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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on the Celtics and the upcoming playoffs

Apr 19, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss the Celtics almost trading Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and also their possible playoff match-up's with Jackie.

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Today how much of a celebration of the Celtics went about their business came back from tough first half. And won the division last night with a win over Orlando Jackie McMullen. Is brought to you by Joseph Italy's golf performance energy joins us on the eighteenth the outline isn't crazy Jackie -- To think about Doc Rivers as a potential coach of the year candidate after what this team has done in 2012. Well we certainly get my vote I don't think you'll wind. Because. Lilly might win -- efficiency that. I think people tend to look at guys like pivotal still believe it or not who I think he's done a great job with Derrick Rose in and out of a lineup. But you know -- -- I'd be hard pressed to pick I'm gonna just say this someone just about a half an hour ago. Then I think this might be -- best work yet and that and that and that in part that is because. We know he's a little adverse at times to playing young guys and yet he's played them just the right amount at the right times. And you know what I guess we'll never know how much credit. He can take for what the emergence of Avery Bradley but that he's been just incredible you know the one thing I take away from the C in his if you look at. But some of the things that happened some of them you could have foreseeing this I don't know -- looking at Bradley number yesterday guys. So you make one point six million dollars right now okay. I mean next year one point six point five million dollar team option is now fourteen you think they're gonna exercise that option maybe tomorrow I still got up. You know so I mean when you when you put that into perspective. Who would've guessed it in the game this season Avery Bradley would be the reason we're talking about the resurgence of the Celtics and yet that. I think it's commonplace now when he when he scored twenty points who know. Dejected at the -- thing about it Susie globex they trade deadline and -- hearing now reports Obama Ray Allen OJ -- a pick or even here in a -- Paul Pierce for an expiring imminent -- dealing possible lottery pick but if that Ray Allen deal went down. We might not seen. This Avery Bradley is OJ Mayo might have been here -- and would have happened who might not have seen it -- don't ask you. Would you like those two deals now look like it was out of the NEC and the big deal -- kind of backed out of the would you think those have been a good thing for this team even under president but the future. Well the radio you know. I just -- brand I'm an unbiased second set up front I did because I think so much -- -- the way he handled himself and such a -- and and I still think he's one of the scariest most lethal -- in the leak however within the context of where the Celtics were. And what they need to do going forward I can understand completely. Taking a chance on the guy like OJ Mayo -- point five years old. Who I think you'd give everybody has is tantalized by his talent. You know consistent he's been a bit of an issue -- But again if you wanna look at it in purely financial terms he makes under six million this year he would make. Either restricted free agent next year the qualifying offer would be at around seven million. So you know a young player in the draft pick women that we kept saying and you young player in the draft pick. I'm going forward so I can understand why they were they may have pulled the trigger on the Allen. The appears one with a little more perplexing to me. Although everybody agrees that this draft is so deep and so good this 2012 draft. So you be trading. -- is in -- for an expiring contract would give you some more cap room to -- -- banking -- -- lottery pick and and you know picking the right guy out of this group of young talented players to lead you in the future now like I you know I think you're just playing so well. And then after the appealing to me look once again eagle I mean the guy but he's not the same doesn't have quite the same -- anymore I think but he can still. Score I will -- just one of the most pure scorer than ever seen and and you know maybe you could find the future Paul -- in that draft. I'm not a 100% convinced that plus the blues' -- man this thing you know that big times. Does it what it does Telesis. Still don't rebuild on the fly like we've been talking like -- you take away piercing your blog on this thing up. And that's the thing to a new wonder what dangerous mindset is I think doesn't this tell us I mean I guess he was the one it seemed like he was willing. To do that with -- We knew that about any -- -- already. I think anyone can do whatever he thought he needed to do -- which he had he had backing of that an ownership team and and that you know he in this coach Doc Rivers there. They're not just working -- and they're good friends they trust each other. I can Stuart will adopt a code to be like on the road -- -- -- -- team one more year I can see that. But if you disappeared steel that's just a whole different scenario I think clearly Danny was ready for all sorts of scenarios now. You know did they feel strongly about Avery Bradley I know DNA has any champion -- -- long and remember took a lot of grief for drafted him before during and after it happened. And but -- he believed in this kid doc I don't think we're gonna pretend sold. Initially for personal and doctor never gonna play -- just because they're supposed to play action somehow works with them. Engadget guys have earned playing time this year Bradley and -- my amongst them as you look at these final I guess three games as it did Jackie is Derek. Any doubt in your mind that -- will now go into a -- -- -- players and say you know what we're gonna be the fourth seed. We're going to be home we're going to be away for a couple of games it's Atlanta or Orlando. Health is more important in getting that home court in the first round. Now I don't know that's a good question if you -- me. I mean what can you rest guys who needed you know Rondo is a little banged up from that play re clearly got some stuff going on. But I wouldn't just -- guys down just because. I'd go for their home court. I think the home court in the first round get you out of the first round that's my own opinion. You know a young Atlanta Hawks team with Al Horford working now with a team like that he'll be back for the playoffs I think that's always been projected. I would run home court against the young athletic team like that because it looks to me like that they're gonna end -- playing. Orlando you know does Turkoglu come back does Dwight Howard come back in time for the -- -- I'd just be shot. If Dwight Howard is complain in the postseason I'd be -- And if that's the case. That's probably in the I don't like I don't like hawks -- Celtics matchup to be honest with you even know they've stayed. One -- you know they've done well against them this year I just young athletic teams like that well I think. Would scandal that now with the new Avery Bradley and drive Zambrano you know ball hockey -- pressing defense maybe I'll feel differently. Still silly but if -- were me I'd be tempted to do let knock down metal lockdown that their home court. -- killing something I don't mean keep keep cut me off that's not right to me I apologize. But this unless you've already Alec with a -- few weeks back when you. About the ankle injury you had some concern about it now we go back and -- for twenty minutes yet she was treated for Memphis yeah. And now Leo because does come back maybe we Bradley's and their role and he's on the bench and we've seen that already. What what I think he's going to -- -- I agree with everything you say by the easy ultimate professional these -- it beautifully publicly but privately. Would you think he. A big hit then it's just really talking the talk about the clash with them because the competitor and you know what this thing about way this system. You know it's his biggest strength and I suppose in -- -- his biggest weakness the guy is almost obsessive in the way he prepares. So in a lot of ways he didn't have time to worry about. What you guys think what we think of them what he was illustrated not treated he just because he's got to be locked in he's got to have everything in order he's gonna have everything just. So so -- not to mention him is a much bigger adjustment and it would burn for another guy okay. But once you tell and that's how it's gonna beat and he's key I've seen it I've seen -- with him he's got a lot -- got to get his mind around that he's gonna start planning for that he's gonna make the necessary adjustments in his routine so that he can make that work. That's how radius. You know. Now ray is one of the most pot and one of the most. Confident. Guys I've ever ever been around. He is a 100% sure who he is and what he is and what he means to a team and what he means to his family and -- a guy like that. It doesn't matter what it almost doesn't matter what you guys think of him or what doc thinks of America are redeem -- or anyone else. He knows who he is and what he needs to -- and I really care about the rest of you and what you think. That's sort of the mindset does that make sense to you guys. Yeah absolutely with the with the -- concerns a fan would be your players right around the corner we always just thought that he was going to be in this lineup. Unites a few nights ago where is she physically -- concern he's going to be ready for the playoffs. Well that's a fair question and and I think they're arresting him to make sure he can play and he became -- he'll play you play -- -- -- But his role has changed a little bit but honestly I think his role coming off the bench is more important now -- his role as a starter this year and I wouldn't say that I -- But -- at the end of the game if they need -- a shot to win the game who you think getting the ball Avery Bradley Ray Allen come on now. I doubt if they needed defense to stop -- negative pressure the ball than spend a runoff and defense like it like doc has had some of the -- when ray was. Was playing in any -- has been made to switch so I I think Ray Allen significance to this team. I think people think well now I saw -- coming off the bench so they don't think there's much to him I think it's it's completely wrong I think it's. He's more important now because that bench is so important and they're gonna bring him off at the right kind. And he's often going to be getting shot past. Against some second team guys on occasion but at the end of the game if they need offense that they need a big shot rebound going to be on the floor this is no question about it. Jackie KG had some fun last night with the media they win the Atlantic any dealings have. Pokes fun -- says the I thank you guys write novels lousy articles bad data analysis and jokes about everyone talking about the -- hole I was curious. You know way it whether if that's -- -- not what that does something KG tracked down or is that -- Doc Rivers coaches there would dock have had. It is bad no tricks to point that out these guys in this say it could even happen look at what they're writing about today don't believe in you that's on the -- would do. Sure it is Jordan but -- -- one that would take it and whether it happened almost a mouth about it like a few remind me so much arriving Americans for the patriots. I mean I loved Rodney Rodney was just he was one of the best guys with the media he was terrifically -- but at the same time he loved it yeah you guys did this and I think. We can't ride anywhere -- we say that. Now you guys that I didn't know what do you do you would create this. This. I don't know whatever its motivation and and I think they need a little bit the same way and I actually like it. I like it a lot I think it's great when they come back and it's like that's good for -- it's good for him to. We'll get shot initially sounds like you feel like Orlando a much better first round match for the Celtics if it goes down that way vs Atlanta. You know and -- -- make me a little nervous frankly. But Orlando. I just don't know what's gonna look -- team I think they're a team in disarray I don't care what anybody says and and you know Dwight Howard he. I can't imagine that he's not gonna play. And I think it's a bad matchup if he does because who you know you don't have any big guys so it's gonna be difficult to ask Christina who. You know this is gonna look into -- I was direction is gonna get the call and so you know you don't have an of big bodies to play Hackett Dwight you know. And they do worry about it at that -- hockey that they do think Horford will be back cell. If I had acute yeah I think that probably would I don't know when I tune in Orlando I think I would just because of the uncertainty of their situation and and you know I don't know that Howard. Is going to be back for sure. But I do think in either case. If -- -- the Celtics will be much happier if I had home court advantage in the situation. Final week of the regular season and his team's goal of the playoffs Jackie McMullen of ESPN has always Jacqui thank you so much for talking next week.

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