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Terry Francona will attend the Fenway 100, Theo Epstein: Not invited

Apr 19, 2012|

We discuss the ever-developing drama between the Red Sox and former employees and who is and is not invited and or/attending the big bash at Fenway this Friday.

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-- why -- men and men and filling in today. For the vacationing Michael Ali Michael be back on on Monday. By the way apparently Curt Schilling did get his invitation. To the -- hundred birthday party tomorrow. It says that. -- -- I apologize the business of 38 studios is maybe my participation in the 100 anniversary. Of Fenway Park impossible please understand. That should in no way indicate my love and passion for the Red Sox had a feeling than standing on the amount in that park in front -- -- fans and he goes on and on and on. This glowing things obviously but the Red Sox Red Sox Nation. And the organization and everybody -- these are some bad people. Fed had to give Terry Francona I actually thought it was gonna be out of the country. This week and -- -- Francona was managing the Red Sox should be there. These are some bad people. It's I would say yes. Yes that's. Stroll IKEA my mind. If I. Could patients. -- I would I would say he would he would definitely the more. It's gonna be strange tomorrow win and that's why front of the Red Sox have invited Terry Francona and but I I don't think I would go overboard. He said initially no we can't either why would you unless you believe you're taking eight PR -- back. Why would you go out of your way. To make a big huge deal about it -- to try to get him. The shop I just think you're better off you've done that the the right -- invited you've invited him. He elected not to come it'll help you -- do what you wanna do anyway and that's move on from. You know backwards. Going back afterwards to placate transferred. Mean how frequently it's a standing ovation -- their rig it's it -- point. Code ownership was really classy to invite him and then that -- bug -- that's a manager Steve keeps the stinks. Right strange to -- invite him he says no he say it's too bad. Sunday ESPN that the game -- one thing gets a standing ovation then you move that's what I would have done it straight it's just it's doing everything back down. And I think they're probably in the and we'll find out they were the ones that were. Pleading with him to actually do this. And because for some reason they needed. To do whether they and they felt better by doing it or whether they felt. They -- public relations spin would be better I mean -- -- You almost look at it you say let's eliminate that students of the goodness of their heart and we have one -- -- that's. This is the real world right but clearly that's not. Right I would think so so I don't I had it makes doesn't make any sense to me as a make -- messages. Again I don't know how they got there and what changed his mind sixty's I'm fascinated to know if we'll ever know the truth about. Evidently he's gonna be -- showed the way he spoke last week. And where he talked about that he wasn't ready for it seemed. Something dramatic had happened and I don't think he's suddenly woke up 1 morning it's that you don't want this is. A just a which commercial open and go to. I sort of for ESPN we don't know what influence they might have a little bit maybe about what's there with the benefit of the spin mr. Francona being there. It to a clocked -- to tip his cap don't know any difference not to I don't know. I do wonder if there was some financial agreement between the Red Sox I don't -- through -- -- such a pain Francona money to -- but this thing tomorrow. To make themselves little bit better for day. I was on. Yeah I don't know if that happened late they -- any any of these possible bomb ever they're paying out that at. They're paying a lot of the expenses to put these guys up there flying ball in and they doing all of that. What what I worry about -- so much attention has been geared to this hundredth anniversary and I'm not saying that's not justified as much as I may not be the the biggest fan of the old you know barnyard. I would say this that I still. Understand and and respect the fact that you do wanna celebrate the hundred years that the building has been -- all the great moments and know all of that those other things. But I'm just word once we get behind it. What happens -- going to focus on team right the team itself right there a couple holes and flaws. But the the Francona playing and then now the field thing on top of it. To me is extremely. Story very very strange I don't bizarre I don't see how you. Lee vowed CEO you know it's different with Mike port India and -- a much in that they should have been invited as well. But don't you find that a little bit different when you're dealing with those guys as opposed to. This guy and what happened in the offseason. If any thing. You wanna put on a good for so that all of the people who were were questioned. Whether Larry and feel were fighting. Don't shoot don't you -- some of that. When you -- might feel when you don't invite the bill and Hillary comes out when he's questioned by Michelle McGann. Thinking it feels -- to be there. Or at least invited invited at least some knowledge of the situation but now then it doesn't have benefited it's going to write packet Larry Lucchino and it just looks bad it looks it looks bad they -- that would that looked at a don't know what's going on right. Atom that's in that there was any motive here. In sin you give the perception of people out there. That you purposely didn't want to invite him and you did have all that off seasons that you guys denied it. Feel wanted to go onto another challenge always good old notion routers here at all you do. All that stuff resurfaces again the public looks at the -- the tour -- finding. And you've got by far the biggest ovation tomorrow is going to be for a guy who. Fired and then whoever back stab back stabbed him in the image here Francona in doing so they are -- ownership there -- for a and that's it and they're doing everything he can't how does it help under him get that -- there Republican applicant how does that help -- Virtual -- and help at all. -- So he's going to be out there all the players are going to be up and I know he was gonna be there Sunday night anyway and he'd probably be around the batting cage before the game and all of all of those other things. Because he's working in the media. But to have them around here on Friday -- -- to me this makes absolutely no sent out. For the Red Sox to a pushed. Like strange -- he turned it down initially okay removal unhappy he's going to be there 'cause I think this guy was a big part. Of what happened over the last three -- I'm not short it's in the best interest. Of the Red Sox now. Or going full and it certainly isn't in the best interest of Bobby don't registries are chasing it's so hard that's confusing. It's just confusing you know again it's just you -- chasing this guy who basically represents Irving went wrong with you guys from this offseason. I get yours. It's the whole thing history I'd six -- 77790850. That's their phone number here to make show. Whole free 8885. Game fives early -- here's Chris in Connecticut -- grass. They got they don't good I could talk baseball they would have been aware that such an important that parents bought up about half an -- about the willingness. I don't know about a year ago we were talking about as the Bruins in the playoffs about how the style of play became different in the room. Was really a whole lot less more off fighting and does that stop -- more pristine Bauer hockey. And then you said you know all the things have been going on this here I wonder that the weapons but the theory that. The success the -- had last year people try to look like and a copycat league trying to build until the model a play into Berlin style and therefore all the questions coming out it is very very early round games. I mean -- it's possible theory saying -- against Vancouver particularly maybe. I'm definitely at the bit for the season that Barbara and that's and reputation of being a hard nosed blue collar case. And other teams that maybe didn't now you're seeing all these people don't -- what the -- on the Stanley Cup last year with this style of play. Can complete copy the style of play more than bringing a spectacular kind today right they can repeat. I want want want to bring him up like Jordan has a statement about about the month and a half a New -- Jon -- his -- he's there to fight now. They had nothing to -- -- out like that to sort of combat. You know what the Bruins have as their sort of hallmark reputation. And that way it entered into a week about the -- -- or at least we can play their style because -- no one could play that style of play along with them. Well Vancouver certainly couldn't play -- there's no question about that paid the price. But you're right I think that. It'll all these links -- copycat league so if you. In -- -- when Jersey started doing the trap when you started seeing Anaheim start another team started to do at the you see any sport that once something is effective and works. Everybody else decides that they're gonna try to do. The same thing the one -- about the -- the one thing about the Bruins and start in that last game certain maybe not the first period but certainly in the second third period against gaps. Once they became physical once they started intimidating capitals capitals were legal punch a demo right up to the appointment to the point -- if you remember at the end. That's why the extra debt. Because they were frustrated at the end they would try to be physical and we -- adult when the time has expired it's a downtime though it. So you think back to work to the detriment of these other teams that are trying. Try to replaced by which may not -- actually yeah. I don't think it depends congress what is the league saying right now about the style of play there were watching. In these playoffs. Does that they do they look at it and take my point of view in that. It might be a little dirty it might be a little over the edge. But man it's must see TV right now reported they look at Kirk's reported view and say we really have to be careful because one night. It's gonna be all fun and games and -- somebody's gotta get cracked and head Morgan have a major problem. No I agree -- I guess they have the struggle nineteen those two things -- I I know what a lot of people what the audience of these synthetic a lot of people watched the Bruins obviously because there were successful last year. So you can turn on capturing the other way for a minute what is the target. Tonight -- -- -- by the appeal I mean I'm I'm not the right to be a commodity I understand you listen this is what we watched what people watch our and I get it is there's always that possible. MM is hugely popular spot for me I can't watch the game. Like the fighting in particular and the same people are trying to copy captors. Actual -- on again again I understand your point epic it may be some truth that. By the deriding it's a really tough balance and the chain him in those guys came border tricky spot I don't know. I you -- because people want to watch that people love the good physical stop them the same time is -- the long term -- some of these I think the flyers and penguins. Has been great theater. Now isn't great hockey -- -- defensively last night that was horrendous acts horrible okay in the previous games. Not not not great goaltending. Not great Ford play we play it was clearly fighting. Beating guys up intimidation. And then -- I mean it's the numbers go off go from a guy who had all of -- shut outs over -- 34 week period. And now last nobody give up he gave up I think five or six of those last night. -- go to that IE I don't know four -- if they if they. -- made by eating in hockey to say for arguments they're stop watching HI I would be less inclined. You what game yes I think it's a big reason why watch the game. And not gonna Jesse isn't what you said to be less and less inclined to watch more of it I would say that's. This is what people do -- When they are anti fighting and get I don't believe that the thing should be three periods of nonstop fighting if that was the case. I'll go watch you see yourself like that you know. I'm not expecting it to be that but -- guys getting on -- on and on another -- errors and they are attacking each other whatever the best way. Being able to solve that crisis they -- -- sometimes. Is to have a little fight in in most cases are most cases because these guys are planted. On on serve it's so that's why I don't really -- each other so why they encourage other far more and what we saw roughly two hours duel against mark Marion also. Far more of that stuff that's that's different idea that's dirty stuff pub -- that -- and -- two -- -- fight. Games starts the that was supposed to drop their gloves to me by it's it's it's that it is just silly if -- example are remembered Dallas game here two years ago. Where there was great build up from the previous game at a at a fight broke out like ten seconds into the it was. Kerry over from the last. And by the way -- just text me Kirk is and said you -- that you -- it firm. I'm back here about -- -- and indeed filling in for Michael -- this -- abroad to caps tonight it is game forced a series over. I think so I think things are driving game -- -- May be good point just seem like. When you watch these games in the series once he's better than the other oftentimes emotion gets you a couple of games in a moment happens we saw that with a better team. Established dominance we sought. Should microbes in the game answers but I -- it's Michael I think it's -- five or said that at the beginning of the series I think to finally -- the whole the and I think. How they got -- was brought down that defense they found some space they broke it down did not get the block shots in front of them. And I do believe itself I really -- the -- to see how they perform tonight. Because I think they'll play pretty while about backstroke tonight. Watching teams have a tendency to do that lifetime remember that he was gone for forty games during the regular -- their and their point that lives right loses game series isn't over but it's -- The point -- they lose this it's definitely over and you know it's it's so they don't have to witness. They want this game just get at the sixth on Jim at a car next appear in a big show WEEI enough what's up Jim. Hey guys on college. Which I don't think it changed the station on the radio and 23 unit that song always not political so what. I had a question in the world certainly in talking about. -- sonar in common tomorrow for the celebration. About it. I'm just wondering literally breaking it down rain near real possibility. In and I do you think there is that possibility. That it's just the right thing to do. That it's a celebration that is once and most people's lifetime I would imagine it's historic. These in a huge -- -- -- -- -- to have in the Aaron who's -- thank you always think that this is. Mean he'd be. Content to a decision that says no right okay let's agree I agree with one of us. Well maybe he doesn't believe it's the right thing to do really never it never invited well -- -- on. Needy visit different in the way -- it -- -- -- behind the scenes are on the -- would freak owner was probably a lot more public from the things going -- I'm playing all. Moreover there are a tradition and refresh my memory. Tito did not go out great there were leaks in the -- -- and a piece in the Boston Globe that basically said that he could. Function on his job because he was popping pills. Yet but he's got the personality of someone that can step that can say you know why. Yeah I am a gym here's the thing that happened in September he got fired or whatever you wanna call them the globe stuff that a Shaughnessy stuff was last week I was five months. He didn't talk to John Henry give employee time performers opinion he knew this hundredth anniversary thing was coming -- he sets up and last week the Shaughnessy -- -- bed woke up and said you know what. This just isn't right I mean is that is that really what you think happened. Well good good. Somebody in their freedom we look at governments say it happens all the time and Stanley somebody's agent no doubt you know. I guess it's also him I guess it's what I did -- is a possible. I guess it's possible penalty it's very I mean do you think that do you think that's a tab. I think it's the right thing to do that's different that's it a lot of underlying. Oh we're gonna pay him what may be there is some sort you know where we bad public relations if he's not they use these huge component of it. I think he is so beloved and I think he understands that and I think it's just the worry me to do that won't happen again. Now it is the right thing to deal but I'm not necessarily. Thinking that they're doing it because. It's the right thing to do a lot lot of times it looks that way on the surface and then the -- that you're dealing with. A lot of money a lot of marketing and a lot of you are. And then why the slip up with fail that I throw that out -- them that if it's the right thing to do what they do the right thing with they. Yeah where where's the where's the consistency here. Yeah I don't have the answer for that IIIR. -- it shouldn't. Not everything is going to be dictated body dollars and -- BP. You don't you don't think they're making money in this hundredth anniversary total -- yeah -- I don't let that. This is would you put this to go marketing event there's all sorts of stuff sidebars that are dealing with this sponsorship -- dealing -- this is a lot of money to be made and stuff like this. But we -- the aliens and and sometimes they have to do things for the screens and and I really think you know went without us in the long run and I know what's altruistic to sit there would be no baseball there would be no professionals is correct and sometimes. Somewhere out. The speed and these become personal media I'm just hoping that and maybe I'm just hoping and praying that this was the right to do with a -- A lot of I hear that it's nice thought -- -- either it brought in an ideal perfect world -- absolutely right I just him again I don't think it works. Here's Peter Peterson Holden what's up Peter. I couldn't agree more collapsed our guys. I get paid your bank and all respect and analyzed and analyzed and you know what I can't tell you I'm going tomorrow my entire out they -- -- -- do a lot in common and how happy I am here it's coming and thought to myself that and I am folks are gonna it would give you'll be patient there. And I think comic -- fans are hoping I'm Larry. Or comment for my wife my kids myself. And we get a chance to thank you to either so much all of us. And I had to be on at Augusta why else I think at the right. Peter Peter let me ask you -- ask is why didn't wanna come last week -- change. I think you he would start and I think people are my hero and lots things happen you get heart and -- -- that's a brilliant point about the prospectus and other people speak each view you know you are all or some of our daily lot you know we see out there and -- -- -- come up -- -- apple you want it yet. The patent -- there and what cherry you look at one. In the history that he. Peter Peter again this is gonna be realistic about this stuff I don't think that's how well operates an -- Francona again why why do you think that last Friday two Fridays ago or three Fridays ago what changed what changed for what proportion. What changed where the four -- -- it. Outlook -- he got closer to. To -- at -- the -- at any extra strength yet. You don't -- Peter you don't think that the Red Sox were reaching. Out to him. To make something happen it was Larry Lucchino is a line in Indian Chelsea's the piece last week. What was blunt about he. Returning them I bet yeah. Right. Well I agree of course they're reaching out but that you're an old ownership group. We know that's not what but I don't think that's what Larry was saying -- -- column last week which says. I I don't disagree with that I just think sometimes they change your opinion change -- -- about the prospective. Of where you look at everything I'm not respect the change and maybe has more people talk about it yet equally respected and spread in the delicate Kerry. It is a while the ownership group. You know with the greatest manager in franchise history they wanna thank you or not they owners are saying. Not because all that but this Oakland not novices were not disputing that. He's a cool you'll -- you'll give you said you're gonna beat you should -- gonna beat who you gonna get a lot of starvation due tomorrow. So that's what I mean Erica Ike is not a. People are aware obviously like Alitalia I don't know whether awards tomorrow. Six months now what I'm gonna go back and that's stated to be happy with. Scorecard. Candidate that you order ESPN analyst whenever I'm so excited to be able straight spank you aren't they. There and and ran really really do you -- that deal and I know you get paid like it thank you or particular I think he finally. It is about all the. I may be right I just I'm always very suspicious about these things come about. And I do believe that the Red Sox. To try to clear up and and and some of the -- that that existed over the last two week with the story since Dan Shaughnessy wrote last week -- the globe. I think they probably spend an awful lot of time working on it. And apparently for a buyout. A free a lot of Chicago which is even more interest I'd 61777. -- 0850. -- free H 88525. 0850. Little bit later on today -- -- -- Danny Ainge. How about those stories about trade matter of fact we asked that question to Danny last week. And -- of didn't did deny it but wasn't gonna get into any detail. Fox kind of confirmed it now so we'll get a new would with Danny -- come up to 4 o'clock hour after it happened coming up next.

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