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Dr. Charles Steinberg Previews who will be in attendance at Fenway's 100th Anniversary

Apr 20, 2012|

Dr. Charles Steinberg, Senior Advisor to Red Sox President Larry Lucchino talks about who accepted and declined invites to Fenway's 100th Anniversary. He gives a sneak preview of how the ceremony will play out and who fans might see on the field before the game.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan jury question Korea. Who's the one important person in Boston that you'd like to talk to today before the 2 o'clock ceremonies and look what -- only want got. Rather talk to him and and then Roger than than Manny then Pedro Toledo than Pedro than Caroline Kennedy. And and then John Williams or or even off the field and answer wrestle for Charles -- which. Steinberg joins us on the AT&T hotline thanks doctor Charles and you have nothing going on that if you got tons of time to settle a bad thing if it. Now -- to -- -- remote part that would that would ensure that are you confident that this -- it's going to come off flawlessly 'cause they always do when you're in charge -- Now now and I don't have that confidence at all a lot of moving parts -- a lot of he. -- -- haven't -- though there may be looking at here maybe -- long well see as you do a lot of on the fly suggesting that stem. Are you want is where for the fans to see some of that. Folks that that inspired memory. You know -- have -- conversation and there's nonchalant about it. How many former players did you invite comedy former players have accepted and are coming. Well I don't want and we invited Hitler to everyone that that we have the contact information for note that started before I ever turned minarets are. I'm but I know that that we believe there could be as many as 200 will be -- against that. Wow now I know you could give -- a lot of details but they they can't be introduced individually can make. It would get so monotonous yeah there was this announcer reciting each of their names you know if if if anything it could it really diminish so. So you wanna avoid words I know that that may be -- In the medium of radio wrecks but -- in the ballpark -- That's where you wanna turn here your hopes to me the. I'd tell us who surprised you. And and -- and and and and major excited you by accepting and who disappointed you by turning you down doctor. But okay the second part first because I don't want people be at all. -- there are wonderful reason. That Tripoli and is going to be in Europe which is like Natalie when he hit it. Never -- that hurts that hurts stymied other other than knew we'd be the one guy I'd like to see their toy. It's so so friendly and how want to make a Trot Nixon had a wonderful. -- yet another baseball game today the opening day there's some little Lleyton and Andy couldn't does that. And they'll wait but also I won't be able to speak here are he has at a charity event in in Florida. More -- for the rest of us. You would have liked to have seen them here let them. That they they were very they they -- heartfelt regrets. I as far as folks who are you in a battle it. I think we were may be close -- jamming Bateman here if Iraq hadn't decided the wanted to play baseball properties are publicly. But that. I'm -- -- that they Curt Schilling won't tell them make it and let. I think I'm among those where we're coming. Yeah you're right you you know -- necessarily. Two recitation out of brits are straight talk on what I had been kicked out of -- of the fellows. Whose names may you may require you scratch your -- a little bit and then some cases that 11. What are slightly. Jim high pitched one game. Ever in the majors and it was for the reds are and -- -- because -- -- late forties or early fifties. And it was against the Yankees and apparently the grandchildren are going Nolan there's grandpa you know at one day in the majors and now they. I get to comment and that see them at Fenway Park so it's really about. Taking care of the players as well as taking care. And -- A doctor Charles we've heard mixed stories about whether he will or whether he will not be here and that would be Roger Clemens can you confirm or deny. Yeah I believe you won't be able to attend and -- -- let them I don't know I am. If I get rid of that or are there aren't and dragged along the -- -- -- how many all of my god. Open your mile wide surprises do you think there will be today and that hourlong ceremony. I really don't think there's going to be surprises. I really don't think so I think it's more and -- An Arab sentiment to -- and create out where it may it. It may -- predictable. As long you know you're not gonna see. You know Brett Leonard or are Trot Nixon are always I'd rather larger. I it may be predictable. But the idea is we're still would be such. It's not designed to be one way entertainment. Where where rules put on this show for you is designed to Foster. Two way communication. Where it is being. A player who would mean a lot to you. Triggered a flood of memories so for everyone that's there or maybe you're an impossible Greenspan or maybe -- you know you were there when insist -- how polar. Or maybe you know YouTube you're still. You can -- -- watching on TV and they granderson hit a home run so it is it. There can't -- too many surprises me that everyone knows the history of the rent let the public art it's just say you want a guild -- that oh my goodness they're back. What will will my father's idol Bobby door -- there 'cause last time you -- here. Doctor Chelsea and said he probably wouldn't be able to make it back again. He did say that and them and that will. That was a battle that let made a heavy heart that we think that you wouldn't be able to be here today and and instantly. We addressed that issue -- common. We addressed that issue. Excellent. You work did you did you begged him the way Larry -- to you know same kind of get you you convinced them. We're not. I don't I don't know that that they're -- if it came that tendency that it. You you can you can him you can imagine. The Second Amendment and poetry is that if you were able to make it. Doctor Charles will the anthem be sung or played. -- and that is. I played as. Played by the Boston -- OK I -- black -- are conducting. About some props for the Arab and I immediately before that in my -- John Williams will perform. -- -- the composition at stamp their satellites and them after the Arab firm. -- people -- part of the props will perform another John Williams our competition. Into New England. Why why not have them. Like old by planes to the fly over like from 1912 that is it not possible and you have some World War II planes and that'll be pretty cool. One out all the way back to the early days. Yet the I I don't know from the airport how are back they could go I know that they were explaining to us. I -- what. Went on which these planes in World War II it and -- and -- actually from the united gets a scenario where where it's completely beyond that. And -- it'll be one at sixteen and warm. And planes when warlords -- I'm glad I -- I don't know how are back they go let that. It's that this was what they're older -- you should do agreement. Public space shuttle flew over just a freak out Carl Everett. Equipment and -- -- I don't think he I don't think we we've got an RBC. From car. You know I am curious will mark Lance and become -- what what is the plant where the players gonna do they have any role that is plays Bobby -- than any -- -- Vegas. You don't have as some you wanna clusters some interaction of your 2000 well. I would -- so I bet there's a small such as bad as well. You know we know Charles is like the smartest guy we -- -- use the word and asked me in arm in -- in just about is that union put Majerus -- I -- believe I've not singing the anathema to -- -- -- -- national anathema and had a month. Doctor Charles and I got -- rehearsal you gotta get to will look -- scene at this afternoon and thanks for taking a couple minutes on a very busy day for you -- my -- good -- doctor Charles Steinberg at Dennis and Callahan on AT&T -- AT&T four GL at the at the weather so elements he's amazing.

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