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Backstrom gets one-game suspension; Raffi Torres facing long suspension

Apr 18, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk about the NHL playoffs and Brendan Shanahan's heavy work load. He suspended Backstrom, now he has to make a decision on Torres.

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Quick topping your with the best in the NHL bus. Suspension and absolutely -- Shanahan videos could not agree more this is Brendan Shanahan. And breaking down his suspension of Nicholas. -- and -- that their cross checked in the face of Beverly the other night hit it. As the video shows as time is expiring. -- and Washington Florida Alex Ovechkin exchange trips. Fax from skates in between the players and toward Beverly. Who raises his stick and close proximity to our extra space Baxter reacts by thrusting his stick toward and across jerking motion. Striking her early in the visor. Even though Baxter might have felt threatened by apparently stick. The fact this. Beverly is in a defensive stance and it is Baxter. Who is approaching him back -- reaction is excessive and reckless we've taken into consideration that her -- suffered no apparent injury on the play. And that Baxter has no prior supplemental discipline history. -- -- distinct to the point breakdown. You don't hear it there did a nice little bullet points there it needed here at the bullet points at the end watch a video NHL dot com. They had to suspend Baxter for game while I don't care what they'll want to say yesterday after we get off the year. Dale hunter. Tried to spin it as Nicholas back to the protecting himself in this series and Nicholas backs trump. Has been had it head shots against him that he had to retaliate are you kidding me dale hunter. A close it is to let Burris raise apparently doesn't sound did it come from -- and I'll read Stephen Harris today and Harrell pick on my player one. In the talk dale hunter really. The backs democracy come -- the concussion. In the Bruins at the fact -- come out of scrubs on commitment. That's all we're seeing really we're not seeing fights logistics -- it was seeing somebody grab someone by the -- Try to -- there had -- their helmets off that's pretty much what we have seen. -- -- heavily stick it was up there it in Baxter was face accused and attacked the guy with that the game was over. Actually came and yet you said the Eddie did but he had to do -- had to suspend Baxter. I don't think he had to but I'm glad that he did a lot of people with Felix not to dependable but it was a match penalty they'll buy -- ruled. You know but but was it really something that you suspended and have somebody -- playoff game wasn't that bad was it the -- Torres hit that we saw last night. You can question that my thing is. With given what's already hapless Shea Weber at the end of the game and I that would -- Baxter did at the end of the game you are three games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you wanna set the precedent that the minute that final but. Buzzer goes off all hell can break loose. And and eager to get suspended that's not good you set a bad precedent. I'm glad that they did you send a message early on. And put Stanley Cup left all the teams out there -- Shea Weber might get away with it or even Nicholas Baxter didn't froehlich you know and that's a huge huge blow for the Washington Capitals. There's -- best sentiment on that team it's just a big blow particularly cut guy coming back but concussion. Big part of that team doesn't help pitches that's for sure. -- two points are ready in this series and and hunter try to spin it this way this was before the suspension after we get up the year yesterday. I don't think he's going to be suspended. Slow -- help frame by frame where was heavily stick. Was in Baxter's face Nikki. -- Volga musicals. Because of the stick was in his face. He reacted to it it was trying to protect his face. If you watch his stick with red open his eyes dangerous play on their part oh yeah because that's -- -- -- helmet on to protect himself. Yes a concussion going to be -- long time. Accident just crossed checksum on the face is not like that because the stick was there he protected himself -- would know about cross -- and a guy in the face just for fun. NBA's coach dale -- ever guys. And that you he that he had to suspend a little based on the play itself the base in the way these NHL playoffs have gone. These things are. You know one more -- away from being officially out of hand and I mean that that the 2500 bucks -- -- of her I Shea Weber was a joke. And if you would let this thing go it would have been all hell breaking loose -- games. We got no repercussions. Nothing this answer for the league doesn't care they don't think it's -- a bull no match penalty no big deal you're 2500. -- -- later. And in this series you know may be this that the sign that you broke Washington's will there at the and that frustration I said the other night. I thought that that the capitals were frustrated by the end of that game. And this is going to be what they'll deal with now going forward guy's got two points a guy who has been a huge player for them. Not gonna play a pivotal game four where you got the rookie goaltender little bit shaken up. China escort keep the pressure on Tim Thomas. -- back and I do what's not good for the Matthew paroled jump on abuse animate that second line it looks like for the team and to get Mike Knuble into the series along with. Young defenseman to work Stein and -- -- rather and curse kind of sorry and and if he gets in these little more physical defenseman. You pitched in to C admitted try to get a little more physical get some different bodies in there. But when you -- ago nick was back story that's that's one of the great things about this team the capitals is that that second lines there with seven impacts aren't. And -- those are still guys you worried about so. Dick commodities depressed sentiment -- suck it up that's a sticky got a right I do open up I don't agree with it. But I think the got to control the chaos all of us daily cup playoffs. I have a lot of people say I and he may be hospitable in Boston but I I've heard plenty of people say that because of where the way it happened and the way that the playoffs -- gone so far. This was like a right handed layup in disguise for -- a chance to look at this thing and say. Based on what's happened so for all we expect tonight with that Philadelphia Pittsburgh game. We got to go and make this call. And it's gonna affect this series I believe I keep comeback in game four. -- Washington's gonna be on high alert priority going to be Ira is out to be -- skate around. Worried about or meanwhile -- teaches at all times that's gonna be the first thing about this -- -- game four there. And then from there you know today. Are they pressing a little bit knowing they don't have one of the best players knowing they're down 21 in the series their plan against him Tomas. It is the pressure get to them in game four like it did in game three. -- as a very good chance to face the way that team and tonight you're asking a bench and to be. Really be the go to guy offensively as Mike Green and the on defense -- dolphins player but. I don't know we'll see how they react to and their coach you know what their coach dale hunter tried -- Some ridiculous way. Make this thing look like it was not no big deal yesterday in the press. See sort of release the hounds or they try to play if it indeed. One gazing at least until he's got the personnel to -- -- it's vital that the early and get physical. As they're also doesn't isn't quite so mean. They gonna do this is the personal they have not they have a distilled his -- sixties look for different different that some changes. Bring some of the guys that maybe wants the latest now he wants the play I don't know but at some point -- taken over the team this is what he has. Our economy be taken more defensive mind in which a good paying him a little more physical but you gotta play the personnel tickets OK boys let's go drop the gloves -- -- got Orton. -- -- Anyone else in that trap and didn't -- cut coach let's get physical boys who's got a no well -- -- everybody know. LA doesn't personnel for epic but -- not so sure it'll be that same as -- we saw the chip -- after the whistle to -- -- of helmets. That just don't think the candidate of. So you saw that play he suspended for game. Unfortunately for the NHL a thought the worst that -- -- the worst dirty play we've seen in the playoffs. Happened last night Chicago and Phoenix of -- beat toilet doors and and -- up. And it always works in the hit you're gonna here we come back. Though some of the most whole Porsche announcing. You're gonna hear any sport from that the coyote people. About they hit the Torres laid on hosts and you're gonna hear that and -- it's unbelievable when you hear how delusional these guys are we'll get that next. Butler and ID 37 WEEI 6177790852. All free 888. 52 fives nearly fifty Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call he can text that's on the eighteenth -- text line and 85850. The NHL playoffs whatever reason have been. Just play with a different sort of an anger to them to a different sort of tanner were -- of the playoffs where. There's clean hits cannot must penalties but not as much of the out out of bounced up on call on in the NHL -- meant that HL playoffs it's a that's right that's or something like you know you -- it would Baxter didn't say this the playoffs. And it -- play out OK I would argue that the beat down a Brian -- Oh a couple of games ago now Ottawa theory. Not so easy very although I -- the mugs other players and beat them download a -- I didn't want you playoffs he would. If you want to any of these wires could target this seems so you don't realistic James -- running around. Even as states try to knock guys out you see this every round I think you're over -- -- your little underground. -- like this -- -- -- round in the NHL playoffs or is this at this -- -- suspensions this many hearing this much talked about. Chanting and discipline I don't I don't. So it it says a lot when he say that the big hit last night that. Had a tropic Torres put on Mary hosts is the dirty it's of the dirty. In my mind there's no question once and if you have not seen video yet it's gonna be up on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash -- and Malone can check it out for the video itself. And the immediate Twitter reaction was. It multiple game suspension. Maybe out for the playoffs that seems unlikely but he's facing disciplinary hearing is rock beat towards the guy who has been. Just a bad guy suspended two different times the last thirteen months. Winning one in January elected the and he hit an eight processor from Minnesota so rapid tours of the history rocket towards the guy made a run and -- parents. Achieved outage of reports out recently so. He's got a history be a bad guy last night it is absolutely Barry's. Hosts. And here's the the audio on it from the Phoenix -- now this is after this is after. Everyone who has seen this play L agrees has been able fans adhere shouldered I had left is gates. Textbooks suspension this is Tyson Nash is the color commentator -- Phoenix coyotes TV broadcast on how they saw. Close to get lit up by Torres last. To oversee about time got a little by -- -- -- He's old machines. We'll pull it just stopped Torres he should be done. I don't wanna hit there -- holds he just gets wrong. My route the Torres in this yep it was Shane -- it was David -- go ahead -- -- tore us. Not what the -- policy of ordinary turn back on the -- Yeah -- Torres. This blaze that left shoulder right in the -- on there's the lucky he had a separate that 1002000. Iraqi Torres I don't see a I don't have a problem this stuff becomes end. He explodes. Through that hit. It's a right there -- -- left shoulder. What happens -- cuts for the middle. We'll go -- -- on -- -- let any get on most stuff that's what happens when you cut to the middle I don't have a problem with it. You're on to say it's fine it's fine. And it was a clean hit. Watch the video will have an upward FaceBook dot com slash. Well FaceBook dot com slash WE yak banking. Yeah dose that was off -- -- and -- -- -- it was clean not I don't think it was cling Lou leftists at this tree. And for the head period chant whatever was. And Anderson tours got history you know but curious can you said that he thought that was the worst one. Don't think apartment video and at the boil. Source not just to beat down this was a -- I don't know though no hockey -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- punts and clear in the face. And it boiled closed down. She showed the Wharton all the people that fight -- is a fighter when you got a guy down in he's out you see the jump. I continue to pound on the got it was it's sort of like -- this -- all with the knocked out. You'll easily had knocked out and move away it's not that continued beat Ellis and the streets gloves were somewhere up in I don't Providence is gloves came off beat there was glove off. And hit him clean in the jaw with a right hook with ballclub fought. It knocked boiled down and then jump Donovan in about ten more times while he's down on the ground. You don't see the fighters in NHL do that. If shark Norton it's exactly and he goes down he doesn't jump on that continued pounding that that's it it's over with there's still it's it's it's crazy but -- that respect. In a fight at the when he did the other night. I don't big blows engage in a fight I think he just cheap shot him in the -- Nicotine's a pound a while he's down to ground. I thought this was just as disrespectful about that when you got a lot of those guys that is down. Levels that may go back look at the you watch the video are at FaceBook dot com slash W -- look at how. Hi Torres gets off the ground you could. That's significant margins was not just a little hit. This was targeting him shoulder first on the had the exact sort of shot. That the league is trying to get rid of and for Tyson Nash the color commentator to say watch what happens to go up the middle. Gimme a break I'll speak for myself I don't like those type -- hits the Boyle thing you're right it was ugly but this is a guy that is his head down. And just leapt into home and tried to send him in the kingdom come. And I hate that crap. And as a hole I have not like that a lot of these series. Over the Bruins series late game three. Has sort of gone that route out with you but I unfortunately. I actually think as you see more Taurus it's come across the middle high speed that -- McCartney did the ball well. It's just don't sit. -- -- reports to knock them -- continue to swing last tendencies but discontinued. It after you probably knocked him out. Are stunned that because you see the shot cover in the first place. You just don't see that either you know Mozilla both that overall was -- question -- those at the history and we all know what he's all about so. Accuracy when he gets to attend games are there we go one game slimy like they'd -- -- that that had only one game for that beat down a boil. It -- the guys suspended twice in thirteen months history of it bad guy. I don't say rest the last about ten games by -- Shanahan comes out -- of these videos later on tonight. After the hearing which is still not been scheduled yet -- ten games -- Torres would that be okay with you what he did. Too much on and off. And games at -- the playoffs is that -- mean there were I -- I hate those -- -- it's up and I was eight when we -- you call -- -- a monitor it I was a capital against -- -- -- call for his head and say. Glossy and again the post a local -- for. I'll think and gave it that much for that sort of dirty crap it. That match I don't know him well within all right repertory. Which degree you stop when symbolic and games not to sell -- against. Epic about -- Jerry is a Connecticut on this sell roughly Taurus -- what's up Jerry. A guy doing habitable mean there's just because he don't like that it makes it cheap and dirty hotel had his head down. That's number one number two he talked about a series -- been like this about the last series played Boston. Equal to or suspension. Hearing got a -- fingers it got pretty nasty last year this is playoff hockey and it's just a -- this blog or. Nobody -- talk about -- -- next week. If this were 510 years ago this would have been a great hit and as far as getting off the up the growth. Jumping up. It's like -- might have got off the right maybe two inches maybe slowed down and watch it. I did about ten times out pretty significantly better vertical I have to say that right now that's on skates. Well -- your problem but I'll I'll give me I got all lot. Talking about Jerry don't act like you know like -- At both developed back tomatoes captures from that help to get a vertical rock goes back in the day technicals touch it until the backboard c'mon. I would agree and all is not that Terri was not a great -- -- -- and I know I know what you're saying okay but he burst off. Gold watch the replay again I just lost again it's not at all which is off the -- If he gets -- he possibly can't. It's a lot you know watching right now watchable watchable and at what point races apple likes it makes it look like he's three feet above the year for God's sake. But it makes it look like it but if you look at skated a probably two which is not and he followed through on a bit he'd only been part and he's a little kid. They know what's up the -- their feet anymore Jerry come on all that started -- thing is this what I would go about it OK okay I agree this playoff document. This what it should be so it certainly should be allowed a right but. The new agent hockey right now every sport they're protecting. Hits today head he puts it L ball clearly a shoulder clearly. In that it -- chin jaw head. And he leaves his feet to do it. The player that's into the head down should be fine as well he can't close the NHL with your head down expect not to get -- I would you leave your feet what are you trying to hit. Why why you leaving it because I targeted as head jerked it higher targeted his head to head higher right. You can you honestly think and that the second he was there. I'm gonna hit you in the head after you think that's what it ever be accused of playing the body. Why woody jumped into the air what -- for -- to play the body without leaving -- skates in -- the chest and Jerry. He followed that didn't. Smoke in the UH TC. Did -- tell. Terry I am watching -- 171000. Times while you're talking to me he jumped in the air Jerry. How -- how I did his right foot jumping off the -- -- -- Thank you get credible. I will retaliate to -- -- Thank you Sean he jumped in the air you right foot left foot I don't know -- -- -- not -- basketball sneakers. I don't know how far -- and jumping skates. He leaves his feet to hit him high in jobs -- shoulder into his head. Okay that's an issue at least trying to get rid of certain things that's why we are talking about when you see this type of hit. When you see what happened to boil. -- you look at Baxter Ringo. Really all of it almost it's a one game. Which one doesn't fit here. It's a backstroke yes OK that's why at -- of people think it's a spent a couple of minutes. Will do this out I wonder if all these calls light up the talk about the Taurus that are the same as Jerry that they are the going to be interest it will take a quick break come back and get right to your -- Steve Joseph Bryant Chad. Everyone else 937 WE yeah.

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