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Doc Rivers: Celtics were never close to dealing Pierce to NJ

Apr 19, 2012|

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers joined D & C to discuss winning the Atlantic Division and resting his starters. He thinks his team is ready for the playoffs and has been impressed on how well Stiemsma has played this season.

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Our Thursday conversation with Doc Rivers are sponsored by AA RS restoration specialist if your property Horry facilities manager or insurance -- make sure you have a disaster game plan in place. A RS serve dot com. And -- sell pizza if you're going to carry out why not pick up the biggest the freshest the tastiest pizza around cells pizza now that's a slice -- joins us as always. On the AT&T hotline good morning Doc Rivers -- yeah. Yeah. Look at that victory last night would you say Paul Pierce's performance last night with 29 and fourteen was more or less impressive than his 43 point explosion against the -- the night before. Are there a lot of blood would flow more impressive. The dog who needed men everywhere in the putrid two run go on the floor but he did everything discordant efficient. And get everybody -- -- eventually a point guard yesterday. A much needed him to do that. How does that conversation go between the head coach the system coach and Paul Pierce prior to that game. When you're breaking the news that Rondo is not gonna be available he's got a shoulder -- that kind of distribution load. It when did have a lot of talk welcome. Public it's more about be important to do it this way and then -- -- go to -- so. We didn't have the option -- do we want to do. The rest of you with regard -- that's a dissimilar. We don't know imagine the better afford it and. I three games left doc are you guys you ready you ready you play -- ready right now. I think we are I mean it's another -- to -- to duplicate it. They wouldn't do it doesn't hurt you well know play a little bit as well and just get ready. You know we'll look at our -- well. They I don't know if you would've done the same thing of Popovich and kind of set the standard but do you guys guys like Q and Popovich and others. You your family get all -- anybody the owner anybody say you can't just leave -- plays at home I mean their people and tough call for tickets you gotta give them. And you -- at least pretend. Put your best team on the court. Know who had never heard from earlier -- in a moment ago the rate. The last three Denver at the premiere -- does better at home so. We've done it before. Couldn't do it -- -- -- obviously. You know in the right. Two registered. Nobody I know well you play. The potential to play him you know guys buy tickets in the middle and some good players. They're similar to but they don't know couldn't believe they wanted to tell him. And Kevin you know and then share -- the other night seven describe some of the call was from Boston. Or lower revenues Limbaugh cement there also want to -- At a -- based on how good your team is at home I think 22 and nine and not quite as good on the road. Does home court advantage matter to you. It matters. It would be nice to do I have concluded that -- is more important. I don't know guidance and you can give them in rhythm is more important. -- big deal to you. Yesterday yeah I did look. Can -- -- in the episode a for the -- and we should never broke the talks so. -- -- assume. It was a deliberate Letterman group -- put some sort of look remarkably elegant. Doesn't have him do well. I thought it. Got a confirmed -- the rumors that on at the deadline literally at the -- in the final minutes on trade on night. You almost traded Ray Allen now ray's been hurt hasn't really contributed. All that much since then but you sound like you were glad you didn't make the trade anyways because of what lay ahead here in the playoffs. Yeah well it looks like good guys you know obviously you gotta do what you go to do you know and businesses business. But no road -- Kelvim. As far as they're concerned along wouldn't -- -- -- -- the better. That may be the best sort of move may not be -- -- dislike him and that's what I was saying that he is today a little -- -- -- hard very if we've had to pull the trigger and liberals forgot. So you didn't it wasn't your job to column until he was traded you can shut down that. Part of the story. I'm. Do you have -- up. And Barbara constructed Cuba. But never did -- -- needed to talk to him but. No I didn't have to do I did have to build the best managers talk you're doomed it will -- -- -- it. I went iTunes can pretty much -- we were and diplomatic. But that was -- look at you know movement when this incident broke. I know villains divert -- When it was great. When Danny's about to pull that trigger and tells you were sent -- Ray Allen to Memphis Grizzlies for OJ Mayo and a draft pick. What was your response did you try to talk them out of littered you'd say yes you over -- -- c'mon I guess we're gonna do it. Let alone time and didn't you have to look at the future. As well -- and so I understood that Bogart but you have to understand. -- up close was that Paul Pierce to New Jersey the. That there wouldn't close at all. Now that there had no children. Haywood this up with this resurgence toward the playoffs. Have even happened come close to happening at either one or both of those -- been made. No I don't think so. I had it been hard they'll post ball. Distant god imagery yeah that would have been difficult. And I assume there were other things him and we do we get these two rumors from Yahoo! but. Is that typical draft night -- -- dozens of things going on possible the deal. Eventually the truth and it's far more effective -- -- -- and in some ways. Red red blood you know obviously when we welcome bill -- and a night. But you have the booed virtually virtually do remember it was government. Item askew a serious question how come it took so long. To realize how good Avery Bradley was was it just a matter get them out that would run Nolan and not get them off the point -- a look. That's a lot of good morning and ready. No I don't think that's hard just last year. And was so focused can be in the score. Really emboldened to remove the principle it. Most of them into the -- does. It's not a it's not the coach's fault. There is always do you gotta blame no. But more distant. Remember when last year in my opinion. Then downloaded and -- -- play great need. -- -- -- guys and could really are. And it's time that the staff. The crude from you and so it -- notable -- -- you know movement and -- do admit one mistake it was sort of -- the point guard spot a puppet design and I. -- public. A bigot to guard -- handle obviously we saw him embarrass Dwayne wade let's say and it's gonna happen every night in the playoffs and you meet up but. A big match. Didn't do any of them Melrose American then when the wind beneath my -- But it was a tough -- No relation to the winter and we don't know what do you -- it. Did anybody was -- -- it was more of the competitors kingdom. And -- little confidence and didn't. And -- wanted to score and that was just let scored some tool. But other -- sizable will be. A problem Mel and let it will be established as even more so in my opinion then. My image because they attempted to do adjust to that between Burton. Until the big duck and so that would give Google magic words. Well will we ever have. The assignment LeBron does -- really spent any time alone if you play Miami. -- -- -- of disarmament will move that bill would side is we don't really worry about that at 212 -- -- Nobody -- dig -- it could disadvantage because. -- -- prompted a bit smaller dial. It dock obviously even to the act casual observer when Avery is on the floor -- more athletic team in your more defensive. Defensively tough team. Beyond that what are the ancillary things he brings to the team specifically like how does it help Rondo when he's when he's his running mate. Well to limit the full welcome yup Bennett picked it. Bit of good. Because we know what we're going to do want to -- the beginning -- games. We tried to lift up Kevin and employ all right and -- and run -- more aggressive -- -- boom boom and Brandon. No Politico. They scored just threw the -- Through that cuts Brendan explores the problem. And let us. In more and been proven to have to call appoint somebody else. That's why -- so important because when it comes up a bit right it's great and Devin again because I hope we -- given out -- executive. So it's been -- -- -- team. -- the great way in the big video -- Speaking of calling plays at the end of the game when it's a tiger down one or two different options and plays are there in your so called playbook and they all go for the most part through Paul. Paul there's a lot of mr. directions read the war and a good bless you wouldn't they look like disrupt. It was. Okay have been on the Clinton or Obama to -- a lot to home. Well men have no idea there have been a lot of -- you -- -- column. My diplomacy. Good guys -- bad publicity every day and there's about when and I. In the -- employees it's just typical war. And how many times and comedy times out of ten this all just end up with a ball and say it just let me isolate and do what I need to do as he did last night. Ruined. England that's probably is -- -- of -- blatant you know. Put him. We're trying to do have been the trust at all. And couldn't do this a little ridiculous on the backside of something. But at the very end of the certainly -- -- -- and -- -- and and you have to create. -- a report out of Orlando this morning -- says that when when Dwight Howard returns from his herniated disk he he's not gonna instill -- wanna play because he can't stand Stan Van Gundy. I hope it led -- an adventure that's. Is it SATA or is it is -- good news as you might play eminent black ops. In the twelve in the way that -- -- disappointment. Yeah. I just voted to hear that will be glad to. -- -- what changes physically and mentally for your team when the playoffs roll around. Well what happens when did it. We know it's the one team it's a bit more about clean aggressive more productive middle -- and moved to a new. Metal mix well that's also good. Our -- time now for the Mercedes-Benz. Question for the coach. They wanna know what skill set what set of circumstances allows -- -- is not to be able to have this uncanny not knack for blocking shots. I mean this does. Are great glad he's there you go to edit but that incident impeccable. -- -- -- -- -- in the air this looked good lives good time. Is that so it isn't like Bill Russell Bill Russell timing. -- -- -- Its -- presumably would have plummeted you remember them well two. There was only about 69. Most Soledad blood more dunks. -- the best in the film and it includes most adaptable -- -- Does steams my wreak Havoc during practice sessions when when you have them. Well until memory outnumbered. The but imagine to a -- outside factors. Didn't do the would have -- boom delivered important hub of sub in sports. Just upload an employee. Bad included in the murder and and joined. That's what stood out. Who brought -- everybody's. It docket did doc thanks for the title talk to down the road. Doc Rivers put Tennessee Kelly element AT&T hotline AT&T four GL DER conversation with -- Is sponsored by IRS restoration specialists your property or facilities manager or insurance -- Make sure you have a disaster game plan in place at ARS serve dot com -- now. We finished -- myself pizza if you're going to carry out why not pick up the biggest precious tastiest pizza around tells pizza now that's a --

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