Apr 18, 2012|

Hear the brouhaha stirred up by Mut getting (somewhat sarcastically) excited over the release of the Patriots schedule.

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Lake -- Hinske got all excited when he found -- the patriots schedule was coming out what about tomorrow first segment how the patriots are gonna do. That's according to the -- on the other hand it was a little underwhelmed irrelevant totally irrelevant you know all the information. It's how they are already mud was -- to get the -- when -- divisional games how -- the embassies in -- our company broke edit what how many bogeys but be aware how the home games -- and -- and couldn't believe what -- -- -- -- really says and he did he should call him defend himself because that's that is a more I was in the safety surprising -- actually now the -- surprising. Going through this schedule is fine win loss win loss win loss especially when you like football is much his mind -- like football okay don't just sit there you know do some tailgate show kids the patriots after every -- -- not -- -- Someone's getting says the couple -- the fans when I'm sorry. I care when the games are played leaving some people with this opinion on army day football fan and asking is -- profound -- person forget. This is only had.

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