman but but. They don't just give you one for any. It you guys really earned here it's not you know mean. You go to Yankee Stadium it's like they guy is on Monday it's like he's got to come out everything but then let the guys fifty of them with you know and only fifty current also here it's. Really if you want to -- it -- over course of the year you may see a person. On the -- at to maybe get one up on their years where you haven't seen anybody get. Three years were -- get -- call that whole area so it it means something and it really does and that's what makes it's special so I think about those times where I have Adam. And you know like you said there's so many great memories mean for me. You know why I retired as a red sock is because of that. You think back and say gosh the memories are so there's so many great ones you can't pinpoint you can't just narrowed down to one. And I'm very blessed that I have some. It's crazy talk about the highlights show on ESPN -- we did game. Green monster adjusts and it adds an adult and some netting right it's totally different -- this is that we year for you blow. You know last year I didn't gain here and we did our open for the game above the law and I've always wanted to see it in Nazis. The view of the field from now. That was the first time and it was the coolest seat piracy. And we didn't deal but again there yet Wednesday and and I and it's still it's a special place I remember when they put those seats in. And I -- that is the coolest idea that sink in an -- I wanna be the first guy hit him in the seats you know you you challenge yourself as players like and when he had a Coke bottles first and only -- the -- Coke bottle off the -- and everybody's going OK who's going to be the first got hit the Coke bottle. And a I was in the first but I know what it is a bag of Coke bottle and then one -- hit it in the stance the little things like that and I think BP -- Can based Wendy technical -- -- -- -- I was so proud of myself. They'd asked your knit group of its tradition of players is -- someone and there was that one person she Pedro a -- -- -- Mo. You know Wakefield seen. Recoup that so there you. Doctors did this so many is Monta Ellis by air again in the -- oh my -- you're I was I had if you -- -- -- surely you know I was asking for the yellow shirt. But he did and bring it. But you know about the hair is still perfect and not one piece and there at a place being up. You ready to people is not that I that I did he says he's like a kind of not yet not yet you know you're not too early in the -- not in there with a -- salary Q and heat is when he gets on the bus like Carlos they. That's the great thing we take a bus from the hotel over the year and it feels like your back. On me too much screened. Where the Dolphins I told them that I see where it you know and he was going wears the Mickey you know is looking for Ruth Mickey that -- Nomar is the Mickey -- It wasn't a flight much until you heard where adults you know a Carlos bags -- where the ball I see the Dolphins as it was just. The whole thing that John and her on the all the Dolphins applied everywhere we leave spring training -- Florida looks out the window I see the Dolphins and it just became an all. Every every single flag and a buyer you're screamed at on the bus trips and I did I airport where do you -- that helped the guy is one of the funniest humans are. And I did as I said before this date starts were saying a prayer on that team where priceless prayers that he had they are the best and I mean that. It was great and it's like I said there's a lot of smiles going on in that room because. You remember those times you remember those great times as if there elect. As if they were yesterday Lakers electricity back on that buster going until -- -- gonna go play game I really did -- -- might have on the field gonna go play this is is. It's it's been awesome. The ballpark itself keep Erica and places you played lately Wrigley. I had a -- with a two oldest while I have all Ford Field this now because about it. Yankee Stadium is you know I mean yeah I think it's I think the you know all this right now are Fenway Wrigley Dodger Stadium in the -- -- he'll -- You know and I and I. I was -- coliseum out of it let -- say yeah that's. Sometimes you got to just get rid of that speed bump boy yeah that cares about Oakland but they're greatly offend. Comparing to lead a little bigger clubhouse. Yeah you know. The -- -- obviously the big games. A factor there and I out I won I would say. I want the jobs that the people have Chicago is apparently nobody works because it's packed during the day and well if I thought it would not in my best players out there that's I want their job -- -- is is is you know. It's that's a great it. That's a special place when you -- and you can feel the tradition there as well you know they it has such unique is that the ivy the brick wall I'm glad I'm an infielder I don't wanna run and that thing. That and then for me then you go to Dodger Stadium -- dodger stadium's unique for me because that's the first place I ever saw a baseball game. Just like many people -- -- obviously Fenway Park with Fenway Park means that for me that was a infamy that was always like a cathedral on the hill. You know -- driving up to sit up there on the hill you go through the gates and you drive up the hill so they'll always be special -- that sense but. But being part of it here at Fenway Park the tradition -- you know me. Here I am from a Southern California -- coming over here and and being such a part of something so so great. -- -- is typical of you relate to the north and sort of -- you know acquired a kind of not Kansan about your good you know. Think about it we retirement like. Who were the people that. While holing out there's a -- -- a Maloney who imagines a -- Angie -- designing and Garciaparra of course for all you if you would we try to approach in this book club. You work with a guy Terry Francona. And it turns out -- is coming bodies you. He's talked to him at all before we talked a little bit yes we we talked a little bit I mean I'm sure he -- is an. He was torn up it was tough it was definitely tough for him. I'm glad he's coming and I he had talked quite a few people on that he was down news talk in a few people so I'm glad I'm glad he's here it is. You know I understand me how I felt wounds of Fred's definitely. But when it's all said and done. It's it's really about the fans that -- his moment when he's you know you can only imagine they should he's you know it went in answer is one we Rocca of course it and and when he does nice in the them moment it's even those fans and that's really what it's always been you know and I'd like to sit down. That I I recognize that that's why I came back you know united talked about a man that wire retired because that's what it's all about with the on which is coming go you can go with the Red Sox in this red Red Sox Nation. It's been here before and will always be I just hope I don't c'mon after him. Yeah a recipe to be a bunch of cheers -- to be a bunch of -- well we don't she let him a couple loose but of -- to -- as it should be just used to be last this despair so I am all for them right back at all fares well I think last month you mentioned Ted Williams. Obviously there were some comparisons because you were -- east career started so strong terms of baseball and Ted and then in 1999. Was that pressure every starting corners as a young kid in a market like this even a great ballpark like this guy to great start the pressure a play in a city like Boston you look back in the first couple years now. Now I never felt like there is -- pressure and I think people miss is how much pressure we as as players put on ourselves and there's expectations. You know here theirs but. I never felt like there are greater than what I expected from myself. And and to go out there and and I only had one and then I'm not talking from individual stat what you have to accomplish some talk of my own. Goal every year was one thing and that's to win the World Series that's it. Who's just tried to that play to win every single day. I'm not a stack I mean. And really followed that so much it's really I know the numbers will will be there. But you know there was really only one stat at the end of the day that I care about is that we had a low next to one in the win column you know and and with that attitude I always just thought that you know those were the expectations you put on that was the pressure. And -- this doesn't become -- pressure here in New England. You know Nick Punto said because you know that's not a 162. Game season it's that a 1621. Game seasons you know and and that's what it feels like but at the same time he is a player -- and what they -- pissed away his number today. Wouldn't you know it's funny as I I got my I got my -- a little Jersey I put a five on it and you know that it's they would US would put Columbia goes with nick put aside I -- absolutely and now. I've made judge -- you -- there would be it should be a fun when you put a lot of fun things you'd see guys Nomar Garciaparra hang out or live at Fenway it's the hundredth anniversary the ball market and our goal Nixon a year calls -- baseball view it -- are not to 37 W yeah.

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