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NHL Network's Kathryn Tappen on the Big Show

Apr 19, 2012|

We talk to old friend, formerly of NESN, currently of the NHL Network Kathryn Tappen and get her excellent analysis on the Bruins/Caps series and the rest of the round one matchups in the NHL playoffs.

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I promised her I will not embarrassed her by saying. She's pulled together and perky I promise you won't do that but we measured nearly here at best and she's -- on to bigger and better things that the NHL network. -- -- -- -- Hello I'm doing while adding that public tired like that ears. Well you probably knew was coming when he came back here anyway right. -- yet -- it definitely not good to hear you guys have everything. Everything is doing now we're doing just falling here -- I've got to ask you always seem different. Playoffs this year certainly we are with the penguins and flyers is -- Bizarre but I think thoroughly entertaining series. Always seemed a little different style of play more physical more fighting that we that we -- few years. All there's no question I mean they're been important you know when -- -- get suspended tomorrow which we do anticipate equity eight suspension in the last seven days or seven cold all in all around -- -- your -- -- -- The numbers speak for themselves but also just in the game themselves and I I'd never seen. -- in any given night every night we're watching each game and we got all the monitor in Ottawa and they're not a single theory that has not had a typical battle in in the game and you look at Saint Louis and at eight and two teams met. Maybe you were unlikely to be the physical component then the last game they're battling it out -- -- what bowl bell. I think what you're seeing it. Certainly changing trend and something we really haven't seen actually in that flyers penguins series. LY rationing has brought in here to be the policeman and obviously was doing a pretty good job there are a lot of suspensions they were protecting. They concussions. And now suddenly the playoffs -- that's what happened. Yeah I -- million dollar question why we don't know I mean I did not I think that the way the rivalries and paired up in east and the west. Had kind of you know -- that you look at Philadelphia temple in the battle apparently inherit the -- and acquired immune something we're gonna go launch. He's a Bruins and the cap and -- -- to each other on the time they know each other. You I did not expect it in the -- out of -- at all but that it become a pretty heated and that well I think that they emotions are high. It's been a long either probably teens but. I -- shocked at the way it seems like they've got a 180 what they were doing during irregulars either despite all that Iraq now. Suspensions are being handed out everything Brendan Shanahan tried to implement during the regular speed and has. Apparently it's gone out and at the players and we're being up that never happened during the regular C than we -- an unfortunate because now the time you wanna make sure that became a hockey it. It kept the -- so deeply because you're that many more eyeballs watching the playoffs. You know given this history and given hit I think by everybody's standard it was a dirty hit by dirty player I think -- has to come down come down hard tomorrow you're the NHL. On tours what are you expecting for whole game suspension here when he finally announce what -- what is a -- what is echoing to be. Yeah I mean -- I think it's going to be I think clearly an act intent -- that -- the type of situation we're Brendan Shanahan is gonna make an example because he can't because there aren't there repeat offender. It was the dirty hit he let it be a pocket -- Dick and Harry -- partly -- -- so. They've been that clear example much like what we -- -- -- an ordinary girl last year only works because of the strain in the count and it took. Barack earth they hit late so you're gonna see I I would bet somewhere in the range of the -- to twenty games. Notably captain right now the immediate -- you have to set. Draw the line right here right it has to be at least that that. You -- -- but also with the matter of you know. And not gonna do it yet to make an example let -- be -- gonna do it either role but he's abided by all your along with handing out suspensions. So it's going to be in -- pre and can it can be very consistent with what he has done so far. And along the lines it's gonna be along the engine acts like a -- Torre and Don the before -- known broccoli is being -- -- can -- and Shannon's gonna make that he can make that erected at either enter next season and I would not be surprised if it it's going to be a very -- suspension. -- dale hunter and capture are beside themselves with the Nicklaus back Strom match penalty the other night and the one game suspension was that deserve. Absolutely I mean that's what you get with a match penalty in the violent when it happened in the game -- -- -- an emotional play by nick. Actor and he obviously let -- get carried away there it shouldn't happen but. Bottom line is if you got -- -- it and I know that their -- about it in their top Letterman he's -- -- one at the heart soul that he really outside about the match I think accurate even more. In a sporting one game this season already but they just gotten back. And linked to allow and I'm so obviously they're gonna be upset about it by. I think more like dale hunter with a -- about with that he was commenting that the Bruins were going -- their players is that they were you know purposely trying to drive players which it. Completely -- It warrant an app that but it had made no sense to me in that they were basically playing on back strums concussion and saying -- -- parity -- 41 games because of it why would you be doing something like this. You can -- the strike Iran on video. -- so what do you mean it. And declare their -- camera angle when these games that you know it -- at the inappropriate you can -- a call but a call like that you can't meant to -- at the right in front of the -- At the end of the game right apparently cross check -- you cannot do that. -- whether or not they agree with it -- the party that economic -- that even with a concussion it doesn't matter he committed a penalty -- match penalty in the. Which one of these teams down 31 -- defeat either one you give a shot here to win this series Vancouver era Pittsburgh. Our man -- the -- question I'd I'd have to give it to Vancouver because they don't like -- LA has sport may it rest now going into game five in Vancouver on Sunday night but. To be honest I think it can be really hard for both gonna come back. Pittsburgh had there and all that wire team whatever it going on the -- now I mean they are clicking on all on her last night I think -- -- I think -- Classic example of the desperate penguins hockey team needing to get out wind I don't think the payment on that theory and I'm shocked because I had them going all the way and you know plot -- we've -- -- how -- I don't know it it. It didn't it's been wild I think Cooper. If they keep Cory Snyder in net now they have Daniel's sitting back in the lineup I think they're gonna happen you know may have the best chance to beat Alan I. Still don't think they're gonna do it. When a strange thing about the flyers is that toward the end of the season Bryzgalov was so good he had all of whom are shot out -- -- -- -- -- the flyers have finally. Found the goaltender they need and now they get wrapped up in this type of playoff -- Iraq three games to one but the goaltending has been very shaky. Out on the other under the I had been seeking the parents -- and Marc-Andre Larry it's been great for the penguins all year are you want a copy -- got to get the job done. It of the art but I you know what it -- not -- the goaltender in this series it's been -- And I don't know where they've been through the first four games but are nonexistent and as a result. The goaltenders are you know -- pretty much out to dry so when you fabric optical slot pint of rocky go and you know one of the cold I know -- would like to have back to them where you know -- by the defense and I think that you know. But Peter Laviolette needed to wake up eighteen -- -- has to come out and teach it a wild theory I don't think anybody can explain we have Paul -- on the back. Without analyzing -- in the last couple of night and even you are opening nobody else going on an eerie white Nolan playing defense and the goaltenders -- terrible it -- got a year. I. -- the Bruins lose another game in the series and they won five games six games. I think they went and six I don't think. I think Washington and very good team I think because they have a lot of momentum coming out of the regular season into the playoffs -- based they'll happen I'm going about it on the you know they they played well out back in the lineup when he without with a concussion so. I think you're gonna include watching capital in tonight and I do believe that the series that probably gonna -- sixteen by. I think the pot and -- that a better -- they're deeper or stronger and I think they have the will power and Andy. Smarter team and the watching capital and a -- coast. So I do the -- coming out of the and I think they'll expect. Say the only problem -- have -- the power play but that didn't disturb me you're at all at that was. You're exactly they found a way to win a couple of power play. Which is a pretty humid so you enjoy this national day. I -- I enjoy it a lot yeah I love that I Oklahoma I've come up in -- couple -- -- -- -- gone -- -- -- -- -- and I love being -- You know getting feedback from people out there are so it. It behind Dolly don't we get on the bed at night when he -- they're all in the lap 30 in the morning so I've become a bit of a vampire right after I. It is very exciting it really need to cover all thirty teams where I didn't have a brilliant and I are balancing the Bruins win my heart is still a bandage and a box and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got a couple guys excellent arguments in the vampire thing right there hey it's great it is that it's always great talking to continued success and will be watching. Yeah that's -- -- quick break we'll get right back to your phone calls at 617779. 0850 toll free 8885250850. --

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