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Bruin's Defenseman Andrew Ference wishes the B's made life more difficult for Holtby

Apr 20, 2012|

D & C are joined by Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference to get his reaction to Ovechkin's efforts during the Capitals first goal. He also breaks down Holtby's play and their lack of aggression, especially in front of the net.

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Our credit conversation -- Andrew Ference is brought to you by Verizon files -- network ahead and by sharing credit union. It was on the AT&T -- AT&T Ford GL TTE good morning Andy how are you. Or burger couriers. I'm fine out watching that game aunts and myself met this kid hoping to stand them honest at 45 shots only one gets passed load at the end of the game. Took a different approach he said -- we have a lot of shots but we didn't pounce on and -- loose -- we need to do a better job in front which is which is more accurate which observation is more accurate. -- -- ventures let's you know I think it would -- in respect to. Like what closes or worker. It did not -- and chances. And making it more difficult. They call them 5050 plays and talk because that the Doc Rivers calls in the Celtic when they're loose balls. Balls on the floor 5050 plays this -- always have to win the 5050 plays to win the game. -- Yeah I mean obviously you know our defensive team that more players that are in hockey so it's. It is -- you know if you get 40% of the nation should. You morals because they get a jump on -- -- -- Screen deflect all the little things that political and there's less physical and you know I don't know how many deflection or arsenic but is pretty small percentage of those were shots. Second jet -- Were also pretty we'll of I think. You know vote present on. You know -- assessments -- Most of the experts prior to last night's game and they were all wrong about this said it looks like sweet spot but finally found a chink in the armor of a -- be the -- you know he looks like -- HL goaltender after game number three they were all dead wrong about that. Did you think did did you expect something different out of him I mean did you think that may be with salt but you but the -- at salt cinnamon and it was turning in your direction. Not an expert there at -- optical -- there are so absolutely ignorant yeah. You know the guys that -- that -- -- anybody that's in this league deserves that are. So in order to goaltenders -- his career that it doesn't matter -- he's here playing and and I think she's pretty damn good so. That are not that the diluted. Do do you think the better team always wins in sports and. Law I don't put in sports where he would have the answers. Thirteen that would certainly answers there's a richer. The sports were one I'd prefer western culture her for some teams that. -- Gravity games and being locked in almost things. We were down so there and so. In other most most consistent and and and credentials. Do you feel like you're the better team and that deeper team and do you feel like just just give it time here. And and the better team will prevail while and what and why not just do what you did last night the kid. Can't stand -- -- head again you get 45 shots on him I'm guessing you get more than one past him if you do that if you do that tomorrow. Well we've reached the I don't think you are satisfied -- You know an opportunity and a few. You know -- agree it would and you can always pick apart -- you know -- more and try to do better in certain areas so. I think that we have more than enough here's where we salute and better you better you know some of the performances that would. You know from from from guys that think it would mean a lot more from. You know from them and as a looking team orders and -- -- and so we're far from saint in that we. You know our -- more deserving of an area of visits. I think we're a lot more critical you know ourselves. And I think briefly so and we ought to be desired and for -- sort. What would happen on their on the first goal on their first goal the first shot they're only shot for the first. After the first period. Audience it'll play because. Sort. So -- back you know it. The brochure outlook -- view so it. Is it factor currently neck. And and the the total leader later on that's. Strippers park in the tension as -- -- or four hours. Super. Or a -- Two option where florist virtual. So you felt like that was interference correct with a vets and. Or our outlooks -- we're getting until the job to look like. It happened story. -- outlooks from the right side RC so. I don't CNN's Gerri Willis. I don't know -- -- I'm very different couldn't get 2 o'clock this. Was was Chara out of position way over on that side with you. Again I don't do well I didn't seriously -- you know I don't think I don't think so it's. You don't. Shuler is too often the first position -- think. From. He's -- -- He. That much attention as. Eight I can you describe the frustration level of the guys who were called upon to score goals and 33 of the four games only one goal has been scored in the first two lines have been virtually nonexistent. Well I mean. Machine production and go a couple of games and land that's. You know it and scoring and you know we we can -- -- -- -- humans also. -- where. You Google. It's not particular it would other people -- can go to the job -- have a critical there but. You know catch a few if it goes out to all that your. You'd. That at production and doesn't have to be captured and -- great sense yeah I like gold that. Indeed some. So I think that's. There are some really much frustration is so egregious so. It'll. We need -- it. And I think at the top of the list of things we didn't seek common would be one power play. Where you -- as one penalty for them did you expect a a more physical game did you think you would get. Ramp up I'm not sure or we just can swept up another series and we're expecting. You know the violence the break out at any point and it really hasn't in your series. No I'm I mean I think that we Saturday and good series in the there hasn't been. There are too much stupidity here around the -- there's been some some some great at some physical way to. But I think more than molesters we've we've seen you know. Real systems. Serious where. You know. Eisner. Erred on the side option -- erring on the side -- defense. He keeps it simple scenes were. You know fall back. Simply -- not you know certainly a -- they'll -- -- defense burst so I think that's. That's excel -- with a running around the a person there again. You know it's truthfully yeah. Andy this odd question will require some deep psychological evaluation by you -- the sub conscious and the unconscious human nature being what was do you think in any way shape reform unconsciously. You guys. -- the series is starting to go your direction the goaltender looked like. He was going back to earth -- backstroke is out of the game and after all this is a seventh seeded team did any of that provide just the percentage of a letdown last night's game. -- Is your answer Indian areas. -- what what what is. Coming home obviously that helps but. Back to back -- on the weekend aid you know what time the game is Sunday and and how hard is that to do particularly for a in -- veteran guy like you guys please you know is on the I slot. Would is that how tough is it. The section up playoffs Edmonton. It is and access -- after the last month after the season. The that's always the toughest part of the year which as you go through multiple cities. You know the schedule that are all over the map. In you know perhaps a little density RC trust -- -- throw away the last. We're there for all week or shall error planes. You know getting getting that -- -- so it's. It's really not that tough. If you hear Smart here coaching nutrition. These kind of get to the game. Let's break some -- see what time the drop pucks on the yeah. But. Nobody knows that this week where we hear an 8 AM you. A actually duke backed -- as an -- and his experience yeah but probably do that as a kid up in Canada right. Yeah we actually determine that we did three of the -- Did you do any weird hippie kind of thing on your off days in Washington go to -- like occupy Washington. I think tanks as we know what Tim Thomas that he went to see a right wing think tank and hang out. It is would you do. While the I thought I guess so I looked a National Geographic what you buddies who are so I saw that picture. It's about that. -- -- over there. Well actually I guy that it'll. Be so parenthood but world pictures that everybody can do. Checked notes. The the memorial war memorial and stuff like that. Which is awesome isn't that a cool thing one after another. Illinois it's it's great it's great to visit short of the agencies so -- -- over and so. The people from you know from that June the envelope as. So we sat down -- the editor from that you traveler magazine so incredible about shovel world hasn't been diagnosed Israel around the world and write about it so. Did Z pick -- rent a bike thing to -- like share. Aren't. -- to Wear a helmet. We are in critical. You didn't. -- -- -- How to help your bag that's true -- -- that could have done that much in a dork you get back at the next. We should point out that Andrews had the opportunity to -- balding adaptive sports programming in action pro programming begins the season on May one. More information about programming in Boston contact -- Delaney -- the coordinator Al Boston's balding adaptive sports center here's the number 617. 57371046175737104. By the time and good luck on the weekend. Thank you Andrew Ference and -- and -- -- AT&T -- AT&T four GLT -- our conversation with Andrew was brought to you by Verizon -- A network ahead and by sharing credit union will be right back.

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