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Terry Francona has a change of heart, will now attend Fenway 100 Year Celebration

Apr 18, 2012|

We break in with the news that Tito will indeed be appearing this Friday at Fenway for their 100 year celebration, a very recent change of heart for him

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I prefer to see you want the year and it's now sort of environment where people have. Francona is going to be here on Friday he would get a lot of us ovation of anybody in the not even close. Even louder rumblings. You know except. Now yet so I mean I a analysts remain active. Human -- at an elevation but -- -- -- that. Yes of France so frank on that besides you. I don't know what the public offering up you know why -- listen I I can understand easier Sunday -- into the game. I can understand here's. Discomfort. Apps for wanting for not wanting to be here. For Friday that's understandable -- based on everything that's happened to the guy. Somebody whether it's somebody in the organization some. Aaron award is -- anybody does so -- analysts here with the fingers in any specific person but did say this last year of suspects. Somebody who leaked information out there that was just so one thing and it you know -- told us as you don't Michael and I. The cost of about 45 minutes of an interview -- those are probably. Separated him from getting the job -- -- you -- playing Saint Louis got asked those questions what's yours are not yet felt it right got to do it I mean that's that's up there he got a basket. So I do wonder if Francona who was clearly looking for some answers from these guys -- Keno or Henry whatever he's made that clear where he got these cancer when he got the names of the ones that that's what I think he once you sniffing out. Who was. Ratting out. Who leaked it I truly believe he had a good idea who -- Yeah I think he really had a good idea who leaked I think -- just want confirmation so what's changed -- I think he he realizes the same way that we work in the media many times. Somebody hears that somebody did something. It's out there -- print out there on here. And there really isn't a strong confirmation even though. People leaning in that direction I think he wanted to maturity dot the I's and crossed the -- Before he actually. May be reached out strangled -- But I agree with you it's not like I can't think of anybody else you know yeah as you can get a big campaign Huskies in between all the names -- yet they can't but you'll easily unquestionably. -- -- -- -- -- Do you think it was in the best interest of the Red Sox. To go overboard. Which is. May be leading to it to Terry Francona and attractive to try to -- to constantly reach I don't have -- -- if I with a right. I know that I'm trying to transition away. From Terry Francona the hole like here is we need to make -- you've charged and right now. Even his players are not telling him that he's in in charge as evident by the comments that we're hearing right now. From from Dustin Pedroia and we will address those with with the with Bobby here at the bottom of the hour. But if you're -- Red Sox edition you ask him nicely you you make sure the invitation to appear if you turned you down. You move well. And the reason this is because he's going to get a lot Bristol patient on Friday if things don't go well here with -- another night and not. Then how does that help. It doesn't now it doesn't how much did the right thing to do on not much and then maybe the Red Sox are doing that. The right thing to do what it's about what they're doing a glance they can say listen we did the right thing maybe we did the right not you know -- -- to get behind your -- Maybe they believe you do you -- to get behind it that's what -- we do it. Good point. What can I do wonder you got asked maybe maybe big maybe it truly feel -- -- Team and a lot to the organization. And so you know we got to make sure that he she approach Iraq but it paid your -- -- and it paid and don't I don't know it's not possible. Tomorrow. Maybe -- much. I don't cost me. Of weeks' salary 340 bucks a 340. Operates. Robs rubs off see that the example is a prince who is well I can tell he's been selling off his wardrobe that -- people -- I Dario. I get to your phone calls next Bobby you'll join us at in thirty fumbled it and more of the stuff interesting though Tito Francona here. On Friday lot of elevation and good thing for Tito good thing I think overall for the organization. But it also might bring back memories and good memories. That may conflict with what they're trying to do will be here. Mean I don't know I mean I haven't prepared haven't talked to him about it mean that it's -- that. You play as hard as anybody I've ever seen in my life so. And I have his back and his teammates have his back and we know home Marty plays so. And I think what went. I don't really understand what. Him Obama is trying to do but that's really not the way we go about our our stuff around here so. Conservative figure that out soon. Strange comments from Dustin Pedroia the other day to me. Was the one comment that jump out more than any others I mean. Yes and you know we can get it to a spot via I guess the comments he made about you and say they were taken out of context today. Have meant something different than how we interpret it sure. Lot of stuff gets lost in translation here when we do stuff and we don't really know Bobby and his style or whatever so maybe that is part of it I didn't. A Mulligan for that on the other hand. For. Pedroia who just doesn't -- this show now for two years with Pedroia. And trust me on this one we've attempted -- times. To throw some names out there and maybe he would say something about them and he always takes the -- And always supports is a teammate I know you can say well now he was he was best buds with. -- for Tony I'm gonna throw him under the bus or any of his coaches to a factor -- that would give you that. On the other hand he's had opportunities where you could tell he was listed on the players or whatever. The best record very measured he takes his time and he mean you know everything he says some thought behind especially -- is that the media on the record. And when he says that as a reason he says he actually delayed doing our show in the fall by a couple of weeks I talked to lament and he wanted cooled down. For a couple weeks because he did not wanna say. The wrong thing about any of his teammates -- -- a team guy and he's known in there. As a leader so for me this one really jumped off the page that it was just a character. Yeah American athlete and we can ask ballot timeless -- this this. The fallout from that's from Pedroia hear from you calls from the agent from Sherrod and this is sort of cause -- give you pause and say well maybe up to do things differently or is he gonna say you know -- Full steam ahead I don't know we're gonna find out obligated to all of it for you come up to 35 let's get the full cost here. Cricket would kick it off right now with Timothy and a veteran what's up with. I I don't know why he got there -- on Fenway Park what's the deal -- And how hot and I just saying current thing where I just told you I grow up here I have memories is of childhood memories. That will will always be I remember when frank I'll. I -- on and on all of saying is as they've facility. These guys have put almost 300 million dollars into it they have done as good a job as any company could do. To clean up the -- They really put the make up the prom dress on the crusty old relic and it's a cross still relic with the progress of makeup on I mean that's you know they've done the best they can't let this thing. Well which you rather have. You know and -- old relic that are really I didn't would you rather have just another. Ceaseless now. Don't know but -- but but do you have faith in these guys that that they would do a better job than that if you do that you want the ball and that's a different arguments I think -- to do it right though people keep on attaching to build. On going memories. And I look at it this way they tore down the Boston guard okay I have great memories of the Boston Garden seeds in my house of the -- garden need to get. You know the pieces of the of the parquet floor a college so -- phenomenal memory but the -- this. The building now I know that -- I know really a new building is what it's not a great deal does not -- -- not great are now likely to middle of the arranged it in the the it's not real -- don't miss the sound of the old guard. The way it sounded. In all I thought I knew I had phenomenal memories now it was hot when you're when you're in here in May in in June. Well and no knowledge that it had awful facilities beat the locker facilities were terrible and I -- -- Ottawa. I think from time to new players that the facilities. For the Celtics didn't like it because Bristol -- it's in the door right. It greatly helps but when they didn't entreaties network not a threat -- not -- now. While they when I grow up we had my dad and I -- quarter season tickets for the Celtics my dance but with three other guys and we were in section 114. And you have to to get the score of the game you couldn't see up talk -- to put my hand underneath and -- on one side deceit the home scored needless continually present around. You know but -- -- -- of course not important let's put it on the other partisan environment was a better environment. Listen basketball -- you did note the views. For Bruins games were far superior to Celtics -- not even true very -- Bruins games some of those were were young -- right I had a great perch for good deal of my years over the guard because of some grade level at center court but overall. Building for for sight lines. Awful. Terrible that you know no I. That way is very often in terrible -- -- the Indians played it is that's the point I should outsource I don't give up home. You know yeah I and they indelible. I appreciate him about it that -- -- give it you know like it's just. But I can't believe you hate the Boston Garden at some believe that's the headline. And I got his number we clinching. I mean real knowledge and I'm -- I'm sitting here telling you that. I have phenomenal memories and obviously it worked for fourteen years and more who worked for 1718 years in the overall -- the -- to -- Bruins and Celtics yeah. I have phenomenal memories I will never ever forget any of them us a K I give you some of the storage -- Active to the places places building I was there when the Celtics won in no way I was there -- virtual ball at the open it's 87 I was there when it was 3000 degrees and 84 and 98 got louder in the whole building dozens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not charred by the thought I would tell you they have what's I'll tell you that you forget to criticism. That it came after. 87. In the in the old guard in North -- the corporate crowd shown up now for Celtics games there's no noise it's the quiet is building at all. The struggling to the other side of the glass he -- games for -- he'll tell you. It was the quiet is building in the NBA bird dominate in 88 teams -- was quite. Now what you. It's one thing it's after -- start talking about one game there were Celtics kings in in March loud now I would say now of course it wasn't building. It was what happened in the building. It always has been the play on the court. And on the -- That's what dictates how the crowd react it's got nothing to dual with -- ward or the steal of the building I missed the organ okay I'll say right now. US troops the organ three blind mice the rest come out. And Republican Mexican that it often this. Is that. You know I don't how many deal I missed the -- and -- -- -- and it's an. Huge rats like again we're regularly -- -- -- Lorenzo's province. And so great hero to polarism. That particular record quarterly. Sure correctly in my. If you go back you look at I lying here fired over. The leak in the oh Bjorkman patient I think it's game. That my opinion adequately two point. One late August of and -- -- Rick that saying -- -- disconnect between charities of the old. And then you can't comment. -- about Ramirez. And work you being on the -- I just think that is really mobile also. -- doubles without formal as they can get this since I. I don't think I status I would like examines why would James is right distort absolutely I don't by the limits on giving this story. Or. Why does he works for NASA. All you like it or -- guys on he's not given it to you lead to Bob I mean I don't I don't mind a little -- like. That or. What I would I would tell you this I would tell you this. I think Bob Poehler. Does a terrific job and I thought it did although I did a very good job. On that story. My guess is. That based on the way he works that's coming from. Somewhere. Above. Terry Francona I do not consider -- an -- I do not consider Peter Gammons on the food chain above Tito effect Francona. -- -- I think I'm not selling short is all of -- He's got the ball and media guy that's our Bob -- is not gonna go talk to Peter game and drive right he's got that. Well now let's have let's -- Runs I was glad -- -- did you talk to other journalists during mr. I'm sure he did that those sources that's above damage is Piccard is greatest Gammons is there are other guys he -- At what point I know you guys are against it but. The Red Sox organization which is where I think it is you know of our organization they. Recorder up you know fight he did not anticipate them back last that they were born again. So what they do they call it can be just like the meat -- well aren't the place where. About -- in the -- that's comparable player. Entry called -- -- you know this weekend. We know that money out of I don't know if they decide to throw things out -- we have no idea I don't know I I think what you think. It doesn't work that way. Were another media person gives the story. To a media person and the media person goes with -- because they got it from another media source. It doesn't work that one. Bob -- is not gonna write that based on Peter Gammons saying it. Because it might have who knows his own agenda whatever that doesn't make any sense them I'm not saying bit. She wouldn't get. Reinforce. Information story course from as you pointed out -- from other media people have to but he needs somebody better than that it is an insult was not in their day. And that's why I said the same thing to to Michael -- when we were debating this one. -- -- he said is it possible it came from a from a club house. That guy you know whatever. Is to make any sense -- -- either because voters right in this piece on the bull and the globe has got. The globe it's got some connection here remember that still part owner of this team so they have to be careful and how they deal with stuff. A much in the globe shying away from that but the -- -- got to make sure that they've got something solid out what they're gonna let that go to play it. They're not gonna let it it you know hap hazard does story show up in the newspaper and have to pay the consequences with the ownership of the Red Sox. So my guess is that polar cap. From somebody who actually can beat -- Whether Francona is jobless in any way jeopardize well by what he was don't I not a media president. Schedule might have an agenda against I keep going back to this if you read that story again. And the players look bad at times and Francona looks bad at times. Ownership looks few bad times. From the perspective if you look at from ownership perspective it's Olympic judge ruled that story. No and a lot of time -- -- that raises suspicion pretty instant no question if you see an article. And you seem. You know. Kid gloves treatment towards a certain individual there are many times you city itself. That person probably helped contribute to the story because look at the way the author of the story. Is portraying it. Putting them -- -- -- light which may mean that they are part of the source because that's how it works and -- buying headphones are buying headphones for you know I mean I the other thing is I think people get forgot about the book for you. People get tripped up sometimes is the single leak I don't think it's singular. I think -- hadn't been to multiple people that -- that he talked. Here's judge Jeff McCarty Jeff. I you don't. They. It during the conversation -- I'm 52 years almighty yeah I grew up and you want Johnny pleased with the TV up -- What this topic barrel watching college talent check the -- -- -- what. We department at Al obstructed you see. You outgrow it and we're recording -- -- but you're right. Lot of great memories. Who got so much so much -- There is no comparison even -- -- -- a couple of acres 1982. And you know that I hate you you'll Foxboro Stadium ago. Maybe at that point you're on top of the planet of the but now I want to publishes. Don't. Forget what. Now that was accomplished you know the other thing. Julianne. Really didn't have great man just a lot of great numbers okay now here at this place the area then. A lot of negative memories as well but you remember. The -- to Bucky Dent home run people remember these things sure rescued -- and every heroic if it toward this thing down. And they built a beautiful ballpark on the water for. Right now I guarantee that every single one of these fans. Love Fenway Park would absolutely adored the new place. None of the memories would leave us from this and these guys the from the doesn't do a good job I don't mean what you saw down in Florida the good job in the smaller scale with that they would do would be to put a lot of thought lot of effort -- -- -- tons of feedback from fans. And they do a good job at them Alec you lot of money to decide that again put lipstick on to me out on a different way. -- -- To that level. Alex I would be an injustice I think if you keep -- -- -- -- and a sponsor resort and maybe BC I need a lot to play and it went quite yet they are obviously. That's an awfully big agenda parks and open their eyes are I would I would tell you there's Jeff Jeff. Because -- thinks the same thing Michael thinks that we're gonna see a new ballpark he thinks in ten years. I am telling you right now. It when they invested 300 million dollars -- they do that. Why would they invest 300 million dollars if they were looking at payback on them on there is absolutely no way we will see a new ballpark and remember. That you had to run of these ballparks across the country. Based on the fact that the public sector was contributing. A good percentage in many cases a bulk of them and the infrastructure to build them. That doesn't exist any more were in a recession right now. Gonna have -- it municipal or or statewide financial aid. Any of these these these rich companies that are paying there they -- employees now hundreds of millions of dollars in open 300 million dollars in for ten years were were you doing at the long term -- I will tell you this right now this ballpark will be here. At least fifty years. -- -- -- -- -- 150 anniversary a look at four to. I'm not sure -- -- -- -- there that's the I put Wright got. They don't like coming up next right here of the action.

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