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Danny Ainge: Some of the rumored trade details are just plain wrong.

Apr 19, 2012|

We spoke to Danny Ainge and got his take on the Celts as the head into the playoffs and some of the details that came out this week about rumored Celtics trades at the deadline... according to Danny, many of the reported items were just plain wrong.

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Yeah well look like -- guys you know -- I'm sure you do would you go to do you know and did you do business. But no -- and judge them. As far as they're concerned and alarmed you don't have a better. I've been admitted he had the best solution may not be but yeah I dislike him there and that's what I was -- had to include only the very you are very good we've had pulled the -- -- -- -- Doc Rivers this morning what do you say pretty much. Talking about the possibility of trading. Any of those Big Three away he claimed she was not the one. That actually told Ray Allen was -- any change. So he's confirmed it actually that deal was in the works. We said -- OJ -- doctor that majors traders are not in the works out. That it never got a deep enough in the New Jersey turned down I can understand why -- -- -- it seems strange to me yeah now I will say this as much as I've enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen here. Over the last. Two months as they played really good basketball now for the last month an effort to months. Shall think of both of those deals were pulled off -- you you got the basis the beat him. You're in new Boston Celtic team team that down the road you could see is. As a contender. But he confirmed it directed. In the in the Washburn piece that I read this morning in the globe. And what he was on with the NC can say that he was not I think he said also. That he did not. He was not the one that had to sit down with Ray Allen and say you're gone in the twenty minutes later combatants. -- -- Databank and a wash for pieces ought to be because he said Allen deserve more. I'm confused I don't know what I agree I can trade meaning or else -- I think twice now is yes. Deserved one meaning you if you trade and you treat -- I mean he's he's about Celtic for Milwaukee Seattle then autism mercenary and you're -- move them get traded on draft day to. That's history. The rail and Hillary seems like these reports last anybody. Raised -- program. This is the idea for what it but you don't want I understand why would -- veteran -- I get as a veteran is an essay and played my entire career in upright and I'm gonna go to the hall of fame and this is what they're doing and I get out there. It's also the reality. That's what does the team need right now. And the team is probably better served with him coming off the bench. But I can understand the feelings and that's all portable portable game out of stock -- is brought to us by ERS -- restoration specialist. Call 8774611111. Or a -- serve dot com and by SP ally dependable no nonsense like insurance at a price you can live would call. 888 get espionage or visit SP ally. Dot com stranger we -- today. You're all right all right we got many of filling in here for a for mr. Ali short. Work at all. We get there I -- -- we talked about this -- possible trade a week ago I believe Michael brought it up TO. I use thrilled that it's all over the newspapers. No I felt that should talk about potential trade me that's that's the part of the world that I live in it. There's a lot of a couple of trades that were brought out Burke who the media want them monsters so would go lower in even before the trade deadline. I don't think that that's -- that's right and where I want to. Soul train. Train of -- betrayed god. And you know I think. But but the guys -- -- -- comment for example doc has already confirmed. At least one of those possible deals and said that you -- the one that -- doctor Ray Allen. And not hit. Well I'll talk to -- I don't talk to the players. That are treated at this situation I talked with all the players -- Exert discussed publicly. Elected may be some other players that are. -- I'll have a cup players. -- Danny the Yahoo! story says that doc called Alan. Couple hours before the deadline to -- of the -- call them back twenty minutes later to tell me the open for if if the trade was going to happen. Right is is the music or take place so I set it. It -- firms that get. Yeah I know above -- upset my point is that -- -- gonna happen would you really got to talk to to rape or -- player X for example were docked with the players -- Because we all we -- You know about it -- policy by. But. You know dot I don't think that it got ever got to work. And opted not to eat all that well today I'd known about I didn't know whether it thought it but your -- or not but he said he did not. Did you talk to ray that the element I have been married or not you did not ever had a conversation I never did. Is it is let me ask you this is any risky thing. When you have. Let's put it this way. What they'll say -- here that he might be treated. But never ever direct current that he had been so absolutely. Is rhetoric is that a risky thing having any conversation with a player at that time. If the right if the player you know wants to stay here in Boston and you might have a deal form. If -- element advance you're doing the right thing you're trying to tip him off as a possibility. -- likened -- on the other hand if the trade doesn't go throw. Then you dealer may be with a little backlash from the guy because you'll wanted to trade late. That's where that's sort figure but he missed that's threat they'll say that I've been around it ought. Over the last by yours and your doctors that. That's forward missed the vote here they're not. We've treated it with some days back. And ray I don't think. Anything about straight off our guys we're also at the victory. Figure it -- conversation. They -- the possibility exists. On the right -- -- A rebuilding process that you all. And they also do it. Something might. Probably the best opportunity. To continue planned this year -- on -- that conversation. -- I I respect those guys and I do that itself. And you can't vote you can do about this subject it to respect people to work. So without I'm just again I guess just walked me from reading Gary -- here today in his first line is that Doc Rivers has. No issue acknowledging the Celtics had to deal consummated. Descent rate of Memphis for OJ Mayo and the traffic you're saying that that deal was not consummated -- was never never reached that -- What does that. You -- -- -- -- -- a deal done but -- thought that it straight they have epic upset that they. The not a -- consummated I think that means the deals behind. And -- so. The reality is not on the Memphis Grizzlies right now -- to -- up. I'm trying to figure out on. Did it did not happen because Mayo. Didn't wanna come here. I don't like viewer that. Started that it that it. The UN -- I don't know. People are just. Saying in my. Or another conversation and an article. About. And that's why. I think this is being. That you are happy about that too much already today. I don't ever comment on so I guess -- dot. All right let me throw this other one -- that was also -- that -- -- Like I feel like a -- game -- -- needed before the question it is only the buzzer. We talk about this every week that there's I don't know where this dot com well I mean at least -- all but. Docket all I have to talk about it a little bit I don't want -- much -- -- not help people work or hide troop. It's my job to know the value -- my job outlook that are up for. A player like coaches so. -- You know it in various things that are out there and so it that you could try to cover up but I just think there's there's so much all. That's related to do a little bit richer. -- -- it true that a whole bunch made up since they are not up there. I I think it does -- make your job more difficult you know I've had this conversation many times about social media and how stuff gets out there but. Also in that you're gonna go through an off season here. Were people are gonna refer back to what they believe you were doing at the trade deadline. And that. Well I I think I think that people are -- believe -- here so -- People will. Be no matter what I say how -- -- people or believe like -- talked about four weeks. -- we were not trading on. And that but people still because on national TV on yet people still. It acts are Pryor and were able rock -- Brought the market is still that. And so they all that so that history be written. Why people that are just trying that are that are making -- Or writing information for horse who bit. David I mean in fairness though if you're if you're somebody appeared you know some get up generating go to working to open the Boston Globe and page C six and you read. That there's there was a deal -- Memphis for Al on the -- you're gonna you're gonna believe that archer. Yeah and -- your pick up your goal line. Up and fortunately. You are gonna believe it and just like you guys -- all right -- broke -- -- well it's not true. And I think there's. There's a lot of stop and you know maybe -- -- -- maybe they don't I don't know that but I'll just say there's there's a little -- true. It'll lot of made up accusations that it is about selling newspapers it's about it on the Internet. Fortunately that's the world we live in the ball out of our trip -- other factors. About it's it. So you happy you didn't trade -- It Ray Allen we're just talking about this before there's also a piece in there that says that he's not real happy about his new role. Coming off the -- was it. I guess that's understandable -- US supplier probably didn't like your role. When he chased it around he came -- he's gonna like their role. In that situation but is he caused any issues as exhibit any communication. With him and dock with the -- -- all about Israel. I talked to raise -- hand. -- race is a class act and professional and a great player and I don't know if rate where it you know I think that. Important thing since all of the -- All talk and no matter how much we talked about it and this is good for the be. Bradley in it he felt more starters at this hour we that are really all -- Or roster and it. Much better and that we upgrade grass. Court order that. That's where he's great is in the fourth quarter -- -- that separates him from you know the everyday players. And. -- -- awful like at the ocean for. You know something less significant. Where we look at it -- race. -- apart and we don't look at race differently. But it's this. That I think that it wasn't such ping rate dips all the questions. You know -- -- I think that brain logically and and yet. The benefit in the value of it for himself at the but it's Ole purse the -- some sort of shot taken better or at the motions of all I hear a real is that at all. Is this Rondo. The back -- the spasms this situation that could potentially Danny bleed over into next week into the post season as a kind of thing we shut them down here for Atlanta and should be good ago. Well I -- the latter. I hope that you'll be fine so you guys are playing better and I think they -- to doctors X rays. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that what else thinks or -- but he you have to be concerned a little bit. He's not a percent that we can think that he will we were hopeful. What doctor the other night and keeping two of the guys back in new York and and we know that -- Greg Popovich is on this on a regular basis. -- showing up without some of their stars but Soviet. I think it's a much but I think what's more important here in the next week. -- to try to move up get them home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs we're just making sure these guys are rested and healthy so that you can play the game whether there. All were way. I felt as though is that all we. And you know our team has helped you guys beat up and -- and I think it you you just continue -- -- like we had in the past. But this year end. I like it. All. Kris -- Especially since we've not straight through injury. And you know that that is put a little bit work. Pressure on bill -- And I think that we got -- fresh. As a -- from outside it all has I Bruce York team. You know -- all still. Absolutely bet that to those back to back games. And that Casey. And you know we got to make sure that they we have -- Well. They're fresh matter where we play nice to have court. We got a lot. Only -- giving guys a hard time about because you guys haven't done it on a regular basis. A quarter of -- gets a hard time from the league because. Well -- -- RBQ. You play with. You played a certain point out the rights to do something. Important players you want. In about what is the players want somebody thinks -- best. Job. Is to give us the best chance to win play out in our -- going into the -- Is we play out she got coach. Every quarter and it became coach for the season. Coach to prepare for the playoffs. And and that's is number one objective and that's what he passes a cat there Abbott mine. Tried Danny -- -- no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SP -- the no nonsense life insurance company this week's question. Comes from Michael -- Vegas of two which -- Massachusetts. Michael asked if you could pinpoint one reason for Kevin Garnett resurgence this season. What would it be and will he be in the celtics' plans for next season. To question -- There's been a lot at about seven you know senator. I think that may have helped but. Has slowly been getting better Alter course here don't really believe he would. Mike was under percent right he's started to block out everything went on it was very emotional actually -- cause. And structure is my right. In hand or -- state and I think she has got my right. -- Evans is great because now that the have a good body. And besides skill and put a lot of time at the ballot but he also plays with great Gillis here. And you know that are of course he will. -- spears to. The players. And it was elevated. Elevated. And he's inspired. Other players on our team and you could just see how. Much basketball out of good players and just how the reason at all here. It -- are so great is just because that will be out that we -- there at alters a player on March. Continued that. -- right now on -- They. Now a Levin. Writes about winning in the player. That we can be MBA. Geithner are amazed of what they've been able to accomplish. I appreciate your report this year second this year and how it in their career to. Admiring. What you do on a daily basis to prepare themselves to play. And he just you know this is -- they're great and I hope it all quite young players are which. And that the learning from -- seeing it there this example that the -- -- -- -- Say this -- him changing to the center position. Change your offense dramatically because that 1517. Foot jumper he has off the you know the pick and pop and stuff like that has been remarkable and it forces other teams. To play you guys differently that it forces that center out of the perimeter to defend on KG it just to me it just changes everything. On how teams can defend you guys. Yet you know now we have two guys that. I don't know Kevin. More higher percentage baskets as the fight and as pleasant or and it. I guess that's why don't worry it you know this year we have sports -- so -- him for it. Two very insurers on the court or court. Shooting high percentage is. You know what reason -- Iran does sinister goal and that's at night at a grade I don't get really make. At a high clip this year so the court is more open. I think that helps that sort of up. -- for being selected Michael was a 100 dollar gift certificate sports authority the no nonsense -- to wake. Is presented by SB ally that no nonsense and life insurance company submit questions for the coach. In this case would be the general manager says the coach right here of the president of basketball operations at this PMI dot com slash basketball weekly winners. Will receive a 100 dollar gift certificate sports authority. Indirect SP -- dot com slash basketball. For your chance to win I did what talk did Actuate will be getting -- playoffs next weeks -- talking about that. Government got right to buy. -- break right back catching -- an objection.

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