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Talking about the birthday of Fenway Park

Apr 19, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder, Lenny and Caitlin are talking about the big ceremony tomorrow commemorating 100 years of Fenway and about the status and concerns with the pitching and offense.

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Great play. Play. And -- yes hey forget the words. I know I know at the second that sends -- hate Caitlin CAA -- -- say all right fine -- it is here yeah yeah yeah. You know what she's so good at that I can't others Peter and Heidi yes you can what does Jenny -- sound like the other side do we know that yet we don't know you don't have to put her on I barely know she looks like -- have a high contest -- -- I'm sure you know which looks. Lenny and decade later here we're gonna have Caitlin if you don't mind every ten minutes from the game starts or so if something happens. You know you can kind of keep one eye on that protect your best Stuart Scott and I keep one eye on the screen one eye on the show over here -- -- TV's behind -- I don't. This can be tough just -- about to put an outlook on that DeGeneres and her little hand mirror she can just look over shoulder Washington watch it back phone number 6177790. At fifty -- how you -- I'm good good good based back lot of fun to be there tomorrow. You to me a slow job either and -- clock 9:9 AM. How to get there early as a professional I just love to and I get a right to page once again to get you know what stuff but -- at -- -- at 9 AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I well I mean I'm gonna defend everybody that I Ken. I have a hard time defending certain people who aren't doing. And do the leafs a lot out there for the Red Sox it's brutal. You think -- -- I can't defend and I found this out no I mean and lack who's going to be around. At a news to be around them why are you guys know that doesn't have supported go but I was that well before the season I -- -- -- he's going to be with it all he's on the panties in -- locker -- what is it as uniform on every day. That's taken trips was to hang all of his friends. Are crabs that. What's led what -- -- cheerleader now is that what Ellsbury got criticized law and now Lackey once they -- low -- hold on -- they needed Ellsbury we don't want -- well that's a -- that's you know that's not -- well from what for what which is what they beat Els or -- and just blow up because it does to me he's perceived as a negative. Well with -- you put too much in that army any camera that he's not gone wrong in that respect he's a positive. Okay well he's bad influences he did not pitch from anywhere in the country he does that -- not pitch from the bench so you think that you know he's Betty you're worried about him going out that night. You know as him -- you know going now it buckles -- and entering and ask you what do we know about him to make you think he's a great positive was to have around as an off the field guy and -- -- that's what it is it's all right and an obvious he's -- wants to go on a road trips have some fun with the team. That that's basically -- Ari had from Tommy John and I wouldn't allow. If I were running the team writes -- what you don't have anything or hurt your -- out for the year gold play. Somewhere goal often you know is up money could buy friends and sit on the swing assess where it and -- a lollipop for some who buy a whole bar boy you're a tough. Yeah tough options taught you how I feel I understand what a guy you look at my. Just reminds me last year proof of that just don't like his looks nice handsome. But speaking of handsome -- Kate and looking great in a black little black dressed yes what's up -- that you look awesome. I am I may get some photos on the web -- Anderson and Matt Martin kind of matter of fact for opponents -- as a touchy -- -- heavy days later tonight and remember who -- both married and I was in constant price. Right and plus don't think she's not the type to have heavy date. Is it and it -- underwear on married for him. You two were married -- you keeping them from us didn't know that in Bell's statement make Leland because they went out on my movement after the wedding I know we missed on. So let's get somebody's wacky phone calls and and the game went what times escapes terrorism 77 Thursday OK so at that moment came when you're on duty. As if -- like you know -- it's sideline reporter for us. And that's because it's hard for us to concentrate on that and you and things. I am I can I put in my eight. Biggest applause but tomorrow yes yes okay. I mean I definitely Acxiom little warned about how -- can be received but as far -- I've got two people on field yeah. It's gonna be Francona over Pedro and his -- All those guys Dwight Evans yes that ball went back. -- -- back to something you know so outside yes it does make a lot of parents Islamic. You know doing in anti an act of their every night on the big screen again it was so -- So Francona. Is you know. The most recent big story. He only had left in September end of September. In a recent story as there are resilient cities Iraqis he has been going on -- as one of -- is this the reason a special reason for it. Answer reacting got screwed it make a singles but it's going to be overwhelming it's gonna be allowed us. And the longest in on in time out you know. I'm may be wrong inactives I know we'd love Pedro yeah and he'd be. Front runner certainly well that can't take -- going to be -- and up to about reality the -- -- want us to interview as well Frito Cordero -- to Alaska by about Carlos -- talk about him fondly illustrate the forests are you guys were current openings and I've forgotten the right. Who's the guy that -- come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To remember how skinny he was Joseph has advised his roller skating outside rail and burn those calories bill is in Worcester bill what about you what do you think. It felt like I need the house bill it says children your BI LL or an area of the closely Chalabi right is right. These guys again very good at it but they just -- -- of -- second and third team this. But I want to ask who's a rocket invited -- it is -- to become. Well. We don't know that I am I heard he's available time it is important factor is in court this week I have heard he has been invited -- federal court Friday oh OK I have heard here has been invited and he might be there. They know to address. Sure that you might be you know it was later on you might be counted Pettitte has. Well they are it's on the it's on the warrant out an unofficial but he's got ankle bracelet that can Jason. Garrett wanted to talk about Iraq you know what it's gonna comedy wants someone else to carry his luggage. All right that aside to that what a waste of tax money this whole trial. Well yeah. But he's just yet we did perjury. It hasn't -- should -- -- -- idea that probably haven't -- jail sentence if you don't have something like this a trial for perjury then I don't will lie in court all the I understand that Mike I'm just time how it's been dragged on forever yeah. And missing after a bronze dated. I mean baseball really want to get this guy -- interview over told -- lie aside from the when your about to tell you right now. When a -- can now have you ever told any lies you see my soul artist. Yes she has she's on his life. -- that was the truth I mean there -- difference I think between being malicious that aren't telling. Give our guys like I've got -- -- is -- your haircut -- fairly nice is ailing and something like that. Are those -- like to ask that those those notions look good on you though you know that kind of thing that's not really alive white lies -- amount of -- like you know. Lying lying you know that's. Alive it's alive it's an event I live that hurt -- thousand or just yeah yeah you don't malicious doesn't and that's it due partly to be self protection as well. Well anyone is confined into one who's never -- -- -- -- the very dull life what I say now is no comment people wondered why they asked me questions I sentinel company. And anyone that says they've never lied before hearing. The second correct as the go to Rick -- attack hello Rick. Rick Eric. I read them over I do you really can't. Now go and Richard let's try again. Stick to what they are competent to put it like -- country thank you advocate that I kept on public topical OK sure. On home but it up a long long time when I was so wrong look at David Bradley -- -- what sort of early this year he looked like one of the least equipped. Absolutely get in line and Alan. Yeah yeah line on that -- absolute. Everybody agrees he's just transformed himself into of extremely reliable player and so confident. And it was of course we bought our views in -- give it will there be rotation for the first time you shoot it before the heat are decent. -- political Portland it -- ridiculous. And -- and at the -- -- of the but the other into the fours is the best part of his game yeah exactly -- -- to appoint me. Had a gentleman and lady is busy aren't. And score of 101 -- you don't have to put the ball on the -- you know in what is the rest -- -- -- -- -- give a little more latitude to keep an aficionado out these are these. -- -- Well he's obviously made his own adjustments and they've they've kind of really aren't used to have him around now and and Boise have been needed in this is this is a perfect timing thing for him -- and he takes he takes coaching so well. Yeah -- -- -- and -- were -- wants he wants to lose easily and that anti Dwight -- usually did and by the way destroyed -- they really started this PO -- plan the playoffs but I'm just so fed up with them you know -- like and he and everybody light article thinks that they can dictate and -- An entire franchises and a fan base fortune I'd I'd be in -- -- Awful absolutely terrible year us a little right click and yeah I tell you very good point there's too because on the ball because he's so -- effort to guard. Then you're right and guys can shoot over that's the only thing and is of the you do about that. Healthy patent. Democracy is what -- -- -- there are a lot of ability. You know what you get established in the lead. We can push a little if you get -- the spot now -- and you look all that target on the record for our morale for the men and irritation they can get away. The problem I haven't -- you know what could be problematic it is. He he he might not be ready for prime time unity in the -- yet and yet outlined we do not -- That. -- now he's gonna have games like that to look at this guy didn't command when any great credentials even you know and what he's contributed is pretty damn good but. In high profile games yeah I wonder how are you going to be on the court. He's a future he he has a spot in this league he'll be he'll be back yeah run defense alone it's amused defense allowing it would permanent positions pretty -- gender. Our thanks to call and bill is in a national New Hampshire hello bill. Let NATO and it's not meant it's -- touch based on something that -- -- at his side. Home. About from item itself to start -- two minutes -- the goes to these Red Sox Cincinnati Reds. Gains in the World Series and we went down -- congregate C. -- in secret and there and get World Series tickets and we dated sixteenth at the ticket. Limit -- four per person. And that's. Cautious 65 bucks for a through everybody. It was a it was a wonderful thing -- now it was a wonderful -- and actually -- aren't you lucky to parts of that money right now through and -- -- friends and everybody in your -- -- aired in its -- with just go home run in the that was the -- rely. -- -- Yeah well it is received -- there yeah you know you're there for valued -- when -- never forget. In my life so you know that's sort of resentment that they were. Trying to be allowed. Try to people's best moments. I'll Red Sox history are you a lot of people don't know what that was. That was one of the -- it was one in the finals and I'll tell you it was it was a one of the things we've got those 1650 tickets with skin in the morning. And then you'd -- sneak down. And you know you -- -- he sneaked on to into the dialogue look at the box seats in -- I'll even really extending them one way ticket and. Which of course -- up sitting news room only is not allowed by law. Yet stay at odds that your -- style before they're currently in reasons that I think if your legs crossed and all messy smoke and a peace pipe or had done -- got a little messy at the state are always a village. You are that he would be -- perhaps -- and then you know you go back standing room only tickets -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New Mexico back makes you a list of all the records and -- record collection because reflecting of that. Branches in Texas say their brand known that is obviously you're their pregame sixes advertisers' ads you'd in his. Or 04 you know for -- is -- by the way we're talking about -- -- cola. Dave Roberts community huge ovation -- -- still a debate about Bill Miller. He stole second when he would have been standing -- Bill Miller and drive home and I hope I don't know I guess it shoots huge openings -- are in the walk. You won't get innovation and that fits his personality. Even. Nights they're gonna introduce you to. You know at the -- skip work out of print content Branson Texas. -- -- Areas of that's. Was driving back home wouldn't you -- there's an important -- medically ethical and -- Mike Napoli is is a Red Sox killer of the highest degree. His huge post season Texas I'd like to know his lifetime numbers against the Red Sox against the Red Sox are guaranteed their. Ridiculous them. He's. And his policies and to have been a lifelong Rangers fan -- members you know back in his own channel or could be -- the seem come -- Boston and I'm making -- -- that was. -- student. We're in sounds like your name from Texas doesn't -- -- -- eight it Chan Ho Park man I don't know what does a big time those big signing for Texas goes bust. Oh so don't -- -- the Red Sox knocked yet Mike Napoli if you was available at all widened that to say that's a guy we want we gotta get that college -- -- down like he was treated. One it was odd because he was traded to Toronto and and Texas before the season started. Coaches -- -- sources said that he wasn't good enough to send. -- it is time dollar. And it's true he does bad balls around but Danielle some bets -- practice so I you know in a mad pace -- choose your poison out of I don't care if you have a bet you know backup catcher who's a good defensive -- can't hit a lick you -- if you. Put Napoli for seven and -- you get a couple of doubles off well it's only rock and a -- kids can hit guys always been able in home runs. What you what you guys say about handled and bombed right. -- -- and you know that kind of sounds I almost threw up in my mouth. I loved it I thought it was easily avoided if you look Josh Campbell did anyway hey you know I do it as a player if you're a woman -- date of issuance. Now I I respect him as a player I think he's a five tool player I take dash Cam -- -- That's got every tool for the -- ball was hit so hard -- center you know he will be played ball grew up here. You said it's along these foreigners he lied about it because look at that game was out of -- Mikey at that point they'll put that ball was thirty rows back that of the bullpen. You know of all seeing shots -- -- the monster and into the parking lot Overland sat right and was -- a lot of that because we've lived around here you are aware and are of them you know of my Mac McGwire hits -- marry young and Jim rice's and my. But this one the crowd reaction was a lot different it was stunned. And then move. No way hits the ball there Wendy's -- very rarely to -- clears the bullpen these into the bullpen sometimes they go over but by a couple of rows. This was so far back of the -- that red seats in there it's right back there and you -- -- joke joke called them last thanks to Leo cities in the bigger version of Mickey Mantle. Is that type -- Maybe you just keep his head on generated Ballmer probably -- could out drink each other -- will be quite different get -- -- contest are we have a 92 break we have open lines for -- excellence haven't haven't have a nine. 085888525. Zero -- fifty. In schools now the -- says oh I'm sorry Kate and read that first text I love that in schools now instead of Indian style icon crisscrossed Apple's costs. To be politically correct ESP CBS are costly and everybody sit on the floor Criss cross applesauce. That's I didn't know that that is so freaked him lame.

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